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Request Esper Jam! Sig-banner request


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[COLOR=Magenta]I'm looking for a banner (for my sig) for my new RP [B]Esper Jam! [/B] The key here is the color pink, since it's the trademark color of the rp. I want it to be nifty and cool and have lots of pink and white. Naturally, the words Esper Jam! have to be prominant on it somewhere. The word esper should be more serious looking while Jam! should look goofy and fun. Also, I'd like to get [url=http://s147.photobucket.com/albums/r311/renagades187/?action=view¤t=kyon.jpg]this guy[/url] on there somewhere (his name is Kyon) and he must look bored or agitated (not hard to find, he always looks that way XD) I'd prefer it not exceed 100X350.[/COLOR]
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Alright, DB. :animesigh
This is the first time, I've ever filled a request, so forgive me.
I made sure pink was the prominent color, but I added some other colors as well. (After all, there are only so many shades of pink before it all starts looking the same... Or hurting your eyes)
Also, I wasn't sure if you wanted me to give your character's name, (wasn't it Joe Deadrien or something) so I just left it out...

I hope this is okay since it was done on short notice. Anything can be changed easily so just let me know.
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[QUOTE=SunfallE][COLOR=goldenrod]Well because they say choice is a good thing....Here's another one for you DB.

[IMG]http://img505.imageshack.us/img505/7905/dbva4.png[/IMG] [/COLOR][/QUOTE]

[COLOR=Magenta]damn, that one kicks *** as well! Okay, I'll alternate between them for the duration of the rp. It seems like it'll be pretty long anyhow, assuming I get some good sign ups *winkwinknudgenudgepointSunfallEandDarrentowardsignup*[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Magenta]Oi! In the spirit of keeping in line with my increadibly freaky persona and the hilarity that ensues in every underground of any of my rps, I'm looking for another idea to incorporate into this. The can add it to one of the already made banners here, or if you want, it could be a new one, possibly with Kyon looking more stern - whatever you choose, i'd like it it had in quotation marks somewhere...

"Everyone must be gay!!!"

It's not the truth (necessarily >_> <_<) but I think it would be hilarious XD[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=goldenrod]Wow, I can't believe I missed this request... Especially since I love pink! Still if you don't like these banners I won't be offended. :p




Considering the type of RPG you're running. I figured that different expressions for different points in the story would be ideal. ^_~ [/COLOR]
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