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Your Most Recent CD Purchase?

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What was the most recent CD you bought and how do you feel about it? I got two yesterday so...

[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]Rush[/COLOR] - [COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]Hemispheres [/COLOR] - I haven't gotten the chance to fully listen to this because I'm always doing something while it's playing. What I have caught from it was pretty cool, though. I am only annoyed that it sounds so much like 2112.

[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]Avenged Sevenfold[/COLOR] - [COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]City Of Evil [/COLOR] - Well, technically my dad bought it. This CD was a pleasent surprise, the music is simply awesome. My only problem is that the lead singer's voice is so damn annoying. But aside from that, it is a wonderful CD.
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[COLOR=Sienna]I recently purchased two CDs...

[B][I]ZZ Top - Greatest Hits[/I][/B] - Just generally an awesome album. ZZ Top weren't the most skilled or epic or unique band ever, but dammit they're just plain fun. From the classic "Sharp Dressed Man" to the great "La Grange," the album is fun to listen to but doesn't do much to help the soul searcher, hah.

[I][B]Boston - Boston[/B] [/I] - Pretty hard to say this isn't the greatest debut album ever. Although Boston would never match the success their debut had, it was still a fantastic album from a fantastic band. My favourite song is without a doubt "More than a Feeling," an awesome anthem with great backup vocals and catchy guitar work, but "Peace of Mind" is another great song, especially the chorus. PEOPLE LIVIN' IN COMPETETION, AND ALL I'M LOOKIN' FOR IS SOME PEACE OF MIND!

Both of them are very much rocking![/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkRed]DragonForce - Sonic Firestorm (Japan Edition)[/COLOR] - This, the second of the DragonForce albums is, in my opinion, the best so far. The tracks ranged from power metal to rock ballad. A true airguitar album (not that i need to do that. got my own guitar). If you going to get this album, and I highly recomend it, get the Japan edition, because that comes with a the bonus track "Cry of the Brave", which is one of the best songs on the album, and it would be a shame not to get it.

[COLOR=DarkRed]Apocalyptica - Cult[/COLOR] - Something different than usual. 4 guys, 4 chellos and heavy metal. Doesn't sound like a good combination, but amazingly, they manage to pull it off. Its not a totally original album - there's a few covers, but they are superbly done. I particularly like their version of "In the Hall of the Mountain King". A very good twist of a classic.
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[FONT=Georgia][COLOR=DarkRed]Momus-Stars Forever: [/COLOR]I am absolutely enraptured with this album, there is no other word! There's never been one like it. All the songs are about real people, who sent in a description of themselves via Momus' website [url=http://www.imomus.com]imomus.com[/url] and a cheque for a thousand dollars (apparently he had some "legal" troubles...though he wouldn't say exactly what). Anyway, each song is a fantastic description of a person, the music unique on each track based on their description. And the interesting thing is you're not sure if they were telling the truth or not.

I've gotten these songs stuck in my head for what seems like forever :animeswea

[COLOR=DarkRed]My Favorite-The Happiest Days of Our Lives: [/COLOR]This album is so under-appreciated, and it's a crime-the whole thing is genius. My Favorite is a great combination of experimental styles and '80's New Wave. The songs are haunting depictions of teenage lives, with beautiful melodies are brilliant lyrics. What's funny is I actually got my whole family hooked on them.

Yeah, I haven't bought CD's in a while-so I've had a long time to digest these :D [/FONT]
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[size=1][color=slategray][B]Wheatus - Too Soon Monsoon:[/b] It took me forever to find a Wheatus CD... and I finally got one...! That was enough to make me happy. I went to a rather eccentric store in Minesota called "The Electric Fetus." It had 'stoner store' written all over it. XD But, yes. I really love this CD, I listen to it almost every day. I'm so glad I can finally be together with music that counts. Lol. So, am I glad I spent $14 on it? Hell yes.[/color][/size]
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[SIZE=1]Interesting, most interesting.

[b]Linkin Park: Meteora[/b] Weirdly enough I bought this CD about a week after getting back from Australia, having listening to my cousin's copy of it non-stop the entire trip. Weirdly enough I've been meaning to buy this CD since it was released years ago, but forking about ?22 for an album is just bad value from my point of view. Picked it up for ?15 off Play.com and have been happily listening to it ever since, for me it's just one of this CDs you can turn on and just keep listening. That said the fifth track [I]Easier to Run[/I] is definitely my favourite.[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]Red Hot Chili Peppers[/COLOR] - [COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]Stadium Arcadium [/COLOR] - I wasn't really paying much attention the first time I listened to it, but the songs I've re-listened to were all pretty cool. It only bugs me that it's very lyrical so you gotta pay full attention to it to enjoy it.
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Jeremy Camp - restored (gold edition)

I actually just heard of this the another day for the first time and I ran out and bought the cd. I listen to all kinds of music but he is the first christian rock guy that is kinda gritty (I like my rock hard, for the most part). My wife was super pleased because she only listens to gospel music and none of my rock previously fit in that category. (It makes for silent car rides folks).

He has some good lyrics and music part has a normal music feel to it still. It's worth hearing even if you don't go to church.
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Guest Heero yuy
BTAM-The Silent Circus

I love it...no doubt, I listen to it over and over again.

As Cities Burn-Son I loved you during your darkest

Again, another awesome cd...can't wait to seem the with Underoath and Poison the well.
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i reacently purchesed panic at the disco it is an all around awsome band the songs are awsome the beats from the drum get you hooked into the song this is a rock band that you can understand they sing about weird situations it is a good cd purchase that i mad they are just an awsome band PANIC AT THE DISCO ROCK'S MY SOCK'S :catgirl:
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[B]Taking Back Sunday: [/B] [U][I] [B]Louder Now[/B]-[/I][/U]

I really love this CD!! I don't think it's their best though. Their previous works were way better though. But i really think it is a CD worth your money if you're a true TBS fan.

Hawthorne Heights:[/B] [U][I][B]If Only You Were Lonely-[/B][/I][/U]

Eh..it could have been better. I think that most of the songs sound kinda of the same in the beginning. It so does not top their CD Silence is in Black in White.
There's not much "screaming" as in the other one. That really dissapointed me, yet again HH is not a screamo band so yeah.

[B]RBD:[/B] [U][I][B]Live in Hollywood-[/B][/I][/U]

This CD is really great if you want to listen to some RBD acoustic. What bothered me was Anahi's "scratchy" singing and Christopher's shaky voice. Other than that, it was an okay CD. I still think their CD Live: Tour Generacion Rebelde was better.
Their voices sounded how they really are.

Panic! at the disco:[/B] [U][I][B]A Fever You can't Sweat out-[/B][/I][/U]

This CD is awesome, every single song on it is worth listening to every single word.
At first i thought it was going to be another mainstream CD like Simple Plan and crap, but i absolutely loved it. The only thing that bothered me was that the vocalist from Panic! sounded somewhat like the vocalist from Fall Out Boy.
>_> eep.

Those are the most recent CD's.
At least these past few days.
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[b]Wolftmother - Dimensions EP:[/b] The only thing to say here is that Wolfmother doesn't not make good songs. They've been described as a combination of a lot of different bands, but I think Kyuss meets Steppenwolf or Led Zeppelin fits the best. if nothing else, listen to whatever song they've got up on their site right now ([url="http://www.wolfmother.com/"]link[/url]).
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]Opiate[/COLOR] - [COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]Tool[/COLOR] - This CD is pretty great, the sound highly resembles their Undertow CD, possibly because they were made around the same time. (Opiate is actually an EP.) The secret track is pretty funny too, detailing what happened when his friends took drugs.
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[COLOR=Sienna][B]The Police - Greatest Hits[/B]: With such classics as "Roxanne," "Message in a Bottle," "Every Little Things She Does is Magic," and the infamous "Every Breath you Take," this album is indeed a great thing of music. People say Sting was better without The Police? Bah! The Police Rock. They have a great, unique sound and this is their greatest hits album... can't go wrong with that, right?

Giant steps are what you take... walking... on... walking on the moon.

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After much hesitation, I purchased Mission of Burma's "classic" cd VS. I'm trying to give them another chance, but it seems to again present to me the problem I've had with them before. I like a few aspects of their music and a few songs, however I'm struggling with seeing the big picture of their supposed great albums.
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[color=indigo][size=1][font=arial]The last CDs I got were TISM - Machiavelli and the Four Seasons/Machines Against the Rage and The Dresden Dolls - Yes, Virginia. Without attempting to describe them to you at all, I can easily tell you that by themselves they are better than every album cited so far in this thread bar Wolfmother and Stadium Arcadium (with whom they are equals in greatness). Combined, they could easily take over the universe, but the chances of TISM and The Dresden Dolls ever teaming up are about as remote as anyone taking this post with a grain of salt.

[i]What a damn shame[/i].[/font][/size][/color]
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[FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=DarkRed]the latest cd I've got is:

[COLOR=Black]Silent[/COLOR][COLOR=White] Alarm[/COLOR][COLOR=Gray] Remixed[/COLOR]

by bloc party.

as the name of the cd implies, it's basically a remixed version of their debut LP: [COLOR=Black]Silent[/COLOR][COLOR=White] Alarm[/COLOR] which is the best cd I've heard since [COLOR=Yellow]Lights[/COLOR][COLOR=Black] And[/COLOR][COLOR=Yellow] Sounds[/COLOR], if you know Bloc Party some of the artist names' should be familiar.

[*]Like Eating Glass[Ladytron Zapatista Mix]
[*]Helicopter[Whitey Version]
[*]Postive Tension[Blackbox Remix]
[*]Banquet[Phones Disco Edit]
[*]Blue Light[Engineers' Anti Gravity Mix]
[*]She's Hearing Voices[Erol Alkan's Calling Your Dub Reworking]
[*]This Modern Love[Dave P. And Adam Sparkle's Making Time Remix]
[*]The Pioneers[m83 Remix]
[*]Price Of Gasoline[Automato Remix]
[*]So Here We Are[Four Tet Remix]
[*]Luno[Bloc Party vs. Death From Above 1979]
[*]Plans[Replanned by Mogwai]
[*]Compliments[Shabuyaka Remix by Nick Zinner]
[*]Tulips[Shock Minotaur Remix]

The Remixes that stick out and sound really good:

- Like Eating Glass[Ladytron Zapatista Mix] <- they manage to make it sound like they're playing with an orchestra, about five blocks away!
- Helicopter[Whitey Version] <- take their smah hit and make it more daceable and funky, to the point where it becomes so hard to describe, cos you're dancing to it.
- Banquet[Phones Disco Edit] <- do the same as you did to helicopter and amplify that effect by like 7000
- The Pioneers[m83 remix] <- it goes from dark and almost helicopter like to pitch black and deadly silent. I like it.
- Luno[Bloc Party vs. Death From Above 1979] <- the boys of DFA79 manage to make this track rock so hard, that after I finished listening to it, my brain exploded....yah, it's that good.
- Plans[Replanned by Mogwai] <- woah, it went from ugly and depressing to quietly organized and depressing, so much better. thank you mogwai.

There you have it.

Thank you for your time,

Leon Fury.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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Angels & Airwaves- We Don't Need to Whisper: Well, technically, my brother bought it, but I downloaded all the songs to my MP3 player when he wasn't home and I'm sure glad I did. Any opportunity to hear Tom Delonge's voice after Blink 182 broke up is a blessing to me. What's great is that even though the lead singer is the same, AVA has a tremendously different sound than Blink did. A lot less punk-oriented.

Last Exile OST vol. 2- Even better than the first one, I thought. As always, the classic tracks are melt-in-your-mouth good, and the vocal tracks are almost painfully catchy. I'm a sucker for soundtracks, I must say. *is currently listening to the theme song from X*
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[B]Moonsorrow[/B] - [I]Voimasta ja Kunniasta[/I]

This one completes my Moonsorrow collection. It wasn't a huge surprise coming in that this would be amazing, as Moonsorrow NEVER fails to impress and inspire awe. This album is soaringly epic, merging Nordic folk music, folksy melodies, mead-swilling Viking Metal riffs, and massive choruses to create a breathtaking aural landscape. I highly recommend this album to anyone who is interested in Scandinavian folk music, ancient Pagan culture, or just plain incredible music.

This is probably my favorite Moonsorrow release next to Kivenkantaja, and it's a must-have for any collection.
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For me it was Tool's 10, 000 Days album.

What an incredible album this one is, but of course it's not for everyone. If you've never heard of Tool before it's not a surprise really. They arn't exactly a commercial band as they hardly do interviews and usually have animated music videos, not making appearences themselves.

My favourite songs on this CD which you really should check out are, Vicarious, Jambi, The Pot and Right in Two.

Tool really is an aqquired taste, it usually takes a good few listens to get into the songs, but when you do it's so worth it. Amazing album by an amazing band.
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[B]Best of Nirvana[/B]- I like this CD. It reminds me of happy times with my dad back in the 90's. Kirt had a great voice and its sad that he died. I love heart shaped box and lithum. Lithium has the best quote ever in it "Im so ugly it's ok cuz so are you."

[B]Public Enemy It takes a nation of millions to hold us back[/B]-I bought this only beacuse I wanted to finish my gagsta rap trio(Cypress Hill,N.W.A,Public Enemy). This CD reminds me why flva flav has money. Back in the day he realyl was a good rapper.

[B]Soundgarden-Superunknwn[/B]- Awesome mix of music. I never heard a song like black hole sun before and I love it. It has a mix of depression mixed with a passive rage.

[B]Slayer-reign in blood[/B]-Not as good as south of heaven,but it has it's moments.

[B]The Best of the doors[/B]-... One of the best soft rock albums ever. I loved Alabama song. I swear im humming it to myself right now. It's got that rolling sound and a little keyboard for good measure. I love this album.

That's it so far.
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