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Art Vectors? Ack.


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[size=1]Okay. With my time using PaintShopPro, I've never really gotten gotten good with Vectors. This is just a simple thing, but it was done almost entirely with the Pen Tool. I'm rather proud of myself.


Also, I've tried to make myself better with both colors and text. I really do [b]hate[/b] using complicated, fancy text unless the piece specifically calls for it. Also, I've never used any bright color except pink and purple. And a bit of red. So meh.

I do suppose that's why I respect Retribution's work so much. He has always been good with simple text.

A Kiss.

Bleed Red.

Private Idaho.

Words Hurt.

Too big. Click [URL=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v150/unmei_shinpai/HBimg_33.gif]here[/URL].

All comments are much appreciated.[/size]
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I love them all. In fact, if you used the "Bleed Red" one during the HB, I would have voted for you instead of Kune. You work well with simplistic, bold, and high contrast.

The bright yellow is a little painful on the eyes, and I'd be afraid that it would be near invisible in print, but the two images you have in that colour make good use of it.

My favourite piece would definately be "Bleed Red" purely because of its ability to express itself with so few, stark colours. The splatter in the corner is scattered, yes, but stands out very well against the black. I like how the font stands out from the splatter by having corners, instead of having rounded corners. I also like how clean and simple the border is.
The only thing I feel a little squeemish about for the picture is the placement of the text. I know I shouldn't, but I feel like there should have been a larger margin between the text and the left border.

But altogether, I love them. Keep it up! And if we both continue in the HB, I hope I don't have to face off against your minimalist designs!

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[SIZE=1]I, like r2, adore these pictures. I love vector art and after doing my HB piece I'm going to be trying it out a lot more. I use Paint Shop Pro, too, which is why I like you even more. *totally not biased in any way at all* =P

The only thing that bugs me about any of these pieces if the middle 'drop' on the first picture. It looks too far off centre, I think, but apart from that it's lovely. =D

I have to ask, because we have the same program, how did you get that lovely black outline on the text in 'A Kiss'. It looks as if you've managed to get a lovely thin outline as well as an outer glow, like in Photoshop, but with my PSP I can only get this really ugly 'Stroke' effect which eats into the text. =/ I have version 9, so maybe it's different than yours?

I'd love to know how you got that ^ background, too. It's gorgeous, and if you made it yourself I'd like to know how you did it so I could mess for a bit.

You really have a lovely art style, I'd love to learn some things from you. ^_^;[/SIZE]
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[quote name='sakurasuka][size=1']I do suppose that's why I respect Retribution's work so much. He has always been good with simple text.[/size][/quote]
[size=1]Thanks alot for the shout-out, and it's cool to see you turn over a new leaf.

I personally think they're headed in the right direction, however these are a bit [I]too[/I] simple. It's a complaint I got for several of my works, and I see the same elements in here too. Perhaps try adding smaller text that can't be read in a dynamic place or varying up the fonts for emphasis (but perhaps less so than "A Kiss").

You've got all the design know-how, now it's a matter of you getting used to using text to decorate, versus using filters, stock, etc. Good luck with it.[/size]
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[size=1]Wow, thanks so much for all the replies!

r2vq- Bleed Red, Private Idaho, and imagine were actually things I made using the HB! color pallete, since I had so much trouble with the last handicaps, I really figured I was out of practice. And I was.

Thing is, I only had an hour to do the piece that is up now. I didn't think I'd get another chance on my computer that weekend. And I didn't. So that's the reason for the sucky-ness.

Ezekiel- Ahh! Another PSP user! *Tackles*

... Ahem. Anyway. The glow on A Kiss was made through many duplications of layers and alot of use of the Gaussian Blur feature. Heh. I absolutely [u]hate[/u] how all of the stroke/outer glow effects apply, so I made my own.

1. Duplacte layer.
2. Since it's still a Vector, use the Text Tool to set the color of the bottom layer a contrasting color. Black/white, mostly.
3. Duplicate bottom layer until there's 4, Gaussian Blur them all. Set two if them to .5, and two of them by 1.5.
4. Duplicate top layer.
5. Gaussian Blur it, set to .5.
6. Merge all text layers.

But yes, we do have a different version. I have 6 and 8. I personally like 6 better, because that's the one I learned on. But 8 has much more features. I really should stop using 6 =/

Retri- Yeah. I really am new to using text as the main focus. I think these are really the only images that didn't derive from/have in it some sort of picture. It really is rather different than making grungy anime banners, I must say.

And I will edit tonight, once I'm back on my computer. Hopefully I'll work some more with Vecors, heh.[/size]
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[COLOR=SeaGreen]Well I don?t have PaintShopPro and I have no idea what Vectors are but I?ll still tell you what I think. ^_^

[B]Imagine:[/B] For this piece I like the circles at the top. The one thing that seems off is at the edge of the top right it looks like a straight line instead of a curve. And the font though nice might fit better if it were a little more curvy? Overall it?s a great piece and I like how it?s got an inner white border.

[B]A Kiss:[/B] This one is adorable and not just because I love pink. ^_^ I love the texture in the background and the lines look like oddly shaped hearts. Very cute. What seem off to me is the font for ?A kiss is a? and ?superfluous? It just seems a little too blocky? Also I?m curious as to how it would look with a heart outline in the corner instead of a flower.

[B]Bleed Red: [/B] I don?t have a lot to say about this one. Primarily because I think that though it?s simple it?s well stated. And the splotches in the lower right hand corner just emphasizes the simple statement of In the end, We all bleed Red. Nice job. ^_^

[B]Private Idaho:[/B] I like this piece though I?m not sure what context it?s supposed to represent? The only thing off is perhaps the top half as there is nothing happening? Still its got a nice and clean look.
Words Hurt:[/B] Well first of all the bright yellow is almost painful. But in a way it fits the idea of Words hurt only in this case its my eyes. ^_~ I like how on the other side the reversal of colors where it says Don?t Speak is easier on the eyes and therefore gives the impression of painful to look at (Words Hurt) to not painful to look at (Don?t speak) This too is clean and simple.
Color:[/B] Well to be honest this last one I like the least. It is a nice concept but the yellow is a little too bright. And for this one I don?t like the font. It just seems to clash a little.

Anyway, great pictures. ^_^ Makes me wish I knew how to do it so I could take a shot at making pieces like you have. I hope you post more.
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[quote name='YellowBarchetta']Wow... they're all really awesome![/quote]
[size=1]Sometimes I feel like a broken record...

What about them makes them "all really awesome"? What do you like about it in particular? Is there anything that can be improved? Elaborate upon your post, as in its current state it's lacking quality and substance. Thanks.[/size]
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I've been testing out some stuff. I really would appreciate any comments or suggestions on this piece.


Now... Keep in mind it's only a work-in-progress. Not near finished. I just wanted to see what you guys thought.

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[SIZE=1]Hyung Tae-kim~ And from Magna Carta no less =D (You can probably tell I adore his work .)

I really love what you've got so far here. The background is gorgeous and your extraction is perfect. The font really suits the text and positioning is perfect.

I have but one criticism: the butterflies. It may be because you're not finished, but they don't really suit the rest of the image. They may perhaps look much better if you'd used a Multiply effect on them.

Now if that all sounded rather garbled I'm sorry, I have The Slayers playing next to me. >>

Beautiful work once again! <3[/SIZE]
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[size=1]Yeah... what Jay said...

I only have two other comments. The first is the text -- the subtext feels awkward right next to the grungy, big, uneven font. I guess it's just a personal pet peeve of mine to have matching font and subfont, but whatever. The second is another minor qualm, the character you used. Her expression doesn't really fit any of the message. She doesn't look all that rebellious, which is what I'm gathering from the text, but maybe you wanted a passive looking girl.

You're headed in the right direction.[/size]
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I'll mirror what Retribution said, even about mirroring what Ezekiel said.... except about the extraction. The extraction job is beautiful, yes, but not perfect. There are hints of white the edges of the braids, grains of white pixels along her hip, and white spots near her neck.

I like the motion blur at the tips of her hair, and how the background isn't too distracting. I can't find anything else to say bad about it. I can't wait to see the finished product. ^^

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