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Sign Up The Bounty III [PG-13] [Profiles]

Dragon Warrior

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[b]The following is a spar. Two spots need to be filled.[/b]

[indent][size=1][b]The Plot:::[/b]
While hunting a sibling team of bounty hunters, Mr. Dark got caught up in a fight with a bounty hunter sent after him known as Razdul Bones. Upon killing Bones, Dark was assigned to a new mission of tracking a famous hunter named Quell Danjer while he was still on the planet Yoraav.

A battle set off as Mr. Dark fought Quell Danjer, bounty hunter versus bounty hunter. Though they both were wounded, they were equally matched. A truce was made and the two partnered up. Mr. Dark lied and told his client, Boss Ajax, that Quell had died in combat, to keep things on the downlow. So the two set off together to go hunt own the sibling bounty hunters. They tracked them to Quell's home planet, Dendwenn.

See the other two "The Bounty" threads for past fights.

[URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=54046]THE BOUNTY[/URL]
[URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=54123]THE BOUNTY II[/URL]

[b]The Deal:::[/b]
This is the first spar in The Bounty Saga that has more than two fighters. It's also the first that allows other roleplayers aside from The Boss and myself. In this spar, you will sign up as one of the two siblings that spar us. The Boss will play Mr. Dark and I will play Quell Danjer. This is a tag-team match so The Boss and I are against two of you. We will leave sign ups open for a few days so we can get a variety of sign ups. Make your characters interesting. This is a sci-fi space bounty hunter spar. If you need to, you may refer back to the two other spars of this series.

[b]The Signup:::[/b]
[list][*][b]Name:[/b] Make it original and spacey.
[*][b]Gender:[/b] Male/Female/?
[*][b]Appearance:[/b] Picture or vivid description
[*][b]Personality:[/b] Duh.
[*][b]Weapons:[/b] No limits on these. Still be reasonable.
[*][b]Skills:[/b] Be reasonable.
[*][b]Any Other Info:[/b] History or fun facts.[/list]


[b]My Sign Up:::[/b]
[b]Name:[/b] Quell Danjer (Kwell Dan-Jurr)
[b]Gender:[/b] Male
[b]Personality:[/b] Smart, witty, and quick to think, Quell is more about planning than physical action right away. He'll concentrate on his target and make sure his hit is damaging. Perhaps that's why he's such a sharp-shooter. Or maybe it's his mechanical arms. Perhaps both. He doesn't anger easily and impatience is not his style. He's mostly calm and even when the going gets tough, tries to keep his cool and plan a new evasive move. He won't show pain, verbally or physically. He always seems to have a trademark positive attitude and tone.
[b]Weapons:[/b] Quell has become skilled with numerous weapons through his time as a hunter and thief. His obvious and most common choice are pistols solely made for quick shooting. He carries an average of four to five of them on him at a time. Otherwise, he has a crossbow that he's pretty handy with as well. Though not really a weapon, his jetpack can probably be counted too, giving him slight boosts into the air like an unnatural leap. He also has plenty of armor on, even some you don't know that's there. Occassionally, if things get tricky, he'll use rope to lasso in his target. But let's hope things don't get that extreme. Hs mechanical arms also give him a little advantage in strength and accuracy.
[b]Skills:[/b] Quell is also a Jack of Many Trades. He's one of the best sharpshooters in the Masfaat Galaxy, he's a skilled archer so his crossbow comes in handy, he's not bad with agility, but still relies a lot on mechanics, and he has a sharp eye. He seems to be able to take an unnatural amount of hits, whether from fists or bullets. He's a trooper, that's for sure. There are many skills Quell has obtained, but they have yet to all be reveiled in combat.
[b]Any Other Info:[/b] Quell Danjer is a well-known hunter in the Masfaat galaxy. He gets hired for numerous odd jobs and occassional high assassinations, but he still resorts to thievery to keep the money flowing. With stealing as his second priority, he focuses mostly on bounty hunting, which, as said before, he's becoming better at.

No one really knows what Quell is. He's most likely human or something similar. Many believe him to be a Joraz. This theory is quickly shot down by speculations that he has qualities a Joraz could never possess. Joraz are weak creatures that could never fire a gun as skillfully as he can. If he is a Joraz, he has passed his full potential and reached a new level of Joraz fighting (which they rarely do as it is). The only Joraz quality he really contains is his knowledge of machinery. Joraz are quite intelligent when it comes to mechanics and Quell is no exception.

After losing an arm in a hunt on the planet Swer, Quell had a mechanical arm attached on to replace it. After realizing his already-amazing shot with guns was improved because of this, he surgically had hs right arm removed and replaced with another mechanical one, despite the fact that there was no damage present on that limb. He has become one of the best gunslingers in the galaxy. He continues to live on the desert planet Dendwenn because he likes the climate and it's a good place for thieves. He settles himself in the town of Lumdango, a thief capital on the planet.

In his most recent duel, he fought Mr. Dark, who was hired to assassinate him. The battle was intense, but a complete draw. He did lose a hand, but after the fight, had it repaired along with any scrapes and wounds received. He is now teamed with Mr. Dark just to make a quick buck... that is, if he survives his next hunt.[/size]
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Massive pwnage in five, four, three, two....

[b]Name: [/b]Mr. Dark (believed to be an alias)

[b]Gender: [/b]Male

[b]Appearance: [/b]

[URL=http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y181/Cybernator/Mr.jpg]Mr. Dark[/URL]
[URL=http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y181/Cybernator/RoughDark.jpg]After the Razdul Bones Fight[/URL]

(forgive the roughness of the images)

[b]Personality:[/b] Dark is by nature a silent man who allows his actions to speak for him. Not afraid to conversate, he simply saves his energy for the more important task at hand. However, he is known to toss out a wise crack in battle, in order to play psychological warfare with his opponent. He quite enjoys conversating with his opponent before killing them.

As of recent, Dark's personality has loosened up due to the time spent around the charismatic Quell Danjer. It may be due to the budding rivalry they have with one another or it may be just out of spite towards his partner, but he hasn't been able to stop insulting the mechanical bounty hunter since their battle.

[b]Weapons:[/b] Dark uses an old weapon, bestowed upon him long ago in his teenage years under the tutelage of the Ohkamin. The weapon is called a Tenga Blade, a special sword forged of what is said to be magical steels. The edge of the blade glows with a strange turqoise light. It is said the Tenga blade is able to deflect all forms of bullets and grants it's user with god-like abilities. This however, is only rumor.

Along with the Tenga Blade, Dark carries within his cloak several specialized throwing knives, some of which contain small explosives for a suprise attack on his opponent.

[b]Skills:[/b] Dark, in his youth, was trained amongst the ways of the mystic Ohkamin, a race of warrior-mystics who's strict asthetics seemed to grant them god-like powers in battle. Speed and strenght unseen in any other race, it is said that Dark is the only human ever allowed to train under them. It is actually said that Dark was orphaned and raised amongst them on the lost planet, but this is also, pure rumor. Never the less, the Ohkamin's legendary ability in battle using nothing but melee weapons is actually based in fact.

[b]Any Other Info:[/b] Shortly after the fight with Razdul Bones, Dark realized the flaws in his current style. He had departed his roots as of recent and found that he was taking uncessary amounts of damage and danger thus so. Whilst having his injuries repaired, Dark meditated upon his soul and mind, and made the choice to return back to his old teachings. The martial ways of the Ohkamin...

Thanks to his most recent fight with his now ally, Quell Danjer, Dark has received even more scars scattered amongst his body. However, the close battle has put Dark back into his old mindset even further, now to the point where he can feel his old Ohkamin powers returning. There is no telling just the extent of his abilities just yet....

For further information, see The Bounty and The Bounty II.[/size]
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[color=#555555][FONT=Tahoma][B]Name:[/B] Mask

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Appearance:[/B] [url=http://redvoid.com/ori/skullfix.jpg]Mask[/url] © [url=http://www.otakuboards.com/member.php?u=13015]GTK[/url]

[B]Personality:[/B] Not a real talker, Mask tries not to get involved with his opponent in anyway as he's afraid he'll get attached to them, making it harder to kill. He simply does no talking whatsoever and this tends to strike some fear into particular enemies (depending on the person, of course) due to his mask.

[B]Weapons:[/B] Mask's main weapon is his precious [i]Noker[/i] (seen in his left hand). Noker is a light-weighted, metal stave that is about arm's length. At the very end of it is two prongs which, when the button is pressed, run electricity between them like a taser. Normally, Noker is just hand's length, but when Mask pulls it out and whips it, it extends to it's normal length. If another button is pressed, a short dagger blade will slide out of the handle, making it possible for the taser part to retract giving Mask a dagger.

Mask's secondary weapon is his Skull-Bombs. All around his body are palm-sized skulls that explode on impact. There are different kinds of bombs, however. Some of them release a gasious acid, while others release cover smoke.

[B]Skills:[/B] When Mask takes his cloak off, he means business. All of his clothes are skin tight, making it easier for him to jump around. His main skill would be his acrobatics, which he practices all the time.

Something Mask takes pride in is his Anti-Gravity simulator. Found on the inside of his belt, when pressed in, this little invention simulates a different gravitational pull than the planet he is on. Combining this with his acrobatics can be deadly, as he could run along walls, and just do things much more quickly.

He's quite accurate with his bombs, as they are fairly light, and he is very quick with Noker (which isn't hard to do, considering it's so light).[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Blue][B]Name[/B]:Sword(Everyone who knows his real name is dead)



[B]Personality[/B]:Not an open person, but is loyal to whoever he respects. Tries to hide his true potential and power. He is all about speed. If someone or something is late he will be angry. He searches for a place to belong, killing anyone who tries to stop him. Two words to describe Sword are lonely and pathetic.

[B]Weapon[/B]:Has a sword given to him by his only friend before he died. It contains all the pain Sword has taken through torture. It is black and gray, like his soul.It is not really metal it is pure energy only in the shape of a blade. I makes the sound of lightning striking when he swings it and when it kills the victim's soul becomes trapped inside it.

[B]Skills[/B]:Usually he uses his kicks to stop opponents for he is so fast and powerful. Is able to take his energy and use it as a projectile. He can only do this at full power though and uses up a lot of power. He has the unique ability to jump and stay in the air for minutes at a time.

[B]Any other Info[/B]:Can dodge almost any strike and has never been hit in
combat though he was tracked, trapped and tortured during his childhood. He trains every day, for he never feels he is powerful enough. His main weakness is the fact that he feels sorry for people like himself, lonely. He was born in the mountains and is 16. His parents were murdered when he was born and the murderers took him and did their best to warp his mind. The only thing keeping him sane was his friend Camen, whos parents were also killed by the gang. The scar on his cheek is from a sword, hence his new name.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Navy][B]Name:[/B] Shilandrea, usually just called "Andrea"

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://img444.imageshack.us/img444/1746/50nup4nt.jpg]Andrea[/URL]

[B]Personality:[/B] Shilandrea is a fast talker and is the louder one of the two siblings. She often likes to talk to her opponents to psyche them out and to try to distract them, besides the fact that she just enjoys to converse. She's ruthless and will mock and taunt her enemies into acting rashly whenever possible. She's also a fast thinker. When first entering battle she thinks up a strategy, but she also has the ability to change her strategy during battle to suit changes in her opponent and changes in the environment. When fighting she prefers to be a distance from the enemy since her weapons are long range, but she can hold herself well if she gets into close combat. She works well with her brother/sister and prefers to play show an innocent, weak persona before she sinks her teeth and claws into her opponents.

[B]Weapons:[/B] Andrea's weapons of choice are her [URL=http://img209.imageshack.us/img209/1194/windandfirewheels1su.jpg]Thunder and Fire Wheels[/URL] which are made out of a special alloy which is practically unbreakable/unbluntable and light. They're especially made for her so they only feel comfortable in her grip. Over the many years that she's had them, she's perfectly learnt how to control them and how to utilise them to their full capacity in battle. When throwing the wheels, Andrea seems to be very delicate and graceful when throwing them, so much so that her opponents sometimes think that the strength put into releasing the wheels won't be strong enough to damage them, they are always seriously mistaken. Within each wheel are elements, so when she pushes a small button on each, the Fire wheel begins to heat up and the Wind wheel pulses with electricity, giving them their names. This happen over the entire surface of the wheels besides the grip area.

Her other weapon, if you can even call it that is her body as she knows a wide variety of hand to hand disciplines, including the martial arts and ones from other planets. She sometimes prefers to confront her opponent hand to hand which is when people will fully see her strength.

[B]Skills:[/B] Andrea needs to have excellent aim in order to use her wheels to their full extent, and excellent aim she has. She's an agile individual and uses her light frame to her advantage, moving around quickly and always looking for openings in her opponent so she can throw her rings. She's also acrobatic, in the way she moves, using a lot of flips and twists as she moves.

[B]Any Other Info:[/B] Her and her sibling are twins but different in their personalities.[/COLOR]
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