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The Omen


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[SIZE=2][FONT=Georgia]This movie just came out in the U.S yesterday (6/6/06), using the date as a "scare factor" of sorts.

I just wanted to see what you people who have seen it thought of it. I think it was just cheap scares. I mean, come on! When it gets quiet, you know that something's gonna pop up behind her! It's scary/horror movie protocol. The only parts where I really couldn't look is where [spoiler]the priest guy got impaled and the photographer got his head torn off and thrown like a baseball.[/spoiler]

What did you think?[/FONT][/SIZE]
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I loved it. Being a huge fan of the origional, I rushed to see it yesterday.

I like the idea of seeing how they will die in the photographs and Damien is a little bastard. The 2 or 3 scenes with the visions were not in the origional and I guess were needed just to intice a modern day audience.

They changed the deaths, which was kinda cool. Origionally [spoiler]Kate was pushed out the window and landed on an ambulence, now she was poisoned. [/spoiler]

Also, my favorite death of all time was changed. In the origional, [spoiler]the photographer is killed when a truck holding a bunch of glass slabs begins to roll backward. The large glass slab slides from the truck and decapitates him, his head flying over the slab and landing back on his body.

In the new version his head is cut off when a sign flips over and carved his head off.[/spoiler]

Both kicked *** :devil:

My favorite change was the modern day setting showing how, by the book of revalation, this coulld really happen. In the origional, ot just starts with the birth.
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the movie was awsome i screamed 5 times and jumped 3 i loved the story line it was really good like [spoiler]when the guy finds out that his son was killed so he would take the other baby in and that the mother of his fake son was a jackle i also liked how the pictures the photographer took were showing how the people died my favorite death was the reporter cause his was the most bloody of all the things that made me jump was the little boy with the mask on and comes up out of nowhere then the thing wrapped in a red cloak but the thing that scared me the most was the OLD LADY!!!!she freaks me out all in all this movie was great[/spoiler]
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