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RPG The Lone Saiyan: Shinrai


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This is the story of a most unusual Saiyan, the strangest of them all. For unlike the entirety of the race, he was a pasifist. He refused to fight. This is the story of how a saiyan could break the mold... and survive.

This is the story of Shinrai.

If you're an action freak that doen't care anything about the individual personalities or plots, then keep your mouth shut here. I'm not going to take any flames. Constructive critisism, yes, but any of this 'What knd of idiot r u? This ain't DBZ, this is that psychology stuff!' and away you go.

The first post does not begin the story, buts it sets it up. If anyone cares ([SIZE=3]I BET YOU WON'T! IT NEVER HAPPENS![/SIZE]) I'll continue posting.(Or I'll just leave the boards again in search of a place that actually pays attention to my fics! HAHAHAHAHAHA)


[I]In the Saiyan world, nothing is more valuable, more coveted, and more tangable than power. It is the lifeblood of my people, the one thing all will seek. The thirst for it overrides normal common sence.

Once we were a peaceful race, until we learned of our power, our talent. The powers of the Oozaru let us overwhelm our only competitors, the Tuffles. In less that three generations, or so I've read, the entirety of the saiyan race changed from a peaceful race that had little regrets to a warrior dominated monarchy.

The true race for power began after the discovery of Ki, sending the entire race into a frenzy, attempting to hone thier skills enough to tap into this vast new power. Nowhere on the planet was the martial skills not taught. Everything unltimately resided on who became the strongest first. All searched out power, many found it, just as many lost it to others who sought thier power.

And what came of it? The Shapechanger Frieza noticed us and whiped us out, after giving us the chance to prove our power on other planets. All the while conveniently shrinking down the list of civilizations Frieza himself would have to do.

Will I ever tap into this power, the throbbing pulse of my people which led to nothing but death and despair? Never.[/I]
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Shinrai nursed the latest in the series of injuries, staggering to his bunk. [i]Why am I doing this? All I ever do is get hurt.[/i] The young saiyan teen curled back his lip, determined not to let his anger get the best of him again.

He had been foolish. Again Gretz's comments had struck him to the core, and he had gotten mad. Which promptly led to him getting his *** kicked. So predictable of me. He could just see the smirk on his 'rival' ([i]More like personal abuser[/i]...Shinrai thought) Gretz's face as he cut him down, then began berating him.

Several intermediates; trainers; sighed and shook their heads. Shinrai payed no attention to thier comtemptous stares. No doubt they were laughing at him again. They always did. [i]But it doesn't matter.[/i]

Shinrai slipped into the comforting darkness of his room. The darkness always had been so much nicer than the light. Light meant day, work, and fighting. Dark meant peace, sleep, thinking.

The room suddenly burst into light. Shinrai held up his hand as his eyes readjusted...and found themselves staring right into the two piercing eyes of his roommate.

"Shinrai! You lost again!? You call yourself a saiyan warrior, and you have yet to win once! ONCE!" Komm scowled angrily, his eyes boring into Shinrai's. "Why can't you win for once! Do you know how damn demeaning it is, having to share a room with the most worthless Saiyan in the camp?!"

"I recall *you* wanting to be my roommate, Komm. Something about making me into this warrior you speak of, and then gloating about how you transformed the renegade into the champion. And last I can recall..." Shinrai sat down at the nearby table and grabbed a glass of water. "..you failed."

"If you'd just quit being so stubborn you'd be beating each and every one of these guys! I've seen your potential! I know you can do it but you don't! What saiyan doen't use his potential!" Komm noisily sat down and likewise took a glass.

Shinrai said nothing. He drained his glass, set it down. "I got angry. I fought. I lost. I did what you guys wanted, it didn't work."

"That's because you're stubborn!"

"Correct. But I wouldn't be stubborn if I didn't keep getting these feelings. There's something wrong about this. I can't tell what it is yet.."

"Not this again..." Komm let out a exasperated growl. "There is nothing wrong with this! Our people is strong now, stronger than it has ever been!"

"If that's what you think, go right ahead and believe it. I'm going to sleep. After all," Shinrai gave a smirk. "One does need his rest if he is going to win tomorrow, correct?"

Shinrai laughed as Komm struggled to geep a straight face. Again he glared, but Shinrai payed it no mind too. It didn't matter. There was something wrong about the fighting, he couldn't tell what...[I]But these little mental fights are great fun. Oh, such great fun.[/I]
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