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Sign Up Orb Quest: A Slayers story <PG-V,L>


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Several years have passed since the Dark Star Dugradigdu ordeal and many advances have been made; The 'Bandit Slayer' Lina Inverse has retired from travelling the world and makes a living of researching spells. Zelgadis and Ameria still continue to search for a way to restore Zel to his original form and Gourry Gabriev continues his mindless existence by catering to Linas every whim.

During this time an incredible magical technique was revealed to place magicla powers with Crystal or glass orbs which could allow spells to be used without studying the vraious incarnations. Cheif amongst these was the orb of Ruby eye Shabranigdo which served as a diviner to locate the fragments of Shabranigdo and to restore the dark lord. This orb was locked away in a temple that is found in the middle of the Desert of Destruction so that It could never be found.

Unfortunatly, the orb has been stolen by an unknown individual nad Lina Inverse was robbed of all her orbs that she had created, including orbs that contained the magical power of the Dragon Slave and there were enough to reduce a large kingdom to rubble. A group of individuals were hired by Lina to track down and regain the stolen orbs before Shabranigdo could be ressurected once more and plunge the world into chaos.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Character Creation rules~~~~~~~~~~~
A few things must be said first....

1) This RPG is essentially a purely original thing. Orbcraft is never mentioned in any of the series' so don't be to angry because it doesn't keep within canon.
2) Established characters cannot be used for storytelling purposes, They will all be making minor appearances as NPCs.

3) Having interior motives with this is fine, If your character steals the Dragon Slave orbs once they are found and becomes a villian then fine. It would be cool.

4) Ah yes, Orbcraft. Orbcraft is a recently researched magic weapon which focuses on magical energy being placed within the orb so that it is unnessecary to g othrough the chanting which allows quicker casting. However, Any old person cannot pick up a fireball orb straight away and use it, It is dangerous to use powerful orbs without training. Additionally, the training only really focuses on being able to focus the magical energy properly.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Character Generation~~~~~~~~~~

Name: Anything fantasyish
Age: I don't really have to go into depth here, othing too old and nothing too young.
Class: his is fairly basic here; Warrior for basic fighters, Rogue for theives and rogue-ish characters, Sorceror for characters that weild black magic, Cleric for White magic users and Smans for Shamanistic magic users.
Magic: The type of magic utilised [URL=http://www.inverse.org/e/bkg/magic/lesson1.shtml]Click here[/URL] [URL=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Spells_in_Slayers]or here[/URL] for a guide
Weapons: Medieval weapons please
Orbs: 3 orbs tha your character uses, keep in mind your characters limits.

Appearance: Either a detailed written description or a picture.
Personality: Just a couple of sentences describing your characters personality
Biography: Just a paragraph on who your character is and why they decided to accept the quest.

And that's about it, PM me of post here is you have any questions and I'll clarify any questions.
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