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Discuss The Darkblood Project [Idea discussion ] [M-LVS]


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Now, like the title says, this is simply an idea discussion - a method of expressing either intrest or absolute loathing for an idea of mine. Or, a way for you to help me help you.

Well, enough rambling, let me get to the important part: this roleplay idea came to my mind while playing [URL=http://www.atlus.com/dds/]Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga[/URL]. I absolutley loved the premise of dark storyline, where the heroes, are demons! Well, to be more accurate, they [I]transform[/I] into demons out of their own will. However, as a result they have a great hungering for demonic flesh, and if they refuse to devour the fallen, their demon form will take over and go berserk and feral anyways!

However, the storyline went beyond just random human-transforming-demons just killing each other: the setting for the epic stage was the Junkyard, and was divided into multiple tribes. The Tribes were ruled by a religous ruling body entitled the Karma Temple, and the Temple gave a body of commandments to the Tribes to follow, the most important being: 'Destroy all of the Tribes and ascend the Central Tower to Nervana (paradise)'.

Anyways, what I found what was an odd paradox was that the coming of their 'demon forms' was also the coming of the best of humanity - you see, before, everyone was emotionless, literaly. But after all this, everyone is expierncing things they have never felt before, like hate, love, compassion, sadness, etc.

Now, do you see why I thought this would make a great RP? :D

Anyways, I have been working on a new setting that would be inspired by DDS. Here's what I have conceived so far:
[quote][b]What is the Junkyard*?[/b]

? The Junkyard* is a giant, ruined city that spans thousand of miles.
? It is inhabited by the Tribes. The most powerful Tribes are the Great Tribes, of which there are fourteen, and have anywhere from a few hundred to nearly under a thousand. In total there are thousands of tribes, but most of them have just under a few dozen members, and are totally ignored as a result.
? Outside the Junkyard* is the Lost Plains: deserts that extend into nothingness, and entering the Plains ultimately results in death, for the possibility of finding your back are close to none.
? It is always raining silver rain. This is the rain of the dead ? the spirits of those who have died and evolved into water.

[b]The Laws of the Junkyard* as enforced by the Kharma* Temple[/b]

? Destroy all of the Great Tribes and climb the Central Tower to reach Nirvana, paradise.
? When a tribe leader is murdered, the tribe is absorbed into the killer?s tribe. Assassinations are the only exception.
? Everyone must wear an ID ring.
? Trespassing onto the Kharma Temple is prohibited.
? All battles with the Great Tribes must first be arranged with the Kharma Temple. This does not mean that the opposing side will be informed of such an attack.
? If it so pleases them, the Kharma Temple may send a Judge to overseer any battles between the Great Tribes.
? Only tribe leaders of the Great Tribes are allowed within the Central Chamber within the Kharma Temple.

[b]Benefits of Demon Form[/b]

? Increased strength, agility, etc.
? Ability to cast magic

[b]Negatives of Demon Form[/b]

? An unsustainable hunger to eat other demons.
? If you do not eat, you?re demon form will permanently take over you and you will go wild and berserk.

[b]The Great Tribes[/b]

? Vanguards
? Wolves
? Bears
? Advent
? Mithril
? Argent
? Golems
? Dragons
? Eberon
? Berserkers
? Shivrene
? Kamekaz
? Vipers
? Trolls[/quote][SIZE=1]* May be changed because name is too similiar to that presented in DDS[/SIZE]

So, what are your guys opinion on the matter? Is it an interesting idea? If not, what needs to be added / removed / edited, besides a brief synopsys(sp?) of a plot, because that is being worked on. I wanted to introduce the world setting to you.
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It is a great idea. I myself wanted to play DDS but I'm not old enough and I just can't find it around. But anywho you should include how the Junkyard was formed. As well as what happened in the game. It would help give more information on the game and halp us get a feel for it. But for me though it sounds like a great idea. I'd join if you'ed ever get it up.
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Well, here is an additional plot ideas that I have, so tell me what you think about them:

* As well as those infected who remain loyal to the clan, there are a good amount (lets say about a hundred out of the couple of thousand of the Junkyard) of 'infected' that automaticly went into permenant demon form, except they still have a control of their senses, and do not need to feed in order to avoid going berserk. Of these, most have left their tribes and act on their own.
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Oh wow, I love the idea! I would definately join if you started it up. I've never played DDS so you'll have to forgive me, but what exactly do the demon forms look like? Are they just like savage animals or entities or what??? Also, I figured that the whole Kharma temple thing is something from the game, am I right? Anyway, it's a good excuse to keep the tribes fighting; so they can ascend to the temple and acchieve nirvana, but what's the back story to it? I know you said you were working on the whole plot of the story, but I was just asking to get my interest sparked. I'm also not so sure about the Kharma members mediating the whole thing. I mean I love games, dont' get me wrong. And if you're going for a RPG that is just another version of DDS, then it seems fine. But I thought you were going for a spin-off world that was inspired by DDS. So what I'm asking is why have a mediator? If that whole thing is in there, then it would seem a bit more game-like. But without the mediatior and the rules to inform the kharma temple of a battle attempt just makes it seem more real. (Not that people turning into demons is real to begin with but you know what I mean)

Please understand, I'm not bashing, just constructive criticism. Plus, as I said, I've never played DDS. So if I'm being ignorant, please forgive me. It's an interesting idea, and I would definately join. Great find, hope you get it up sometime soon!
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