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Your Most Recent CD Purchase?

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[color=#9933ff][font=lucida calligraphy]I think I may have redeemed myself from the Pussycat Dolls CD purchase last week

Tonight's CD purchase is *drum roll*

[b]Tim McGraw Greatest Hits Vol. 2: Reflected[/b]

I had to buy this one. It has Red Rag Top, When the Stars go Blue, Live Like you Were Dying and Like We Never Loved at all which is his duet with his wife Faith Hill. Oh that reminds me, I still need to buy Fireflies. Bad Country fan! Bad![/color][/font]

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[FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=2][COLOR=Black]the latest cd, I've recived was not, bought it was downloaded, seeing that it was and internet only release. It was done by The Legion Of Doom, and they took samples from two different songs by 9 different artists, it is the best cd I've "purchased" by far. I bought this cd, cos it brings techno and punk together, the two genres of music I have been raised on.

[*]I Know What You Buried Last Summer / Senses Fail Vs. Taking Back Sunday
[*]Dottie In A Car Crash / The Get Up Kids Vs. Thursday
[*]The Quiet Screaming / Brand New Vs. Dashboard Confessional
[*]Dangerous Bussiness Since 1979 / underĂ˜ATH Vs. MewthoutYou
[*]Stupid Kill / Thrice Vs. Alkaline Trio
[*]Destroy All Vampires / A Static Lullaby Vs. My Chemical Romance
[*]At Your Funeral For A Friend / Saves The Day Vs. Funeral For A Friend
[*]Lolita's Medicine / From Autumn To Ashes Vs. Dead Poetic
[*]Icarus Underwater / Armor For Sleep Vs. Hopesfall
[*]Ebola In Memphis / Every Time I Die Vs. Norma Jean
[*]Devil In A Blue Dress / Coheed And Cambria Vs. Senses Fail
[*]A Threnody For A Grand / Atreyu Vs. It Dies Today
[*]My Hoilday Burn / Matchbook Romance Vs. The Get Up Kids
[*]Hands Down Ghandi / Dashboard Confessional Vs. Sage Francis
[*]The Boulevard Of Broken Songs / Green Day Vs. Oasis

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