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RP Thread Funerals (really random)

Akieen Cloud

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Okay I have a question for those of us that have been here for a while, I've been here for a few years now and I know that there have been some RP threads that I LOVED participating in and I was really sad to see them die off. I've been talking to a bunch of other people for a while about how much it sucks that they die off and never come back. I was thinking...If you could say a few things about a certain RP thread that you really liked, kinda like a last goodbye Which would it be?

I have two. The Project series that never finished and The Devils Rose. Those were my Favs. Very well thought out and put together Rps.
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[SIZE=1]Interesting, most interesting.

This probably belongs in the Underground, seeing as that deals with ideas related directly to the Arena, but I'll still give my two cents. Personally I think it's an interesting, albeit pointless exercise, pointless may be a bit strong of a word to use, but really while a lot of people may enjoy an RPG that doesn't get finish or doesn't get a sequel, there's really no point in having people come together and say what they liked about it. Heck if you liked it that much, sit down and try and write a sequel, most seasoned RPG creators like myself have little problem in allowing people to write sequels if they're written well and in keeping with the original.

I think in the end, while it could be a bit amusing to hear people mourn an RPG that "died too young" it would simply be a fad for a while, or worse be turned into a spam fest pretty quickly. I mean what do you do in the case of a closed RPG ? [/SIZE]
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