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The Colusiem Cellar is compromised of three levels which are actually areas of town. An entire city is underneath the Colusiem which has been named the Cellar. Fighters are able to gain nicer living quarters by buying them with the money they recieve in doing work in the city.

The first level is the nicest, with each room housing two fighters with enoguh space for what few things they own. The crime in this area is the lowest of all and the abuse from the guards is low here as well due to the nature of the fighters being somewhat more calm then the others.

The second level is mid in everything. Each cell houses at least twenty fighters in each cell. The crime is at a midpoint here, more stealing then killing. Guards tend to have mood swings as they are nice then mean.

The third is the worst with hundreds of people living in the same cell. Crime is at an all out high as people are killed each day. Hundreds of people are beaten by the guards for fun and even killed.

If you have any questions ask here
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[quote name='kenshinsbabe][SIZE=2][FONT=Georgia]I think there may be a bit of confusion over the type of housing in the levels. Mind clearing that up for us, Sazabi?[/FONT'][/SIZE][/quote]
Yes yes. I'm confused on that as well. >.> course it was my fault, probably for the confusion. ^_^ Please clear it up so I can correct any mistakes.

Also, are there more liberties among levels or are they all just kept in different sections with the same rules?
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alright. All three levels are just on one floor it is just the kind of area and the amount of crime and abuse from the guards. The rooms are cells but they are in buildings and all have cots or beds if you are in level one. It is like prison Level one security or up to three with three having the serial and psycho killers.everyone can walk around the city and the guards are in there with them. The cells are more like rooms.

any other questions
Oh fights will be starting soon
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