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RPG Lord of the Rings: Worriors year of the Ring

Lord Sephiroth

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[I]When Frodo thought he had the ring destroyed think again for the nine kings the were change into dark knights. They melted down their own rings and the Dark Lords ring dawn and made a super ring known as Hades' ring. The power of Hades' ring is more powerful than that of the Dark Lords. Now we must retrieve that ring[/I]

[I]Middle Earth is in danger and we mut do somthing now go to the Frazer bar in the Shire and meet Mr. Frazer the ranger he will give you what you need for a small fee of course...now let the adventure begin[/I]

You have 200 luna's (money)

When about 11 ppl have joined I'll start

40 arrows: 50
sword: 20
shield: 40
quiver: 30




Name: Heraldra
Age: 800 (49 in human years)
Race: Elf
Job: Imperial Gaurd
Weapons: don't have any yet
Bio: trained by his father
Apperance: Long blond hair, brown boots, gold tunic and a brown cape
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Name: Ralvenar Greenleaf
Age: 200 (15 in human years)
Race: Elf
Job: Prince of Rivendell, and heir to it's throne.
Bio: Had a long nd healthy childhood in Rivendell, son of Elrond. He has trained with his bow for many years, and is very handy with it.
Description: Long silver hair, hazel eyes. Black and red tunic, black cape.

Bow = 40
Quiver = 30
40 arrows X2 = 100
Sword = 20
Total = 190 luna
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*sigh* couldn't hurt.

Name: Hikaru
Age: 300 (13 in human)
Race: Elf
Job: royal healer (i heal the sick and wounded.)
Weapons: bow/arrows, sword, and shield (in case I need it.)
Bio: was trained in the art of healing by a wizard, so she can heal people with a little magic. That's all the magic she knows.
Apperance: long brown hair, a silver robe, black pants, a black cape, and brown boots.

I bought:

40 arrows-50
remaining money-90 luna's
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Guest QuickSilver
Name: Dante
Age: 40
Race: Dwarf
Job: Weapon Smith
Weapons: Sword (20 luna), axe (no price...... lets say 50 luna)
Bio: Worked in the mines of Moria, now ventures out to destoy the ring.
Apperance: Brown hair and beard, Black eyes, Golden tunic, viking helmet, mythril chainmail, green trousers.
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[COLOR=green] Name: Gladius
Age: 29
Race: Human
Job: Lord of Gondor
Weapons: The sword Murasame that can absoard all elematal magic attacks and cut through most other metals

Bio: guarded the lands during that time that has past while Bohamir (spelling ??) fought to destroy the ring on learning of his cousins death he joined Heraldra on his quest to destroy the Hades ring

Appearance: wears same suit as his cousin and has long black hair and dark green eyes[/COLOR]
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Name: Selen Bluehawk
Age: About 16
Race: A mixture, you could call her a mutt.
Job: She has none, for she works alone, traveling from town to town, in search of whatever work is needed.
Weapons: A medium sword, for she is smaller than most, and a bow and arrows.
Bio: Abandoned by parents she never knew, Selen was raised by a peddler traveling to various towns. She spent most of her time in Rivendell, training herself for challenges she never thought would come.
Description: Long silver-white hair pulled up into a tightly braided ponytail, all black clothing, with a black cape w/ hood to top it all off. Her sword rests at her side, and her B&As are slung across her back. Metal armor covers most of her outfit.
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Name:Lauren Greenleaf
Age:100(10 in human years)
Job:Heir to the throne of Northern Mirkwood
Weapons:Bow and Arrows and a Long silver dagger when all her arrows a spent
Bio:Though she does not know it, she is the heir to Northern Mirkwood.Her Father, Legolas, has taught her to use the arrow very swiftly.
Looks:the only elf that has short Black Hair. She wears the clothing her father wore when he was young. Her ears are bit pointier then usual. Looks alot like her Avatar.

40 Arrows: 50
Dagger: 40
shield: 20
quiver: 30
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