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Th Greatest CD Ever (revised)


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Okay, last time I did this it was very confusing and died quickly. This time, I just wanna hear what is your favorite CD and why is it so awesome?

I have quite a few picks, but I'll start with my all-time favorite. [COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]Gorillaz - Demon Dayz[/COLOR]

The Demon Days CD is just all around amazing. It's got a very soft, somber tone to it, and some of the best instrument blending I have ever heard. There is even some genre-bending involved. There is so much going on in each song, you really have to listen to it deeply to appreciate it (I listened to it for approximately the 6oth time last night, and I noticed sounds I hadn't before.)

My favorite song has to be [COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]El' Manana [/COLOR] because it's just so sad, and has one of my favorite keyboard melodies ever.
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[FONT=Arial]I don't play favorites with just one album, but I'll follow the rules for once. I'll probably just come back and name another of my favorites later.

I've listened to AFI's [B]Black Sails in the Sunset[/B] about twenty times in the past two weeks. One of my friends gave it to me for Christmas in 2004, and I didn't quite like it as much as some of AFI's other works at first. Now that I'm more into horror/punk and rockabilly, I always turn to this CD (even though it's not those genres. It's similar). I can listen all the way, Strength Through Wounding to the hidden track, Midnight Sun (which starts 10 minutes and 28 seconds into track twelve), and I never get bored. Highlights of the album are..."Malleus Maleficarum," "Clove Smoke Catharsis," "the Prayer Position," "At a Glance," "God Called in Sick Today," and "Midnight Sun." I envy the passion that went into the writing of the lyrics, and the skill and talent that made the instrumentation. I'm a lyricist/guitarist/aspiringcellistpianistdrummist/composer myself, so I can really look to this masterpiece for inspiration. I love most of AFI's other albums, too, but I'd say this one is my newest favorite of theirs (even though it came before my other two favorites, which were first Sing the Sorrow and then Art of Drowning).[/FONT]
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And now, without further adieu, the greatest artistic masterpiece to ever caress my ears.

[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]Frances The Mute[/COLOR] - [COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]The Mars Volta[/COLOR]

Now, while it's broken up into twelve tracks, this album is technically 5 songs. 6 if you include the title track [COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]Frances The Mute [/COLOR] which is only found on the single release of [COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]The Widow[/COLOR]. Each song on this CD is so miraculous, I must speak of them individually.

[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]Cygnus... Vismund Cygnus [/COLOR] - This is the first song which introduces the plot of the CD which is so shrouded in veils that for well over a year people have debated it's meaning and we still haven't found a stable answer. It's no doubt that the man who wrote the lyrics, [COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]Cedric Bixler-Zavala[/COLOR], was a man of genius. This song runs about 13 minutes long and features all sorts of harmonic melodies, rippin guitars, and crazy sounds that will blow you away. The song climaxes in a huge instrumental explosion, and cools down, taking a few minutes to lead into the next song...

[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]The Widow[/COLOR] - This song is damn creepy. The music sort of slowly drags itse;f out and sounds downright eerie as [COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]Cedric[/COLOR] sings in a bone-chilling voice. The guitar solo is badass and when the lyrics end, (this is where the radio version stops) it goes into a 2 and a half minute organ solo, which can only be described as 'strange' finally, it leads into the bad-*** drumming of...

[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]L'via L'viaquez[/COLOR] - This song is fast, furious, and freakish, sporting some of the wildest guitar work I have ever heard, and mixes Spanish and English lyrics. The first 5 minutes can also be heard on the radio sometimes. Throughout it's thirteen minute length it goes into these trippy, sexy (yes, I said sexy) slow parts. At the end there is a part where [COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]Cedric[/COLOR] is singing the chorus but it gets all quiet and he's singing in a dark, almost demonic voice which sounds like it's underwater and is super-cool then goes into...

[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]Miranda, This Ghost Just Isn't Holy Anymore[/COLOR] - The first four minutes of this song is strange noises and wind sounds. Then it goes into a movie-like trumpet (I think) part and begins the strange, creepy lyrics which go through about 4 minutes, then the last 5 minutes are a long, unique instrumental. Finally, there is the climax.

[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]Cassandra Geminni [/COLOR] - This 32-minute epic takes you on a music journey through... just about everywhere. I'd say more but... you you really gotta hear it to believe it.

Also, aparently a remix of this album is in the works.
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