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Sign Up Nectar (PG-13 - L, V)


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These tiny micro machines can repair living tissue beyond imagination and have created a world of unbound technology, both civilian and military.

The Great War - 2054 - Somewhere in the Middle East.
The soldier screamed in agonizing pain as he was quickly, but carefully lifted onto a shoddy old table, blood pouring from an open wound in his leg.

'Put pressure on the wound!', the medic commanded as he turn to fish something from his kit. When he turned around he had a sort of ampoule in his hand which he snapped the top off, pushed the pressure givers' hand away and poured the silvery liquid into the wound of the bleeding soldier.

The soldier let out a howling scream as the liquid mixed with his blood and over the course of 15 seconds was healed to complete perfection. Standing there in amazement were other soldiers who turned to the medic with eyes that demanded an explanation.

'Its the new stuff we're issued. Nanomachines is what they're called..Cmon, guys, lets get back into the fight.'

Sometime in the future - 2113 - Detroit.
As the sci-fi books, comics, and movies of the 21st century predicted the world turned into giant sprawling cities with hovering cars, neon lit everything, and technology beyond our wildest dreams. Such technology was Nanomachine technology which has been upgraded from simple field surgery to more powerful methods of healing such as curing cancer, strengthen the immune system of an Aids victim, and even cure the common cold. Life expectancy is at an all time high with people being well over 100 years old, and quality of life has even improved with the use of Nanomachines. Furthermore, the world is finally at total peace with itself.

An explosion rocked the Neo Sears Tower, the first having been knocked down in the Great War, leaving onlookers stunned as debris and glass rained down on the rest of the city. From the explosion a man seemingly leaped from the fiery carnage and plummeted to the ground. Many onlookers screamed in horror as the man fell but watched, by human nature, as he did expecting him to make a spaghetti stain on the pavement but to their amazement the man landed on his feet with a light tap and darted off down the street.

One such bystander was Keith Warren, an upstart thief with the hands of a phantom. He watched it all with a smug smirk anyone would have trying to look cool in the face of disaster, but it was all a front when push came to shove as the man who fell from the building took Keith by the throat and put him in a stranglehold just as soon as Security Forces arrived on scene with guns drawn.

'Let the man go, Gray!', one security officer shouted tightening his grip on the rifle he was holding.

Gray started walking backwards, pulling Keith with him and the Security Forces started walking towards the pair.

'Fire!' the leader of the security forces yelled and the crew opened fire on Gray and Keith, however Gray leapt into the air and onto the roof of a convenience store, bolting away. Keith lay dead in the street, and that was the start of many things to come.

The Nano Crisis - 2113 - ----------.
Many things transpired over the course of a few months when a one Keith Warren was gunned down in the street, to onlookers, in a violent manner not seen since 2076, but that wasn't the case as Keith was just a casualty in the current war of the world; The Nano Crisis. Gray, a Nano boosted human with a remembered past, and an ability to self heal without the help of injected Nanomachines started an uprising against companies using Nanomachines and has amassed a small army, with the same inhuman power and healing ability as himself, to oppose Nanotechnology by saying; 'It ruins lives not saves them!', but in retrospect Gray is a deluded fool who only wants to destroy what the Gods wanted.

The Nano Crisis - 2113 - Somewhere in Kansas.
'Vitals are stable, muscles are relaxed, and everything is prepped to go. Continue when you're ready doctor.', an unknown voice spoke, muffled by the drowsiness that engulfed the test subject.

'Proceed with the waking process. I want them all at full capacity by the days' end.', the doctor said. The taps of his footsteps fading into the hallway from whence he came.

The test subject felt a sudden jolt of energy shoot through him as he suddenly sat up as though he'd been awake for hours.

'Welcome back to the land of the living, Keith.', the scientist said.

Keith looked around, other test subjects lay there in a circle of operating tables as he did, wondering just what the hell was going on.

'What the hell is going on here?', Keith demanded an answer but the scientist merely turned and started walking away.

'Your brothers and sisters will awake soon. Only then will you know your true purpose on this God given earth. Rejoice though, you've been revived by the Nectar. The gift from the Gods.'

Keith flexed his fist and let out a huff. The thought that cross his mind was him getting shot dead in the street, and while he knew Nanotechnology was strong, it couldn't revive fallen people. If not Nanotechnology, then what?[/COLOR][/SIZE]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

[COLOR=Red][SIZE=1]The premise is vague, I know, but I want it to be more enthralling when I start it up and the characters are given information on a need-to-know basis. Just hang in there, its all in the story. There are total of 7 spots, excluding my character available.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]Sign Up

Name: (Whatever.)

Age: (Semi-young, but not child-like.)

Occupation in previous life: (What you were before ending up in Kansas but don't forget to elaborate bit on some simple skills that they may have.)

Appearance: (Just a quick run by or picture of what your character looks like.)

Character snippet: (I'm going to use the ever popular character snippet instead of the bio because bios are often neglected and impractical. As for the character snippet just post a two paragraph entry about what your character does when they wake from their slumber, and some interaction with the other characters around them.)


My Sign Up

Name: Keith Warren

Age: 21

Occupation in previous life: An upstart thug with the hands of a phantom. Can pick any lock thrown at him and if you give him a window he can get into the aforementioned building through that window.

Appearance: Keith

Character snippet: (Mine seems redundant. No one else is awake.) [/SIZE] [/COLOR]
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I'll play.

Name: Brian Walker
Age: 21 [but looks much much older than he really is]
Occupation in his "previous life": theoretical physist, he's a very good marksman. and he can hack any program that stands in his way
Apperence: of filipino / english descent, stands at 6'3", an atheltic build, grey/white- ish hair, pupils have gone from brown to crimson red, due to some of the chemical rejections with the nanomachines.
Snippet: brian looks around and notices the other guy, brian is having mental reprecussions of his last days in the park with his girlfriend. he just stares into the void, trying to sort everything out. he can hear Aiden's "The Last Sunrise" [Dusk Mix] and Senses Fail's "Bite To Break Skin" [The Legion Of Doom Remix] echoing inside his head, as he tried to put everything togther. he's experincing something new..... Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. "I remember everything. Just lounging around at the park with my girlfriend.....Ripped everything away from me. I will avenge her death."

Medical Records Found Before operation: insomnia, ADD, depression, insanity

authors note: the medical defects will play part and it goes in conjuction with his background check. and yes, he does have an english accent.
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[size=1][color=#708090][color=#708090]Name: Luna Star[/color]
[color=#708090][size=1]Age: 20[/size]

[size=1]Occupation in previous life: A little known writer. Sense she was not know to many she was librarian.[/size][/color]

[size=1][color=#708090]Appearance: She stands at 5'5. Heres a picture. [url="http://images.quizilla.com/J/Jai16/1099004773_e_babes222.jpg"]http://images.quizilla.com/J/Jai16/1099004773_e_babes222.jpg[/url][/color][/size]

[size=1]Character snippet: Luna woke from her sleep. After shacking the sleepiness for her head she looked around. There were only two people awake at the time. One seem to be having trouble adjusting to the whole thing while the other was just to quite. Great she thought I finally ended up in the metal hospital. [/size]

[size=1]If there is anything wrong with my sign up pm me and I'll change it. [/size][/color]
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Name: Leon Sqaull

Age: 23

Occupation in previous life: Mercenary


Character snippet: AsLeon woke up, he remembered the war that he had been in. Many people were being killed left and right. Leon was on a roll this time. He had killed at least 200 people in his first three days. Just as he was about to kill more, he was shot in the arm. Then he felt many more bullets pierce the skin of his back, and everything went dark as he hit the ground.

Leon looked around the clinic he was now in. Doctors were walking around the place tending to meore people. A doctor stopped by Leon. "Good you're awake." The doctor said.
"Yeah." said Leaon. "Were am I?"
"You are in a clinic and we have just brought you back to life. In the war of 2054. Your body was put in a hibernation cell and prezerved for this day. The current year is 2113."
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