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Anime Air Gear

miss april

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I only just watch this in cable TV, but it was released locally in free cable (I just hated local translations, for sometime!).

It really reminds me of X-Games on TV. The technology and sports are combined in this series. Roller blades were becoming very amazing in this series because you might see those young guys having tricks on their own.

All I can say, it's really different from the real life extreme sports. This had become more extreme, it can really skate on walls or even fly! But the only thing I hated in this series is the main character's hair, spikes!

[spoiler]Not to mention the rating: PG, some scenes may be censored: the crow in some sensitive parts of the body, nakedness of both Ikki & Simca.[/spoiler]
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[COLOR="DarkRed"]I've seen like three episodes of this. Even though it is not my favorite, I would watch it if I have nothing better to do.

You are probably watching a censored version because if I remember right, the show had a lot of language. [/COLOR]
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