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Sign Up Naruto: Shinobi Exhibition {M-V}

The Enemy

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This is a tournament of ninja. A massive battle held every 50 years. Challengers from all the shinobi villages gather in the leaf village to decide which ninja shall become the rank of sannin. All ninja may compet, chunin and jounin are most common, but genin with potential may be fighters as well.

Fuzan walked around the leaf village looking for something to do, he had become jounin a while ago and the genin teams were still a fe months away, as were the chunin exams. He recently got back from a mission and the hokage didn't have anything for him for the next couple of weeks minimum. genin were doing missions around town, painting fences and getting groceries for seniors, chunin were wondering or also doing missions and jounin were away or bored like him. As he walked a flyer blew over his face, ninja reflexes made him swurve and catch it instead of letting it hit him, and he decided on reading it over.

[QUOTE] [SIZE=3][B]Come one come all any ninja may apply!![/B][/SIZE]

It is time for the one event all ninja wait for the half decade shinobi exibition! A tournament for any and all ninja who wish to become legendary sanin. Ninja from all villages may enter. This year it will be held at the village hidden in the leaves. The battles will be held over the battle fields within the village, varying from open grass fields to dence forest underbrush. The battles will choose combatents at random, and be held to defeat, preventing death where possible.

[SIZE=1]WARNING: Any competitors will put their lives on the line facing an opponent, death may not be preventable in all situations. Competiters must be full fledged ninja, showing headbands at the entrance is a requirement, blood line traits are legal, feel free to use any unique skills or jutsu at your own precaution. [/SIZE][/QUOTE]

[I][U]Sign ups[/U][/I]
kekkei genkai or self-designed jutsu:
bio:[/B] (how you heard about the tournament)
[B][U]Rules and other info-[/U][/B]

This rp will only work if exactly 8 or 16 pple sign up, feel free to create more than one character. I will set up the matches after the sign ups are closed, I will simply post who is accepted in the form of the first match ups. Yes some people will not be allowed if there are too many sign ups (eg like if there's 9 or 10 but not close enough to wait for 16). And I will post my character soon after other begin joining. Last but not least, some people will have to lose, although they may come back to sabotauge other combatants during breaks, and even set traps in the very battle grounds, who knows, some may even interupt a match to kill the one who beat them...perhaps some ninja aren't there to compete in the tournament at all. Use your imaginations ok?

PS: sorry for forgetting the rating the first time, completely slipped my mind... Anyway any who joined the old version just repost your characters here.
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[B]Name:[/B] Talik

[B]age:[/B] 23

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v280/vhorizon/stuff%202/Raven2.jpg]Talik[/URL]

[B]rank:[/B] Jounin

[B]Kekkei Genkai or self-designed jutsu:[/B]
Leaf Storm Cover:through use of this technique Talik can infuse himself with chakra (much like Gai does to make his leaf whirlwind more powerful) so that a particular part of his body or even his entire body becomes much harder.

Leaf Thunderstorm: A move in which the user(after hitting the opponent into the air) sends a barrage of punches sending the used down at a tremendous speed and ends with a kick tat hits at the same time as they hit the ground to create an amplified effect.

Leaf Lightning Kick: A lightning fast jumping kick hitting them into the air ussually followed by a downward kick hitting them into the ground followed by a punch or by Leaf Thunderstorm

Leaf Twister: A spinning kick with both legs much like Leaf Great Whirlwind(a more common tai move)but is followed by a grab from the the user and a kick sending them into the ground.

[B]Bio:[/B] He found out about the tournament from his old instructor who recommended him go since he had surpassed him and the other tai users in the village and could open up all the gates.

[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1]Changed image to a link as it was stretching the layout. --Ezekiel[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Name: Shinaru Junk
Age: 18
Sex: Male
Skill: Speed and Acaracy (If I spelled it wrong pm me and I'll fix it at the next I'm on.)
Jutsu: Extreme speed. Special Jutsu: Speed Dragon Summining.
Appearence: Shinaru usually wears camo pants, brown t-shirt, his head band on his chest, and has heavy combat shoes.
Bio: Shinaru was found by his foster parents wondering in the forest carring only a head ban of the Sand with blood on it. His new parents where skilled in hand to hand combat style jutsu and taught him if he ran out of chakra, to use this technique. Its been 15 years since then and Shinaru made friends that are like family. Hopfully, he finds what happened to his real parents and where he came from.
personality Quirk: Shinaru likes to joke around, but he has a side of him only his closest friends know. He is a little lazy in the morning but latter in the day he's really hyper. He trains before he sleeps and hates staying in class. Shinaru takes extensive notes but doesn't read them.
Special Weapons: One long sword thats extremly light and durable, two daggers, and three shurikans on his back.

Shinaru heard about the tournament by the flyiers floating around the village and decided to test his skills in a real match.
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Name: Toru Uragashi
Age: 17
Rank: Jounin (just promoted)
Appearance: [url]http://www.deviantart.com/view/41933691/[/url]
Equipment: Two ninja short swords (for this, ignore pic), strapped horizontally across his waist. Kunai pouches, smoke bombs, rope, etc.

Self-designed jutsu: Water Fall Style Taijutsu: Learned in his Village of birth, (Hidden WaterFall), he has mastered this taijutsu over the years. It involves infusing the user's palms with chakra, and striking not with a fist, but with the palm itself. The whole technique is based around, "hitting your opponent with downward strikes of the palms." This is how it is explained to novices. (For everyone here, it sortof combines goken with juken, or feroucious fist with gentle fist. More of gentle fists style than the actually actually shooting chakra out, except wtih Toru's Pulse Punch)

The user's stance (WaterFall stance) is with his legs apart, standing upright. His hands are placed horizontally in front of him, with his dominant palm resting on his other palm. Chakra is stored by first rubbing the hands together, thus allowing it to flow more freely from the palm. Then it forms around the hands, making them extremely tough, even enough to stop ninjutsu or blades.

This style has it's own set of special attacks, as well as it's stances, such as:
[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Water Fall stance[/COLOR]: up in second paragraph (power position)
[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Raining stance[/COLOR]: This stance is one of movement; being everywhere at once to guard yourself from attack. (guarded position)
[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Pulse Punch[/COLOR]- an attack that sends a wave of chakra through an opponent on contact, or just a wave in general.
[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Torrental Downpour[/COLOR]- all at once, and from everywhere; punches (or palms)
[COLOR=RoyalBlue]WaterFall Uppercut/other moves[/COLOR]: add the name WaterFall to the attack, and it is just a more powerful version of a regualar attack.

[COLOR=Purple]Curse Jutsu[/COLOR]: When Toru fights, he cannot use his full strength. The curse prevents him, though when he expends all of his energy, or is consumed by emotion, his "other self" takes over. This split-personality has much more power than the original Toru, and is cold-hearted and vengeful, (usually to the person who put Toru into that state, but otherwise, in general).

Slowly, as this is called upon more and more, Toru's mental defenses start to fail, and he is taken over, "completely", until the dark Toru runs out of steam. (This hasn't happened so far, even though this personality is the only way that Toru has made it as far as he's got.)

Bio: After being taught by incredible Jounin, he was able to fly through the Chunin exams as well as any mission that he was sent on. He continued training his fighting skills, and got much better than he used to be, to the point where he has almost mastered them. Not much had changed about him, except that now, instead of being energetic, he is more lathargic, or lazy, though he still loves a good, fair fight. He also was chosen for the ceremony of becoming Jounin, and that's where he is now.

One day, soon after his graduation to a Jounin, he came across an old friend, a teacher actually, who told him about the tournament. "I know how much you love fighting, so I figured I'd let you know," she had said. He looked at the sign-up sheet skeptically, "Well, as long as it's a fair fight," he had been casually talking, but now his interest was peaked, and he yelled, "I'm in!"

Also, he has a special 'curse jutsu' placed on him, since after he became a genin. Over time, his demeanor changed, and all evil faded from his thoughts. He could do nothing but what was right, and it made him happy. Unfortunately, it also made his strength diminish, as payment for the curse.

When a situation arouses that is able to make Toru angry, however, or another such extreme emotion, he almost becomes a different person. His attitude changes, as well as his power. In this state, he can feel no love, or joy, only pain and suffering. This makes him strong, almost four times the strength he normally has, (most extreme case). Though it wears on his mind, and when he reverts back to himself, he falls unconcious. It is a small price to pay for power, some say, while others, think it will eventually devour his mind and take over his body.

(OoC: I brought back Toru, with a few "changes" I hope the "curse" isn't too much? Let me know, and I'll change it, if need be. Thanks! :D)
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[B]Name:[/B] Fuzan Hyuga


[B]Appearence:[/B][URL=http://i95.photobucket.com/albums/l142/gooseberry_01/Neji_anbu_by_Vhea.jpg]Fuzan[/URL], He looks similar to neji hyuga but wears the traditional ANBU uniform. He has a katana on his back but only because the other ANBU operatives insist his hand to hand skill may not always be usefull. He rarely actually wears his mask but hs it on the side when walking casually to show his rank and hide his identity if need be.


[B]Kekkei Genkai or self-designed jutsu:[/B]
[I][U]Hyuga blood line trait-[/U][/I] byakugan
[I][U]Taijutsu specialty-[/U][/I]gentle fist (eight trigrams etc etc)
[U]Newely designed trigram moves:[/U]
[I][U]Eight trigrams numbing palm-[/U][/I] sends chakra into heavily nerved areas (like the spine) to make a body part such as an arm or leg to become numb and useless.
[U][I]Eight trigrams lethal palm-[/I][/U] Doesn't lock all chakra points but hits stategic points like the heart and lungs to deal serious damage like wise.

[B]Bio:[/B] He found out when he saw a flyer blowing around town. He decided to enter because his father made it to the last match in the last tournament. He will not hesitate to kill his opponant if victory hangs in the balance but if he can win without lethal force he won't kill for the heck of it.
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I'll give this a shot, but I do have a question about how long it will last... Surely you don't intend for a tournament to last as long as a full-length RP because I just don't have the time for that right now... But I'm willing to let mine die if I get too busy, (if that's the extreme you were looking for in [I]"losing"[/I]) I'm going to throw one out there.

[URL=http://img411.imageshack.us/my.php?image=untitled1lx4.jpg]Here's[/URL] a picture of him. (I'm not that great of an artist, so I'm going to provide an extended description.)

[B]Name:[/B] Hikaru Han (Left)

[B]Age:[/B] 19

[B]Appearance:[/B] Typical kimono-style top with protective underlining. Green Pants. Orange Scarf. Has guards over his forearms made of bamboo. His eyes are green and his hair is brown. wears a brown strap over his shoulder which harnesses his three summoning scrolls, and also bears the symbol of the village hidden in the rocks. He specializes in Taijutsu, but any other tecniques he knows of genjutsu or ninjutsu are extremely powerful.

[B]Rank:[/B] Jonin

[B]Kekkei Genkai or self-designed jutsu:[/B] (Keep in mind, none of these are self-designed except for the summon. These are just his most commonly used, but there are still the more simple and basic tecniques.)
[U]Twin Rising Dragons Tecnique:[/U] A variation on the normal Projectile Weapons summoning, this jutsu uses two of Hikaru's weapon scrolls to summon twice as many weapons. As a distraction, the scrolls emit a large smokescreen when activated, after which the scrolls shoot into the air concealed by two smoke dragons. The dragons circle around each other after reaching a certain height. Hikaru then jumps into the middle of the scrolls and summons all manner of weaponry to throw at his opponent. He can also use strings to lift and rethrow the weapons if he misses.
[U]Dance of the Crescent Moon:[/U] Typically a sword technique, Hikaru uses a bamboo staff in which he creates two clones that attack simultaneously to confuse the opponent.
[U]Ephemeral Vengeance:[/U] This jutsu uses a large amount of chakra to create four firefly-like chakra wings on Hikaru's back. For the duration of the jutsu, Hikaru can fly and even teleport. Its main purpose is to create a single, massive blast of chakra to kill an opponent with.
[U]Summoning: Earth Release - Keikuma (Panda Family):[/U] With this Jutsu, Hikaru uses his other summoning scroll to bring forth Kaikuma, a six foot tall panda bear clad in feudal samurai aromor and a katana. Kaikuma aids Hikaru in all aspects of battle and is able to grow an entire forest in mere seconds.
[U]Demonic Illusion: Tree Bind Death:[/U]With this jutsu, Hikaru can make himslef disappear, allowing him to approach his target unnoticed. Once completed, a tree and roots will grow at the target's feet and restrict their movements. Once the opponent believes that they are captured, Hikaru can then appear above their opponent from the tree's trunk and kill the target. In addition to the disappearing and tree-growing effects of the jutsu, Hikaru can produce flowers, seedpods, vines, and multiple trees.
[U]Temple of Nirvana Tecnique:[/U] This jutsu causes everyone within a specific area to fall into a deep sleep. From the target's point of view, it seems as if feathers are falling from the sky, which serves as a distraction to allow the jutsu to take effect.
[B]TAIJUTSU[/B] (Too much of a pain to describe each one. Descriptions will come in the story when Hikaru uses them)
Achiever of Nirvana Fist
Strong Fist
Weapon: Circular Battle Attack
Leaf Great Whilrwind
Shadow of the Dancing Leaf
Lion Combo
Peregrine Falcon Drop
Dynamic Entry
Leaf Ferris Wheel

[B]Bio:[/B] After becoming a Jonin, Hikaru became the personal body guard to the Tsuchikage. One day, the kage prescribed him to attempt the Sannin tournament. He didn't believe that Hikaru had much of a chance, but as a final task to complete before becoming the next Tsuchikage, the reluctant Hikaru joined the tournament at his master's request.
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[B]Name:[/B]Coda Inuzuka, he always has his white wolf Bainco with him
[B]age:[/B] 17
[B]appearence:[/B] [URL=http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/49017959/?qo=5&q=kiba&qh=boost%3Apopular+age_sigma%3A24h+age_scale%3A5]Coda[/URL]
[B]rank:[/B] jounin
[B]kekkei genkai or self-designed jutsu:[/B] These aren't self made but he does and probably will use them.
-Four Legs Technique
-Piercing Fang
-Beast Human Clone (man beast clone)
-Double Piercing Fang (with Bainco) (fang over fang)
-Man Beast Combination Transformation: Double-Headed Wolf (with Bainco)
-Double Wolf Fang (with Bainco)
Unlike his relitive Kiba, Coda simply uses a scented smoke bomb to mark targets, this also allows for a surprise attack when preforming the wolf trainsformation attack.

[B]bio:[/B] Always looking for a something to do as well as a good fight Coda entered the tournament for fun and excitment.
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Name: asignar

age: 17

appearence: attached below

rank: jounin

kekkei genkai or self-designed jutsu:
mist clone: clone made out of mist, it can make physical attacks and can reform.

clone asortment: works like shadow clone but can choose each and every clone you summon.

bio: found a flyer on a nearby window and decided to test his luck
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Guest Amber Dragon
Name: Lafiel Anyaine
Appaerence: Attached below
Rank:Rogue Anbu black ops
Jutsu: Control over fire. (uses fire as a weapon and a sheild)
Special Jutsu: kekkei genkai or trans formation trait passed down threw her family.
She has the ability to trans form into a mix between human and dragon.
Weapons: long sword and claw daggers.

Heard about the tournement by her previous sensei.
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