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Art Anime banners up for critisizm


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Just started doing some gfx work some months ago, had a few tips and whatnot from a few friends. Art isn't really my thing (though i appreciate art, i can't really draw to save my life) so i figured it would be easier to create works that didn't involve me needing to use any god forsaken artwork by me (cutting the pics is about as close to making the pictures myself as its gonna get).

Was hoping for some comments or tips, open for anything. This batch is Naruto/Bleach based, they are my latest though i have others (theres a whole boatload on my myspace).

Linked from imageshack since they exceed allowed size limits for OB.




[url]http://img143.imageshack.us/img143/6927/bkbleach4jk.png[/url] (sig banner)

Throwing this one in since I personally think it's one of my best:

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hm..since you wanted some criticism on yuor works i won't hold back. :) although i am, by no means, an expert at this.
1. for the temari one, try not to blur too much. it makes it look like it's in bad quality and try not to have that cut and paste feel on her right side. Also try to work on the typography.
2.for the neji one, you spelled genius wrong. haha. ^^'
3. for the hitsugaya one, the same thing about the over blurring thing applies to this one. :)but the background is pretty good.
4.I think the lines in the center of the renji one shouldn't be there. it doesn't look like it really belongs there. it would look better without them. but pretty good.

as for the vincent one, it might be the best of the rest but maybe try to clean out the edges so the white doesn't show too much. maybe work on the cutting of the main stock. :)
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[size=1]You wanted criticism :)


[list][*]Shikamaru ? The top right text is not too bad, but the sub text doesn?t seem to fit. The outer glow you used on it, doesn?t appeal to me, and it really stands out a bit too much. The stock used is a bit blurry and doesn?t really blend in, but it is less a deal than the text. My biggest advice would be to let the text blend in more. [*]Temari ? The background is quite nice on this one. The text looks less than the last banner, though. The text in the top right corner is too thick and dark to match the whole image. It doesn?t even match the text underneath it which has some sort of weird fonts. The stock used on this piece is indeed blurred a bit too much and it?s cut off at the right, which looks really bad. Please take the time to clean up the sword-thingy or something. If the text were gone and the stock would be less blurry, it?d actually be quite a nice banner.[*]Neji ? Nice style background, but it?s repetitive. It works well with the glow you gave the stock though. The text on this banner is a lot better than the rest. It?s colour actually fits the rest of the image. The fonts however don?t fit with each other. You should choose either the top left fonts or the other fonts, but not both. I like this banner best of the Naruto banners.[*]Rock Lee ? The background is so messy, especially with such a big size banner. Again, you used fonts that don?t fit each other at all. The bottom left text would fit the banner a bit, the other wouldn?t. The ?-Dream Team Squad Member-? is the only white text in the whole banner, and just looks odd. The stock on this picture isn?t too blurry though.[/list]

I?m going to skip Bleach for now. My main advice for all above banners is to practice more with text, and not just throw some text together. Oh, and try to work on a bit more reasonable size banners, these are very hard to fill with interesting material.
[*]The Vincent Valentine banner is a bit plain. The white glow around the middle picture seems odd and the light red border doesn?t seem to fit the rest at all. I think you should?ve left out the middle picture and made the main picture the right one. A bit bigger than it is right now, that is.[/list]

Keep practicing, you have potential.[/size]
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Uhh...did i say critisizm? I meant, uh...praise...yeah....

J/k, i dont mind. I asked for it. About the temari banner, yeah i tried to cover up the cut off part on the right but i was a bit lazy to redo the thing at the time i finished it. I tried to theme the naruto banners similarly. I believe the effect on the termari pic is a stamp effect and the one on the hitsugaya pic is a freeze effect, i thought they looked rather decent but i know that it also adds a sense of blurryness to it.

I am also guessing that so far theres no problems with my sig banner since no comments have been made about it?

As for my sizes...i normally do anywhere between 350x100 to 400x200. Though i've come to enjoy doing the smaller sized ones better.

Thx for the comments so far. Hope to get more.
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