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RPG Sengoku [M-VLS]


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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1][B]"Have you heard?"[/B]

A grizzled man with an electronic red eye turned his head and set his cup of sake down. He faced the speaker, shaggy brows knitted together and salt-and-pepper stubble unflatteringly light by the dull neon lights overhead. It was a dingy bar in a dingy street, one of many that crisscrossed through the slowly dying Oushuu District of Sengoku. It was cast off, far to the north and away from the center, and so ignored by the old man Tokugawa.

[B]"Heard what?"[/B] the one-eyed Half-Blood growled.

[B]"There's a warrior goin' around, sayin' he's gonna kill Tokugawa!"[/B] his companion said enthusiastically. The boy was about 10 years younger than the Half-Blood, and far less disillusioned by the state of the world.

[B]"Which one, you half-wit?"[/B] the elder snorted. [B]"There's about 50 o' those these days."[/B]

[B]"Um...I don't remember his name,"[/B] the young man said sheepishly.

[B]"Dumbass. Wuz it Nobunaga? They say he's gettin' mighty uppity these days, out there in Owari. 'R maybe it was Saint Musashi! Now there's one to challenge Tokugawa."[/B]

[B]"Naw, it wasn't anyone that famous,"[/B] the boy said, shaking his head.

[B]"Sanada then? Or Takeda? Kenshin?"[/B]

"Nope, nope," sighed the youth. "They called him somethin', though. The Dragon..."

[B]"Musta been Kenshin!"[/B] the Half-Blood said sharply. [B]"He's the Dragon of Echigo, dontcha know that?"[/B]

[B]"But it wasn't Kenshin!"[/B] protested the boy. [B]"He was...the One Eyed Dragon! That's it! The One-Eyed Dragon's his name! And he's right here in Ouryuu, too!"[/B]

[B]"Some warrior, comin' out of Oushuu?"[/B] the man laughed. [B]"That's rich! No one worth anythin' ever came out of this shithole, boy."[/B]

[B]"I'm afraid we'll have to disagree on that one, Half-Blood."[/B]

The grizzled man turned quickly, eyes narrowed in a fierce glare. Standing in the doorway of the pub was a young man, two bokken slung at his sides and a patch across his eye. He didn't look like anything special, but there was that look in his fierce blue eye that seemed to hold a kind of power to it.

[B]"Who're you?"[/B] the Half-Blood asked gruffly.

[B]"What, you haven't heard of me?"[/B] the man laughed, shaking his head slowly. [B] "Silly, silly man. Who am I, you ask? I am the man who will become King of Sengoku! I am the one who can cleave the very moon from the sky! I am the One-Eyed Dragon, the Lord of Oushuu! I am...Date Masamune!"[/B]

There was a long pause, before the Half-Blood started to laugh loudly.

[B]"You? King of Sengoku? Ha! You don't even have a real sword, boy!"[/B]

[B]"And yet,"[/B] Masamune said, sneering at the man, [B]"I could still defeat you easily."[/B]

[B]"You wanna prove that?"[/B] snarled the elder, rising to his feet quickly.

[B]"Gladly, Half-Blood,"[/B] Masamune spat, pulling loose his two bokken.

[B]"The name's Fujimaru,"[/B] said Masamune's opponent, pulling out a sword with a chain along the edge. The Chain-Sword was a popular weapon among Half-Bloods these days, a technologically advanced weapon for technologically advanced beings. [B]"I expect you'd want to know the name of the man who cuts you down!"[/B]

With a click and a roar, the Chain Saw came to life, and Fujimaru raised it to a battle stance. Masamune held his two swords low, just staring into the Half-Blood's bionic eye. A terribly long moment passed, and Fujimaru charged, bringing his sword down straight towards the earth. It hit nothing but stone, though, as Masamune deftly swung himself to the side, bringing around the Hidaritsuki to strike the Half-Blood in the back of the neck. It sent him staggaring forward.

[B]"Is that the best you can do, Fujitaro?"[/B] Masamune scoffed, twisting on his heel to face his opponent.

[B]"It's Fujimaru!"[/B] roared the man, twisting around and slashing wildly at Masamune with his sword. It would, after all, only take one strike from the Chain-Sword to do brutal damage - one wrong move from Masamune could cost him his arm, or the ability to breathe. Yet he kept smirking as he danced between blows. As one spectacular cut went just above his head, Masamune ducked down and swung both bokken out in succession, striking Fujimaru full in the chest and sending him flying back.

The Cross-sword spun out of his hand, and the breath flew out of his lungs. He stuggled to sit up, and as he did so, a blinding pain shot up through his chest.

[B]"You rib's broken,"[/B] Masamune said plainly, sliding his bokken back into his belt. [B]"Probably two or three, even. Nobody takes a hit like that from me and walks away easy, lemme tell you."[/B]

[B]"How?"[/B] gasped Fujimaru. [B]"How are you so strong?"[/B]

Masamune looked pensieve a moment, then grinned down at the fallen Half-Blood.

[B]"Because I was born to be King. And no weak man ever sat atop the throne of Sengoku."[/B]

Fujimaru just snorted, leading him into a fit of caughing. [B]"That's the cheesiest shit I've ever heard!"[/B]

[B]"Yeah?"[/B] Masamune said defensively. [B]"Well, who's the one with broken ribs, eh? I don't think you should be talking, Hojimaru!"[/B]

[B]"Sonuva...it's Fujimaru, you dumbass! Fujimaru!"[/B]

[B]"You're not strong enough to remember, Fujimaru,"[/B] Masamune said, waving his hand. [B]"I've got to keep a list of the true warriors I defeated, and you're not one of 'em. Why don't you come find me when you have some skill?"[/B]

[B]"I swear to all the gods in heaven, I'm gonna kick your ass when my ribs heal, you egotistical shit!"[/B] Fujimaru snarled.

[B]"See ya, Half-Blood!"[/B] Masamune drawled, flipping around and starting to walk away from him down the road. [B] "I've got more warriors to fight!"[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]


[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]Sengoku is up. Start out wherever, pick fights with whomever, and get ready to bathe in the blood as we paint Sengoku red all over again. The battle ground is ready, the generals are in place. Get ready for a war.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[size=1][color=#CD6619]Atop the intricately built tower of glass and steel was the King of Sengoku, Tokugawa Ieyasu and alongside him were his two generals- Honda Tadakatsu and Hattori Hanzo. Honda Tadakatsu sat on his right hand side, wielding his spear, Tonbogiri, while Hattori Hanzo sat on his left hand side; the two were powerful and feared, just as Tokugawa was. However, trouble brewed within Sengoku, filling the three with unease, especially Tadakatsu.

Pacing around the inner-court of Tokugawa?s palace, Tadakatsu couldn?t believe the audacity of the rebels who challenged his lord. Hanzo, on the other hand, sat nonchalantly with one leg dangling and the other in a slight crossed position, he wasn?t particularly in thought of the chaos that brewed below like his companion. Sighing, he looked to the Shadow Assassin and felt defeated by his own thoughts, reluctantly he sat beside Hanzo.

[B]?Tadakatsu, you worry too much. It?s not like Tokugawa?s going to fall dead by a feeble attempt, he is, after all, the Half-Blood King.?[/B] This eased Tadakatsu?s mind very little, but still eased him. [B]?Look on the bright side: districts are swarming with rumors, rebels are gathering- this could be the moment we?ve been waiting for, my good man. We haven?t had a good fight since??

?what feels like 200 years.?[/B] Tadakatsu had ended Hanzo?s sentence with such melancholy. In his mind it wasn?t the thought of war but the thought that half-bloods and full-bloods were charging together but for different reasons. [B]?I need a drink. Tell Tokugawa I?ll be out.?[/B]

With a slight wave of the hand, Hanzo bid his friend goodbye and relaxed on the lounge chair. Tadakatsu was a man who didn?t let his thoughts get to him but lately, he had been bombarded by such thoughts that he couldn?t help but think them. He walked around looking dazed and simply out of place; people avoided his steps in fear of his coarse action, while others attempted to take a gander at him. He cared nothing of it and ended up at a lovely pub, more of an elegant club/ restaurant in a more appropriate way.

Tadakatsu seated himself at the counter and ordered sake, as well as egg rolls, which happened to be his favorite snacks. People behind him and around the small pub began to talk in quiet whispers, occasionally staring at him and ogling him for he was a general of the Tokugawa Ieyasu, the King of Sengoku. It wasn?t until more murmurs occurred when another man sat beside Tadakatsu.[/size][/color]
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[COLOR=Teal][SIZE=1]Long robes flowing behind her, Toku-hime walked the long corridors, doors sliding open automatically upon her approach. Anyone watching would have been captivated by the sight: sunlight filtered in through the swirled glass windows, lighting up the dust motes that swirled around the delicate figure. But?anyone watching would not have known the anger that roiled beneath the composed exterior of the young woman. The day had begun like any other, but her peaceful afternoon had quickly been shattered by the entrance of her husband, Tokugawa Nobuyasu. She had been, to say the least, unpleasantly surprised by the awkward confrontation.
[RIGHT][I]When did Nobuyasu begin to feel such?aggression towards me?[/I][/RIGHT] The memory of the expression on his face still irked her, and she shook her head to clear the image from her mind. The walking continued, as she tried to cool her mood. It was true that Toku-hime and Tokugawa?s son had never really had a close or romantic relationship - they had been more playmates than husband and wife, being raised together. As they had matured they had also grown apart, although for the most part had remained on civil, if not awkward, terms. This afternoon, her neglected husband had finally brought the conflict to the surface. But instead of feeling compassion as she usually did towards her husband and childhood friend, this time she felt only?irritation.
[RIGHT][I]?If he has such envy towards me, then why didn?t he do anything? I surpassed him in everything, but he didn?t even try to keep his place by his father?s side! And now he feels that he has some sort of right? As if I would give in so easily to him, just because I am his ?wife.? When did he become such a petty little boy?[/I][/RIGHT] She kept walking, passing by a cluster of the glass towers that overlooked the gray city below.

?[COLOR=Black]Toku-hime,[/COLOR]? a voice called. She turned, instantly recognizing her adoptive father?s profile by the wall of the tower. Her face was already schooled to that of a perfect retainer, and she bowed, noting Hattori Hanzo was there as well.

?[COLOR=DarkRed]Father, enjoying the view?[/COLOR]? she asked pleasantly.

The Half-Blood King only shook his head, ?[COLOR=Black]You can?t fool me, Toku. Tell me, what are you feeling?[/COLOR]?

Toku allowed herself one crack, ?[COLOR=DarkRed]Only marital bliss, my lord.[/COLOR]? Her tone, however, was too sarcastic, and Tokugawa frowned. He knew of the trouble between the two, and in part knew that it was his fault.

?[COLOR=Black]You will [I]respect[/I] your husband, Toku-hime,[/COLOR]? he now said, looking back down upon the city.

?[COLOR=DarkRed]Father - ,[/COLOR]? she attempted, but the king held up his weathered hand, covered with scars. She bowed her head again.

His back was now towards her, ?[COLOR=Black]Your manner displeases me ? I am not in a giving mood today, so forgive me, daughter.[/COLOR]? He gestured to the city below his feet, ?[COLOR=Black]Go and find Tadakatsu. Both of you need to calm your minds, and at least I will know you are safe if you are with your teacher. Go now.[/COLOR]?
Toku-hime could only bow and leave. She caught Hanzo?s eye as she left the tower, and he mouthed ?bar.? She gave a small smile of gratitude, disheartened as she was by her own behavior.

It wasn?t long before she found her father?s general, sitting in an elegant club with drink in hand, people gathered around but keeping their distance from the infamous right hand of the Half-Blood King. Toku only let a small smile escape; she herself was dressed inconspicuously in dark gray, a black shawl covering her head. Silently, she took a seat beside her former teacher and instructor, which only caused more murmuring in the crowd. Tadakatsu did nothing, and she could tell that he hadn?t yet recognized her, or even seen her for that matter. Signaling the bartender, she gracefully poured Tadakatsu another cup of sake.

He downed it quickly, and then looked over. ?[COLOR=Sienna]I should have known it was you,[/COLOR]? he said, shaking his head.

The princess shrugged, smiling, ?[COLOR=DarkRed]Yes, you should have, but I realize that you were probably hoping it was someone else.[/COLOR]?

?[COLOR=Sienna]And that would be?[/COLOR]?

Taking an eggroll from his plate, she nibbled on it before replacing it in her dainty manner, ?[COLOR=DarkRed]Probably someone that you could take out your frustrations on, if I?m correct.[/COLOR]? Looking sideways at him, she knew she was right; but she felt exactly the same way. Tokugawa knew what he was doing: Tadakatsu would never let harm come to Toku-hime, and she in turn wouldn?t let him make a ruckus. As they sat, activity returned to the club, although people still murmured.

Tadakatsu observed his former student, her slender fingers holding the sake cup charmingly. When he had thought that another man had sat next to him, it had almost been true ? the majority of opinion held that Toku-hime should have been Tokugawa?s son, as she surpassed that fop of a prince in every area possible. How ironic that a full-blood princess, and Nobunaga?s daughter nonetheless, had become the favorite child of Tokugawa.

Toku-hime took a small sip of the sake, letting the warm sweetness flow into her body. She was still aware of people murmuring in hushed whispers, and knew it wouldn?t be long before people realized her identity as well. [I]Perhaps I should?ve worn a better disguise?[/I] It didn?t matter ? they wouldn?t be here for too much longer, since neither Hanzo nor Tadakatsu ever let her drink much outside the palace. Then, a group of men passed by, and the murmurs turned her insides to acid:
?[B]?Nobunaga?s daughter?[/B]?
?[B]Isn?t she full-blood? Why does Tokugawa let her live?[/B]?
?[B]?just a little b****, a palace whore.[/B]?

Outside, she let none of her actions betray that she had heard every word. Holding the cup of sake, she wished that she was holding Kiraichi instead, smiling gently as she thought of slowly gutting the crowd like a net of fish.
Tadakatsu could never read the princess ? she was too skilled in masking her emotions ? but at times that gave her away as well. He couldn?t tell at first if she had heard, but when he saw her act so perfectly serene, he was glad that she was without a weapon. Standing, the legendary spearman turned to face the group of men, who stopped in their tracks.

Toku-hime still sat, ?[COLOR=DarkRed]Tadakatsu-sama, I don?t believe I should allow you to make a scene?at least, not without me.[/COLOR]?

?[COLOR=Sienna]No, you stay seated; no fun for you tonight. Princesses should not dirty their hands with such crude play as this,[/COLOR]? he said smiling.

She sighed, ?[COLOR=DarkRed]?this is so unfair.[/COLOR]? But it didn't stop her from anticipating the show that was about to start.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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It was a dark, dingy night in Owari district.

A muddy rain fell upon the shadow-covered city, the only light coming from the blinking neon lights spread across the several run down bars and opium dens covering the desolate town. All sorts of garbage and rift-raft populated the streets. Thieves, rapists, and murderers hung around every corner on a night like this. Most of the civil citizens of the city were hidden away in their homes, heavy locks keeping out intruders. However, a single man walked through the dangerous and dark ally-ways of the decomposing city. A single man, who seemed almost as dirty as the grungy streets. He was an outsider, and his face was covered hidden by a woven brown cloak draped over his head. He wore a blue kimono, it?s color diminished by dirt and grime. He walked slowly, his demeanor carrying a threatening mystery.

As he continued his lost journey through the Owari back allies, a group of undesirables came out from around a corner ahead of him. There were five of them, each one more hostile than the next. Their matching crimson jackets signified that they were all members of the local Yakuza gang. They carried with them small weapons, brandishing them to intimidate the approaching stranger. Their scarred, dirty faces were illuminated by the bright pink and green neon lights of the tavern which the outsider was approaching. One of the thugs stepped forward, scratching his face with the barrel of a revolver pistol. Apparently he was a half-blood as his mechanical hand shone in the lights.

The cloaked stranger spoke. [b] ?You men have been following me for the past hour... why??[/b] his voice was that of a young, but strong man. A slight bass mixed in with a traveled rasp. He spoke with a loose authority.

[b] ?Listen stranger. Everyone in Owari knows that they gotta pay their dues to the Kenzo gang if they wanna stay... alive on night?s like this.?[/b] the lead thug of the group said, allowing his mechanical limb to fall to his waist along with the gun. [b] ?So... you wanna pay up??[/b]

[b] ?I don?t require your services I?m afraid.?[/b] the cloaked man said. Stepping forwards to the right of the gang member. The gang member quickly raised his pistol to the strangers head.

[b] ?It?s either you pay... or you die!?[/b] he growled, cocking his gun back.

[b] ?How about this...?[/b] with that, the cloaked man flung his shroud into the face of the half-blood gangster, causing the other four men to spring into action. A dark stick flung out quickly and struck the first man to approach in the face with a whip like speed, causing him spiral into a wall and fall to the ground.

[b] ?You bastard!?[/b] screamed another one as he lunged forward with a large dagger, attempting to stab the man. The dark figure stepped back and grabbed the leader of the group, who was still struggling with the cloak over his face. The lunging gangster stopped to avoid stabbing his ally, which gave the stranger enough time to strike him in the throat with his wooden stick, causing him to fall to the ground, gasping for air. The stranger took the leader and slammed his covered head into a steel wall, spinning around, he kicked the downed man in the face, knocking him out.

[b] ?Two more of you. Come on...?[/b] the stranger said, raising his wooden stick and pointing it at the two Yakuza.

[b] ?I?ll show YOU!?[/b] said one of them, who?s eye glowed red. He quickly drew a pistol similar to the first one?s and fired into air. The stranger was gone. [b] ?Wha-?!?[/b] before the man could finish, he fell unconscious to the wooden baton in his stomach.

The shadowy outsider?s face was still dark. The last gangster could only see a glint of light coming from the mans blazing eyes, causing him to squirm back into the wall in fear. [b] ?Who.... who the hell are you?!?[/b] he screamed as he clung to the wall.

[b] ?Heh. I don?t think it?s worth telling scum like you...?[/b] the stranger growled, slowly placing the tip of his wooden baton onto the chest of the terrified gangster. [b] ?But if it were, I?d say Musashi.... Miyamoto Musashi.?[/b]

[b] ?Wh-what?! M-M-Musashi!??[/b] the gangster stuttered in fear. The dark figure rose his stick and slapped it across the man?s face, causing him to fall to the ground in writhing pain.

[b] ?Scum like you aren?t allowed to speak my name. You? You can call me Kensei.?[/b] he replied with authority, pointing his stick back down at the grounded thug.

[b] ?Alright! Alright!?[/b] the man cried out in fear. Musashi looked down to him with slgiht interest.

[b] ? Hm... Maybe you can help me...?[/b]

[b] ?Fine! Whatever you want, just don?t kill me!?[/b] he continued to squirm upon the muddy ground.

[b] ?Tell me, where is Oda Castle??[/b] Musashi growled, looking down to the thug, who looked into Musashi?s burning eyes with deep terror...


[b]OOC:[/b] Aizen and Esther, Musashi is coming for you. Haha.[/color][/size]
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The music started slow and solemn as the courtyard darkened. Only the lamps hanging at the four corners of the stage were lit as the young ladies stepped out on the stage and danced in formation. The plays and dances at the Izumo temple were well knwon and loved by much of the local populace. But this did not stop the frequent visitors from partaking in a show. Nor did it stop them from giving the temple money, keeping the grounds as luxurious as they were.

The fountains in the background stood out from the melody in the music, but added to the serenity and peace felt throughout the crowd. The ladies on stage moving in slow solemn movements. Soon the music quickened its pace and the ladies spread out and one in the center began to move more irratically to the music. The ladies on the outside soon rushing past her as the movements added to the confusion in the music.

The crowd watched excited, a few whispers and points to the stage noted in the crowd but the music ended drastically leaving a silence in the crowd as the ladies stood up on stage encircling the one lady in the center. As the music slowed, the lady in the center moved from in between the ladies, seemingly blessing each woman around her and watching the ladies walk off stage one behind another, before coming to the center of the stage and sinking to the stage floor. The lamps around the stage were put out and the music ended.

The clapping started as the lamps around the stage and courtyard were relit. Allowing the crowds and the dancers to see one another as the ladies came back to the stage and threw out tokens of appreciation to each visitor as they walked by. If any visitor wished they were also allowed fortune readings after the show and sokme did stay. Others stayed by the stage wishing to personally talk with the center of attention.

Okuni bowed repeatedly to her guests and thanked them for their kindness and support of the temple, before ushering them to other parts of the temple. But one small group was very persistant. They let the other visitors fill out in front of them.

One approached as Okuni was about to leave the stage.

[B]"Good evening, Okuni-san." [/B]He bowed in front of her and she bowed in return. [B]"If you do not mind I would like to speak with you about issues that concern my family."[/B]

Okuni remembered the particular gentleman. He had approached her only a few days ago about her services. One's that she have denied time and time again. She grew weary of his persistance, but decided to speak with the gentleman once more.

[B]"Ah yes,"[/B] She pretended to remember. [B]"You are from the Fujiwa family. How can we at the temple help?"[/B] She stepped off the stage with his help and began to lead him on a tour of the grounds. A few of his minions trying to follow him but he waved them off. [I] Maybe he's beginning to believe what I say.[/I]

Their conversation was held to a low tone as the proceeded along the grounds, their walk bringing her in contact with many fans whom she blushed and bowed at. He continued to speak taking breaks in between if their conversation was interrupted.

[B]"As you may recall, the leader of the Fujiwa family would like for you to have a private performance for him in only a few nights."[/B]

[B]"As I have told you before my duty is to the-"

"-to the temple first. Yes, I remember Okuni-san, and believe me, performing for him will be very lucrative to the temple. We are ready to compensate you greatly for your services. So please reconsider it."[/B]

Okuni stopped at one of the fountains and stared into the water. The ripples caused by the movement distorted the moon's reflection as she looked into the water.

[B]"When would you require my services again?"[/B] She continued to look into the water as he stepped closer to her.

[B]"In three nights, Yoshi Fujiwa will be celebrating his 50th birthday then and will be ever so greatful to see a miko perform to the god's content. He feels it will bring him great favor for the year."[/B]

Okuni smiled at this thought as she continued to stare into the water before turning to the man and bowing low to him.

[B]"I will be there."[/B] She stood up.[B] "Now if you don't mind I must leave and attend to the grounds."[/B]

[B]"Thank you again Okuni-san."[/B] He said grinning as well. [B]"Part of the money will be paid tomorrow and the other half after the performance. Please do well our leader."[/B]

He bowed as well and then walked away. Her emotions going wild on the inside as she kept calm while the man left.


She was startled by the male's voice and she turned to see the temple's priest.

[B]"Another job I see, Okuni."[/B]

She smiled when she saw his expression and stepped closer to him.

[B]"Yes Misako- san. He wishes for me to perform for the leader of the Fujiwa clan."[/B]

[B]"Ah yes,"[/B] He answered moving in closer. [B]"Well than please do your best."[/B] He turned and moved away from her, leaving her there to continue her thoughts on what she needed to do in three days. [/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1]Nohime sat at her kitchen table; a silk kimono wrapped around her pale and still damp body, recently cleansed from her morning shower. She cupped a clay mug between her clasped fingers and inhaled the sweet smell of her herbal tea. Calming, so very calming.

She waited for Nobunaga to come out of his shower, the early morning sun now starting its gradual climb through the hazy sky.

The flow of water coming from their bathroom stopped and Nobunaga stepped through the door a moment later, black baggy pants hanging loosely from his naked hips as he towel dried his hair.

[B]"Morning, Nohime-chan,"[/B] he called, his voice muffled by the plush towel covering his face.

[B]"Good morning, husband."[/B] came Nohime's curt reply, soft but easily heard down the short corridor. She stood and crossed to the stove where a pot of water had just boiled, picking it up to poor a cup of herbal tea for her husband before she began making breakfast for the two of them. She know Nobunaga was never very impressed by herbal tea, claiming it was a 'woman's drink'. Nohime always insisted that he didn't know exactly [I]what[/I] herbs she put in, and left it at that for him to puzzle over her playful wink.

[B]"That isn't herbal tea I smell, is it?"[/B] Nobunaga entered the room, his metal arm looking a little stiff this early in the morning.

[B]"Of course it is. It is every morning, and I always tell you the same thing--"[/B]

[B]"The herbs will help my stiff joints. Yar, yar, I know,"[/B] he sat down grumpily, long hair ruffled at the fringe. He stared into the cup Nohime put in front of him and took a disgusted sniff at the liquid before downing it in one, oblivious to the near boiling water.

[B]"Shit, that stuff is disgusting."[/B]

Nohime merely smiled and sat down again.

[B]OOC As per our discussion, Trevor, I've left this a little open. Hopefully it gives you and The Boss a good opening. But don't underestimate little Nohime. ^_~[/B][/SIZE]
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[color=#AFF3210][size=1] Nobunga swirled the few remnants of the herbal tea around in the cup and looked at it with one eye before quickly tipping it back and setting it down with a large [i]clink.[/i]

[b]"Now that is some nasty shit."[/b] He ran a hand through the dark mop that was his hair and looked at a few odd strands, longer than the rest. Holding them up, he reached up with his prostheic arm and simply brought the sharp metal down on the hairs, slicing them from the rest of his head. He picked them up and looked at them with a small degree of interest, eyes half shut before he put them in the cup and rose. Heading to the sink, he glanced back at Nohime.

[b]"They'd probably make the tea taste better."[/b] She gave him a look that was calm and annoyed at the same time. Nobunga washed out the cup, and walked back to sit down by Nohime.

[b]"Another fun filled day at the Oda household..."[/b] He rolled his eyes to show he was being sarcastic, but he figured Nohime would pick up on that anyway. Arching his back, he stretched and flexed his joints softly. He hated to admit it, but that damned tea did help early in the morning. He leaned forward, the black fabric hanging loosely from his legs and brushing up against the silk of her kimono. Without thinking, he reached up and played with one of the pins in her hair. Nobunga didn't see the point of getting all dressed up, especially being his wife, as they'd probably fight either each other or someone else a day.

[b]"Your arm is bleeding, dear."[/b] Nohime tapped the obsidian shell lightly with one long fingernail. Lazily, he looked down to see a teardrop of blood sliding down his shoulder, tracing the confines of his chest down to the small, abstract tattoo. Rising, Nobunga found a roll of bandage and unwrapped the soiled ones from his left arm, turned away from Nohime. She may of been his wife, but he wouldn't show weakness in front of her. Slowly and painstakingly, he re-wrapped the arm after cleaning out the cause of the blood with iodine and a few herbs.

Again, he sat down easily on the floor, his deep red eyes finally waking up. Something wasn't right. A soft "tap tap tap" on the rooftop. Rain? Nobunga and Nohime could both agree on something; rain was wonderful, calming, and fulfilling. It brought a sense of peace. Affording a quick glance out, he saw that it was indeed raining. However, something was off. Rain had a pattern to it. He closed his eyes in a level of concentration and heard it. Whoever was on the roof was making an attempt to keep with the pattern of the rain, but a trained ear can hear the tiniest difference. It also made music a bit more enjoyable.

[b]" 'Hime-chan, I think we have a visitor."[/b][/color][/size]
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[size=1][color=#CD6619]The crowd before him began to stagger backwards, their faux postures may have attempted to strike a courageous pose but their eyes said otherwise. Rolling his shoulders back, the men in front of him tried their hardest to stay unafraid; Tadakatsu folded his arms together and straightened his posture and looked down at the group of men. With a rumbling voice, he spoke, [B]?Apologize to the princess or suffer my wrath.?[/B] They looked to each other but said nothing. Tadakatsu sighed and spoke again, this time he turned and took an egg roll in hand and bit into it, [B]?Gentlemen, I will not repeat myself again and at this moment, I am not in the mood for foolishness.?[/B] He could hear the gulps coming from one of them yet neither of the men moved an inch, only cowered before Tadakatsu.

[B]?Like h-hell we?re going to apo-apologize to that bitch.?[/B] Such words weren?t meant to be heard by Tadakatsu at any moment, today was no excuse. He unfolded his arms and reached over with his grizzly arm and grabbed the man by the throat, looking him straight in the eye. People retreated into their corners while the group of men jumped backwards.

Toku-hime sat with her legs crossed, eating one of the egg rolls that Tadakatsu had. Inside, she was smiling and laughing at the unfortunate demise of the men before Tadakatsu, outside she kept a demure demeanor and watched intently. The bartender could do nothing and was acting as if nothing was happening, however he, too, was watching with such force.

[B]?Within two to three minutes, my good man, you will be dead. I will allow you to live [i]if[/i] you do just as I asked before. What?ll it be??[/B] Suffering from lack of air, the man struggled to unclench the monstrous arm that held him. At this moment his friends came to their senses and one of them had snuck behind Tadakatsu with a chair. He raised it above his head and broke it to splinters against his back, but suddenly became amazed when the general turned unfazed and threw his friend on top of him. [B]?Bartender, here is compensation for the damage that will be done here. I apologize for what I?m about to do.?[/B]

Tadakatsu threw a packet of money on top of the counter beside the Princess. He then focused his gaze on the people around him. They suddenly appeared with weapons- bo staffs and katanas- and were ready to kill The Invincible. He held one hand on Tonbogiri and awaited them to attack; a man wielding a dark blue lacquered with a [URL=http://www.bugei.com/images_products/508_big.jpg][color=#CD6619]double-leaf tsuba[/color][/URL] lunged towards Tadakatsu but the general grabbed the man?s arm and twisted it to thrust the katana into the man?s stomach.

Upon seeing the bloodshed that spilt on the floor, all of the men- excluding the man who was still holding his neck- shouted and jumped onto Tadakatsu, trying to cut him and make the giant fall. Effortlessly, Tadakatsu stood there, throwing the men off of him, dodging each strike they took, and none had touched him yet. People looked out from their hiding places to find that the rumors and legends were true of Tokugawa?s spear-wielding general. He was truly untouchable and it amazed them all, however it had not amazed the men before him. They were still attempting to take him down but it ended when each had fallen from Tonbogiri?s swipes.

The Princess looked on and scoffed silently, Tadakatsu had barely moved his arms and sweat had not even burdened his face. [B]?Foolish men,?[/B] was all he said as he escorted Toku-hime from the bloodied bar.[/size][/color]
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[SIZE=1]It was a cool night outside the Nobunaga household, and Oichi was making the best of it. She sat with her legs crossed, her eyes closed and maces placed conveniently next to her. Her eyes quickly opened, she had heard something. Oichi?s hands slowly hovered above her maces, she grasped them and stood up trying to locate the origin of the sound. Holding out a hand she felt small rain drops on the surface of her skin.

[B]?Just rain..?[/B]

But still a louder tapping overpowered the gentle showering sound of rain, like feet. Oichi looked around the garden she was spending time in, then toward the castle she called her home. Squinting her eyes Oichi made out a silhouette crouching atop the roof of the household. A grin danced across the Half-Blood?s face. Her computer like brain quickly went to work, and started to analyse the mysterious figure.

[B]?Now, now, now. What?ve we got here??[/B]

Oichi ran fast but softly across the garden floor and jumped on top of the roof landing on her toes in a crouched position. The man turned around alarmed and held up bokken in Oichi?s direction.

Then it happened. Their eyes met, there in the beginning of battle, and a period of silence overcame the two combatants. But it didn?t last for long, as Oichi broke the silence.

[B]?Hah! Do you think you can come in here and try and kill my brother?! Well, you must?ve not heard of me! Oichi Nobunaga, Half-Blood Princess! Fight me if you dare.?[/B]

[B]?But I?m sure you?ve heard of me. I am Musashi!?[/B]

Oichi turned her head to the side and spit. Then she returned her attention toward the man now known as Musashi.

[B]?Heh, let?s fight then!? [/B] Swinging her maces Oichi skipped toward her opponent and slammed one mace against the wooden sword while the other hit his ribs.

And the battle had begun.

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]OOC: Sorry for the quantity of the post, I just wasn't sure if this was going to flow well with the whole little arc going. Anyone that wants me to change this just message me[/FONT].[/SIZE]
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The light blow Musashi recieved in the rib cage caused him to grunt slightly. He looked down to the young woman who had struck him with an amused smirk. [b] ?I admire your courage, woman. However, I have no time for you...?[/b] with that, Musashi twisted his hips and went into a sweeping kick, catching the young woman off guard and causing her to fall to her back quickly. Musashi looked to her once again. [b] ?You are... Oda?s sister, are you not??[/b]

The young woman raised her head slowly from the fall and looked angrily to Musashi?s dirty face. [b] ?What?s it to you, fool??[/b] she struggled with her words. Slowly raising to her feet, using her twin maces as support.

Musashi looked to the woman for a moment, her beauty was something rare for him to encounter, as he rarely, if at all, dealt with women during his journeys. And this was no time for it either. [b] ?Oichi is your name. Listen, I ask for forgiveness before hand, for it is in my intentions to kill your brother.?[/b] Musashi bowed to her slightly out of courtesy towards women, whom were the only people he showed courtesy to.

[b] ?Fat chance! Not if I got anything to say about it!?[/b] Oichi growled as she rushed at Musashi, one mace raised above her head to strike. Musashi realized the similar attack pattern and quickly rushed forward to counter, snatching her elbow out of the air, he placed his foot behind her ankle and pushed her back with his abdomen, causing her to fall gently onto her buttocks.

Musashi glanced to her again. [b] ?I am sorry....?[/b] he said in a remorseful tone. Looking behind him, he made his way through the finely built castle of hardwood and steel. Knocking down paper doors and walls, he was ready to end Oda?s life here and now. If he could eliminate Oda early on, then taking down Tokugawa would be all the easier... However, Musashi began reflecting on the consequences his actions would have on Oda?s family....


[b]OOC:[/b] Sorry for the hideously short length. I wanted to allow reaction from Aizen and Esther.

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As promised, the money from the Fujiwa clan was delievered in the morning. And Okuni was there to receive it, along with the information on how to get to the house. Okuni was used to going to other areas for performances. Her looks and her concentration on the skill of dance making her a touch above the rest, but everything she did she gave back to the temple.

She moved away from the entrance of the temple as the young man smiled and bowed before her and then ran away. She could onl smile at the young male child, surprised that he would be smitten with a lady like her. But she quickly moved into the temple giving the total amount of the money to Misako for use for the temple. But she did not stay there to discuss her plans but went further into the temple.

The grounds of the temple were just as serene and as calm as ever. Although it was busy with visitors from far and wide. No one stopping Okuni as she moved through the crowds. At this time in the day they were not there to see her but to pray for their gods. That was one thing that the Izumo temple did not due was reject people of other beilefs. They respected all people who came in peace and quietly disposed of those that came with cruel intentions. She even moved with the populace into the temple to pray before moving on to other duties.

More so practicing for her event in two days. She stepped into a large room and grabbed a few props from the wall. One a fan, another an umbrella. She stepped into the center of the room and placed the items at her feet. She knelt on the floor and at first grabbed the fan. Keeping it closed she picked it up with her right hand, her left hand holding her right sleeve tight as she lifted the fan up. She flipped her wrist opening the fan. She did an intricate manuever with the fan before dropping it down on the ground. Then she grabbed the umbrella and while kneeling on the ground opened it up and she went in a circle bending back as it went over and behind her then sitting up as she brought it back in front of her. Her body moving fluidly as she sat back up. She stood up slowly with the umbrella and held it over her as if it was protection from the rains and moved slowly back and forth in an undetermined patter across the floor. Soon her dance became a litte more irratic as it continued, but soon she slowed down and became more comforting more seductive, her eyes being shown as the umbrella twirls in front of her face. She withdrew backwards and held the umbrella open as she knelt down and covered herself with it ending the dance.

She was startled when she heard clapping in the background and a slight giggle. A younger miko had been watching Okuni's performance and when she was spotted she ran off. Okuni only smiled as she remembered her first time doing the same thing. But the smile quickly wore off as she got back to her concentration on the mission ahead. [/COLOR]
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