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RPG The Real World: Matrix RPG

_Shiro Amada_

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we live in the matrix, we have all our lives, we have opened our eyes to the real world; to the machines. Think of a world where Morpheus, Neo, trinity, and the other rebels don't exist. Think of a world where we were the ones to discover what the Matrix is, we'll make our wn adventure, in the world of the Matrix.

Michael woke up, it read 4:00 am on his clock, a noise made him wake up.
That was the noise. Profanities started running through Michael's head. He had fallen asleeep the night before with his clothes on.

Mike: Damn, I was sleeping so well.

Michael looked out the window, he saw a man in a black suit shoot bullets at a running man. The man shot back, but the man in black moved too fast, not bullet touched him. Michael tought that as long as he was up, he migt as well take a look. He ran out of is apartment and ran down to see the two men.

Man: Take this you feaing FBI bastard. I'm gonna' let the people know what's going on.

The FBI agent smiled, and shot the man down. Michael gasped, the agent heard the gasp. Michael began running as bullets zoomed by him, there was a dumpster ahead, he jumped in it, the agent didn't ntice him and ran by. Michael jumped out, his jeans were filthy.

Mike: F*ck.

Michael began following the agent. The agent walked towards a big black builing and walked into it. It was a government building, before the door closed Michael slipped in, the agent walked over to a phone booth, dialed and got sucked in.

Mike: What the hell....
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[COLOR=darkblue][i]Rico walks around the city night in his dark trenchcoat and sunglasses, carrying around an silver suitcase. He looks up and sees a huge building.[/i]

Rico: Here we go...

[i]He walks inside and sees a large amount of security inside.[/i]

Rico: Looks like we're not in Kansas anymore...

[i]He unlocks the suitcase and throws it into the center of the lobby. He pulls out his MAG rifle and charges out of the building. Before the guards find out what actually dropped, he was long gone from the building.[/i]

Rico: *Takes out his cell phone* "Scorpion"

[i]In a huge flash of purple light, the building implodes and is wiped off the face of the city, as if it never existed...[/i]

Rico: Mission accomplished...

[i]He checks to make sure that the connection isn't tapped before jumping out into reality...[/i] [/COLOR]
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The Oracle is cooking in her house, when several thugs break in. They knock her down, and steal some valued possesions, when a young man bursts in. This man wears a black trenchcoat, leather trousers and a black vest, and sunglasses.

Craig: What the hell is going on here?

Thug1: Hands above your head punk, and you won't get hurt.

Craig put his hands above his head, and prepared to make his move when:

Thug2: Kill the boy, and the woman.

One of the thug raises his gun to Craig. Craig flicked his hands, and two glock 9mm's snapped out of his wrists and into his hands. He brings them around ifront of him, and shoots all the thugs. He goes over too the oracle.

Craig: Are you okay?

Oracle: Yes, and I must say how impressed I am with that trick.

Craig: Thanks, but now I must go.

Craig hears a phone ring, he answers it, and dissapears.
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Andrew has been talking to a strange person over the internet.

strange guy: You want to help us Andrew?
Andrew: Who are you?
Strange guy: do you want to find out about the matrix?
Andrew: yes
Strange guy: Come to the corner of your street at midnight tonight.

The connection ends

Andrew: *thinks* what the hell was that about?
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Ash just stumbles out of his local bar.

Ash: Well that's enough fighting for tonight. I'm going home to leave them to it. He carries on down the street until he sees a man getting sucked into a phone.

Ash: Ok that was wierd. I got to cut down on the drink.

He carries on down the street until he reaches the dorr of his house. He is about to walk in when a car pulls up and pulls him inside. There is a strange man inside.

Strange man: Hello Ash..

Ash: who are you?

Strange man: My name will not matter until you know what is going on and you've woken up into the real world.

Ash: Real world?

Strange man: Come with us. We have much to tell and show you.
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[COLOR=darkblue][i]Rico wakes up in his stasis pod. He gets up and unhooks the optical cable attached at the base of his head. The voice of his annoying computer begins to speak... [/i]

????: Good morning

Rico: Anything to eat?

????: We have insufficent power to make breakfast...I had a run in with a sentry drone while you were away.

Rico: Sh-t...I'm starving...

????: We need to release more pods...

Rico: Which means I have to go back in?

????: Yes...but I detect something odd within the Matrix...please be careful.

Rico: I got it...

[i]Rico lays back down on the pod and attaches the optical cable back into the base of his head. He closes his eyes and drifts back into the data stream...[/i]
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Andrew stands on the corner and it is exactly midnight. A long black car rolls up and stops next to him. The door opens and andrew steps in.

Andrew: Who are you guys anyway? and what do you know about a matrix?

???: Slow down my friend! All your questions will be answered by someone who knows far more than me.

Andrew: So where are we going?

???: To a small building 10 blocks down. This is where all your questions will be answered.
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[COLOR=darkblue][i]Rico slips into a brick room with two couches, a mirror, a table with medicine and a giant fireplace.[/i]

Rico: I see...we're recruting today...

[i]Rico hears footsteps coming closer and closer to the door...he closes his eyes and scans through the door..."hmm...Andrew...and Ash..."

Craig slips into the Matrix[/i]

Craig: Hey...new people?

Rico: Looks like it...our computers should tell us these things before we make the jump....

Craig: My computer's a *****...won't let me "alter" her program...says she's "violating" her...:rolleyes:

Rico: Well, there they come...[/COLOR]
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(( for some reason i feel i'm the only girl in here so far O.o;; ))

Amber: *walking down the city streets at night, looks around a bit paranoid at men in trenches but stays calm, out of the corner of her eye spots glitches and unnoticeable misplaced things*
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[COLOR=darkblue][i]They keep waiting, and waiting...nothing...then, the footsteps stop.[/i]

Rico/Craig: ??

[i]They hear a helicopter on the roof...[/i]

Rico: I think it just may be...

Craig: Maybe we should get out of here...

[i]The door busts open with gunfire...Agents...[/i]

Rico: Sh-i!

[i]Rico and Craig make a dash towards the brick wall, they jump on it and run towards the window, sideways...[/i]

Craig: We'll have to wait for recruitment later...

[i]They jump out of the window, dodging the bullets and glass as they fall towards the ground...They both pull out their cell phones and dial out...[/i][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=darkblue]Rico: So are you on my ship? Er...

Craig: *Looks at his bitchy computer* Nope...mine...

Rico: I see...well, it'll be another hour until we're stable enough to enter again...

Craig: *Goes to the computer console* Seems that the Matrix is undergoing some dramatic changes...it's trying to upgrade itself.

Rico: That's not very pleasent...but it does leave us an opportunity to attack and weaken a few people so we can take them out and show them their true fate...[/COLOR]
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Craig walks over to his computer, and presses a few buttons. The computer stes on fire.

Craig: Oh crap!!

Craig grabs a bucket of water and throws it on the fire. Electricity starts jolting violently from the computer.

Craig: Grea, now I have no computer.

Rico: How did it manage to set on fire?

Craig: It's happened before. It has it's good and bad points.

Rico: What's so good about that?

Craig: Well, normally, once I get it fixed, it strts working properly again.
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From what SS trunks wrote and beyond is three years after what occured with Michael okay?

Craig: We have to go see Neo.
Rico: He said he and glitch were going to pick u some new recruits.
Craig: Potentials?
Rico: He keeps looking for the One.
craig: The One, always the one.
Rico: He thinks that this girl amber might be her.
Craig: we'll see.

????: Andrew, come with me. see that pay phone? You'll see... First answer me. do you want to see the real world?
Andrew: Yes, i do. But what is it?
????: You'll see, if you take the journey. choose this pill and Neo will show you what you must see.

Strange man: ash, amber thank you for coming with me. I will now tell you why I asked you to come. ash, you are the chosen one, along with young man called andrew.
Ash: Chosen one for what?
strange man: to protect the one.
Ash: Who is that?
strange man: (He looks at Amber)
Amber: No.
Strange man: Yes. take this pill it will show you the real world. don't worry it is not a drug. It is a locator program that will find you in the real world. Leave the matrix. Find your true purpose in life. My name is Neo. I was once called Michael. Until I discovered the truth three years ago.

????: andrew. andrew.
Andrew: It hurts, i fell cold., what the hell pill was that.
????: it is just finding your body. Just finding it.
Andrew: what is your name?
????: Glitch. Now lets meet Neo shall we?
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Ash slowly reaches out for the pill. He takes it and just tares at it for a few seconds.

Ash: So your telling me that his isn't the real world?

Neo: Yes that is correct. You will soon see what i mean if you swallow this pill.

Ash: Oh well. Here goes nothing.

He swalos the pill and soon feels himslef becoming very cold. So cold that i starts to hurt very badly. He blanks out and when he awakenes he is in a strange goo filled pod. (He then goes throught the same stages as Neo does. you know the one) He then awakens in a strange ship. When his eyes come into focus, he notices a very pretty girl standing over him. It was Amber from the car.

Amber: *shouts to he others* Hey everyone he's awake.

Everyone else comes running into the room.

Craig: Welcome to the real world. We thought you weren't going to show up for a moment there. You seemed to take longer than everyone else. Come on, i'll tel you all about the matrix
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[COLOR=darkblue]Rico: *Stands by the door* Hold up...he's still unstable...

Ash: Unstable?

Craig: Let's let him take a look around first...

Rico: Fine, whatever suits you...but it would be wise to do the procedure on him when he's still dazed...we don't have any painkillers on this ship...

Amber: Oo.. that's gotta hurt...

Ash: What's gonna hurt?

Rico: Nothing...it's just that we have to get some "things" out of you before you can get out and about.

Ash: What is this place?

Craigh: You'll learn soon enough....[/COLOR]
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Andrew sits holding the red and blue piles. He stares at them thinking for a very long time. He puts the red on blue one down on the table.

As the others watch from the real world...

Craig: What's he doing? The blue pil is for coming out.

Rico: I don't know!

Andrew looks at the pil............and crushes it in his hand.

Rico: I knew he couldn't refuse.

Andrew picks up the blue pil, puts in his mouth and knocks back the glass of water. He begins to......You know the rest. He ends up on a cold floor of an unknown place. He can't see clearly and familiar vioces speek to him but he can't haer properly. He finally wakes up on a bunk. He looks at the holes in his arms and feels the back of his head. Just then Rico and Craig walk in.

Andrew: What's happening? What have you done to me?

Rico: We are going to show you the real world.
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Why have you got to off the same posts? delete one.
Andrew follows Craig as he shows him round the ship. He staggers a bit and begins to pass out.

Craig: Are you ok?

Andrew: I'm fine

He quickly recovers and carries on following. They reach the main terminal where al the computers are.

Rico: I see you both got here.

Andrew: Tell me about the Matrix!

Rico: One can not be told about the Matrix, you have to see it for yourself. Take a seat.

Andrew sits in the seat and waits
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