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As time moves forward and technology becomes more advanced, so does the battlefields of the era. In these endless struggles were born the new soldiers of tomorrow. Androids.

The year is 2112. The military developed it's first corp of full automated combat androids, commonly known as Shields, almost 50 years ago. Simplistic and purely mission driven. They showed not only greater levels of strength and speed, but far more dedication then could ever be found in a human. They existed purely to accomplish the mission.

But, as I said earlier, as time moves on, so must technology and military technology is no exception. After 20 years of being purely for military use, the first Shield unit hit the police force. This however presented issues. The job of police officers was far more sensitive then those of there soilder counterparts. This required them to deal with civilians and be not only reseptive, but understanding of victims.

This necessity lead to the addition of the first E system. This allowed them to show, almost frighteningly so, human like emotion. They became able to sympathize in there dealings with the victims of crime, as well as learn limits in dealing with perps. This was veiwed as a major technological advancement and was hailed as the sign of a new era. They had no idea how right they were.

As the years continued on the line between humans and Shields began to blur, and many people began to feel that it was wrong to lend this level of intellect to machines. Despite many protests, these highly advanced machines continued being produced, new models always in developement. They were becoming more and more common in dangerous jobs, phasing humans out of the equation slowly. This too met with opposition, but once again, this did little to stop there developement.

No matter how human they appeared, people had no problem using and abusing them. They were veiwed by many as simple machines, like microwaves. And were considered just as disposable. No matter how human they could act or even physically appear, they were easy enough to spot. All Shields were manufactured with a mark on the back of there right hands. A mark of a circle with a heart and slash through the middle. The mark of the forbidden heart.

Like any good weapon, if you can use it, you can exploit it. Only shortly after they hit the police force, they also joined the terroist organizations of the world. Black market Shields became a new and dangerous threats. To counter this developement, the government formed a new organization dedicated to two seperate goals. One, stopping and preventing Shield related crimes. Two, liberating and protecting exploited Shields. This group was called the Save Shields Company, The S2C.

This is the story of this select group charged with protecting humans and shields alike. Protecting them from each other.

Sign Up:


Race: Human or Sheild

Age: Humans
Manufactured: Sheilds

Gender: Yes, Sheilds also come in gender specific identities, but they lack "Definition". They're not that Human.

Appearance: Remember, Sheilds physically appear human. Sheilds also tend to be extremely heavy.


Bio: What brought you to the S2C. Is it personal or is it simply the desire to serve.

My Sign Up:

[B]Name: [/B] Richard "Ricky" Krisen

[B]Race:[/B] Sheild

[B]Manufactured:[/B] May 15, 2099

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c384/GeneOutlaw/Trenchcoat.jpg][U]Richard[/U].[/URL] He's about 5'9 and weights 350 lbs.

[B]Personality:[/B] He's bit simple minded. He tends to act without thinking, but this also tend to make him fearless. He's proud of what he is and doesn't hide it. While he is charged to protect humans the same as his fellow sheilds, he has quite a distaste for them. He has an unshakeable bravado about him. He doesn't back down from anyone, for anyone. He's loyal and trustworthy, just not that reliable. He's painfully honest and far from tactful.

[B]Bio:[/B] Richard was first produced to serve in the Marine corp as a emergency technician, or in other words a sheild medic. After 3 years he was redeployed with the LAPD, in the US. After 5 years there he joined the then, fledgling S2C. He had no particular reason for joining other then it being another enforcement job. He just enjoys the dangerous jobs like these ones.

He had grown bored of protecting humans on the streets, since so many of them hated him just for being a sheild, so it made little difference to him what he was doing. He had no real friends, only comrades. And he liked it that way. People die in his line of work, better to not develope any emotional investments in them. Otherwise you end up all broken up when they finally get killed. That's the way he saw it anyway.
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Name: Regi Wakashika

Race: Shield

Age: Manufactured November 1st, 2095

Gender: Male

Appearance: 5'7'' and about 320 pounds. Body looks young for undercover missions.

Peronality: Loyal to his superiors. Regi will follows orders to the letter. He cares less for the well beings of others, except for his commrades. His mind has a unique perception, he always wants to fight. Usually endng situations in an all out brawl, even when it's not needed.

Bio: Transfered to the LAPD after serving three years with the NYPD. An, incident involving a hacker and several human and shield hostages, forced the brass to transfer him. The exact cause is still unknown, even to Regi. Regi was produced specifically for police use. He has a flaw. His constant need for fighting puts him in bad situations with the Police Brass. His small body makes him perfect for undercover patrol. Civilians and terrorists usually never suspect one so short to be a S2C agent.
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[color=DarkGreen][B]Starwind[/B], you need some serious work on your grammar.

I believe the word you're looking for, instead of "Shelid" or "Sheild", is actually [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/Shield]Shield[/url], am I right? Your text is riddled with similar typoes and miswritings ("soilder" instead of "soldier", "neccestiy" instead of "necessity", "fazing" instead of "phasing" etc.). I really hope you pay attention to these in the future, because mistakes like that fall more into the category of laziness than pure ignorance.

Also, doing some reading (outside internet message boards) helps you to remember the correct form of words, and if novels don't attract you, then immerse yourself into the world of quality comics, for example.

The reason why I'm giving this lecture to you (and to those countless of other people with similar issues in writing) is that it hasn't ceased to amaze me how I, who started studying English in the 3rd grade and have rarely spoken it aloud, can actually write it much better than such a large part of people who have spoken it their entire lives. Maybe it's because of the difference in the level of education, maybe it's something else, but as a moderator of these boards, I feel it's my duty to bring this up here.

Thanks for reading, and [I]mind your language[/I]! ;D

- Sandy[/color]
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