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  1. I've only seen the first 2 episodes i think.It's pretty interesting. I haven't seen as many animes that are like this one. And yes you are most likely watching a censored version
  2. There is such thing as a question an answer.There are hundreds in fact.
  3. I just had a new one.And I still ain't very pleased with it.Why can't I get a romance one every once and a while.Without me attaking someone. It was BLEACH this time. I was walking with Rukia when all of a sudden Ichigo came flying through the forest at about 100 mph. So Rukia and I followed him and asked what was wrong.Turns out he was being attaked by this massive hollow that just came up out of the ground and tried to eat him.And then while we were seeing if he was ok the hollow popped up below us and scared me whike trying to et me.Of course by then I was behind him with my twin blades.I don't know how the heck I got them instead of a sword.After trying to fight this hollow for a while I finally realized that it was useless and that the 3 of us couldn't defeat him on our own.And Uryu came.I think thats how you spell his name.The one with the bow and arrow.SO he came up to me and told us that we needed to combine our strength to defeat it.And turns out he was right.I was upset cause he was right but I don't know why.And then I passed out cause of lack of energy.SO he gave me his energy through a kiss.Of course when I woke up I wanted to slap him cause I didn't need that much.But I let it slide.Bu then he said maybe now I can kiss him back.SO after the breif romance I woke up.
  4. 1. Fullmetal Alchemist- I love all the action.PLus it doesn't bore me to death like a lot of others. 2. BLEACH-Well the fact that it's got all those creepy things in it is one reason.It's pretty funny to see Rukia get mad at Ichigo. 3. Fooly Cooly-It's just stupid! 4. Negima-I like the fact that it has magic and stuff. 5. Naruto-As I said about my first choice I like all the action.Yes at times it can seem pretty stupid but it's pretty awesome. And those are my top 5 anime.
  5. I would probably want to live beyond. The future has always seemed a little more inviting than the old ages like the rennaisance. I think i spelled that right. If I had to choose besides that I would maybe the 70's.
  6. In Efferia, there was a race-the Yason-that closely resembled humans. Though not narrow-minded, they were not prepared to welcome these new settlers with open arms. The Yason and the humans maintained a respectable distance from each other, and went on with their daily lives. Though as time passed, they began to intermingle. However, the human population expanded rapidly, and marginalized the Yason. The Yason's hatred for humans grew until war finally erupted. Initially, the humans had the advantage because of their experience with war. But, before long, the physically superior Yason had turned the tables. After 30 years of fighting, the possibility for a peaceful resolution had vanished. Calintz, the leader of a small, elite mercenary unit, the "Tears of Blood," took up arms to avenge the destruction of his home. In a raid on Yason's base in an attempt to end the war, Calintz ran into Reith, who had lost her memory. Could this chance encounter somehow change the future for Efferia? If you were looking for the description of the game this is the best one I could find :catgirl: . Now I'm pretty sure this thread will be deleted. I hope your question has been answered.
  7. Wow. These are very good. Your very talented. Now I shall tell you what I think. 1. I like this Inuyasha pic.It looks like he's so calm for once.I saw something in the picture that looked a little faded out. 2. It's just like the first one but I can see it better.I like it a little better than the first one because you can see more of Inuyasha since it's lighter paper. 3. I don't see many drawings of Disney characters anymore.So I was pretty surprised. I like the way You have Simba's ears. But it still looks like something is a little faded out. That may just be the computer or something. Maybe you should put it on lighter paper. Besides those comments I like all your drawings.Plus you draw them just like the regular characters and that's something I like about them.
  8. I have the game.But I haven't played it much.It's pretty hard.Which did you choose?Red or White rose deulist?I forgot which one I chose.But the game is pretty difficul.Even on the first level.
  9. [quote name='gee-man']Yeah actually. I arleady kinda have. I've been working on this project for quite a while. I mean, I'm gonna kinda do it like Megatokyo and make it up as I go along, but I've been working on the story and characters for about 6-7 monthes now.[/quote] Oh.I thought you had just started like a few days ago.Some people do that and so I just guessed.But if I can help with the story anymore just tell me and I'd be happy to.
  10. Well.It did sound like a comedy from your first post.If it was serious that would make it a whole different thing.And then it wouldn't be as funny.Or maybe i just think that. At the current time i can't think of more suggestions.Surprising isn't it.But now i take that back Cause i just thought of some character designs.But then it's like I"m taking the story into my own hands.If you've already come up with the character designs just tell me.
  11. Now that you've changed the rules I'll try this again.I think it's true that you speak fluent Irish.Would you climb Mount Vesuvius?Maybe that's just me or something :animesmil
  12. Um.....I don't think i would send a serial killer to jail with a gun.But now that i think about it It would be cool to send him with the gun just to see the action.That would be extremely cool.Now let's get back to the topic. I think that maybe since they're being punished that once they're put back on the earth the demon starts threatening the angel and trys to attack it but when he does he sees that he can no longer use his powers.And he keeps trying until he finally gives up.Then he blames it on the angel or something along those lines.I hope I'm not changing anything.Tell me if i am.
  13. Your welcome.Just wanted to make sure i wasn't changing it.And yes.It does make their lives more complicated.I would think the demon to take advantage of the angel.It makes it even more complicated since you told me their both guys.I don't mean complicated in the since of the word confusing me.I mean it in the sense of the word being it makes it more interesting than it already is.
  14. Well..I have a question.Are they girls.guys.or 1 is a girl and the other is a guy? I think that's a pretty good plot for the story.I haven't really heard before so taht makes it even better.Now i have maybe a good suggestion.Possibly not.I thought that it would be pretty cool if they couldn't leave each other sight or can't leave each other for more than 5 or 10 minutes.Therefore making there lives worse than they already are at the moment.Maybe i'm changing the whole thing.If you think i am ignore everything i just said.But I think that your story is gonna be awesome. :D
  15. yes i have dreamed anime.But a lot of the times it was one that made me feel bad.THe main one I'm talking about had to do with Fullmetal Alchemist.I was walking with Ed and Al when Envy jumped up in front of us.Ed started cussing him out and after he finished Envy was staring at me.He told me taht the mission was eover and that i could rejion him.Ed didn't know what he was talking about and asked me what he meant.But i ended up attaking him before he finished.TUrns out i was just pretending to be friends wiht him but i wasn't a homunculus.SO then after he was still unconcious ENvy said good job and went away.But I had gotten so close to Ed that i fell to the ground and started crying.He woke up and forgave me and but i still felt so terrible that I had hurt him like that.SO yes.Maybe now you see why it made me feel bad.
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