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RPG Blade: The essence of Frost


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It is twenty years after the first Blade movie and now the essence of Frost as returned from the shadow realm with an army of spirit demons under his command but now the [I]Day Walker[/I] and new set of followers to help him will destroy the essence of Frost once and for all

[I]Before we start there aren't any Day Walkers other than Blade[/I]

Name: Gladius
Race: Vampire (human, vampire or other demons)
Weapons: twin automated 9mm pistols
Age: 750 [i]looks 25 in human years[/i]
Side: The Day Walker (Blades or Frost)
Speciality: Weapons manufacturing expert

Appearance: Black cape over black pants and grey top [i]matrix[/i]
Is 6'4 and has black eyes and long brown hair

Bio: was born during the dark ages when vampires we're hated and destroyed but Gladius learned to hide his differences and lived a semi-normal life but when the Day Walker began to destroy the vampire lords Gladius sought him out to join him in his fight
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Guest QuickSilver
weapons: sawed off shotgun, long sword
age: 500
side: day walker
speciality: killing frosts men

bio: even though he is a demon, dante took the form of a human so he could help the day walker fight againts evil.

appearance: black tanktop, black jeans and knee hight boots, black leather jacket, long black hair, pitch black sunglasses covering lizard like eyes
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[color=indigo]Name: Heaven
Race: Vampire
Age: 400 (looks 21)
Side: Day Walker
Weapon: Two swords, long and short
Specialty: Master forger

Bio: Heaven was seduced by a female vampire, and was unwillingly made a vampire. He has take out his anger on other vampires and hopes to one day get revenge on his maker.

appearence: He is 5'11'' with dark hair and eyes a good build, and is dressed in leather pants and a light suede shirt.[/color]
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