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[color=red]i have a few suggestions.

theme to tenjou tenge. bomb a head i think it's called.
theme to love hina.
theme to steel angel kurumi.
fighting dreamers from naruto.
ready steady go from full metal alchmist.

thats about all i can think of off hangd.[/color]
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[COLOR=DarkOrange]1. [B]Hare Hare Yukai[/B]. You can NEVER go wrong with that.
2. [B]Heart of Sword[/B]. Classic, simply classic.
3. [B]Shukuteki Kenzan[/B]. One of the rare [B]Kenshin [/B] songs. Best anime track EVAR.
4. [B]Moetekke! Seifuku[/B]. Best song of the season of course.
5. [B]Cruel Angel Thesis[/B]. Classic, simply classic.
6. [B]Uninstall[/B]. Theme song to [B]Bokurano[/B]. Cool track.
7. [B]Soultaker[/B]. The [B]soultaker [/B] song is my GOD.
8. [B]HOWLING[/B]. From [B]Darker Than Black[/B]. Simply amazing. Could make a perfect black metal song.
9. [B]the Humanoid Typhoon[/B]. Classic, simply classic.
10. [B]Sketch Switch[/B]. Super adorable opener to [B]Hidamari Sketch[/B].
11. [B]Shout it Loud [/B] - I've always loved the opening to [B]Jing: King of bandits[/B].

Need more?[/COLOR]
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