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Writing Curse Thy Writer's Block [E]

Dragon Warrior

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The following is an old poem I wrote in late 2005 about Writer's Block. We all get it and I had ten minutes to write a poem. Guess what I had... that's correct. Writer's Block. So I wrote about it! And it didn't turn out too shabby. So the following work is my poem I wrote in ten minutes about Writer's Block. Feedback ;)

NOTE: May contain funniness :^O

[center][SIZE=4][FONT=Trebuchet MS]CURSE THY WRITER'S BLOCK[/size]

Now listen, good folk,
And heed my call,
Of this awful disease,
Your writing downfall.

I?m ashamed to say,
It?s this troubling fling.
It?s called Writer?s Block,
And it?s a bothersome thing.

No more can I write,
At least anything good.
So I?ve resorted to something,
That anyone would.

I?m making stuff up,
Rather drastically so,
In hopes of my brilliance,
Will soon start to flow.

For you see Writer?s Block
Isn?t easy to drop.
But once you go crazy,
It?s real hard to stop.

My eyes are now twitching,
I?m dying from stress.
My creativeness pool,
Is filling up less.

I fear for the worst,
I can?t write, my friend.
This is now surely it.
I have reached my dear end.

But wait, what?s this?
Is my vision obscured?
I have written a poem.
My Block has been cured![/font][/center]
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I think everybody suffering from said block should write a poem/short story about it. Who knows, it could really help! ;D

Your poem was almost like improvised rapping (I don't know if you were aiming for that, though), meaning it was a bit off with the rhythm and rhimes, yet very entertaining.

Knows your funniness no limits?! XP
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Well, this poem was the poem I wrote after Writer's Block was cured. (Thanks to Writer's Block!) It's kind of an oxymoron if you think about it. Writer's Block is when you can't think of what to write, but it's exactly what cured itself so I could write again. Oh, wow, confusing!

And I see what you mean now, Sandy. Be assured, though, it was not intentional improvised rap ;)
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