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Gaming Hey dudes, what do you think of my Pok


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Can you guys rate my team out of 100? It's on Pokemon Gold too.

Typhlosion: Level 83
[color=red]Fire Wheel
Dynamic Punch
Flame Thrower[/color]

Weezing: Level 48
Sludge Bomb[/color]

Noctowl: Level 46
[color=brown]Steel Wing

Poliwrath: Level 54
[color=blue]Rain Dance
Body Slam
Whirl Pool

Octillery: Level 48
Aurora Beam

Graveler: Level 48
Rock Smash
Rock Throw[/color]

Now I know that this isn't very good in [i]move[/i] wise, but still, how do you rate it out of 100? :toothy: :toothy:
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84 out of 100

see you spread the hms out to much in my opinion

the levels are resonable as for

i would change wheezing for a grass type like mabey

umm how about gloom with solarbeam...&...petal dance...razor leaf and some other attack

you have two water loose one for an electric like electabuzz or ampharose(sp) or how about..riachu with thunder..thuderbolt...and...mega kick..and some thing else it worked for me:D :D :D :D :toothy:

fire..water..flying..grass..electric..and rock a great combo you see if you have a bunch of different types you can pin point the opponents weakness and destroy them quickly

but then again the level helps too you can probably win
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Well I've beat the Pokemon League 8 times now, and I can beat all of it just with my Typhlosion. :D But then again, thanks for the advice, I think I will drop Octillery for Electabuzz. ...........maybe, maybe not. :) Thanks Blanko. :)
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Guest Saiyaman
Get Gravler to evolve. Raise Weezing's level more. Remove occtelly and get a Grass or Water type. Get rid of poliwhirl and get a politoad. My idea of a better team but that is just me.
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Guest Saiyaman
Well see spike it is hard to do that especially on a Gold since the Rare Candy code isn't there. But ofcourse 100 is the best level to go. Everyone knows that. But anywho snail listen to some of my advice.
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Guest Saiyaman
Yeah but the good thing is the Gameshark Advanced is coming out soon so they might have a rare candy code in there somewhere.
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