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  1. DNAngel360

    Malice Mizer

    oh my goodness!!!!1 I love Malice Mizer Gardenia is my love song from Klah ^^ :animeswea I LOVE MALICE MIZER. EEEEP WHAT I WOULD GIVE FOR JUST [B][SIZE="4"]ONE WORD[/SIZE][/B] WITH THEM. I'D DIE A HAPPY GIRL. ^^ sorry ugh it's just NO ONE know's who they are...and here I am at school talking about them with people giving me the "What the heck are you talking about?" stare.:animecry:
  2. the movie was awsome i screamed 5 times and jumped 3 i loved the story line it was really good like [spoiler]when the guy finds out that his son was killed so he would take the other baby in and that the mother of his fake son was a jackle i also liked how the pictures the photographer took were showing how the people died my favorite death was the reporter cause his was the most bloody of all the things that made me jump was the little boy with the mask on and comes up out of nowhere then the thing wrapped in a red cloak but the thing that scared me the most was the OLD LADY!!!!she freaks me out all in all this movie was great[/spoiler]
  3. DNAngel360

    Gaming MySpace

    yup the reason why i wrote this is because me and my sis are sick and tired of myspace taking all the blame because of these people they are going to take myspace out probably and it is the only place where i can just be me on it and make friends and meet old ones i also keep in touch with my family on it
  4. this quote everyone should live by not just guys "don't let go of the person you really care about, remember never choose death.protect your love and keep her near you promise her that you will never leave and keep your promise you must"freedirt from DNAngel this quote is really good because everyone will go through tough times and it is just telling you to never let go the love that you have for eachother keep eachother close because you never know when they will slip out of your grasp I have gone through a tough time but this poem really helps put the spark back :D
  5. Name:Risa Age:14 race:mexican/native american/asian info:she wear's dark clothes and carries a long black sword she is very mysterious and hardly says a word be careful some people say for she could snap and attack no one knows what lies in her dark depths of her past but there is a suspicion of her right eye it is a very light green and her left eye is brown they say that she has seen many things even for as young as she is very solitary but will she speak up and learn to make friends
  6. DNAngel360


    has anyone ever heard of this christian rock band i have i think they are great they talk about life and real delemas they talk about who and what they can do to save themselves from a spiraling destruction
  7. i reacently purchesed panic at the disco it is an all around awsome band the songs are awsome the beats from the drum get you hooked into the song this is a rock band that you can understand they sing about weird situations it is a good cd purchase that i mad they are just an awsome band PANIC AT THE DISCO ROCK'S MY SOCK'S :catgirl:
  8. ok my favorite songs i am OBSESSED with are 1.shiki no uta-minmi she is an awsome singer 2.sakura colors-utada hikaru good background music 3.passion-utada hikaru favorite song from kh2 4.simple and clean-utada hikaru favorite song from kh 5.ghost of you-my chemical romance great slow dance song 6.the only difference between martydom and suicide is press coverage-panic at the disco love the beats 7.nails for breakfast,tacks for snacks-panic at the disco love the beats 8.imperfection-skillet if you get the lyrics to this song it helps with tough times 9.every time we touch-cascada awsome song for all the couples out there 10.a thousand words-FFX-2 great song fro friendships and couples
  9. I like riku from kh1 and kh2 because throught the whole game he pops out of nowhere he is smart aleck and is a dark character who keeps to himself he is strong willed and mysterious did i mention he is also hot Next is auron from FF-X he is an awsome character he doesn't care what anyone thinks he gets the objective and he gets it done he very strong not much is known about him he is very quiet he keeps to himself and doesn't get involved in things he is not supposed to and sticks to orders he is very smart and knows many tricks Axel from kingdom hearts chain of memories and kh2 he is awsome like riku he is a smart aleck but he is very funny he looks at the bright side of things and he makes everything that is serious a big joke he was the funniest character i have ever seen he is a good fighter with his fast movements and good comebacks he is also confusing cause you don't know which side he is on he cares for roxas and what happens to him even though he is a nobody who doesn't have a heart he is a true friend and loyal till the end he is also hot too like riku out of all of these characters i think axel is the best
  10. I have two dream jobs: Band member:i would like to be a singer more then anything else because i am sure i am not good at drums and i entered a talent show and won i did a singing act and i think i can make it but if not that a guitarist it is second best but i am just as good at it i guess i want to be singer cause i like to be center of attention :animeswea Video game critic:i love video games and i will be the first to play them and i get payed for just playing the game i also would like to go to E3 to go and review the upcoming games i will also get to know everything before word gets out :D
  11. "live your life with no regrets because the good things that happen to you today may have not happened when you made those mistakes" unknown i don't know who said it but my sis would always say it to me.it helps get past my tough times and whenever i have bad luck i always look on the bright side "think about today don't think about what is going to happen in the future today is more important then whatever happens tommorrow" unknown another one by my sis this one helps with me worrying about my friends and what is going to happen to us i get scared sometimes thinking that one day they could be gone "a scattered dream is like a far off memory a far off memory is like a scattered dream i wanna line the pieces up both yours and mine"kingdom hearts 2-roxas this quote always tells me and my friends that even though memories will fade we can never forget
  12. [quote name='CyberPandaLove']Utada Hikaru?I think I've heard of her before. ^_^[/quote] she's done music for kingdom hearts simple and clean and passion anyways utada hikaru i love her music because it is mainly about fantasy and she is always saying to never give up and live life to the fullest i love her background music because personally i like techno and that is what she has and minmi i love her music because she sings about the things that happen in daily life and realationships her music is rock rap techno and slow all mushed into one girls singing voice :catgirl:
  13. my goals are mostly with my friends 1.to publish a great manga 2.to make that manga an anime series 3.get married to a nice guy 4.have kids 5.probably sing my heart out at a concert 6.create a great video game 7.live in japan 8.have fun with life :catgirl:
  14. I LOVE Minmi and Utada Hikaru from Utada Hikaru i like passion and sakura drops :catgirl:
  15. my friend thinks loyd is hot and we both beat the game together after we figured out how to put it in two players on the gamecube it is one of my favorite game on the gamecube so far i love the story my favorite character is sheena and the graphics on the game are awsome i also like the fighting styles :catgirl:
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