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Sign Up Naruto: Shadows of konoha [PG-LV]


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'Whats going to happen once im put on a team?I wont be able to see sensei any more' Ame thought to herself, sighing. 'Then what?Without sensei im lost' she thought. Suddenely Iruka's voice peirced her thoughts. "Tomorrow you will all be assigned to a team of three genin and one jounin. When you get here tomorrow i expect to see you ready to be placed on a team. Dismissed" Iruka said. As Ame gathered her things she realized being on a team meant she had to either make friends with them and help them or at least be sociable and help when they got into battles, neither at which she was good at.

As she went out the door she thought she saw a familiar face. Then it disapeared discouraging her. When she got home she put her things down and went out to train. When she got to the training grounds she saw her sensei there. "Sensei!" She cried out running towards her sensei. "Ame!How ya been?I heard your being put on a team tomorrow!The big day has finally come huh?" Nami, Ame's sensei, said. "I guess....." Ame said quietly. "Hey whats wrong?" Nami asked. "Sensei im scared! First of all your my sensei and second of all what happens if the team im on has to him? Then what?" Ame asked. "Just remember what i taught you" Nami said simply.

The next day came and just as Iruka was about to place the students on teams of three and a sensei, Ame looked out the window to see him. "Its him! Its Shiriku!" She whispered. "Ame? Would you like to share something with us?" Iruka said,placing his clipboard down. "I just saw.....Shiriku outside wandering in the darkness of the woods......." She said, wondering how she saw him. "Well I'll go look Miss Itiniko" Iruka said, walking towards the door. 15 minutes passed before Ame saw Iruka being dragged through the woods. "No! Iruka's being dragged through the woods!" She shouted to the class, worried. Nami came flying through the door. "Iruka's been captured by Shiriku who was appearently sent by my sister, Sayoko" She told the class. "Im to put you on your teams and your to begin training IMEDIATELY!" She said banging her fist on the desk.

Ok here's a little background info on the new villians:

Shiriku- A new villian employed by sayoko. He is known by him because he is a ruthless villian who kills without second thought. Nobody knows much about him except a few who encountered him in the forest and lived to tell the tale. Though his entire village was slaughtered by his father who in the end ended up killing himself, Shiriku has managed to survive the attack with only a scar on his eye.He has a scar across his back from his first battle with Nami Irazuka, knowing nothing about her, he tried to use his new feild of knowledge without first realizing she knew as well. She manage to slash him across the back before he retreated into the forest. He is also the youngest villian around being only 14 and having already killed over 2000 people under the employment of sayoko. Though nothing else is known about him.

Sayoko- Nami's older sister. She was in Shiriku's village when the attack happened. She also was the one who had employed his father, though she never expected for his father to go crazy. She then took Shiriku in, training him in a new feild of knowledge. One that only the Irazuka family knew and used. She employed him when he was 8 and wiped his memory of his father's dying face. Otherwise not much else i known except that she mysteriously vanished when she was 6 and has now reappeared to have her revenge on Nami for something only known by the sister's.
Here's the rules:
1)Some powerplaying is ok but only with the permission of the person who created the character(s)
2)No godmodding
3)This is the most important rule:Have FUN
4)When battling another character, you only win with the permission of the person who's playing the character
Here's the sign up sheet:

Special jutsu's or attacks-
Appearance(pic or detailed description)-
Bio(at least 1-2 paragraphs long)-

I'll post mine after a few people sign-up

Anyone wanting to be Shiriku or Sayoko please pm with a reason
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[color=Green]Hey, monipo, you forgot the rating from the title (again).

I took the liberty of putting [PG-LV] there, but if it doesn't fit your idea for the game, PM me the rating you want.

That's all,

- Sandy

PS. It's spelled "villain", not "villian".[/color]
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hello! wanna join if that's ok,(first time on otakuboards) anywho! here's my character

name: meero michi


personality:she's like gaara almost, solitary, moody, doesn't care, kill anyone she thinks is annoying(she won't kill people you tell me not to kill), but! if you truley are nice to her and don't annoy her, she's really nice and you can have nice conversations


special jutsu:time freeze(you'll see why)

Appearance-picture reference(not my picture, a request i made)

she has no right arm, most of her time is spent training taijutsu, she's blind in her right eye so she keeps it covered, she has rown hair, and brown cat ears and tail. she carries a giant hourglass,(like gaara and his gourd) and she can freeze time with it to make easy escapes(she rarely uses it though), when she wants she can shrink the hourglass to a keychain and just connect it to a loop on her pants, she also has big brown cat paws for feet.

Weapons: kunia(sp?), hourglass,
anything you can use with taijutsu.

she started off in a normal family(except for cat features on every member) her family was killed by an unknown group of ninjas when she was 5, she spent her life alone but, she did have a team, her team, sensei and all was killed when she was 15, she now lives her life alone, but with a few close friends. she spends her time either walking around with a fake smile helping others, or at night on the roof of her home contimplating why she even tries to keep living her life normaly.

when we start? i wanna start now!
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Here is my character:

Name: Tetra

Age: 13

Personality: Usually gentle, refuses to attack unless provoked.

Background: She is Orochimaru's only child. She rarely fights, but knows many jutsus. She can manipulate air currents and sound waves.

Looks: Black hair, Orochimaru's eye color, and is 5" 1'.

Rank: Genin

Weapons/Jutsus: Orochimaru's forbidden jutsu, Chidori,Shadow clone, 5 shuriken, 5 kunai.

Bio: She was trained alone by Itachi. Her best friend is Kisame. She can calm anyone. She has a crush on Kakashi, but he doesn't take her seriously. She hates Jiraya. She is watched over by Kabuto. With her around, the Akatsuki are as tame as kittens. She is from the hidden sound village.

If I forgot something, let me know!

[B]Edit:[/B] Sooo.... when is the RPG gonna start?

[SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkGreen]Please do not double post, but use the edit button instead. Thanks!
- Sandy[/COLOR][/SIZE]

Thanks for letting me know! I'm new and also getting used to things.

[B]Edit #2:[/B] Sorry about any confusion I may have caused. Sometimes I'm just a bundle of mayhem! ^_^

Anyways, I think we should start role playing soon! I'm getting real anxious! I just LOVE role playing! ^_^


[SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkGreen]And you did it again. [I]Please[/I] use the edit button if there isn't another user's post after your previous one. Double posting is against our rules, which you should read extra carefully.
- Sandy[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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Name- Ashrah Mei

Age- 17

Personality- Ash is a very honorable, live by the code kind of girl. She does everything by the book, and never disagrees with ranks above her, unless she is absolutely certain she's right.

Special jutsu's or attacks-

Rain of fire jutsu- A specail fire jutsu that rains fire from the sky in a certain area, that the wielder chooses, as long as it is in a two mile ratius of the wielder.

Blood rain- A secret technique that can only be used when wielding her Kitana. The wielder becomes possesed by an ancient spirit from whom the sword originally belonged to. Then the wielder uses a string of lightning fast attacks to slay the wielders apponent.

Appearance(pic or detailed description)-[URL=http://i44.photobucket.com/albums/f24/Gacktsgurl08/Anime/FemaleFireSwordsman.jpg]Ashrah[/URL]

Weapons- Two Sai's and an ancestrial kitana.

Rank- Genin

Bio(at least 1-2 paragraphs long)-

Ashrah was born in the Mist village, and was an orphan by the time she was five. Her parents were killed in action and she was sent to live with her uncle in the leaf village.

After she moved to the village her life seemed to become normal again. She made lots of new friends in the village, and her uncle was great. He was very strict and bound to rules, but he was very nice and loving. He lost his sight years ago, and needed help every once in a while, so when Ashrah was ten, he married a young women named Mai Linn.

Mai taught Ashrah the basics of fighting and how to use shurikan and kunai. Han( her uncle) taught her how to greet and respect her elders and when she was ready, he sent her to school.

School was easy enough for her, and she passed easily. She met her sensai and and made friends with her team. They trained and passed the chounin exams, with the loss of on e of her teamates, as the reward. She took it hard, but had to move on. Once she passed the exams, Han gave her a Kitana was passed down to to the ninjas of her family for generations. It had strange marking along the base of the sword, that would glow when touched with blood. She found it fascinating and sarted to research the swords markings.

One night while researching in the library she sliced her finger on the sword and the markings started to glow red. Afterward she felt a burning on her neck and then she passed out. When she awoke she looked in the mirror and found the same mark on her neck.

Now, whenever she uses her sword she blacks out, and doesn't remember what happens, but the last time she used it, all of her enemies ended up diced to pieces. So, now she only uses it when she has to.
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great!everybodies in!Now for my sign up

Name-Ame Itiniko
Personality-Shy and withdrawn. Isnt good at talking and sometimes cold. When she fight's its like she a total other person. She is confident and brave when fighting but otherwise she isnt all that brave
Special jutsu's/attacks-
Hidden Sound Wave-Hides in the tree's as the user shouts this out and sends sound waves from their hands.

Dragons Flame no jutsu- Gets engulfed in flames. Then absorbs the flames and lets it out as something resembling a dragons flame.

Rein of blood- The user weilds a sword that was once weilded by their ancestor's and goes into a trance like state. They are then enabled to slash down any opponent that might face them. But using this attack takes alot of energy from the user
Appearance(pic or detailed description)-[URL=http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f151/Aki_Hakkai_/Anime%20Ninja/anime_ninja_fav1.jpg]Ame[/URL]
Weapons-2 swords,a kunai and a dagger.1 sword is called dragonfang and the other is called bloodrein
Bio(at least 1-2 paragraphs long)- Almost everything about her past is unknown,even by her. What little stuff is known about her helps people understand her better. She was abandoned when she was three months old and her parents dissapeared 6 months after. Thats all thats known about her past. Ame came up with Rein of Blood after she was severly wounded after trying to fight off a stronger opponent. After using this attack she fainted from loss of energy and now she only uses it if its absolutely neccesary.

Name-Nami Irazuka
Personality-Kind caring and friendly. Often she gets impaitent and can be cold sometimes but altogether she's a great person to be around
Special jutsu's or attacks-(nami taught ame hidden sound wave jutsu and dragons flame no jutsu)
Hidden Sound Wave-Hides in the tree's as the user shouts this out and sends sound waves from their hands.

Dragons Flame no jutsu- Gets engulfed in flames. Then absorbs the flames and lets it out as something resembling a dragons flame.
Appearance(pic or detailed description)-[URL=http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f151/Aki_Hakkai_/Anime%20Ninja/anime_girl_fav222.jpg]Nami[/URL]
Weapons-The sword on her waist from the pic
Bio(at least 1-2 paragraphs long)-When she was a child she had been known as the child prodigy. She was a jounin at the age of 6 because of being able to surpass everyone. Although she does fall in battle sometimes she is still being offered to be hokage. Being able to surpass the sharingan in the past has built her a status. When she was 3 she lost all she ever loved. Also she was first offered the position of hokage at the age of 8. And is still being offered that same position from time to time.
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