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  1. [SIZE=1]I'm not one for evil deeds. I tend to use my special powers for good. But everyone has lapses... Someone I knew left his homework on the desk in a chemistry lesson, and we were using Bunsen Burners for an experiemnt. I didn't really like him, and that piece of homework was pants anyway. Do I really need to spell out what I did? ^^[/SIZE]
  2. I never use Game FAQs. I have nothing like Prima or Piggybank guides on myshelf. I always think my own way through games. All my completed saves are my own work and no one elses. And I take a lot of pride in them :animesmil
  3. SkyBlu

    Gaming Halo 3

    [SIZE=1]Repetitive gameplay wasn't so much an issue with Halo: Combat Evolved. It's still fun to play. But Halo 2 was plagued with it. Levels that repeated the most was the levels where there Master Chief is in High Charity. All the corridors look exactly the same, the same enemies are in each room, and you couldn't really hear Cortana telling you what's going on, which means you're being led somewhere, but you don't know where or why. I think Halo 3 will make or break the franchise. I just hope Bungie will realise that and put a little more effort into gameplay and not focusing on the looks so much. But, of course as it's going to be on the X Box 360, it's inherently going to be pretty[/SIZE]
  4. SkyBlu

    Gaming Halo 3

    [SIZE=1]Welcome to the OB Fire Storm. The only thing I'm wishing for out of Halo 3 is a better plot than Halo 2. Not really the writing of the plot - religion making people blind to what they are actually doing seems somewhat familiar >.> its just how the left it that I absolutely hated. There's no gradual ending, where you can tell you are reaching the end of the game and are aware that you are reaching your ultimate goal. In Halo 2, it just suddenly ends and you are left wondering "Whoa. Is that it? Couldn't Bungie fit the rest of the game on the disc or something?" And you don't seem to reach your 'ultimate goal'. I know they did that so show there's gonna be another sequel, but it would have been nice to see it end like Halo: Combat Evolved did - with achievement.[/SIZE]
  5. [SIZE=1]*tries to bring back the calmness to the thread* I got Res Evil 0 and 1 on the GC, and 2 and 3 for the PS1. Now I'm not a big fan of the horror genre - Doom3 is where I peaked - but the Res Evil games were one of the most suspensful and scary games I've played. My dad got me the Remastered Res Evil 1 for the GC as a joke and he kept wanting to watch me play it and **** myself. it worked -.-' but I did enjoy it. Seriously, is there anything more satisfying than browing the head off a zombie with the boomstick just before he takes a bite out you? A problem with the Res Evil series isn't the cameras or the controls. It's the plot and how it's executed. There's so much stuff going on in and around Racoon City and the games jump around on the timeline it's quite easy to get confused and lost[/SIZE]
  6. [SIZE=1][quote name='Avenged666fold']the guitarist from metallica(some kind of monter ws made now so he is new millenium). For some reason I cannot remember his name but I remember everyone but him and the new bassist wierd.[/quote] Guitarist = Kirk Hammet New Bassist = Rob Tujiro (I think that's how you spell it) And I agree, Kirk is a good guitarist, but not on the St. Anger album, which is what you were considering to be 'new millenium'. I [u]very[/u] must prefered him during the early days, back in the '80s, so i didnt include him. Infact, Metallica were a lot better back then - they hadn't sold out by then :animeangr [/SIZE]
  7. [SIZE=1]Thanks for the advice Desbreko. Managed to get past the Jade Brotherhood quite quickly after that :) but now the problem is the first mission of the mainland. And the problem is The Afflicted. They in themselves arent that dangerous, its just how many there are. I think last 2 or 3 times I tried it, I got 60% Death Penalty within the first 15 minutes. I need some real players to help with getting it done - the AI henchmen are useless for it. they never concentrate their attacks. Anyone on the OB who haven't done that mission yet want to try together? Concerning Mini-Pets, some my consider them to be a waste of inventory space as they don't really do anything and you can only show them off to your party out of a town or outpost, but they're so cute![/SIZE]
  8. SkyBlu

    Gaming MySpace

    [SIZE=1]Smart move Sakurasuka. Glad to see not everyone is dumb enough to post personal stuff on there =) What I really dislike about EmoSpazz (see above) is partly that which I just mentioned, and party because now pratically everyone I know who has one of these accounts think they know how to HTML. And for some reason, it gets right under my skin. I did an advanced qualification last year in ICT - 2 years ahead of when I should have got it. And one of the tasks was to "design a website for a business". But you couldn't use DreamWeaver or anything. It all had to be coded by hand into NotePad. I passed that exam. With flying colors. And now people think they know more then me about HTML when I spent 5 or 6 months coding by hand, when they just putting stuff into code generators for their EmoSpazz accounts. I'll bet every last brain cell that they don't even realise the basic of html - that every page has to start with and end with (XML is different). I'll stop ranting now as I can see I'm boring you I am glad to announce that I finally got round to deleting my EmoSpazz account. Now the only place I can be found is here and a few other forums and games across the 'net. The only places where I should be found[/SIZE]
  9. [SIZE=1]yay. Yes she is very cute....i mean the dragon aswell, obviously... :animenose Anyone else just reached the mainland? I got there a few days ago. I was level 17. I formed a party of 7 henchmen - they're all level 20 by this point. My first battle in the mainland we faught about 2 or 3 groups of Jade Warriors. I got completely [b]owned[/b] :animecry: and none of my party were reviving me. The moral of the stroy? AI henchmen make good team mates as long as you stay alive[/SIZE]
  10. [SIZE=1][b]Guy with torch:[/b] "Hello? Someone call for a doctor?" [b]Zombie:[/b] "You took your time!"[/SIZE]
  11. I can still rememeber when the first Super Smash Bros came out for the Nintendo 64. Damn that game was inovative. Unfortunately I never purchased it - I only borrowed it from a friend from time-to-time. But when I got my GameCube, Super Smash Bros. Melee was one of the first games I got. And I kid you not, that game did not exit my GC for at least 6 weeks. There was just so freakin' much to do. Plus its one of the best examples of why Nintendo rule the Party-Game Genre I think Super Smash Bros. Brawl has jsut garanteed me getting a Wii. Can't wait to kick *** as Snake this time :animesmil
  12. "Days" by HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR is easily the most beautiful song I've ever heard, dispite the fact it's in a language I can't understand (but not for long hopefully). The vocals are a piece of art and the guitar is wonderful. Especially the slow, flowing solo. Nearly makes me cry every time I hear it
  13. I'm only familiar with HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR, and they rock my MP3 player :animesmil anyone know anything else that sounds similar? I'd like to know [SIZE=1]ktnxbai[/SIZE]
  14. Guy: "[B]I compel thee, spirit of darkness![/B]" Alien: "[B]Hey we're just selling insurance![/B]"
  15. A few of my favorite insturmentals have been done by Metallica. One is "[COLOR=DarkRed]The Call of (the) Ktulu[/COLOR]", the other is "[COLOR=DarkRed]Orion[/COLOR]". They are both heavy and melodic, which is a good combination. They also did a song called "[COLOR=DarkRed]To Live is to Die[/COLOR]", which is basically an instumental, but they have a few spoken lines - a quote from their Bassist Cliff Burton, who died in an accident and they wrote the song for him. It's a very moving insturmental.
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