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Art Art Tutorials [feedback thread]


Would you like there to be a new art tutorial thread?  

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  1. 1. Would you like there to be a new art tutorial thread?

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[SIZE=1]As many of you know, I'm sure, I am in favor of having more art tutorials here on the OB. What I would like to see is the public's opinion on this topic, and hopefully we'll reach some kind of consensus and get this thing rolling.

I'm wanting to have one thread for traditional art tutorials (e.g. figure drawing, shading, painting, etc.) and one thread for the graphic design tutorials. Hopefully enough of you will share with us your knowledge so that we can end up with an extensive archive of art tutorials, which could possibly be stickied in the Art Studio, where they would forever remain.

I believe that this type of thing is just what the Art Studio needs (as well as contests/graphic worms; ahem), and so I hope that a few of you will volunteer to get this started. [COLOR=Green]So people, tell me what you think of this idea, tell me how you think it could work better, give suggestions of tutorials you'd like to see, and then hopefully some of you will volunteer. [/COLOR] [/SIZE]


[size=1]Here is a list, which I will update accordingly, of member who will be creating tutorials. If you'd like to be one of these people, say so in posting or PM me. Thank you.

- cancer
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[COLOR=#656556]No, we don't need another [i]thread[/i]; your project calls for a new [i]subforum[/i]. :animesmil

If we keep them tutorials in one thread, I think it(the thread) will become a confusing tangle of questions and follow-ups regarding the different tutorials posted. However, if a 1 tutorial/thread format was observed, not only can we keep questions in one thread but also compile links in one subforum sticky.

I do love tutorials. I'm game.[/COLOR]
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Yes, Delta, I'd have to agree with you. That is a good idea indeed. So Delta, would you be able to contribute to these tutorials? We need a few artists with varying skill strengths to create the tuts of course.
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