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Your Solo Projects

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[FONT=Arial]I was originally going to post this in the old 'Your Bands' thread, but I went back seventy-five days and couldn't find it and decided to leave it dead. Besides, I think this is just a little different.

In my extreme longing to be in a band, I often record songs (originals and covers) that I upload to my current band's myspace. Since I don't exactly have a current band, I decided to begin a small solo project.

[U][URL=http://myspace.com/midnightveruca]Midnight Veruca[/URL][/U] is what I created. Right now there's only one song on the player (my cover of "She" by the Misfits), but I'm planning on writing, recording, and uploading more.

I was playing my guitar around midnight one night - with the distortion on, even though my family was asleep - and decided to record a song. When I finished it in two tries, I decided it sounded pretty good to have come from me, and that I wanted to put it on a myspace. I didn't really have one I could upload it to, so I created my little solo project myspace. The name stems from two things - being born at Midnight, and me wanting to play the role of Veruca Salt in an upcoming production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

I play guitar and sing, and [i]try[/i] to play the piano. (The keyboard in my room seems to be dead now, so I have to wait till I'm home alone to move my recording space to where the piano is). I'm impressed with my voice in She: normally I'm hardly listenable, and I can't vibrato. Of course, I had to sing softly to not wake my family, so the words are hardly understandable.

Anyway, does anyone else have a solo project?[/FONT]

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[size=1]Nobody in my band, The Mechanical Undead, has a side project except for our bassist/mixer Skitto. So I'll just talk about his little thing.
His project is called Neu-Troll. It's really good sounding stuff. He's already finished about one albums worth of music and he's working on his second.
He does some electronic stuff with his computer and guitar. I think he uses the program FruityLoops to make his music. I tried using it but it's a little but it's kind of complicated if you're totally new to electronic music making.
He's got a myspace with some music on it and his newest song is his best my far.[/size]

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Well, I don't really have a solo project yet, but I think I might. My origional goal was to start my own band, Moon Tan, because I am an obsessive singer/songwriter. Problem is, I have yet to learn how to play any instruments, though I possess a guitar, bass, drum, and really tiny keyboard.

Because I am having a hard time establishing a band, I'm thinking of learning the instruments myself. The only reason I couldn't play them well before is because I can't sing and play at the same time, but if I solo record them all like Trent Reznor or something I can make some songs.

Also, I like the idea of having total creative control :D

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