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Sign Up Sin City [M-V,S,L]


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[COLOR=Red][SIZE=2][I]Basin City...Sin City. Sin City was a horrible place. But alot of people call this horrible place home. Scumbag cops coming through...some honest maybe....but the others, no. They're mostly scum, and are dying to put away anybody. Even if you're innocent...you may very well be on death-roll. The truce with The Girls of Old Town is one of those things you know a few cops are dying to get rid of. But...most of these cops would put a girl in jail, if they don't have their way with them. This ends with a death of some sort, and somebody gets to take a trip to jail. Happy ending in some cases. Never seen so much blood in my life...it all started in Sin City. And after I got out of jail, I was itching to go back, get a drink at Kadie's...and settle in my apartment thinking of...how...unreal this place is. No...nothing is unreal in Basin. Nothing. I lay in bed...can't get to sleep. I hear sirens. I don't dare look out the window beside my bed. I turn over and try to block out the sound...Block out all the sound. I finally fall to sleep.[/I][/SIZE][/COLOR]

[B]Ah, Sin City. Yes, I've decided to make a Sin City RPG, because I think...that this might be very interesting. I love the Sin City franchise by Frank Miller, and the film directed by Robert Rodriguez. I hope more than just a few people join, so that this RPG won't suck too bad. But anyway, let me skip the talk.

Sign Ups should look something like this.

Character Name:


What exactly does your character look like?:

Don't do too much...but Character Bio please.:

(Optional) Why exactly are you signing up for this?:

Just a few dots on the side that I think you should pay attention to:

*This RPG is completely original and you can't take a character from the original Sin City as your own, please try and be creative.

*You can reference back to the original, though.

*EVERYBODY is the lead character

* Nobody has to have an inner connection, only if you choose to have inner connections with other Characters. As long as you are in Sin City, you're a part of the story regardless of if you know me or anybody else.

*Be anybody.

* I will allow people to join after sign ups, if they will reason with me, but not everybody has the luxury

*Please be...well, write so that I can understand what the heck you're saying.

* Have fun.

*Ask questions and etc. if you'd like to.

That is all, and I hope that you think good of this new project. I'm pretty excited, been along while since I've been in an RPG. [/B]
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[SIZE=1][B]Nomura[/B], you should know by now that one paragraph of backstory just isn't enough. Your rules seem to be longer than the actual introduction you have, so I'm going to ask you to revise that and flesh it out a little. Feel free to repost this when you have about three paragraphs of the size you have now.

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