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RPG Mythical Tamers RPG [Story]


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Oh well iguess i'll start it

Wind howls lightning flashes thunder cracks. A great beast appears in the moonlight. A tiger and a man appear next on top of a mountain. The tiger races around the beast until a small tornado swirls around the beast. The man raises his arms to the air. He yells six words "Time reverse give me his soul". Suddenly the beast grows younger and younger until it is just gone. The man and the tiger walk off the mountain much stronger for they have collected the time of an Oger.
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[I]Samantha and her dragon Shardy were out hunting. They stood on the cliff and waited for something to show up. They stand there waiting silently. The bushes start to rattle. Samantha gets her bow and arrow ready. Then out from the bushes comes a deer. She shot it! Samantha uses her physcic powers to lift it in the air and bring it towards the cliff. The deer still tries to break free. Shardy uses his paralyzing stare on the deer. The deer becomes paralyzed. They then drag the deer back to camp. Shardy blows fire onto some dry wood and they begin to cook the deer. After they had eaten, Samantha felt something. [/I]

Samantha-Shardy? Do you feel likee something wierd is going on?

Shardy-like what?

Samantha-like we're supposed to be somewhere else right now.

Shardy-Hmm. Nope! Don't think so. But if you feel it, it can't hurt to check it out.

Samantha-OK. Let's leave right away. *they set off.*
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:therock: Look back to the sign up thread and you'll see the storyline. Just weave the story from that paragraph.;)

Cara was in her bed, not asleep, but at the verge of it. She sighed, and listned to the rrhythmic snores of Mist. She felt safe and secure. The moonlight shone through the open windw, sending pools of light in her room. Cara stepped out of her bed, and to her window. "Oh...." She looked onto the grounds of her house. She was an orphan, and lived with her rich Uncle. He wasn't kind, infact, he loathed Cara. She heard noises outside. "What?" She scanned the grounds, seeing nothing. She heard voices, and slipped her boots on, and draped a coat about her. She hesitated, but went outside. He crystal pendant gkimmered in the night. It was special to her becase on her 7th birthday, her parents took her out. They gave her the pendant, and said it was a family heirloom. That smae day they were in a car crash. Her parents were killed, but she stayed alive. The pendant reminded her of her parents, therefore she wore it at all times on her neck. "Who's there?" She called. She heard scuffling and moved to the fountain. "Mist?" She saw her Dragon. "Shh...." Mist warned. "Someone is here."
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[FONT=century gothic]Riven stood at the far side of the fountain, watching the girl and her dragon.

"Riven," Kam hissed, "[i]What[/i] are we doing here?"

"Shhh! They'll hear us!" Riven whispered. "Just be quiet, I want to watch them."

Kam's eyes whirled. "[i]Why?[/i] It's dangerous, we need should leave."

"Kam, please?" Riven pleaded. "I've never seen another girl with a dragon before."

Kam clicked disapproval at her. "Okay, but [i]stay hidden[/i]!"

"Of course!" Riven gave him a crooked grin and crept closer to Cara and Mist, pulling the darkness around her to keep from being seen.

"What do you mean, someone's there?" Cara whispered to her dragon. "I can't see [i]anyone.[/i] Where are they?"

Riven drew back. [i]Kam's right; this was a pretty dumb idea... I should have stayed with him--[/i]

"Right [i]there![/i]" Mist said, and a blast of water hit Riven in the back. She dropped her cover and spun around.

Cara stared at her, wide-eyed. "[i]Who are you?[/i]"

Gasping at the chilly water, Riven stared back at Cara and Mist. "I--I--"

They watched her, waiting for an answer.

Riven turned and ran.[/FONT]
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[color=royalblue] [i]Kitana and Calito are camped out on the side of a mountain, their fire burning low. Calito awakens slightly to a premonition that someone is watching them. She nudges Kitana awake gently.[/i]

Kitana: Wha...?

Calito: Somebody is watching us.

Kitana ([i]instantly awake, her hand on her sword[/i]): Where?

Calito: I'm not sure....We should go. Soon the sun will be up.

Kitana: Yeah...Let's go.

[i]Kitana jumps on Calito's back and the two begin to ride off.[/i]

Kitana ([i]thinking to herself[/i]): This has been happening more and more...Something is brewing.....[/color]
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Kitina and Calito ride past Goven and hotaru.

calito stops suddenly.

Kitana"who are you?"
Goven"My name is Goven. (pointing at Hotaru) This is Hotaru.
Kitana"Why do you have a tiger?"
Goven"She is my protector."
Goven(sarcastically) Why do you have a dragon?"
Kitana"She is my protector."
:Calito smiles:
Goven jumps onto Hotaru and rides away leaving only dust in their wake.
Calito"I don't like him. We should follow them."
Kitana"Yes..I agree."
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[color=royalblue]OOC: Calito is a cheetah, not a dragon....just though I'd let ya know!

Kitana: Let's give them a headstart....after all, we can easily catch up with them..

Calito: Of course...Hey, why don't we get up in front of them and surprise em?

Kitana: Sounds like a good idea. Can you tell where they're headed?

[i]Calito closes her eyes and concentrates hard on the direction the two left in.[/i]

Calito: They're headed straight. Cut them off?

Kitana: You read my mind. Don't go too fast, though....I don't want to sit around and wait for them.

Calito: No problem...Hang on!

[i]Kitana flattens herself against Calito's back and the two ride off at a breakneck speed, Calito dodging the many trees with perfect accuracy. Soon they are ahead of Goven and Hotaru and then lie in wait beside the path.[/i] [/color]
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Cara called. "Hey, come back!" THe child still ran, but with something else. Cara slid on Mist's back and rode after Riven. She soon caught up. "Who are you?" Cara demanded. Riven ignored her and tried to catch her breath. "Erm..." Riven stammered. "You don't have to tell me your name." Cara said softly. "What?"
"I just think its dangerous for little kids like you to be snooping arouund this late." Riven scowled. "Hey, I'm not little. Come on Kam." Cara watched her and her Dragon leave. "Weird. She had a Dragon." Cara sighed. Mist nodded and the 2 made thier way back to the house. Suddenly, a scream tore through the night.
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[color=royalblue] [i]Kitana and Calito lay in wait just off the edge of the path.[/i]

Calito: They're almost here....I can see them through the trees.

Kitana: Just a little bit longer...

[i]Suddenly they hear a bloodcurdling scream[/i]

Kitana: What was that? It almost didn't sound human.....

Calito: I know what you mean. We should see if Goven and Hotaru are OK. It might have come from their direction.

[i]Kitana nods and jumps on Calito's back and the two go down the path looking for the Goven and his tiger.[/i]

Kitana: Are you two OK?

Goven: Yes....How did you two get so far ahead of us?

Kitana: Well, ummm...Calito here can go pretty fast. We've been waiting for you for a good while now.

[i]Calito grins, showing her sharp fangs[/i]

Goven: I see...[i]He eyes the cheetah's teeth warily.[/i] So where are you two going?

Kitana: Wherever we want. What about you?

Goven: We're headed toward that mountain in the east. [i]Points out the tallest mountain.[/i]

Kitana: Well, that looks like fun. Can we join you?

Goven: Hotaru? [i]The tiger eyes the other two travelers and nods.[/i] Well, if it's OK with her, then it's OK with me.

Kitana: Calito, shall we?

[i]The group starts off with their backs toward the sunset and their sights set on the mountain in the distance.[/i] [/color]
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OOC: I edited my last post. Just thought you might want to know. ;)
*Samantha and Shardy were near the rest of the group without even knowing it. Suddenly, they heard a scream.*

Samantha-What was that?! Where do you suppose it came from?

Shardy-I don't know, but I smell others nearby.

Samantha-"others"? What others?

Shardy-more people like you.

Samantha-then we must be close. Let's go!
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The day had started out normal enough. Due to her odd friendship, mind, her [i]only[/i] true friendship, Silvia had gotten good at hiding stuff. Or living creatures.
Like Pearl.
Pearl could easily be mistaken for a small white horse. Maybe a white deer. But the long pearly horn that extended from her forehead was evidence she was neither. She in fact was a gentle natured unicorn.
Silvia had just managed to purchase enough food to last the next few days, and she was returning to the temporary campsite she and Pearl had. She put the food near the fire, then called to her friend. "Pearl..."
The white creature was staring hard into the forest, in the direction of the town. Silvia thought it odd--Pearl didn't normally act like that.
"C'mon, Pearl, let's eat."
The unicorn continued to stare.
Suddenly, two men, obviously hunters down on their luck, burst on the scene.
"There it is!" one yelled.
"Youse right! We get the head offit we'll be rich!" the other chortled. He drew his dagger and stepped forward.
Terrified, but thinking quick, Silvia reached for her spear, leaning against a tree. She knocked the wind out of one with a quick stomach blow, but the other was too fast for her. "Run Pearl!"
The unicorn bit on the girl's tunic and dragged her with, back toward the town.
"No, what are you doing, you'll be seen!"
Pearl tugged insistantly, and the two ran back to town, the second hunter after them. The pair slipped into the crowd, unnoticed at first, until....
"Oh me golly, what is [i]that![/i]"
"A monster, kill it!"
"It be a wee yooneecorn, sirruh, and it horn can pureefy watur!"
"Someone grab it!"
Silvia clutched Pearl's neck in a panic, unsure what to do. The unicorn spotted the hunter hurtling toward them, and narrowed her eyes.
"Riding on the pearl light..." and instantly, Pearl had wings. Spreading them wide, she reared up, emitting a horse's scream. Shaking terribly, Silvia dropped to the ground, unsure what to do.
That's when she spotted the first odd creature--apart from Pearl. It was a dragon, and it had a girl with it.
"HELP!!!" Silvia screamed. [/COLOR]
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*Samantha and Shardy come running out of the woods and suddenly bump into Cara and Riven.*

Samantha-ow!!! Who are you?

Riven-We could ask the same thing. Who are [I]you!?[/I]

Samantha-I'm Samantha and this is my dragon Shardy.

Cara-I'm Cara and this is Mist. And this is...

Riven-I'm Riven and this is Kam.
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[color=indigo][i]Xander and Nightshade were enjoying their usual game of up and down during their run. Nightshade decreases the gravity around Xander, sending him flying up in the air, then Nightshade would increase the gravity sending Xander plummeting toward the ground, about twenty feet from the ground Nightshade would deacrease the gravity around Xander once again causing an up draft, allowing Xander to land safetly. Something distracts Nightshade, causing the bird to miscalculate how far Xander was from the ground...Xander hits the earth hard. Nightshade circles around Xander and lands. Xande slowly gets to his feet....[/i][/color]
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Kitana: What are you to going to do when you get to that mountain?

Goven: We collect [COLOR=darkblue]TIME[/COLOR] .

Kitana: You what!?

Goven holds up small pendant to to a large tree. He says a few words and the tree get smaller and smaller until their is only a seed in his hand.

Kitana: Wow!!

Goven says some more words until the seed is a large tree again.

Goven: I can control time. I collect time from small creatures and other life.

Kitana: Oh I see.

Calito glares at Goven and grumbles under her breath.

As the four walk toward the mountain the sky gets darker and darker. Calito and Hotaru stop almost in unison. They look and sniff at the air.

Calito: I don't like this mountain.

Kitana: Why not?

Hotaru: Something is different.

Hotaru shivers.

Goven: Don't be such a baby Hotaru

Goven runs swiftly to the base of the mountain and stops.
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[color=royalblue]Kitana: Calito, should we follow?

Calito: No....If you wish to do so, you must go on by yourself. I will not go any further.

Kitana: Well, could you tell me what's so horribly wrong with it?

Calito: I just have this feeling that horrendous things will come of it if we go there.

Kitana: Well what about Goven and Hotaru?

Calito: If they decide to go to the mountain, it is their decision and we must not interfere.

Kitana: You're scaring me! Why are you acting like this all of a sudden?

[i]Calito turns her head to face Kitana and shows that her eyes are strangely brighter than usual.[/i]

Kitana: That's odd....I suppose you're right though, we should leave.

[i]Kitana opens her mouth to yell at Goven, but decides not to.[/i]

Calito: I remember which direction that scream came from...We should follow it.

Kitana: Mmm...

[i]They ride toward the scream, not knowing what to expect anymore...[/i] [/color]
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Cara jogged ahead, leaving Riven, Kam, Shardy and Samantha slightly behind. Mist trialled her. She suddenly noticed Silvia and Pearl. Silvia screamed as Mist tried to sniff her. The Dragon recoiled and hid behind Cara. The girl looked around the same age as Cara, though she looked jumpy and afraid. "Hi. I'm Cara." She said simply. "I'm Silvia." The girl replied. "A Unicorn? How cute!" Cara smiled bending down to get a better veiw. "Um...She's a toy...Um, stuffed?" Silvia similed ad tugged her Unicorn. Mist knew better. "That is no stuffed toy. It is a Unicorn." The Dragon said clearly. Silva sighed. "Yes, she is. Thats a Dragon?" the girl said unsurely. "Yup, she's Mist. Your Unicorn is..." "Pearl." Silia smiled. Just then. Riven and Samantha came. Silvia edged back. "Who's that Cara?" Shardy asked. "Silvia, and thats Pearl." "She's then....A Mythical Tamer." Riven frowned. "And what is that supposed to be?" Mist replied the child's question.
"A Mythical Tamer is a human, that is chosen to have a creature, nique to its kind. Shardy, Kam, Pearl and I are those creatures. Cara, Silvia and Samantha are the Tamers. You are too."
Riven nodded. "I see..." Cara jumped up. "Mist, why didn't you tell me this?" Mist shrugged. "I don't know." Samantha and Silvia nodded. "We didn't know either." The two hunters were hiding behing a tree, listening to the girls. "We have company."
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[color=royalblue] [i]Kitana and Calito continue through the woods until they reach a small clearing with a group of people in it.[/i]

Calito: This is where we should be.

Kitana: Who are these people?

Calito: Let's find out.

[i]Kitana introduces herself and Calito to the others.[/i] [/color]
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hunters-we have company.

*shardy's keen ears heard this and spoke to Samantha telepathically.*

Shardy-(telepathically)Tell me you heard what they said.

Samantha-(telepathically)I heard it. Mist explained that we're Mythical Tamers. So?

Shardy-No! Not that!

Samantha-then what?

Shardy-my ears picked up another noise. Someone around here said "We have company."

Samantha-But who else is here? It's just us.

Shardy-We're being watched. Someone or something must be hiding. You should warn the others.

Samantha-Okay, but where is it hiding?

Shardy-I don't know yet, I just know something's here!

Samantha-(to the group)Shardy says we're being watched!

Cara-I didn't hear Shardy say anything.

Samantha-We can speak telepathically. He just says we're being watched by someone or something!

Riven-That means we should be ready. Get out your weapons! *everyone draws their weapons.*

Hunter #1-Looks like they discovered us.

Hunter #2-But it looks like they don't know where we are. We can stay here for a little while longer.

Hunter #1-no. They'll find us soon. If we don't attack first, they'll find us and we'll be greatly outnumbered.

Hunter #2-So what should we do?

Hunter #1-we call our friends. THen we attack.

Shardy-I can hear them talking! But I can't see where they are!

*THe group is alert; waiting on their guard.*
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I'll just call hunter #1, 1 and hunter #2, 2.:D
The hunters leapt out from their hidng. "Stay back." Cara threatened, holding out her jewelled dagger. The link belt that she wore, held a small spike. She latched it onto the end of her dagger.
"Hey, what's that yer got there missie?"
"What is that to you?" Samantha scowled. Riven stood in front of Kam. "And, whatever it is we have, your filthy hands are NOT touching them"
The hunters held out thier shotguns and fired.
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*the hunters were aiming at Cara. When they fired, the hunters were amazed as to how Cara wasn't hurt.*

1-How the heck could you survive that?! We aimed it right at you and the aim was perfect!!

Samantha-You guys are such idiots. If your eyes were quick enough, you would've been able to see that Cara blocked the bullet with her dagger! Look! *true enough, they looked at her dagger. There was the bullet, embedded in the metal.*

2-I don't know how she was quick enough to block it, but she's not getting away this time!! *takes aim but drops to the ground. #1 goes over to him and sees an arrow sticking out of his neck. He then looks at Samantha who had an arrow aimed at him.*

Samantha-Do you want to be like him? If not, we're giving you to the count of 3.

Cara-And if we can still see you...

Riven-We'll hunt you down and drive Cara's dagger through your skull.

Samantha-*draws the arrow back further* One. *the hunter runs off.*

Riven-Hahaha! Did you see his face? It was so pale, you could see it in the dark!!

Cara-Grrrrrr! If I see him again, I'll make him buy me a new dagger! He totally wrecked it! The hole goes straight through!!

Mist-At least the bullet didn't hit you!
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