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RPG The Bounty Company [M-LSV]


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OOC: Hey guys, I'm really sorry about the absence but I was in Louisiana and never had enough time to get this thing rolling.

The posting order for this RP will go as follows:
[size=1][color=darkorange]Myself as Rell Nerom/[/color][color=dimgray]Lefty[/color]
Silent_Sword909 as Hoshi Sato
[color=darkred]YawnBoy as Gray[/color]
[COLOR=MediumTurquoise]Nefertimon as Chibu[/COLOR]
[COLOR=DarkRed]Starwind as Argento Soma[/COLOR]
[COLOR=Magenta]Neuvoxraiha as Arine Eiladeriel Kliclarien[/COLOR]
(posting order was more or less randomly chosen so, don't take offense if your lower on the list). And if anyone goes longer than a week without posting the next person in qeue will take their place.

[color=darkgray]Lefty made a quick pace down the corridors of the High Elven ship. He disliked spending as much as he had for passage of himself and his six employees but in the end (assuming the job panned out) they would come out ahead enough to pay for decent enough room and board once they reached Moren. After that they'd likely be back to being broke until they finished their next job from Big Kaho in Moren, but that was the way Lefty liked it.... He saved nothing for later, to keep living in the moment was his plan. The more unpredictable his lifestyle was the harder he was to track, and the further away his enemies remained.

He took a moment to ponder what Rell was doing. He had been with Lefty longer than anyone else in the Company (save for Gray), and despite his age Lefty thought of him as one of the most capable bounty hunters he'd ever met. Still, Lefty thought he was too brash and impatient and was worried he'd do something stupid (he had been quite jumpy ever since he picked up his new six-round 'toy'). [i]Forget it[/i] He thought, [i]You know you can trust the lad, worry about the newcomers instead.[/i]

Finally, Lefty reached the room where his newest allies had been ordered to wait. His hand hesistated on the door knob, but then he opened the door to see them all, relaxing inside a large dining room. At first he saw a man, coverred in scars with one of his eyes apparantly damaged. He, at least, seemed fitting to be doing this kind of work. Next he noticed what he thought at first to be one of the lion-folk but soon realized it was something far different... Peculiar, but at least it looked powerful. The third of this group he saw, was just a child... either a sea-elf or a fylin, he couldn't quite tell. [i]Who the hell hired her?[/i] He thought, but chose not to judge her just yet, he'd seen smaller things do more damage before. Finally, he saw another man, obviously an Eastern warrior, his arm wrapped in plate. But a moment later he realized he recognized him, from a long time ago.

[b]"Well now..."[/b] He said, at first faltering but then regaining his voice, [b]"You all should have heard of me so I'll waste no breath telling you my name.... But which one of you is going to be the first to introduce themselves"[/b][/size][/color]
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[font=times][COLOR=DarkOrchid]Note: The silver/gray text you're using is so pale it strains my eyes....
[i]Arine purred once and stepped forward, her tail twitching once and she bowed her head slightly, fixing Lefty with one of her inscrutable stares. The first thing he noticed was that her eyes were a deep rose colored, and slit vertically just like any cat's. They looked intensely odd set into a beautiful woman's face, but he didn't question it. That would've been quite impolite. She smiled, showing almost normal teeth, except for monstrously large incisors. Her deep voice seemed to fill the room, and underneath it everyone present detected a low purring sound.[/i]

"My name is Arine Eiladeriel Kliclarien, but for simplicity's sake, you can call me Ari."

[i]She leapt down from her perch on one of the wide shelves and tilted her head to one side, cat-like, showing her completely feline ears. Slender tufts extended from the tips, like any mountain lynx's.[/i]

"I'm a sphynx. The old kind. You know, the sort that likes riddles, humans on fire, and war. I can slice through most armor with these-"

[i]Here she held up a paw and extended her claws in a half a second, huge curved things... Sharp and thick, and perfectly deadly looking, perfectly convincing to Lefty anyway. At this point, she retracted them once more and snaked her tongue out to lick her lips.[/i]

"And if I stare at you long enough, chances are you'll catch flame. That is if I really really wanted you to."

[i]The involuntary blinking reflex that followed her statement, sent Arine into peals of low rumbling...what must have been giggles. And she sat down, placing her forepaws delicately on one of the many boxes.[/i][/COLOR][/font]
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(OoC: Not sure if Neuvoxraiha was in place or what; not that I mind, just tryin to follow rules here)

Hoshi heard the man enter the room before he actually saw him. He was concentrating on nothing, but his mind had been racing. Just then, the strange mixture of animal and beast leapt from where it had been lieing on some boxes, and introduced itself to the apparent, "Boss". He shuddered alittle. He wasn't used to seeing such distortions of nature, and was even more disturbed because he found her to have a sort of [I]primal beauty[/I] about her.

When what she had to say had been said, the Boss nodded, apparently impressed by the oddity that was going to be on his team. Hoshi waited a few moments more, incase either of the other two in the room had any inclanation to attempt introductions. Finally, he rose slowly from his seat, and walked slowly and purposefully to his new, "employer". He had in fact, left off his outer robe, to let everyone see his metal arm, and the fact that he wasn't here to play. His hand normal hand rested casually on his sword as he approached.

Holding out his hand, he shook hands with the Boss, also known as 'Lefty', and had a twinge of memory. Somehow, he recognized this man, even though he was SURE he had never seen him before. "Hello, Mr. Lefty. My name is Hoshi Sato. More than that, I don't think you asked for. Just know, that I am here to help you, but also to serve my own purpose. As long as we understand one another.."

He was cut short by Lefty, who called him out, "Hoshi! Dear God man! It's been years!" At this, Hoshi stood shocked, mid-shake. There was someone that actually KNEW him? His clan had fallen from the annuals of history, yet here was someone who recalled him?

A moment of awkward silence passed, in which Hoshi thought about how he knew the man. Of COURSE!! He had a been a general of the rebel faction in the war!! His clan had fought AGAINST this man!! Immediately, Hoshi went on the defensive, jumping back, and putting his metal arm to his sword. The others in the room watched as the drama folded out.

The man known as Lefty put up his hands, and laughed out loud. "Oh no, don't take any offense. I know we used to be on opposite sides, but your clans battle-prowess always thrilled me." He became serious for a minute, "I was just surprized, since the only surviving member of that dreaded clan is now in MY service. Don't look so tense boy, (for indeed he WAS a boy compared to Lefty's age) we're all friends here." He laughed, "So you better get used to it!"

Hoshi stood there for a moment, aware that his past had caught up with him, though in a way that he hadn't expected. He slowly bowed, and then walked to the back of the room, to think things over, and to see who the other members of the group were.
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Argento had been staring out the port side window into the endless horizon for who knows how long by the time the man [I]"incharge" [/I] came in. He was an older gentleman. He seemed like the strong and battle hardend type. He wanted them to introduce themselves. It was at this time that Argento took note of the others in the room with him. The first was some female beast, a cross of human and cat, the next was a the young warrior type, also obviously from the east as he was, and the other appeared to be a small elf.

First the cat girl stepped forward. She seemed to be more then she appeared, and seemed as if she could prove useful. He had heard of the Sphynxs, they were suppose to be ancient, and were also very rare. This was his first time actually seeing one. He had never even known anyone who had. This was quite a treat indeed.

Next the eastern warrior stepped forward. He seemed a bit odd, and a little pompous. He seemed to feel as if he held some kind of authority here. His right arm was cast in steel. Was the arm made of steel, or was this just some very complex armor. He wasn't too sure, there seemed to be some history between him and the [I]"bossman"[/I].

As the one calling himself Hoshi steppped back Argento moved himself from the wall, only taking a few steps from his spot. Only just enough to set himself apart from the others [B]"Call me Argento Soma. I hail from the east. I am here to perform my job and I expect to be paid in full upon my completion."[/B]

The older gentleman named Lefty seemed taken back by this rather brunt introduction [B]"Your a rather no nonsense sort of lad, aren't you?"[/B]

Argento simply turned away [B]"I would just like to state my interests here and now. Make no mistake, I'm not interested in the why, simply in the what and how. And of course my eventual reward. If you weigh me down I will leave you behind like a broken piece of equipment, hold me back and I'll strike you down myself."[/B]

This remark seemed to upset most everyone in the room. In particular, the young eastern warrior, Hoshi. He looked as if he might pick a fight for a minute, but seemed to reconsider this thought.

Argento simply went back to his wall and continued to gaze at the endless horizon of the sea.[/COLOR]
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OOC: Sorry about the length, and I guess we'll just pick up the posting order next time around?

[size=1][color=darkred]Shakun, or Gray rather, paced alongside his young companion as they tailed their latest mark, a dwarf who seem to have stolen something, a scroll of some sort, that was very valuable to some important people in Moren. But, his job wasn't to kill the dwarf or too steal the paper yet, he just had to keep an eye on him... and keep a closer eye on Rell while he was at it. Not that Lefty didn't trust him, he just didn't trust him enough to keep his hand away from his firearm long enough... a crude weapon anyways, like most dwarven inventions.

[b]"Don't let him notice us following him, remember we're just two travellers going to get some food."[/b] He said to Rell, scratching his head behind his ear. [b]"Please, we'd have to hold up a sign and a flasher for this rock head to notice anything."[/b]

What he said was very true, they had followed the dwarf into the dinner hall and he had begun to eat and drink in a way that seemed to quite disgust the rest of the company (mainly elves and a smattering of gnomes).

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