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Art Otaku Mascots (What's Yours?)

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[size=1]This is a simple idea I came up with last night. If Otaku had a mascot, what would it look like to you? It can be anything, really, since Otaku doesn't have a specific preference (not even anime and gaming can be considered the main attention-getter these days). So just post your sketch of your Otaku Mascot and let's see what crazy things we get :)

Here's mine... Heath Wedgercheese, the obsessed kangaroo rat!


I did this one for numerous reasons. Firstly, he's Australian in simple tribute to James. He didn't start out as a Kangaroo Rat. He was a rather demented dog. Then he looked like Mickey Mouse on crack. So I threw in the fuzz on his tail and the funky Aussie hat on his head and said he was a Kangaroo Rat. Voila! He became Australian! He's named Heath Wedgercheese because Heath Ledger, one of my favorite actors, is Australian and it's just a play on words (wedge of cheese).

He's also a little insane. As James promptly explained to me, "Otaku" can be technically translated to "hardcore fan." So I made him look like he had to have some of that [b][i]sweeeeet[/i][/b] Otaku goodness! I think I reached my appropriate level of fanboy, obsessed insanity. The pencil breaking is just for effect ;)


Show us what you guys have?[/size]
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[B]Umm..well..you're awesome, frankly, nobody else has posted? :animesmil O.O....Umm...Here... I did it on the comp, so it sucks, but, LOL... It's a guy that loves the OB, so he painted his whole body gray, and he's wearing blue clothes and other stuff like that. Scary, huh? :animesmil [/B]

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