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RPG The Sleepers


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[color=darkorchid][font=times][b]The Brotherhood of Eternal Repose Members:[/b]

NPC: Boss: Fai Chou the Tiger General/[i][color=red]There is a Hit out on this character.[/color][/i]
Neuvoxraiha as Boss Daughter: Luyii Chou the Willow Fairy
DeathKnight as Doctor: Yi Xing, M.D. the Smiling Buddha
BKstyles: Underground Fight Club Boss: Sai Yuan the War Dragon/[i][color=red]There is a Hit out on this character.[/color][/i]
DeadSeraphim as Enforcer: Shi "Dead" Aolie

[b]The Brotherhood of Jade Forest Members:[/b]

NPC: Boss: Shek Lu the White Prince
Athena as Brothel Owner: Chi Zhu the Scarlet Mistress/[i][color=red]There is a Hit out on this character.[/color][/i]
Sandy as Pimp: Ten Wu the Snowcat
Nintendo64 as Pusher/Bodyguard: Hui Dong the Dragonfly/[i][color=red]There is a Hit out on this character.[/color][/i]

[b]The Brotherhood of Infinite Longevity Members:[/b]

NPC: Boss: Kai Fen "Blackstone"
NPC: Personal Assistant: Genji Chao
Wondershot as Medical Practitioner/Smuggler: Yan "Razorback" Chen
Kitty as Fighter/Hitman: Hong-Fu Li the Wayward Hare/[i][color=red]There is a Hit out on this character.[/color][/i]
The Boss as Fighter/Enforcer: Fei Long the Sleeping Tiger

[b]Officers of the "Law"[/b]

Gavin as Agent "Raven"
Flash as Special Detective Eric "Ji Qiang" Chang "Machine Gun"
Chaos as Sergeant Neil Scruggs "Rave"

[b]Loosely Affiliated or Unaffiliated[/b]

Freier Geist as Dr. Sun Yi-Xiao the Resplendent Crane
Shy the Magnificent as Assassin: Ghost Fox/[i][color=red]There is a Hit out on this character.[/color][/i]

Note: Characters are listed in Hierarchical order.

[b]Act One: Set The Stage
Scene One: Before the Diplomacy[/b][/center]

[I]The mob boss daughter smiled and leapt off her chair to greet her father, Fai. He doted on her, and everyone knew it. She was refused nothing, but for some reason, didn?t ask for a lot.[/I]


?How?s my little girl??

[I]The Tiger General, the leader of the Sleepers, hugged his only child to his chest, while being followed by the entourage of bodyguards, lieutenants, and servants. He held her at arms length, looking at her face.[/I]

?I have a gift for you from Guangzhou.?

?You spoil me too much Baba.?

[I]The venerable old man laughed at her, while gesturing to one of the servants, who came up to her, holding a package wrapped in silver rice paper. Luyii ripped it open with gusto to reveal a traditional Chinese dress, complete with silver embroidery on a white background. She held it up once, and twirled around, eliciting a faint smile from her father?s face. Then she handed it to her personal servant, Lai, who wrapped it back up again.[/I]

?I love it.?

?I thought you could wear it to the meeting next week.?

?Of course I will.?

[I]He laughed and waved a hand to dismiss her. Taking the gentle cue before he ordered her to, Luyii walked down the hall followed by her two bodyguards. They stood to one side as her servant opened the door that led to her own set of rooms, and then stood still as the door slammed shut behind their mistress. Once inside, she began to remove several different articles of jade jewelry, clothing, and walked towards her bathroom while Lai began to draw a hot bath.[/I]

?I?m glad Father is back.?

?Me too, his trips are so long.?

[I]Luyii didn?t doubt the truth to Lai?s words. She had been raised in the Brotherhood, assigned to Luyii as a present for her 10th birthday. The two had grown closer than most servants and master?s ever did, most likely due to the long hours they spent together. Master Fai had never allowed Luyii to be left alone for very long. Lai crushed lavender scent cubes in her fingers and sprinkled into the bathwater, then took Luyii?s robe and towel and folded them over the low table. As she did, Luyii stepped down into the marble bathtub, leaning back against the bubbles, submerging herself slowly.

Underwater, the sounds were blocked out, and she was alone with her thoughts.

She wouldn?t get much of a chance to relax for much longer. Now that her father was back, diplomatic relations with the other gangs would resume. Negotiations, endless meetings, functions, parties, and they would never end. Time to herself? Forget about it. Lai and her had enjoyed several weeks of quiet and calm. Her father?s lieutenants had managed to keep the business afloat and certainly were capable of keeping the penthouse standing. Only one way to deal with it. She resurfaced, her hair parting down her face.[/I]


[I]The young girl came back out from the main room, holding a tray of snacks.[/I]

?Yes Miss Luyii??

?Tonight I want to go down to club for a fight.?

?Do you want Master Fai to be there??

?Only if he wants to. I need a distraction.?

?I?ll send a message to Mr. Yuan so he?ll know to prepare a spot for you.?

[I]Several hours later, Luyii sat in front of her dresser, brushing her hair while Lai laid out the tape, her jacket, pants, and bra. She zipped up her black stretch jeans, pulled the black sports bra over her head and straightened the straps. If you looked very closely, you could see a faint tattoo of the brotherhood sign in red going down her neck. With two hands, she twisted up her hair into a braid, then got dressed. Pulling the hood forward over her eyes, she slipped the tape into her right pocket and walked towards the door. Her two bodyguards opened the door for her and they headed down to the garage. Her Maserati, although she never drove it, was her absolute favorite, and she enjoyed every second she spent in it. Lai and Luyii sat down, and her bodyguards drove to the club. As they drove through the crowded streets, Luyii?s mood began to lift slightly. She would break a few faces, taste her own blood, and things would get better.

At the door, she was led into the main ring. Lai set down her duffel bag and went to fetch a pot of tea. Luyii began to rip off strips of tape, wrapping her hands, up slightly past her wrist.

She turned and looked across the main ring to stare directly at Sai Yuan, the boss of the club. He stared back and she narrowed her eyes once, then looked away. Luyii smiled slightly. He was handsome, tall, not a foolish dandy like the other men currently trying to get her to appreciate them. He had always been polite, Lai and her had exchanged many whispered secrets about him. That was the other nice part about Lai. She knew everything that went on. Gossip and strife...she was a perfect conduit straight to Luyii?s ear.[/I][/color][/font]
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Snowcat stared at Woodpecker without any expressions on his face. The two young men stood face-to-face in a dimly lit office in the Jade Forest Headquarters, known to them as the Jade Court.

[B]"This you say is true?" [/B]Snowcat asked for confirmation. He didn't want to be hasty in a matter like this.

[B]"Through my family's honor, Snowcat, it is!"[/B] Woodpecker, a rookie member of the brotherhood, assured, with drops of sweat running down his forehead. He kept his bewildered eyes on the floor. [B]"I saw them together, and I'm sure it was her! I wouldn't have come to you otherwise!"[/B]
"Relax, Woodpecker. I will deal with it."[/B]

[B]"Eh? You're not going to send for Dragonfly or Raccoon Dog?" [/B]Woodpecker asked amazed. He was used to Snowcat leaving all the killings to the bodyguards of the brotherhood.

[B]"I have decided to do my own dirty work in this case. Besides, Mai is one of my favorite girls."[/B]

Snowcat straightened his long, pure white scarf and stepped out of the office.


Mai Liangcheng met Snowcat in a secluded back alley. She knew something was wrong for Snowcat to choose such a place instead of the usual restaurant or café.

The man with bleach hair and a white scarf walked to her slowly. Mai felt like hours had passed until he finally reached her, and that night had changed to day and a new night had come until he spoke.

[B]"Mai... Who is Felicia Allen?"[/B]

[I]Oh God, he knows![/I] Mai's heart began to race. She tried to collect her calm.

[B]"She is a customer of mine, a very dear customer. Nothing like all those filthy, sweaty men who slap you while their doing you -"[/B]

[B]"Stop, Mai. I now you are lying. She may have fucked you, but she's not just a customer."[/B] Snowcat looked into Mai's big brown eyes. The girl was young and lithe, almost too beautiful to be a prostitute. Almost just wasn't enough in this world.

[B]"Detective Allen. You were seen with her"[/B], Snowcat said and touched the girl's cheek with the palm of his hand. She trembled under his touch.

[B]"I swear, Snowcat, I didn't know!"[/B] she cried, tears bursting out of her eyes. Her whole body was tense.

[B]"Poor Mai, you're such a bad liar."[/B]

With a flick of a finger, one of Snowcat's rings opened up and revealed a tiny needle. It pushed through the peachy skin on Mai's cheek. She pulled back.

[B]"Ouch, what did you do?! You sick son-of-a-bitch!"[/B] she screamed.

[B]"Tell me what you told Detective Allen, and I will give you an antidote for the poison that now flows through your veins. Otherwise, in few minutes, you're dead."[/B]

[B]"No... No!"[/B] she cried and tried to run out of the alley. She stumbled to her high heels. Snowcat dashed after her, and pushed her to the ground with his foot.

[B]"She knows [I]everything[/I], Snowcat! I told her everything I know, and we had such wonderful sex! Nothing compared to the men I've had! No, to the men who had me, who raped me and abused me, who [I]you[/I] arranged to me. You can blame but yourself, Snowcat! [I]You[/I] brought the fall of your beloved brotherhood yourself!"[/B]

Mai's fierce eyes met Snowcat's. Still no trace of emotion, no reaction, no compassion. Suddenly her eyes widened, and drool started to dribble out between her cherry red lips. She turned limp under Snowcat's foot.

[B]"Shame. You were my favorite girl."[/B][/COLOR]
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[size=1][color=indigo][font=arial]OOC: Collab with Shy.
I love the rain. The way it wraps the earth in chill, then assaults it from above like the bullets of an angry god makes me smile. Rain is so delicately violent I can't help but love it. Almost like me really... though delicate hardly describes me. I mean, sure, I love myself, and I'm violent, but delicate...? Well, ask the smashed faces of my victims if I'm delicate. I'm sure they'll crack a grin... assuming they're alive.

As you might've guessed, it was raining, and I was out in it. I was on the lower east side, looking for a man identifiable only as 'Logan' (I liked to call him Wolverine, but everytime I tried the joke, no one got it. Which was a shame, as he kind of fit the bill as a hairy Canadian. C'est la vie.

He lived at this dilapitaded crack house, selling our organizations wares at a pretty pricy premium, and keeping a cut off the profit. Only problem was, lately he hadn't been giving us our own, healthier cut, and it was starting to aggravate the boss, Fai Chou a little. And by 'a little' I mean a whole fucking lot. Which is where I come in. I was sent to have a little talk with him.

Standing before his front door I reached into my jacket and took out a cigarette, lighting it with practiced skill before beating on his door. Inside I heard shuffling, then a squeak as the rusty peephole opened.

"Who is it?" I took a drag and exhaled slowly, wondering at the guy's insolence.

"You know exactly who it is Logan, open the door." I paused. "I believe we have to discuss some things." I could feel his fear through the door.

"Discuss what man? There's nothing to discuss."

"You know exactly what there is to discuss. Open the fucking door."

"No way man!" I heard a frantic scrambling as the guy started running, presumably to get to the back, and sighed.

"You didn't have to make this hard, Logan." Flicking away my smoke I kicked open the door and started striding through the house, my baton twirling. "I honestly didn't want to break all your limbs."

"You're not breaking anything, chink!" he squeaked, jumping around a corner with a submachine gun. "Stop where you are or I'll fill you with lead! Let's see you discuss that!" I stopped.

"Idiot." The baton flew from my hand and arced through the air, striking him across the temple and knocking him out before he could react. He fell like a sack of shit, the machine gun scattering to his side without a single shot fired. I smiled and stood over him. "Now for the fun bit."

Retrieving my baton I pulled it back and landed a savage blow to his right arm, the bone shattering immediately. I beat the same spot again and the flesh burst, sending blood out in all directions. He groaned in pain as if starting to wake and I smashed him across the head.

"Shut up, junkie," I hissed, hitting him hard in the ribs with a satisfying 'swish-crack. "Just shut the fuck up." Pulling my arm back to strike again I found my baton stuck and turned to see the problem. An oriental woman glared at me, a pistol trained on my heart.

"Ah, fuck."[/font][/color][/size]
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[color=darkgreen][size=1][indent]Ghost Fox stood atop the rooftops of San Francisco with her three pupils. They had worked tirelessly during their training, but tonight would be the night that they would prove their worth to The Brotherhood of Infinite Longevity. It was a simple job, or so they thought. Hit the target, grab the payload, and run.

?His name is Shi Aolie,? Ghost Fox said softly, pointing to the man they were observing from the rooftop, ? Although his peers ironically refer to him as ?Dead.?

He was a handsome Chinese man, not much more than five feet tall. In spite of this fact, or perhaps because of it Shi Aolie had earned himself a reputation as one of the most dangerous strongmen in the city. The man approached a small nondescript building and tapped on the door. Dead and the person on the other side began an uncomfortable exchange.

?Who is Aolie meeting with?? One of her pupils asked.

?My informant tells me the other man isn?t of significance here. He is not to be harmed unless necessary.?

?You didn?t have to make this hard, Logan.? Shi shouted as he smashed through the door. There was some commotion inside, followed by sudden silence. The junior assassins turned towards their master for instructions.

?We expect the building to be empty,? Ghost Fox pointed towards that adjacent building?s roof, ?You three work as a team and attack from above. I will cover the only exit.?

Ghost Fox leaped onto the streets below, and entered the building cautiously. Contrary to what her intelligence had said, the room was far from empty. Various chemical containers and vials filled the space. Dead?s junkie had apparently started to take a more? proactive role in his addition. Also of note was a wiry, skeletal junkie lying on the groud.

Dead stood over the unconscious body of the junkie, wielding his baton in the way that a samurai would his sword. He turned around, his eyes following the sound of Ghost Fox?s footsteps.

?Ah fuck... I guess I?m not alone, am I?? He said with a sly grin.

Ghost Fox remained silent, and drew her two pistols at the target.

?Heh,? Dead laughed as he wiped a bead of sweat from his brow, ?This guy wasn?t your boyfriend, was he??

Suddenly a spray of bullets rained down onto the room from above. Ghost?s students, each wielding their own pair of automatic pistols, began to fire wildly at Dead?s direction. Without hesitation Dead leaped underneath a nearby metal table, grabbing the junkie by the throat and using his body to provide cover.

?The chemicals!? Ghost Fox screamed as she dropped the weapon trained on her target and turned her attention towards the others, ?Single shots! Focus on your--!?

Before she could finish her sentence a stray bullet crashed into one of the chemical barrels, causing a massive explosion of smoke and flame to fill the room. Ghost Fox immediately covered herself with her cloak and fell to the floor as a wall of flame washed over her.

Violent coughs were punctuated by screams of pain coming from one of the assassins caught in the blast. Ghost Fox could barely see as far as her own hands, but knew the sound all too well. She had lost another student.

?Cover yourself!? She shouted, ?The mission is scrubbed.?

Dead began crawling beneath the smoke, looking for a way to escape in the confusion. It was then he stumbled across Logan?s automatic weapon lying on the floor, still containing almost a full load of ammunition.[/indent][/color][/size][size=1]Edit: Some continuity issues resolved. Will work out the rest when I talk to Dead. -Shy[/size]
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[font=arial][size=1][color=indigo]OOC: You've got a few errors Josh.
It's not often I'll use a gun. After blowing off a finger back in high school, I've been sort of against them, you know? But when you're in the middle of a burning room with at least 4 people out to get you, you've gotta make exceptions. Taking a hankerchief out of my pocket I covered my mouth and slowly stood up, taking Logan's semi-automatic with me. It's weight felt unfamiliar, but I knew what to do.

Pull. The trigger.

Trying to get my bearings in the thick smoke, and failing, I sighed and started striding through it, the gun at my hip. Ahead of me I saw a crouched shadowy form, and pulled the trigger, eliciting a sharp scream that probably meant she died. I mean, I wasn't sure if she died, but I'm assuming. I wasn't about to stop and check for a pulse.

Another one rose out of the mist, this one standing and pointing two guns shakily at me. I laughed softly behind my make-shift gas mask and blew a hole in her stomach, the force sending her on her back. The sick crunch of her skull hitting the hardwood meant I was one step closer to my goal of the front door, and could actually see it now. Still, better to be safe than sorry.

I was unscathed when I strode out into the rain again, a fact for which I was relieved as I didn't know Logan had so many friends. I'd been working on the assumption all along that he had [i]no[/i] friends, you see, which was a concept that worked so much better in my mind, but then he busts out four machine gunner ninjas? I've gotta read my assignments more carefully.

Fishing my phone out of my pocket I quickly dialed the boss' number and waited, letting the pouring rain soak through my clothes and get rid of that awful chemical fire smell.

"This is Fai. Good news?" His voice seemed agitated.

"Yeah, no... well maybe. Motherfucker's dead."

"What?! You weren't meant to kill him!" I sighed.

"Well four crazy assassins turned up who he could've hired for protection or something, and his house lit on fire in the firefight, so I assume he's dead."

"He could be alive, but badly burned." I started.

"What, you want me to go check?" A gunshot set my ear ringing as the phone was blasted from my hand.

"Don't worry, he's dead." It was that woman again. Ah crap, better deal with this quickly.

"No honey," I said carefully, taking my baton off it's belt loop. "I'm Dead." I spun in a vicious circle to hit her across the head, but her arm blocked the strike. Undeterred I leapt back and switched the baton to my right hand, spinning it dangerously as we circled in the rain. She had a pistol trained on me, something pointy looking, and I had a piece of wood. Them's good odds. Then, without warning, she fired, and I dodged just a little too late, taking a blow to the thigh, but, in my defense, the truly brutal hit I scored on her ribs as I fell made up for it. She fell, I fell, we all fell down together.

Laying panting in the street, clutching my bleeding leg, I could only grin at the woman.

"Hey, fancy seeing you here." She snarled and got quickly to her feet. She looked at me for a moment, then her gun, and I was pretty sure I was gonna die right then and there, but she never did it. She just got a frustrated snarl, shook her head and ran off in the opposite direction. Meanwhile, I'm left bleeding in the rain.

...might as well get an ambulance when the emergency department arrives.[/color][/size][/font]
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[FONT=Tahoma]Sai looked back at Luyii, not exactly surprised to see her...it wasn't her first trip down to the fight ring. He was rather delighted to hear that she would be visiting today when he received the call from Lai. They bantered for a short period of time over the phone until Sai assured her that Luyii would be welcomed properly.

Now there she was, standing there with her fists taped up. Even now though, it was difficult for Sai to put "fighter" on the top of the adjective list he often used to describe her. He smirked as he walked slowly over to her with his hands behind his back. He circled her position as she stood still, taking in his gaze while he examined her from all sides. The crowd still seemed to be hot, it was a safe bet that a big fight had just ended...there was blood splattered in various places of the ring and people were still exchanging monetary winnings amongst themselves.

Sai stopped in his tracks positioned behind Luyii. He walked closer to her and placed his hand on her shoulder, leaned in and whispered rather loudly into her right ear.

[b]"I'm quite pleased you'd choose to come down tonight. It's rather unfortunate though, I'm afraid I don't have anybody for you."[/b] Sai spoke, in what seemed to be a facetiously sounding dissapointed voice. Luyii crossed her arms and looked around at the crowd who were know fully aware of the beauty standing in the ring, some of them getting rather rowdy with their calls and body language.

[b]"Is that so? I do recall you told Lai you had something set up for me. Did something...happen?"[/b] Luyii asked, playing along. Sai circled around to her front now, wearing the same smirk.

[b]"Your opponent got scared, he told me to hold his place for a fight next week. Such a shame. It would have been quite a show."[/b] Sai explained. It was easy to acknowledge that despite Luyii having impressive fighting skill under her belt, a 5'1 pulchritudinous girl of her body frame wouldn't exactly instill fear in the egos of the majority of the fighters who lived in the fighting ring. Normally, the fear would have to be beaten into them.

[b]"That's too bad. Since we're both here though, we shouldn't dissapoint the crowd."[/b] Luyii said in a teasing tone, letting her eyes lead his around the room.

[b]"No, I suppose not."[/b] Sai responded, dropping his button down shirt off of his body shortly after. The crowd began to cheer wildly, chants of Sai's name filled the air. He had developed quite the fanbase for both his booking expertise and fighting skill in the time he has been in charge of the fight ring. She let out a half sarcastic half satisfied grin at the chorus of chants, as Sai clasped his hands together and nodded slightly to her.

[b]"Well then, I hear it's been a while since your last fight. I hope you haven't slacked off too much."[/b] Luyii said, stretching her arms and placing them in synch with her stance. Sai just smiled and thrusted his left hand forward and motioned for Luyii to come at him.

She obliged gladly, coming forward with sharp slashes with her arms at his head and body. Sai dodged them in retreat, letting her come into his zone of reach. The crowd exchanged slips and bets once again, while the screams became stronger now that the action has started.

Sai evaded left from one of her straight punches and grabbed her wrist from the side and swung her by her arm around fully before pulling her into his grasp.

[b]"Maybe I'm not the one you need to worry about getting slower."[/b] Sai teased, grasping her by the shoulder with his other hand. Luyii just answered with a glance and twisted her body underneathe Sai's wrist clutching arm, loosening his grip. She switched hands quickly, grabbing Sai's wrist now with her opposite hand and used the free one to spin an elbow shot into his face.

Sai didn't stumble, but tilted his head down and caught a slight drop of blood with his hand as it ran down from his nose. Luyii has retreated back already shooting a satisfied grin his way. Sai wiped his nose as a now wider smile adorned his face. He came at her with a high right swing and followed up with a back left roundhouse kick. Luyii menuvered herself out of the way but Sai persisted with short thrust kicks and attempted body shots to keep her at bay.

Luyii found time to begin a wave of her own kicks, avoiding a giant high kick from Sai by means of bridging her body back and handstanding her way back to a vertical base. She was flexible enough to put a rubber band to shame, and to instill the strongest feelings of wanting to wrap her in as many positions as possible within any hot blooded male. Sai persisted forward with a more aggresive display of his kickboxing background.

Luyii calculated his kick pattern and took the opportunity to run herself inside of a high left roundhouse and go for a tackle. To her surprise though, Sai caught her arm as she came in and leaped his body over her's horizontally using the momentum his kick gave him. She spun around quickly and threw a stiff punch with her left catching his shoulder. Sai retaliated with a leg kick fake causing her to block with her own leg, Sai took advantage of her lack of vertical stability to come forward with a left body punch taking her off balance and down to the ground.

The crowd cheered wildly as Sai walked around to Luyii's side. She looked up at him a bit winded, but no signs of actually being hurt. She was breathing hard, her chest showed that in addition to her arousal. Sai offered his hand down to her, waiting quite a few seconds before she took it. He helped her up slowly at first but then quickly whipped her into his body and grabbed her by the back of her neck with his free hand.

[b]"That really hurt you know."[/b] he said to her, before closing in on her lips with an aggresive yet deep kiss. Her body felt weightless as she was pulled into Sai's control, allowing him to partake in her lips as she in turn enjoyed his as well. Nothing ran threw her head except for the sensation of the adrenaline mixed with the arousal she felt.

The crowd continued to cheer as they broke away, and Sai's arm was raised in victory. She crossed her arms while glancing at him, letting him soak in with another win, though their eyes never parted from one another. The two walked off the ring, Sai picking his shirt up on the way.

[b]"Well then, the night is young yet. What should we do now?"[/b] Sai asked, flipping the shirt over his shoulder rather then put it back on. [/FONT]
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[COLOR=DarkOrchid][font=times][i]Luyii rubbed her freshly bruised shoulder and gave him a wry grin. Lai came up with her bag and she took it with one hand, jerking her head at Lai with another exchanged nonverbal signal. Then she turned back and gave Sai a wry smile. Her voice lowered just to the point where only he could hear it. He and Lai, who had learned how to read lips long ago.[/i]

"We should probably go to the back so we can both shower... ...and talk to my father, considering he and every other Sleeper just watched us tongue each other."

"Good point."

[i]She slid her arm around his hip and he put his arm around her. The two walked towards the back, while Lai picked up her jacket and walked off with the bodyguards. Meanwhile, the two walked to the back rooms, where most fighters prepared, and where some people died. Just as Luyii suspected, her father was waiting for them. She stopped and looked up at him. He stared back down.[/i]

"So... ...this is your final choice? The reason you never asked a thing from me for all these years?"

"Yes Baba. I never wanted to have anything but the freedom to choose."

"...your mother would be proud."

[i]He inclined his head stiffly to his fight club boss while Sai looked down in deference. Boss Fai Chou's eyes suddenly narrowed and Sai felt as if he was being pinned to a wall by his gaze.[/i]

"Break her heart and I'll remove yours."

"Yes sir."

[i]Luyii smiled sweetly at her father. A blood spattered woman, with hands still taped and black bruises forming quickly on her skin. Quietly, the Tiger General left with his men, and left his daughter to her own devices. Once he had left the building, she began to relax, and turned to smile at Sai while simultaneously unwrapping her hands.[/i]

"Fuck, I thought he was going to shoot me."

"You maybe. He'd just send me to my room."

"...you do realize the consequences of picking me and no the other six guys drooling at your feet."

"I came here to fight you, didn't I?"

[i]She winked at him, before stripping off her clothes and heading straight for the shower. A burst of ice water brought her back from the heady rush she always felt after kissing a bleeding man. Slowly, she scrubbed the sweat and dried blood from her body, while Sai did the same one stall over. Within five minutes, she was done, and began toweling herself off. With a free hand, she began rummaging through her bag and found the simple, orgy inspiring dress she'd asked Lai to pack earlier. While Sai busied himself with his suit, Luyii slithered into the form fitting golden dress she'd had commissioned specifically for this night.

He turned and placed a hand on her cheek, brushing still damp hair from her cheek. She smiled and kissed his rough palm, then turned towards the exit and gave him a look.[/i]

"Do you know how much power you've just gained?"

"I don't think I know the full scope. But I'll tell you now the power wasn't the only motivation."

"You beast!"

[i]Sai barely dodged the duffel bag she hurled at his face in time. He turned back and caught her around the waist, drawing her close. She breathed into his ear.[/i]

"Your place or mine?"

"Still being driven around in that sweet Maserati?"

"I wouldn't have anything else."

"....your place. Definitely your place."

[i]Sai put his arm around her slender shoulders and the two walked towards the garage, one triumphant, and one completely satisfied. Lai had already returned to prepare her bedroom, and her bodyguards drove them back without a single word. Not speaking more than two words at a time to her was part of the arrangement she had made with them.

The two slipped into her living quarters, and she locked the door behind her.[/i][/font][/COLOR]
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[color=crimson]The black spectre moved through the streets smoothly. The sight of the sedan sent the meeker people of the city scurrying into the darkness of the night. As the sun set the nocturnal activities of the gangs seeped out across the street. Those not among them did well to stay as far away as possible.

This particular spectre was occupied by Dr. Xing. His mobile phone raised to his ear, he spoke into it calmly with his gravely voice to the nurse presiding over Sun Heights.

"The patient is comatose." He said and rubbed his chin as he thought. "The toxic leukoencephalopathy is going to kill him. Was it determined that he was not a member of the Brotherhood?"

"I see. Have some guttersnipe in the lower ranks dump him. Send a vidmail to Mr. Chou with the details of the fatality and answer any questions he may have. That's all." He slid his mobile phone shut and slid it into his pocket.

"Everything alright?" One of the bodyguards asked.

"Yes." Dr. Xing said and cut the tip off of a cigar. "Another anomalous death in the ring. I'm not sure if the drug involved.. well." He stopped and shook his head, declining the temptation to speak about it in length. He lit the tip with his lighter and puffed on it. The tip of the cigar soon glowed orange. "Simply it fills your brain with pot holes."

Dr. Xing continued to smoke his cigar with furrowed brows and a frown. The car slowed to a stop at the entrance to the Brotherhood's privately owned area of the docks. Two dark gentlemen peered at the car. One nodded to the other and he keyed in an entrance code into the keypad next to the large chain-link gate.

The car moved slowly past shadowy warehouses and garages. Once beyond then, rows of piers spread out along the ocean. Dr. Xing looked upon the only occupied pier. A freighter adorned with the flag of Vietnam floated idly. Dr. Xing's car pulled to a stop and he collected his briefcase before stepping out. His bodyguards filed out behind him quietly.

A lone gentlemen stood in front of the ship. Dr. Xing approached him and set down his briefcase.

"Good evening." He said and puffed on his cigar. "I am Dr. Xing."[/color]
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[FONT=Tahoma]Sai hung his suit jacket on the back of one of one of the chairs. He observed Luyii as she walked slowly to her bed where she took a seat, she glanced at the meal sitting on the table that Lai had left for them. Quite a set up of assorted foods, including Sai's personal favorite abalone soup.Sai took notice of it as well as he followed in her tracks, arriving at her bedside and taking a seat beside her.

[b]"Amazing how well Lai knows me."[/b] Sai mentioned.

[b]"She is rather astute in many areas."[/b] Luyii responded.

She took a moment to lay her self down across the bed and occupy herself with some thinking, both of recent events and what was to come for the future. Sai inched himself closer and touched his left hand gently to her shoulder, caressing it with each finger one after another.

[b]"Does it hurt?"[/b] Sai inquired, figuring that no matter what the answer would be it her shoulder probably was in even a little bit of pain.

[b]"Well, not as bad as your nose I'm sure."[/b] she answered, making it obvious that she was just fine. Sai answered with an expression of concurrence, as his hand began to wander down her arm slowly. Sai noticed her eyes close as his fingers slipped down off her arm and onto her side. Sai enjoyed the way Luyii's choice of dress looked on her slim and desirable body. His hand now reached the bare skin of her smooth legs, as he subtly gave the dress a little push upwards to reveal a little more of them. She let out a muffled moan, not so much one out of pleasure as one of endorsement.

[b]"I wasn't aware he had returned already. I've been looking after the ring quite a lot lately."[/b] he mentioned, recalling some business he had taken care of earlier in the day before Luyii had come to see him.

[b]"My father?"[/b] she asked quietly.

[b]"Mhm. Kwan had told me he was due back soon, I wanted to make sure I had my preparations ready. I'm afraid i've yet to finish however."[/b]

Luyii gently smiled, still enjoying his touch as it lingered on her thigh area, massaging it between softly and moderately hard.

[b]"I'm sure you'll have little to worry about. My father has always trusted you, and now i'm sure he does even more."[/b] she said assuringly. He moved his land lower now and rubbed his palms over her strong yet tempting calves. She kept her eyes closed and pressed her hand to her body.

[b]"You'll be at the meeting next week, right?"[/b] he asked, realizing that the brotherhood would be in full effect with a great number of their important members at this particular meeting.

[b]"Yes. Much will be discussed concerning the ties between us and the Jade Forest."[/b] she answered, her voice more melodic from her comfort.

[b]"I've still little trust of many of them, but if everything works out as planned...it will benefit us greatly."[/b] Sai admitted. He ran his fingers down her ankle and began to unstrap her shoe. He pulled them off slowly and began caressing very delicately the sides of her feet. Luyii squirmed very slightly from the tickling sensation, but enjoyed it much more.

[b]"Enough talk of business for now, and we really shouldn't let the meal Lai prepared go to waste..."[/b] Luyii said, thought not honestly wanting to stop. Sai repositioned his body now so he was over hers. He brushed his hands up her back and to her shoulders and began massaging them as he leaned into her ear.

[b]"It won't...but right now I'm two kinds of hungry."[/b] Sai said. Luyii turned herself around underneath him and ran her own hands down his shoulders.

[b]"Besides, I love abalone soup."[/b] Sai said with a grin, as it was met by the rolling eyes of Luyii and a smile of her own. [/FONT]
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[COLOR=DarkOrchid][font=times][i]Luyii laughed to herself and sat up, stuffing two or three of the huge goose-down pillows from the foot of the bed behind her back and neck. She added another few for him, then sat back and took the bowl from his hands.

No matter what the others in the house might like, Luyii had always been partial to wine marinated beef and rice. Picking up delicately pointed chopsticks, she ate with gusto. Fights always made her so hungry. And the taste? Out of this world. She eyed Sai, who was busy making quick work of his favorite soup, while giving the eye to the remaining fruit. She laughed and set down the bowl, picking up the tea and pouring them both a cup. With a slow look from under her lashes, Sai took the cup from her hands, letting his fingers brush against hers. She smiled and sipped hers, inhaling the sweet smell of jasmine and white tea.

The two leaned back while Luyii flicked out her switchblade and idly began peeling them a starfruit. Sai watched transfixed as she expertly flicked the skin off and sliced it up without so much as scratching her skin. She presented the flat of the blade to him, balancing one slice delicately on on the point. He took it, nearly nicking his index finger.[/i]

"Careful. Blood and starfruit don't mix."

"I'll keep that in mind."

[i]She leaned back and took another bite while reaching for the remote and turning on the plasma TV to obscenely old X-files re-runs. She laughed at Sai's expression and settled back, taking another sip of tea.[/i]

"You still watch these? These are freaking ancient!"

"So is my father, but who's counting?"

[i]She threw a fake punch his way and concentrated once more, laughing at his pained expression. It was almost hard to imagine what it was like to be in a world one hundred years in the past.... Luyii sighed and leaned against Sai's broad shoulder, sneaking a plum from his plate and popping it into her mouth at the speed of light. When he looked down a few minutes later, she had already plowed through three more. He held up the empty plate and gave her a look.[/i]

"No matter what they say, I swear you are spoiled."

"Don't be a jerk."

[i]She bashed him with the pillow, only to feel the stinging retaliation of his own swipe. The two exchanged body blows, and then settled for simple wrestling, with Luyii already hampered by the dress that left nothing to the imagination. He laughed and pinned her arms down with his own, and held her hips down with his own. She laughed and squirmed out from under him, trying to get away, only to give up in fake frustration.[/i]

"Curse you for being stronger than me."

"Let's face it. You're female. I'm not."

"So now it's all about gender between us?"

[i]Luyii smirked at him and pulled him down to her for a long kiss. No matter how much power she might have, she was still a woman within the Brotherhood of power hungry men. Men that still embraced Confucian ideals thousands of years old. Women were second, but that didn't bother Luyii. Pouring the tea for him first was second nature to her, and neither of them minded really.[/i]

"I'm glad you're a woman."

"And I'm glad you're a man. My man."

[i]Sai placed his hands on her cheeks and kissed her again, trailing one hand down her side to pull the strap of her dress off the left shoulder. He trailed a line of soft kisses down her neck to her naked chest, while she dug nails into his back in response.[/i][/font][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Snowcat stood in front of a massive mahogany door inside the Jade Court. Woodpecker was behind him.

[B]"W-what will happen now? Will the White Prince be angry?"[/B] Woodpecker asked with a terrified voice. The leader of the Jade Forest wasn't a man[I] anybody[/I] would want to upset.

Snowcat didn't bother to answer. He was accountable only for the White Prince.

The door opened silently, and the two gangsters stepped in.

The White Prince sat in a large armchair in front of a fireplace, like a king on his throne. He was surrounded by bodyguards. Both men kept their eyes on the floor.

[B]"Explain"[/B], the leader ordered. That one word was so full of threat that Snowcat was sure Woodpecker had wet himself.

[B]"White Prince, one of my girls, Mai Liangcheng had a contact to Detective Felicia Allen, from the SFPD. She is dead now."[/B]

[B]"And the detective?"[/B]

[B]"I have sent a word to one of our moles. She will be dealt with"[/B], Snowcat explained.

He looked up at his leader. Shek Lu, the White Prince, had been a handsome man in his younger days, but now his face was distorted by a long, pale scar running across it. It had been caused by Mr. Wang the day Lu had replaced him as the head of the brotherhood.

[B]"You were always Wang's favorite"[/B], the White Prince said scornfully. [B]"It's no wonder, considering the amount of [I]ass[/I] you gave him."[/B]

Snowcat flinched. Mr. Wang had been the father he never had to him, but he couldn't deny that their love had been deeper than that.

[B]"That old pedophile hasn't run this place for years, you hear me? Your days of vigilantism are over, Mr. Wu. So the next time one of your bitches becomes treacherous, you come straigth to me. [I]Is this understood?[/I]"[/B]

[B]"Yes, White Prince. My deepest apologies"[/B], Snowcat said as humbly as he could. The fact remained that his life hung on a balance, and Shek Lu could push him over any time he wanted.

[B]"I bet you do"[/B], the leader said with distaste. [B]"Now listen, I have a job for you and your faggot apprentice. Screw this up and I'll screw you over. There's been a word on the street about this new drug. It's no source of eternal joy, it's very lethal stuff. You find out everything you can about it, you hear me? Go see the Scarlet Mistress, one of her girls had a nasty encounter with a customer on the drug."[/B]

Snowcat nodded. This news was interesting. Perhaps he could make a new weapon out of the drug...[/COLOR]

[B]OoC[/B]: Athena, feel free to describe our meeting!
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[color=crimson]"Dr. Xing." The man spoke in Vietnamese. "Good evening." Dr. Xing towered over him and a wry smile came over his face. "You are taller than they say." He said and looked up to Dr. Xing with his eyebrow arched. "Have you ever played basketball?"

"I have." Dr. Xing responded and took off his rose tinted glasses, sliding them into the dress shirt underneath his lab coat. "I was never very good."

"Ah, you speak Vietnamese well. It's pleasant to hear someone with such a mastery over it in this country." He gestured to a wide plank leading up onto the ship. "Would you like to begin, doctor?"

"Yes. Thank you." The man turned and walked up the plank. Dr. Xing's eyes narrowed at the man's back and he ground his cigar with his foot- what a loathsome little rat. He picked up his suitcase and followed the rat on board.

Once on deck the man gestured to the bridge. A series of fluorescent lights flickered on and revealed six large containers. He approached one and placed his hand on a reader. A neon green light slid over his hand. He removed it and his handprint remained behind on the screen. An affirmative 'ding' came out from the computer and the container unlocked itself. He gripped a handle and turned it clockwise. The container did the work from there and slid open with a groan.

Dr. Xing motioned for his bodyguards to wait outside the container. The lead guard nodded an affirmative.

The man bowed his head to Dr. Xing and extended his arm towards the container, "Take your time, sir."

Dr. Xing nodded and stepped into the container. Automatically a series of white LED lights along the ceiling flicked on. Metal boxes were stacked to the ceiling. He set his briefcase down and knelt beside it. He opened and removed a small mobile computer and a small glass vial next to it.

He pushed a dark brown button on the box nearest him. The side slowly flipped downward. Inside, upon smaller plastic shelves, were neatly packed bags of white, powdered heroin. He reached into his pocket and took out a utility knife. With the knife he cut a small slit into the side of the bag and took a small amount of the powder upon the edge of the knife. He tapped the powder down into the vial. Another click of the button on the casing and a small arm flipped out. He pressed the arm against the slit and a dull blue glow came from it's end. He sealed the slit closed and retracted the arm, placing the knife back into his pocket.

The computer came to life as the vial slid into place. A progress bar crawled towards 100 percent on it's screen. The chemical composition of the heroin appeared. Dr. Xing frowned and placed his tools back into his briefcase, shut it and walked out of the container.

The man smiled his little rat smile. "I trust everything is in order? When will-"

"Unfortunately." Dr. Xing paused and glanced to his bodyguards before continuing. "Unfortunately someone has seen fit to dilute this heroin to an unacceptable level. We can still purchase it but as it is a lower grade I am afraid the price will scale down appropriately."

The rat smile faded from the man's face and he cocked his head to the side. "Diluted? I sincerely doubt that anyone would think to dilute drugs for the Brotherhood of Eternal Repose."

Dr. Xing withdrew and placed his rose-tinted glasses back onto his face. "A 30 percent reduction in price seems appropriate given the state of the heroin."

The man gave a forced smile, "As I said.."

"If this is adequate the full price can be calculated for you and we can go through with the payment here."

"To claim that my employers in Ho Chi Minh City would do such a thing.. a strong accusation, doctor. Faulty equipment does not condone your slander."

One of Xing's bodyguards shifted uneasily as the tension between the two men mounted. Dr. Xing glanced at him and gave a warm smile before turning back to the man. "The Brotherhood of Eternal Repose does not mean to insult your employers but this shipment is poor in comparison to our prior arrangements. The amount I have mentioned is quite generous." Dr. Xing tilted his head to the side looking down upon the man. "It would do you well to accept it."

The man turned to the bridge. Five men poured out and down onto the deck. "Dr. Xing, I am sorry we have to part on such unfavorable terms. My bosses will hear of this and I hope it does not compromise our organizations' relationship.." He looked from side to side to his men. "These men will escort your entourage back to your car. "

Dr. Xing's right eye twitched. "That is unnecessary." His grimace broke into a smile. "I hope you sleep well tonight, sir. Good night."

Dr. Xing motioned to his bodyguards and they disembarked from the vessel.

"Little Vietnamese rat.." he muttered under his breath.[/color]
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[size=1][b]OOC-[/b] Edited for my carelessness..

[color=darkslateblue]Puffing on a cherry and vanilla-flavored cigarette, Chi pranced towards the White Prince's office. The eloquent, mahogany hallways were quiet and empty; as no servents, whores, and/or customers were prohibited from entering this wing of the brothel house. Anyone other than higher-up personel found in the wing would be punished thoroughly...however the Scarlet Mistress chose. The floors were also made of wood, but made out of oak to withstand weight and the intense pounding of Chi's high heels.

Approaching the door to Lu's office, Chi butted her cigarette gently against the sole of her shoe. She raised her hand to open the door when suddenly it opened. A very handsome man with soft, milky skin stood before her. He paused, and seemed a bit surprised to see the bronze beauty. She nodded respectfully and stood aside. Even though she was a very high rank amongst mongrels, a woman's place was, but of course, an inferior amongst men. The young man nodded back, letting his partner pass before he did.

[b]"Mistress, we need to talk,"[/b] he spoke.

[b]"I was just looking for you, actually,"[/b] Chi's voice was deep and blunt, [b]"Follow."[/b]

She spun carefully on her heel and walked towards her designated study. Snowcat closely following, seemingly mellow. Chi stopped at an elaborately carved door and grasped the heavy brass handle. Again, with privileged respect (meaning she never gives low-life men respect), Chi waved her hand for the two men to enter her room. The walls, defying the rest of the décor of the wing, were a soft off-white with paintings of dragons and clouds; typical Chinese artwork, but stunning as the paint was made with real gold flakes....on Chi's request. The furnishings were Victorian style, with gold embrodery to match the paintings.

[b]"Quite beautiful, Mistress,"[/b] Snowcat marveled.

[b]"Thank you. Now, you don't need to explain to me what happened to Mai. It's a shame to hear of anything like that,"[/b] Chi started, offering the men a seat, [b]"Particularly because Mai was gorgeous and made lots of money for the both of us."

"Unfortunate, yes, but there are dozens of others. The only thing I'm concerned about is that detective,"[/b] the silver-haired man toyed with his scarf.

[b]"I doubt we'll have to worry too much,"[/b] Chi smirked, [b]"But there is something else that is a growing concern. I'm sure Boss has given you an assignment to research a drug. We know the drug's called 'Dragon's Tongue'. And it is [i]very[/i] nasty."

"How peculiar."

"I know. Apparently, the tramp that had an encounter the drug has confined herself to her quarters. She told me about what happened with her client,"[/b] Chi's face contorted a little as she relit the cigarette she was carrying, [b]"She wouldn't talk much for she would gag and nearly vomit all over my new Prada shoes. What she did say is that while she was blowing him he started twitching and made disgusting noises. She knew he wasn't moaning out of pleasure, but out of extreme pain. She looked up, and his eyes were rolled back and his body stiffened. The poor bastard bit his own tongue off in the process.."

"That's nasty, Mistress. Do you have any ideas where we could start?"[/b]

Blowing a thick cloud of white smoke from her lips, Chi shook her head gently.

[b]"You should start with the girl. Her name is Mei Ying,"[/b] Chi handed the pimp a portrate of a teen-aged girl named Mei Ying.

[b]"She's cute."

"I shall escort you."[/b]

Chi put out her cigarette for good and walked out from behind her desk.[/color]

[b]OOC-[/b] I hope that's okay. If there are any [b][more][/b]complications, please let me know, people.[/size]
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[indent][size=1][color=darkgreen]Ghost Fox clutched tightly onto her chest as she struggled to climb up a nearby fire escape. Dead?s swift strike may have cracked one of her ribs, but she wouldn?t know for sure until she made it back to headquarters. Perhaps letting her target go was a mistake, but it was one that could be easily reconciled once she had a chance to recover.

The sirens of ambulances and fire engines could be heard in the distance, and she knew for certain where they would be heading. Even several blocks away the smell of burning flesh was unmistakable. If they weren't all dead yet, the mafia-run "clean-up crews" would certainly finish the job. She had failed as a teacher. She had failed to protect her students. She would not fail again.

After nearly an hour later Ghost Fox had arrived at her destination. The headquarters of The Brotherhood of Infinite Longevity was not a secret in this town. Quite the contrary. Boss Fen?s predecessors had an eye for civic planning, and used their political connections to secure prime real estate on the north side of town. The 25 story tall high-rise, lovingly referred to as ?Di Yu,? was the most beautiful in all of San Francisco. Reputed to be indestructible, the building has survived several bombings and earthquakes since its construction decades ago. This unique piece of architecture served as a very public base of operations for The Brotherhood of Infinite Longevity, and cast a long shadow over the entire bay area.

Ghost Fox was always instructed to enter through a secure, private entrance underground. Tonight would be no different. She had reached the entrance through an abandoned subway tunnel, and approached the video monitor that was used to screen visitors.

The monitor lit up as Ghost Fox approached, revealing an ancient, blind woman on it. She was Genji Chao, and had served as personal assistant to The Brotherhood?s leaders for generations. Even as a humble secretary she was the highest ranking woman in San Francisco?s mafia, but only rarely exercised her power.

?[i]What business do you have[/I]?? She spoke slowly in her native tongue?

?[I]Genji. It is the Ghost Fox[/I],? the assassin replied, ?[I]I must speak with Boss Fen[/i].?

?[I]Insolent woman, you will not give orders to me. Boss Fen is currently unavailable to speak to you.[/I]?

?[I]I?ve no time for formalities, you witch![/I]? Ghost Fox shouted, ?[I]My pupils are dead because of false information Fen provided me. I demand an explanation.[/I]?

The screen shut off quickly, and a moment later a hidden door adjacent to the monitor unlocked automatically. A long, dark hallway led from the door directly into Boss Fen?s private lounge, only he was nowhere to be found.

Genji, enjoying a mint flavored cigarette through a long an elegant holder, sat on one of the couches. Ghost Fox grabbed tightly onto her chest once more, she could feel her own blood seeping through her jade-colored tunic.

?Genji?? she whispered as she fell the ground in pain.

?[I]Are you injured?[/I]? Genji asked as she typed a few keystrokes onto a nearby touch screen, ?[I]I?ll summon the doctor right away.[/I]?

The old woman hobbled over to Ghost and ran her fingers through the woman?s long, dark hair.

"[i]It was his mistake that killed them,[/i]" Ghost Fox sobbed as she drifted into unconsciousness. "[i]I'm sorry to have trusted him.[/i]"

?[I]No dear? no... I?m sorry, that you returned?. [/I]? She sighed, ?[I]I think you?ll find that your suffering has only begun[/I].?[/color][/size][/indent]
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[font=arial][size=1][color=indigo]"So what happened here, son?" the officer asked me formally as we stood before the burning building. I shrugged

"I was just walking by when the place exploded. Some crazy bitch ran out guns firing and clipped me before running off into the night." I smiled and slowly slipped the man a small bundle of notes. "Will that be enough for the police report?" The officer smirked.

"That's more than enough," he replied, pocketing the crumpled cash. "I'll call you if we have any questions." He winked and walked off, leaving me alone with my thoughts and the now throbbing pain in my thigh. Sighing, I took a flask out of my jacket and took a deep swig, shivering slightly as the rum hit my gut and the pain faded. What a night.

"Dead?" I turned to see a formally dressed man holding an umbrella.

"Yugo? You came to see the fireworks too?" He shook his head somberly and motioned for me to get under the umbrella, not wanting to risk whatever was so important for the Blue Wolf to leave base being heard by idle ears. Safe from the rain under the umbrella I quickly lit up and waited for his message.

"Fai is very angry, Dead," he whispered. "He wishes to see you immediately but do not be worried." I laughed.

"Me? Worry?" Yugo scowled.

"This is not a joke, Dead. Fai knows this assignment was ruined by an outside party, and is not happy. He will not hold you accountable, but he will want a full report." I frowned and took a drag, considering this. A full report meant I'd have to tell it to all of bigwigs, and meant this cockup was a bit more important than I'd first guessed.

"When do I have to report?" Yugo checked his watch.

"Forty-five minutes." Forty-five minutes?! Ah, fuck.


"What?" Yugo asked quizically. I shifted uncomfortably.

"I really need to take a dump." Yugo smiled, the first time I'd seen it all night, and started leading me towards his car, a shiny black Benz from sometime in the twentieth century.

"They do have toilets at the mansion, you know." I flicked away my cigarette and sighed melodramatically.

"It's just not the same as home, Yugo," I lamented. "It's just not the same."[/color][/size][/font]
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[FONT=Tahoma]Sai took the night in completely, enjoying every part of Luyii's body within his control with his tongue and his hands. He gave her a lustful look as she practically pulled his shirt apart and slid it off with his help. His pants quickly came off as Sai knelt by her feet to get into a comfortable position to do so.

While there he proceeded to roll her dress down her body, lifting her legs up slightly so her calves and his face were level, though the sight was quite generous in other places from his point of view as well. He slide the dress up her legs and tossed it aside, hurrying himself between her legs and laying himself onto her.

He kissed her cheek and worked his way to her lips, breaking for a moment to appreciate the indulgent look on her face. He caressed her body down to her inner thighs and hooked her left leg with his other hand, bringing it up slightly so her leg lay bent over his shoulder. He brought his hips forward until they touched and he inserted himself into her, causing a mix between a yelp and a sigh kind of sound to force itself from Luyii's mouth.The night passed by with much of the same action, both falling asleep several hours later not really concerned with how much they were going to get.

[center]* * * * *[/center]

The sun breached through the window and shades as Sai sat up in the bed, pants on but no shirt yet. He had been up for a while, he took a look at the clock seeing it was nine o'clock AM. A later start then normal, but rightfully so. Sai stood up and walked over to the nightstand and looked at his cell phone, one voicemail. He took the time out to listen to it, it was Kwan...Sai's assistant and right hand man down in the ring. Luyii began to stir and looked up at Sai as he just hung up.

[b]"Business so early, guess it comes with the trade."[/b] she spoke in a quiet tone, but loud enough to be heard.

[b]"Yeah...I've got quite a few things to handle today. Especially with the meeting next week and your father being back already."[/b] Sai explained, as he went to grab his shirt. A knock at the door stilled his hand however, as they both turned to the source of the noise. They both her Lai's voice from the other side of the door, Sai walked over and unlocked it allowing her to come in.

[b]"It's so late! How long have you two been sleeping. It's time to..."[/b] Lai stood silent in the middle of her sentence after seeing Luyii covered by her sheets and Sai holding on to the door knob still giving Lai a bit of a double eyebrow raise. Lai shot back a look to Sai, not one of surprise but one as if to say [i]"well that figures"[/i]. Lai walked in and began to clean up while Luyii stood and went to put her silk robe on. Sai proceeded to get fully dressed and skipped taking a shower for until he got back.

[b]"You'll have to excuse me ladies, but there's much to be done. I'll call you later."[/b] Sai said, aiming at Luyii. She walked over and gave Sai a kiss before he walked out, Lai watching on and giving Luyii a similar look to the one she gave Sai earlier, only in a bit of a less serious manner.

Sai picked up his cell phone and began dialing a number. After a few rings an answer from the other end came.

[b]"Kwan, come get me. We'll discuss it when we get back. You can show me the listings while we're at it...alright, good...i'll see you in 5 minutes then."[/b] Sai hung up and took his sunglasses from his shirt collar and placed it on his face. [/FONt]

[center]* * * * *[/center]

OOC: I'll get the second part of this post up tomorrow, i've quite a few things that need tending to at the moment.
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Snowcat, Woodpecker and Scarlet Mistress got into a car and drove to the Mistress' brothel. There they found half a dozen girls at the door of the room that Mei Ying had locked herself into.

[B]"Meimei!"[/B] one of the girls shouted through the door. [B]"The Mistress is back, now get your skinny little ass out of there!"[/B]

[B]"I'm sorry, Madame, but she still won't come out"[/B], another girl explained in frustration.

[B]"It is alright, I will take care of this"[/B], Scarlet Mistress consoled.

The woman walked to the door in her elegant way and took a deep breath. [B]"Miss Ying, you will open the door at this instant"[/B], she ordered in the most demanding voice Snowcat had ever heard.

True enough, immediately the lock made a clicking sound and the door opened, revealing what would be a charmingly attractive young girl if her eyes weren't red from crying and her makeup all smudged on her face.

[B]"Now look at you, what a shameful sight you are. Clean yourself up, we have visitors from the Brotherhood."[/B]

Mei Ying just nodded to the woman who practically owned her. Snowcat and Woodpecker followed the women in.

[B]"The Mistress tells that you are the one who had an... unfortunate coincidence with a client"[/B], Snowcat said.

[B]"That's a mild way to put it"[/B], Mei huffed, getting a threatening glare from the Mistress. [B]"I saw that he was on something, he was really rough at first, but then..."[/B]

The girl went pale. Scarlet Mistress rolled her eyes.

[B]"She already said she didn't know who the man was. But Meimei, where did you hook him up?"[/B]

[B]"Outside War Dragon's Fight Club. He had some bruises in him, but it seemed he had come out as a winner. The losers rarely walk out on their own feet."[/B]

Snowcat looked at Woodpecker. [B]"I guess we have our next address. We'll head there first thing in the morning."[/B][/COLOR]
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[size=1][color=indigo][font=arial]I don't think I could live in the mansion. It was too big, for one, but it was also... I dunno. A bit too obvious? I mean, the persian rugs and wood-panelling are one thing, but throw in a two dozen robotic cleaners patrolling the place for the tiniest bit of dirty every hour of the day, and strong men at every important door (including the toilet, amazingly), and it kind of screams "Oppulent Gang Palace". Don't get me wrong though, I liked the place. It just wasn't my style.

Yugo was leading me the long way to the boss' meeting room, which was odd but not unheard of, so today I was getting the grand tour. Portraits, centuries old rugs, a showroom filled with Mercedes from the 1950s, I saw em all before I finally got to Fai's chamber. As we entered, he motioned for me to take a seat before him, but not before a robotic maid covered it in plastic. He smiled at me.

"You're wet, you see." I smirked.

"Yes, it was raining."

"You've not heard of an umbrella?" I thought for a moment how to respond, but let it go, instead reaching for a cigarette.

"May I?" He nodded.

"Of course. My best enforcer need not ask." I grinned at Yugo, who stood paitently beside the side-door we'd entered in, and lit up, making a grand show of my first puff. He stifled a laugh and shook his head. Me and Yugo went way back, but we'd taken drastically different directions within the organisation. I think it worked out better this way anyway.

"So, report to me Dead," Fai said abruptly, snapping me from my revery. "What happened at Logan's that resulted in such obvious damage?" I exhaled a lungful of smoke and considered how to best answer, my mind replaying the events of the escapade in slow motion.

"It was going routinely," I said between drags. "When a woman in green and what I could gather was her three pupils turned up." I paused. "They had automatic pistols. One of them hit a chemical barrel and the place explod-"

"Stop." I stopped.


"Chemicals? You said nothing about chemicals in your call. Did you see what was on the barrel?" I shrugged.

"Biohazard symbol, same faded writing. I assumed he was just getting into the manufacturing side of business to shortchange us." I paused to put out my cigarette. "Honestly boss, I didn't even think to check before the crazy bitch ruined my party." He nodded solemnly.

"Understood. Go on." Confused somewhat, I continued.

"Logan had had a semiautomatic, so I used that against the students and escaped the fire before anything else exploded, then got into a spar with the woman in green outside." I paused, thinking back. "I thought I was gonna die, but she held off. I don't know why... maybe she thought I was cute?" Fai smiled for less than a moment before closing his eyes. I assume he was thinking back on what I'd told him, but he could be thinking of a naked woman for all I know. Finally, he opened them, his eyes staring into me like bottomless pools of obsidian.

"I accept that this wasn't your fault Dead," he said firmly, "and will not be encacting any punishments for the assignment's failure. You will however be forced to be present at tomorrow morning's meeting." He stood up and motioned to the main door. "You may leave." I nodded and Yugo quickly ran to open it for me, standing their like a bellboy as I strode past.

"Should I tip?" I murmered.

"Shut up man," he grinned as he shut the door. Striding through the foyer before the boss' room, I couldn't help but notice the entourage of cleaning drones with mops that followed me and grinned. A tall Korean man waited for me, a chauffeur designated to me for the evening.

"Where to, sir?" I thought for a moment.

"Know any good bars?"[/font][/color][/size]
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[COLOR=DarkOrchid][font=times][b][center]Act One: Setting The Stage
Scene Two: The Second Day
[i]Lai busied herself cleaning up the room, picking up the sheer golden dress that had slithered off the bed sometime during the night. She also managed to gather up the shoes, and the duffel bag before Luyii managed to roll out of bed. A few minutes later, she came back and ripped open the blinds at the window, letting sunlight stream in. Luyii moaned slightly and covered her head with the comforter.[/i]

"Wild night or something?"

[i]Her smile was hilariously suggestive, and Luyii managed to roll over to avoid her stare. She raised her head slightly off the bed, hair falling in her face.[/i]

"Weren't you watching through one of the twenty hidden cameras meant to monitor my room?"

"Well I might have glanced, but I was spending more time kicking the others away from the screens."

"I will never know why Baba never thought of what might happen when his little girl finally got a mate for herself."

"Well... .....I think I'll just go get your breakfast."

[i]And she did. Ten minutes later, Luyii was sitting at a small table by the window, drinking English breakfast tea with milk and no sugar, and reading the morning news from her computer. She scrolled through the headlines quietly, flicking the pad downwards while simultaneously chewing a slice of apple and cheese. Lai finished airing and making the bed in short order, then picked up her files and started reading off Luyii's agenda.[/i]

"First, you meet with your father about the negotiations next week, then he wants you to meet with a few Japanese business men about a sale. I hear they have a great gift for you. Then you meet with the staff to discuss the menus and then you and I go down to the business room to requisition gifts for the people who will be attending the meeting..."

"Anything involving Sai?"

"Well tonight's still open after you have dinner with Mr. Fai."

"See if he's free. If he isn't, I'm going anyway."

[i]Lai snorted to herself while Luyii finished up her breakfast and walked towards her closet, ripping off her robe in the process. Linen pants suit, silver jewelry, and a conservative French twist for her hair with Lai's aid. She always wanted to be presentable when working with the business ventures of her father. Lai put the finishing touches of her makeup, then shooed her out the door towards her father's office. While walking down the halls, Luyii and her bodyguards passed the enforcer known as Dead and his associate, Yugo. Luyii gave him one of her dazzling smiles and he winked roguishly. Luyii knew by experience, that as she laughed and walked on, his head turned and examined how the cut of her pants showed off her ass.

Meanwhile, her father's personal bodyguards had thrown open the door for her. Boss Fai sat behind his enormous desk silently, and waited until her daughter had been seated. Then he smiled and commenced with the small talk.[/i]

"Is Sai good to you?"

"So far he's been a gentlemen."

"I hear he's plenty of that. Anyway, I need you to garner favor with the White Prince at the meeting."

"Are you sure? I hear his temper is quite something."

"He knows better than to pick a fight with you I'm sure. You'll be the one to greet him when he arrives before the meeting begins. Additionally, I need you to be sure to choose the proper gifts for the guests. I won't have our hospitality questioned."

"Never. It's already on my list for today, after the domestic items."

[i]Secretly, Boss Fai was pleased with his daughter's diligence and skill. Outwardly, he pretended that he was satisfied, and that there was room for improvement. Either way, he nodded and dismissed her soon after. Luyii left with a bow and rushed on to her next appointment.

It went well. The Japanese business men gave her plenty of respect, and even had a gift for her and Lai, who showed up to serve tea and snacks halfway through. After they left, Lai opened the packages to find a kimono for Luyii and hair ornaments for her. She raised her eyes once she saw the brocade embroidery on the obi.[/i]

"We'll have to send them something in return because of this you realize."

"No kidding. This kimono is an antique. At least Baba will be happy."[/font][/COLOR]
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[font=arial][size=1][color=indigo]"Damn she's got a fine ass," I muttered as we walked past Luyii. "I think she's wearing a thong, too." Yugo glanced back himself and furrowed his brow.

"How can you tell? All I see is pants, man." I winked at him as we entered the mansion's bar.

"It's a skill, friend. It's a skill." He rolled his eyes as we sat at the bar, then turned his attention to a few off-duty gangsters involved in a game of 'friendly' pool. There was ten thousand dollars in cash on the table and a strong man close by, so I'm pretty sure friendly was the only way they were gonna be playing that game.

"Rum and coke, triple, thanks," I said tearing my eyes from the game. "What're you having Yugo?" He shrugged.

"Gin and tonic, I guess. Isn't it a bit early to be drinking? I mean, you did get utterly wasted last night already." I paused for a moment as the bartender handed me our drinks then motioned for a booth. When we were seated again, I tried to think what happened last night.

"...how did you know I was wasted?" I said finally. He laughed.

"What, you don't remember calling me to say, quite loudly, how fine the girls of the White Prince were, and how you and the korean would hire some if only you had the cash?" I scanned my memory. I [i]vaguely[/i] recall being at one of the White Prince's brothel/bars, but...

"Oh jeez, what else did I say?"

"After that it was a long, sexually explicit rant about how you'd bend them over the table right then and there. Then, if I recall, you were being kicked out." Well, I definitely remember being kicked out, so his story checks. [i]For now[/i].

"Eh, you should expect it. A motherfucker doesn't drink from 12 years old and expect to retain any decency or memory." I drained my rum and called out for another, lighting a cigarette while the bartender brought it over. I exhaled the first drag right into Yugo's face, just like old times.

"And to think, I gave you your first cigarette [i]and[/i] your first drink. I created a monster," he said, an impish grin on his face.

"Well, would you have me any other way?" I drained another rum as he considered that, but decided to call it quits for the morning, as the meeting was soon and I only needed to take the edge off my hangover.

"Nah," he said finally. "Well, I might like it if you weren't the main guy busting dangerous heads, but that's just friendly concern for my best friend." I looked at him long and hard for a moment.

"...are you coming onto me, Yugo?" He reached across the booth and punched me hard in the arm, then checked his watch.

"Come on, we'll be late."

"Late for what?" The meeting wasn't for another few hours.

"Didn't you hear? I'm buying a car." I grinned and left the bar, laughing as one of the pool playing gangsters let out a long, low moan of defeat and monetary defecit.[/color][/size][/font]
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"[color=crimson]'Vietnamese Ship Explodes Off Shore'." Dr. Xing read the headline out loud. "What a shame." He said and shook his head. "The crew lost, their cargo lost. A tragedy."

"It's fortunate it didn't explode while you were visiting it, doctor." The presiding nurse from the prior night said. He was unsure if there was sarcastic intent behind the statement or not. "You should be more careful."

"Oh, very fortunate indeed." He smiled and slid his mobile computer into his pocket. "Life can be starkly destructive at times."

"Starkly so, yes."

Another nurse walked up to him and bowed politely. "The information you've requested over the past four days has been compiled as you wanted."

The nurse handed him a memory chip. He glanced down at the label and the smile faded. "I see. Thank you." He turned to the other nurse. "Your relief should arrive soon. Hold my calls." He slid the memory chip into his coat pocket and walked down the hallway into his office. He sat down behind his desk and keyed in Fai's number. The screen flickered and turned into a mixture of gibberish letters. The decryption A.I. went to work and unscrambled the connection. The Tiger General's face appeared on-screen.

"Dr. Xing." Fai said and nodded.

"Mr. Chou, sir, I have the details regarding the symptoms, survival rate, prognosis for survivors and chemical make up of DT as requested by yourself. It has been drawn from two sources. The first source were the six cases that have occurred so far within the fighting ring during the last week." Fai's eyes narrowed at the mention of them. "The second source came from thirteen cases brought in by members of our organization from the street for research purposes. This is an adequate foundation of cases for our purposes."

"I will go over the details of your reports later. Send the contents of the files over."

"Yes sir, Mr. Chou." Dr. Xing said and plugged the memory chip into his computer. He encrypted the contents of the file and transferred it to the private database used by Fai. "All of the files are yours."

"Good." Dr. Xing expected the exchange to end there. Fai was not fond of video calls and was more terse in them than in person. However, Fai thought for a moment and looked at Dr. Xing. "Dr. Xing, the properties of this drug and it's spread has the potential to affect our Organization's situation, standing and business. I would like to be informed of every case that passes through your clinic and the circumstances involved."

"I understand, Mr. Chou."

Fai nodded. "Stay vigilant."

The link shut down. Dr. Xing folded his hands and leaned back in his chair.

"Starkly destructive indeed."[/color]
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[color=RoyalBlue]Snowcat arrived to the Fight Club with Woodpecker in the morning. It was his first time there although he had heard a lot about the place. Snowcat just couldn't bear the idea of watching people brutally slaughtering each other. Blood gushing all over the place... He went pale from the sheer thought of that.

[B]"Snowcat, are you alright?"[/B] Woodpecker asked worried, seeing Snowcat's dizziness.

[B]"Yes. It's nothing"[/B], Snowcat said nonchalantly. [B]"We better go in around the back, throught the staff entrance."[/B]

The two men walked to the alley next to the club, but they were suddenly ambushed by a woman with a gun. She was over thirty, with short curly red hair and a murderous look in her eyes.

[B]"Detective Felicia Allen, I presume"[/B], Snowcat said calmly, but in the inside he cursed himself for not taking care of the woman yesterday.

[B]"You honestly thought that you could get away with this, just by killing Mai and me?"[/B] the woman began. [B]"Did you really think we wouldn't have known that Officer Lee was a mole for your precious brotherhood? You have made too many mistakes, Mr. Wu."[/B]

[b]"Is that a threat?"[/b] Snowcat asked. He really hadn't seen this coming, but he had gotten out of worse situations during his thirteen years of criminal career.

[B]"No, this is an offer"[/B], the detective said. [B]"I will never forgive you what you did to Mai, but to make up for it, you will help me catch the guys who're importing Dragon's Tongue into the city. I know you're after it, otherwise you wouldn't have come here."[/B]

[B]"Help you? You can't solve this on your own? Why don't you just raid this place and shoot everybody inside it, isn't that the way cops solve things?"[/B]

[B]"You will make War Dragon talk, and you will report everything to me"[/B], Detective Allen said between her gritted teeth. She had obviously had no sleep that night.

[B]"Or else?"[/B] Woodpecker asked defiantly.
"Don't underestimate the amount of information that Mai Liangcheng told me. With it I could bring your whole brotherhood down!"[/B]

[B]"Then why aren't you doing that already?"[/B] Snowcat said with growing irritation. This was going nowhere!

[B]"Because this matter with the drug is even more important. If it really gets on the loose, this whole city will be in big trouble. At this moment, I personally wouldn't give a shit about this hellhole, but I have my orders like you have yours. Now get inside! Your companion stays with me."[/B]

Snowcat looked at Woodpecker. He hoped that the younger man wouldn't try anything stupid with the detective. [I]Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned[/I].[/color]

[B]OoC:[/B] BKStyles, you can write a short dialogue with Snowcat if you want. Otherwise I'll just make Snowcat talk with some assistant of Sai's.
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[indent][color=darkgreen][size=1]Ghost Fox ran through the upper corridors of the Di Yu complex, totally naked save for a simple, bloodied bed sheet she was using to cover herself with. Her heart was racing, her chest was bleeding, and she was running out of options. Following closely behind were three armed guards, chasing after her and firing poisonous capsules at the escaped prisoner. Contact with even one could mean paralysis if it went untreated for long. Ghost Fox didn?t have time to take any more risks.

?10... 9...

Up ahead was a dead end. A reflective glass window, double plated just to make escape all-the-more unlikely. The guards stopped their pursuit, and began ordering her to step down, still fiercely pointing their weapons at her.


Ghost Fox stared out the window for a moment. A twelve story plummet to her death, at least, but still better than the alternative. She withdrew a handful of surgical knives she had been concealing behind the sheet, and prepared to make her final stand. The guards continued barking commands at her, but at this point the only sound she could hear was the intense beating of her heart. Another round of shots were fired from the guard?s weapons, this time impacting with Ghost Fox?s shoulder. She stumbled back, and revealed her own weapons.

?6... 5...

In an instant the guards dropped to the floor, all three of them bleeding uncontrollably from the knives that had been effortlessly tossed into their jugular veins.

?4... 3...

?No time, no time? She sighed as she reexamined the window, ?Perhaps this will get my point across.?


With a powerful strike the assassin?s cybernetic hand smashed through both pains of glass, shattering them instantly. Ghost Fox took a step back, closed her eyes, and took a running leap into the great unknown.


The shattered glass, flaming debris, and violent, chaotic screams began at the top floors, and worked their way down shortly after detonation. The fire from the Di Yu complex could be seen for miles around; a burning testament to revenge, and a powerful message to The Brotherhood of Infinite Longevity. Ghost Fox had raised the stakes in this game, but at that point there was little else for her to lose.[/color][/size][/indent]
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?To say the least, yeah??

?Go fuck yourself, Xue.?

?Don't be touchy, Li.?

The young woman was grinning broadly, watching the horror dawning on the Wayward Hare's face as he realized how deep in shit he really was if he didn't clean up this mess fast. She was assigned as essentially his babysitter, though she had been given the fancier title of 'manager', despite the fact that she never [i]really[/i] called the shots. The two of them acknowledged their mutual hate, and didn't bother hiding it in public, though there were days when she couldn't deny having a small crush on him. After all, he was fairly handsome, but he was a spoiled little boy trapped in a twenty-year old body, and she would never settle for that. But it was times like this that Xue enjoyed more than anything, being able to see him visibly bothered when he usually didn't have to worry at all, because she and her bodyguards were there to take care of him.

?What are you going do now, then?? she asked after a few more minutes of soaking in his dismay with glee.

?Find that bitch and get the stuff back.?

?Guess I'll go, too, yeah?? He eyed her angrily, but shrugged as he pulled on the dark blue t-shirt he had been wearing the previous day. Even if he told her not to come, she'd go anyway.

?Fine,? he growled, grabbing his leather jacket as he stomped out the door.

[center][i]the previous day...[/i][/center]

?We have a winner!? The rowdy audience cheered as the ref held up the young man's arm in victory. From the more expensive seats, Wayward Hare watched with genuine interest as a small brawl broke out on the betting floor, where a dispute over money was soon to be settled with fists. Behind him sat the ever-present Xue and a few other bodyguards she had brought with her. At his right sat a strikingly beautiful young woman wearing only a tiny, gray slip of a dress. She wasn't a woman that needed to be bought, but from the way she carried herself, anyone could tell the men she spent her time with had to have plenty of bank.

?Baby, why don't we go to the War Dragon? They've got more security than this place...? He shook off the gentle hand she had placed on his shoulder, nodding impatiently back at Xue to explain for him. She frowned, but did it anyway.

?The War Dragon is publically known to be a Sleeper fighting ring. Tensions between their organization and our own are already running high, and it's best that we not worsen our relationship by beating all the fighters they've got,? Xue explained. ?Besides, brain-dead idiots like Li here thrive in a place like this.? Her last comment went unheard by the others, and she crossed her legs after letting out an exasperated sigh.

The group spent a few more hours watching the fights and betting, Li winning quite a load of cash himself. From her seat behind him, Xue cleared her throat to earn her 'assignment''s attention. When she had finally caught his eye, she tapped her watch and stood up, signaling that he had some business to do. He groaned, but stood to leave as well.

?Kong,? he nodded at one of the bodyguards before turning to his date, ?will escort you to my place. I'll be back in an hour or so.?

?But Baby--?

?Shut up and get goin'. I've got work to do.?

An angry look spread across her face, but she didn't dare ask anymore questions. Men like Li weren't very forgiving when their demands weren't met with strict obedience. The only reason he even put up with Xue was because his superiors had made him. She watched with annoyance as he left her with only his bodyguard and pile of betting slips.

Outside, the two of them stepped into a not-so-discreet limousine and drove off through downtown, sitting in silence as Li finished reading the brief details of this job, until Xue decided to speak up.

?So, you're the number one pusher of this stuff, yeah??


?Why don't you use it yourself??

?'Cause unlike the poor bastards that get hooked on this nasty stuff, I actually know what it does to you. [i]And[/i] I can afford better.?

?I thought this was pretty expensive.? Li rolled his eyes at his inquisitive manager, growing tired of her questions. He angrily snatched back the small bag she was examining, pocketing it before looking back out the window at the buildings whizzing by. ?Touchy, touchy.?

?I didn't wanna do a job tonight. That chick's waiting for me back at my place right now, you know.?

?'That chick?' Can't you even remember her name??

?Why should I? I'll screw her tonight, and toss her out on her ass tomorrow. She's just a pretty face. I'm not interested in anything else with her.? Xue raised a curious eyebrow before chuckling. She opened her mouth to say something when their ride came to an abrupt halt and he walked out in a rush. He wasn't kidding when he said he didn't want to do a job, which meant he'd try and get this one done as fast as possible.

?Oi! You there,? came a voice from above. Looking up, Li spotted a middle-aged man pointing down at him. ?Password!?

?Ox hoof.? Li was slightly embarrassed, if anything, to have to put up with such a silly system. He wondered what the hell kinda password 'ox hoof' was, anyway. The old man nodded and disappeared, and a boy, no older than ten, suddenly emerged from behind one of the dumpsters littering the particular alley this deal was about to go down in. He held out a bag of money which Li took before handing him one of the many, small bags of Dragon's Tongue he had in his pocket. As he walked away, he could hear the anxious shouting of the older man at who was probably his son to bring up the 'stuff'.

?Poor bastards,? Li mumbled, tossing the money onto one of the seats in the limo as he closed the door. ?Take me to my place.?

?Yessir,? came the submissive voice of his limousine driver. Xue was quietly staring at him, which greatly unnerved him, but he tried to pass it off by staring out the window, eager to return to his home where a beautiful young woman was waiting for him.

[center][i]the present day...[/i][/center]

Xue's job was to clean up Li's messes, and this was no different. She had been on the phone for half an hour, calling different people asking if they had seen a woman named Jun, and only one had said yes. She cursed herself for not thinking of going back to the same fighter pit they had spent so much of their day at yesterday, as her contact there had confirmed seeing her there again. She figured she must've been a junkie, or was working for a junkie that didn't have or want to spend the money. When they arrived, Li was practically foaming at the mouth from anger. He absolutely detested being tricked like this, and he wasn't about to let some [i]woman[/i] get away with it.

Xue attempted to calm him down, but he would have none of it. She sighed, nodding to the bodyguards to keep a close eye on him, while she remained in the limo, pouring herself a shot of whiskey as she waited.

Inside, Li was angrily pushing himself through the crowd, paying little mind to those who cried in protest. He was hit with a few empty glass bottles, and even a couple chairs, but he was too angry to really feel anything. His impatience wasn't helping matters, as he failed to find any trace of the thief, or any other woman, on the betting floor. Spotting the expensive seats above, he rushed up the stairs and slammed open the doors to each separate room until he spotted the same figure that had seduced him the previous night.

?Found you!? he shouted, rushing forward and practically breaking the woman's arm as he grabbed her. She shrieked in pain, but he only squeezed tighter. The older gentleman that had been sitting beside her recognized his face immediately and began backing away.

?W-W-Wayward Hare! What do you want?? he cried in terror. Without looking away from the sobbing young woman, he barked for the other man to get out immediately, which he did happily.

?So, [i]Baby[/i], tell me where it is.?

?I-I-I don't know what you're talking about!?

?Yes you do,? he whispered venomously. ?What did you do with the drugs??

?I'm sorry! I'm sorry!? she sobbed, both from the searing pain of her arm and the fear of being beaten to death in a matter of moments.

?Last chance.?

?I don't know his name, but he's a Sleeper!? she finally relented, falling limp as he released his grip on her arm. He rubbed his temples, thinking silently for a bit before he decided it was time to go. The sooner he tracked down the bastard that now had his drugs, the better. He figured Xue already had some leads for him, and all that was left was what to do with the girl. He looked her over once more and let out a sigh.

?It's a shame.? She whimpered in response, crawling away as she saw him walking slowly towards her, eyes wide with terror. ?You really were pretty.?

A few minutes later, Xue was startled at Li's sudden return to their limousine. His hands were covered in blood, but she wasn't a bit unnerved by the sight. She handed him a towel before hearing her cell phone go off in her pocket. She answered lazily, but snapped to attention as she was spoken to. Her unusual tension even unnerved Li, who demanded she tell him what was going on.

?... Twelve floors of headquarters were just blown up.?

?Not my office?? She gave him a stunned look for a moment, amazed at his being unperturbed after such news, before shaking her head. ?That's good. I have some nice booze stuffed in my chest up there.?[/indent][/size]
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue]The interior of the fighting club was unsurprisingly quiet as Snowcat stepped in. There were only few cleaning women minding their own business. Snowcat assumed they were paid well to keep their mouths shut about what they saw in the place.

After wandering around a bit he found two muscular men in black suits leaning to the bar desk. They dropped their relaxed postures as they saw Snowcat approaching.

[B]"Easy, I don't want any trouble"[/B], Snowcat said, lifting his hands to show he was unarmed. [B]"I need to speak to the War Dragon."[/B]

[B]"Mr. Yuan is not here"[/B], the other man said. [B]"I'm Mr. Kwan, his assistant. You can speak to me."[/B]

[B]"Very well. My boss, the White Prince, is very concerned about this drug that has been spread here at your club. It's called Dragon's Tongue, I'm sure you know of it."[/B]

[B]"You are barking at the wrong tree, Mr...?"[/B]

[B]"Just call me Snowcat, Mr. Kwan. Do tell me, what tree should I bark at, then?"[/B]

[B]"Or rather, [I]hiss[/I] at?"[/B] Mr. Kwan chuckled. He seemed to consider himself a funny fellow. [B]"Anyway, a guy nicknamed Wayward Hare from the Brotherhood of the Infinite Longevity has been pushing that shit here. We let him since thus far it's been good for business. I'm guessing that won't be for long, though."[/B]

At that moment the War Dragon himself entered through the main door, walking arm in arm with a young woman that Snowcat surely recognized: the daughter of the Tiger General of the Sleepers, the Willow Fairy. They sure were an attractive couple.

[B]"Well well, if it isn't Mr. Wu"[/B], said Sai Yuan, the War Dragon. [B]"It's been a long time."[/B]

It indeed had. They had met back in the days when Snowcat had still been the right hand man of Mr. Wang.

[B]"What brings you here?"[/B]

Mr. Kwan smiled maliciously. Snowcat felt like he could blush with shame. The intense stare of the Willow Fairy only made it worse still.

[B]"Just running errands for the Boss"[/B], Snowcat replied simply. [B]"I was about to-"[/B]

Out of a sudden they heard gunshots from the outside. [I]Damn it![/I] Snowcat cursed in his mind. He knew all too well what the shots meant. [I]Fucking Woodpecker![/I]

He ran to the backdoor, with Mr. Kwan and the other goon hot on his heels. Outside, he saw what he had feared: Woodpecker and Detective Allen lying on the ground, both holding guns.

Snowcat ran to the rookie gangster and kneeled down.

[B]"Woodpecker! Kang! Answer me!"[/B] Snowcat shouted, shaking the youngster.

[B]"Snowcat.... The bitch... shot me. I shot back"[/B], Woodpecker whispered, with a twisted smile on his face.

Snowcat surveyed the wounds quickly. [B]"It doesn't look bad"[/B], he lied. [B]"You'll be alright once we get you to the hospital."[/B]

Then he turned his eyes on the detective. She had fallen against a trashcan, so she was half sitting. She had a bullet hole in the middle of the forehead. A single trail of blood streamed across her face.

[I]Blood[/I]. There was the image again. [I]Mother...[/I][/COLOR]

[B]OoC[/B]: I wasn't sure if Sai and his men know who the drug pusher is, so if they don't, please say so and I'll edit it.
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