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The Jonbenet Case


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Did you guys hear about the guy in thailand who supposedly did it? I never even heard about the case until i saw the picture of the little girl. I was wondering who names their girl jonbenet and who writes on a ransom note, "Listen carefully!." You can't listen to a letter even if you tried. However my regards to the parents even after ten years.


I heard about it this morning, but it may have been leaked earlier. How do you guys feel about cases that are like this one. I would think that they would've closed it long ago. Are people that elusive?(well the prime suspect was in thailand)
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AtomskOO, Please work on your posting quality. We have pretty high standards when it comes to the quality of posts (ie: making them well thought out with care given to grammar). Using proper capitalization is a must and makes your post much easier to read. It would also help to have a clear focus as to where you would like the conversation to go.

If you have questions about posting quality please feel free to PM myself or any of the other moderators on the site. Thanks!

On topic: No I have not heard of this man from Thailand who supposedly committed the crime. Do you have a link to a news article about it? Can you perhaps share with us what information was released about this person? It would help those of us who are not current with the happending dealing with this case or the case itself.

As for what the Ramsey's named their daughter that is their own choice. I know someone who named their daughter Sky Green. To each their own.

In the end it is really terrible what happened to this little girl. The entire situation surrounding her murder was just plain bizarre.
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I heard this on the news yesterday. I was really into the Ramsey case and always thought that the mother did it out of jealousy for her daughter. I had forgotten much of the case until they showed the story recently on Lifetime. How odd that this guy was found a few days after they aired the movie..

This guy may be lying-but why he would lie about killing a little girl much less having sex with a child- I don't know.. :animesigh
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[quote name='kuroinuyoukai']I heard this on the news yesterday. I was really into the Ramsey case and always thought that the mother did it out of jealousy for her daughter. I had forgotten much of the case until they showed the story recently on Lifetime. How odd that this guy was found a few days after they aired the movie..[/quote]
[color=crimson] Alot of people suspected the mother or the father, I'd be lying if I said I didn't suspect them at one or two points in time.

At least now, guilt has finally caught up with the killer, and he's confessed. Closure for the ramseys and their murdered daughter.

I still have to wonder what would have become of JonBenet if they just let her be a kid as opposed to prematurely maturing her via transforming her into a supermodel.[/color]
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Everyone really needs to read up on this case before talking about guilt or innocence. Everything Karr is saying is either completely contradictory, or so outrageous that it's a logistical nightmare.

Contradictory, for example. He says he snuck into her house to kidnap her, yet his ex-wife, from what I've heard, has said he was home in Georgia at the time.

He's said her death was "accidental" and yet strangulation and head trauma (8 inch skull fracture) hardly seem accidental. A struggle? Yeah, maybe, but I doubt it. That wouldn't be accidental; that would be pre-meditated. Things like that don't just happen usually.

He's said he had sex with her, yet apparently there's no semen found anywhere, and I'd be awfully surprised if DNA tests come up with anything.

Logistical nightmare. All of this supposedly happened [i]in her house[/i], at night, when the entire family was home, the day after Christmas. That means he would have had to...

One, get there from Georgia if he wasn't already in Boulder, Colorado.

Two, know which room was hers, which would entail a pre-existing knowledge of the house itself, probably with some sort of floorplan, because...

Three, he would have had to kill her, then sneak downstairs and deposit her body in the basement, all in that 6-7 am timeframe (if memory serves me correctly), which means her parents most certainly were waking up. Hell, the transcript excerpts from the phonecalls back in 1996 have the brother awake at that time. So he's going to need to know where to go, and when, immediately after killing her.

Logistical nightmare? You betcha.

Unless something earth-shattering is discovered, I'm going to predict right here and now that a judge will either dismiss this case and Karr will instead be tried for perjury if it ever goes to court, or instead penalized heavily for interfering with an investigation...maybe obstruction of justice.

And if this thing never goes to trial, you're going to see the DA dropping the case. She's already laid the groundwork for that, because even she's not terribly interested in pursuing this flawed and haphazard story.
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how do i feel about the case? what kind of qestion is that?? I feel sorry for the poor little girl! I mean really, why would i feel any different? But anyways, I was watching primetime on abc i think it was and they did a whole thing on her case, so until yesterday, i had no idea anything like that even happened! :animesmil You cant blame me if i was 3 years old when it happened but ANYWAYS--It's horible that people actually thought the way her mom and dad made her do beauty pagents made the girl look like a "sex kitten", that aint right, cuz little girls like to dress up and they want to be beautiful, not looked at in a peverted way.
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[quote name='Shiros_Hime123']how do i feel about the case? what kind of qestion is that?? [/quote]

Sorry if I was unclear about that.

What I wrote:
"How do you guys feel about cases that are [U]like this one?[/U]"

It was a reference to the statement made at the end of the last paragraph, which commented that the case was finally moving after ten years. "Like this one", meaning ones that go on for years without closure.

I feel that it's a tragedy that cases are open this long, because the families and friends suffer for that amount of time. I'm glad to see that the case seems to be making progress towards that "closed" mark, but why so late? I guess I have to trust the law and assume that they are trying their best to solve cases.
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[size=1]I sum this guy up in one word:


I was watching GMA this morning before school, and it was going into how Thailand (where he was found) is notorious for its prostitution of young girls, which could possibly - but we don't know - why he was there.

It was also said that he's been married twice - once to a thirteen year old girl, whom he convinced to lie about her age, and a sixteen year old, whom he had three children with.

He's already had child porn charges against him, and every job (for the most part) that he has had has been around children.

And furthermore, well [b]Papa Smurf[/b] beat me to all the other logic type stuff, except for one, he said he dropped her off from school the day it happened, BUT she was found dead the day after Christmas. School was OUT at the time.

...I think I need to find a new word to describe him.


The way I see it, until they can find something proving what he says is true, he's some kind of oddball pedophile orchestrating his biggest fantasy. Either that, or he just wanted some attention.

The latter, I'd say he got some attention allright. If it's proven that he lied, he's gonna have charges against him, like lying to authorities, and any other charges that may stem from this.[/size]
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I remember when I was still a kid, and the Jonbenet case was going on like crazy on tv... 10 years later I can not believe something new came out of this case!

As far as what Karr's said, a lot of it doesn't add up, but hey, it's only recent that he's confessed. So I'm looking forward to see if they can verify that he really was with his ex-wife in Alabama at the time of the murder, how his story matches up with the evidence, and more DNA tests.
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[size=1]I remember the case as well from my childhood. To me though, it was just another news article, nothing special, other than it got more press than other articles.

Now that I'm seeing it all open up again, I'm slightly amused. As for I as I can deduct, the mother had much more of a chance of killing her daughter than Karr did.

However, I think that there's a possibility he's covering for the Benet family. My theory, would suggest that she was killed her own mother for whatever reason. The father, may have known or not. It can work either way. They deny having commited the murder of their daughter, and continued on with life. The mother dies, and is conviently buried with her daughter which is seriously ironic if she is indeed the killer. The father, having discovered, or known all along that the mother was the killer, hires someone convincing (Karr) to take the fall and offically wipe the Benet's name clean. I'd say he did it for some sort of finanical purposes because we all know that in the financial world, the value of your name means alot.

The only flaw is that what does Karr get in return for taking the fall. Unfortanatly for Mr. Benet, Karr isn't adding up.

That or Karr is really T-1000 and was sent back in time to kill Ramsy.
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I disagree with Box Hoy. John Karr is obviously the G-Man from Half-Life 2.


And then click the following to compare:


Bizarre, ain't it?

EDIT: Oh yeah, and Karr was released earlier today. Charges dropped. Prosecutor wants nothing to do with it anymore. DNA came back negative.

Now the only case that's left is the Duke University rape case that I called even before there was a lack of DNA evidence and the stripper's spotty legal history disclosure.

Let's see if I can grab 2/2 for being right.
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My thing is the media spent an entire week flipping out over it, and any other real news was pretty much nonexistant. And then they dropped the charges! All that hoopla over nothing. Gives the term "media circus" a whole new meaning.
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[size=1]I for one am glad it's (sort of) over with.

Mainly because I'm tired of looking at his face. D: Seriously, he comes of as...how to I put it...

Anyway, I had a feeling this was coming. Like I said before - he was orchestrating his major fantasy, most likely.

Then again, I've heard through the grapevine that he's basically convinced himself that he killed her. Hmm...this guy needs a strsight jacket, and fast.[/size]
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[QUOTE=Bláse][size=1][color=slategray]I think this all happened ten years ago and the media should get over it.
Honestly, doesn't the system have anything better to solve?[/color][/size][/QUOTE][size=1]Dude, do you even realize how severely wrong that statement is? EVERY case, no matter how old, should be solved. Everyone deserves justice in these things. Yes, the media should get over it. On that, you are correct. But the system shouldn't just ignore it because it's an old case.[/size]
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I feel sorry for the poor girl, but then again, I hate every grown man who thinks its fun to have sex with a girl, like, 30 years younger than him. Its just wrong.

And the funny thing is (though really, its not funny cause nothing related to this should be) I asked my dad what had happened, and he just shook his head and said "Never mind." Of course, my first thought was, Oh, well, it should be on OB.
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