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Manga The Artist & Writer Recruiting Thread

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Looking for someone to draw the 3rd issue of a 3 issue comic series. Your style will need to adapt to existing art to make for a smooth transition. Job is paid based on skill level.


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who wants their oc featured in an otome game because i need help with the art on the new game i'm making. i'm using pics from the internet but i feel all gross and illegal.
i would do it myself but i can't draw for nothing

the first character you the player will meet is a boy
personality:cheerful, funny, kind
so if you can draw some one cheerful
he has (you can imagine whatever hair color and eye color you want)
the second character you will meet is a girl
personality:cheerful shes kind of a busy body she gets sad really fast
she has short black hair and aquamarine eyes
i'll think of the other character names as i go

and heres my deviantart so you can send me a link to your drawings:


and here is my otaku page so just pm me a link to your drawing:

also the dimensions of the picture have to be 548x600
i'll try and pick the best ones that fit their personalities.
p.s the drawing has to have a white background

thank you~!

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Hello! I'm a young anime artist. I've been drawing for a long time but I've only been drawing anime since 2 years ago. I might not be able to create the best manga because I still need to learn how to draw gestures and stuff. I'll be better to draw the title page cover. Check out my PaigeeWorld account or DeviantArt (less art on it). I'm more into the black and white type of artwork instead of colour.
PaigeeWorld: KonaKona
DeviantArt: IzumiKonaKona
If your interested for me to draw your front cover than contact me at my email Izumikonakona@hotmail.com

Thanks Edited by IzumiKonaKona

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