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What does love feel like? (long rant lol)


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[COLOR=Green][FONT=Garamond]Well what a lot of people are saying here is basically true. Obviously you like her, you like her a lot. Only you can know if it's love though. From personal experience I can say that no matter how much you try yo force yourself to LOVE or actually BE IN LOVE with someone, it's impossible. You can still have strong feelings for someone, but not actually be in love with them and it also may be infatuation. The point is only you can tell of its love or not and the only way to really be able to know that is based upon your own past experiences. You'll know when its just like or the fact that shes hot or sweet, and then you'll really know when your in love because it feels different or maybe your heart rate picks up every time you see her. Basically stuff like that. Only you can know if your actually in love or not.

If she just broke up with her ex 4 months ago then yes she is going to need space, but being a girl myself I can help you a little bit. If she really cared for the guy like you said and shes hurt because he used her, then shes going to want to talk to someone and vent her anger and fustration. Talk to her and let her talk...actually once she gets into the topic let her do most of the talking and you just listen. Now I know this part really sucks for you especially since you like her so much and you don't want to really hear about her idiot ex-bf, but she will recognize and appreciate that you were there to listen to her. This would be a step 1 into her door and life.

The next thing to do is to casually (and I mean casually) request making a GROUP hang out day. Because she just got out of a bad relationship shes not going to feel safe or maybe even up to doing a solo with you 'cause she won't know if it really is a date or just hanging out or whatever and then she might back off and get scared. Request a group date and she'll be all for it. DO NOT go to the movies. Go some place that you guys can all talk and laugh...bowling, carnival, miniature golf, etc. This will make her comfortable 'cause she'll have her friends around and will make you comfortable at the same time. This would be a good oportunity to ask her questions about herself that you didn't know and would be interested in knowing. Basically getting to know each other better. After this she will also feel more confortable about just hanging with you alone in the future.

The last thing is to finally ask her on a date (just the two of you). You can talk about whatever you like and let her know your true feelings (BUT if you are in love with her don't tell her here 'cause its too soon for her to know and she can't respond to you) Ask her somewhere within the date if she would be willing to give a relationship between the two of you a chance and give her an ultimatum. You want a yes or no answer directly (even if it hurts sorry). If she says she needs time to think about it GIVE her the time. Say "OK no problem". Then if she doesn't approach you and answer within 3 days you have the right to ask her again and she HAS TO give you an answer then. If she refuses to then like someone else had already said shes leading you on. By this point she may not even be worth your time and emotions anymore.

*NOW REMEMBER this is not all in the space of 2-3days or even a few days for that matter. This is all takes time...trust me i know this sucks more than anything...but if you really care about her as much as you say and shes really worth it to you then you need to give her the time to be angry, heal, and then trust you which will eventually lead to hopefully giving a relationship with you a chance*

I'm not sure exactly how you feel, but if she does happen to say no it will hurt and you will cry, but if you care about her as much as you say do and you really just loving be around her or with her then after she says no request to stay close friends and see what she says. If shes not in love with you but does like you or feel strongly for you she may want to stay friends with you too. Maybe you'll even learn or realize later that you were just infatuated with her and actually not in love. Who knows but I wish you all the luck and if you just give her some time and a shoulder to lean on for the moment I think you'll be ok.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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