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Request Hellsing banner


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Yea, just a banner this time. Depending on how it turns out I may be able to handle the avatar myself. That is if my mouse operates correctly without giving me some type of a struggle.

Anyways, as I said, I wanted a banner of Alucard. Here's the picture I want. [URL=http://www.hellsing-anime.de/galerien/wallpapers/hellsing_63_1280.jpg][b]LINK[/b][/URL] Just the upper body of course. I'm not entirely sure how I want the background so I'll just leave that up to whoever decides to make it. I do want the text to say Untamed Warrior of Legend in flames. (If it's possible. If it's not then I'll just take it in cloisterblack in red)
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][SIZE=1][FONT=Tahoma]Huzzah! It's Alucard from Hellsing! W00t! XD

Anywho, since I love Alucard altogether... I shall make this for you. It seems like a pretty fun job anyways, so I'll get around to it either today or tomorrow and give you my version of the set. Bwahahaha.... I shall make it THE FIRES OF DOOM!! *evil laugh inserted here* XD

Well... I shall make it because therefore I am!! Wait... that didn't sound right.. oh well.. <3 for Hellsing! XD[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1]Mmm, Hellsing. I wish they'd remake the anime for us manga fans D:

Gave this a shot because I'm a fan myself. dafont is being a ***** so I couldn't get a good font to use (I don't think flames would have fit well with my banner anyway) but I tried to make it look at least a little gothic. D:



If you could upload them to your own server or use the OB attachment code that would be magic. Thanks.[/SIZE]
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"Stops from almost salivating"

Hmm... now that I think about it. Cloisterblack probably wouldn't look that great to great with it in the 1st place. (I think it comes out too big or something along those lines.) I don't know, I'd have to see it. But it still looks great. I'm grateful. Thanks. Don't worry about the flames. Just thought I'd try to ask for something flashy for once. ^^

Keyblade, if you're still up for it, I'd still like to see what you can do with it.
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[COLOR=Navy][SIZE=1][FONT=Tahoma]*Ahem* Yeah... about the reason for me being so late with my entry... *coughs* Well... it's because I'm so lazy. XD

Anywho, I'm really sorry that I haven't given you the set until today. I've just been busy with everything around me and othe things, so I hope you can forgive me on that part. As for the banner and avi set, I hope you like it because I used some stuff that I just learned and hopefully it will stick in the back of my mind. n.n;



Hope you enjoy!! Alucard rules above all others!! =D[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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