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Sign Up In Transition [M-LVS]


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This is the story of a simple little port town. There is endless water on the south east and west sides, and a seemingly endless forest to the north, all drenched in a thick fog. Where is this town? It's hard to say. Ask those who live there and they'll tell you they don't remember how they got here, or even when. But despite this they seem content on there lives. In this town there are oblivious to the rest of the world. It's as if nothing exists beyond the town and the stories of war, violence, corruption, and destruction on the outside are nothing more then just that, stories.

This town has no police, no hospitals and no established government, but everything seems to run so smoothly. People neither die, nor are born here. They simply disappear without a trace, and just as suddenly replaced by a new face, without a single question. It's almost like paradise. But something seems hollow about it. No one can seem to shake that feeling. No one makes them do what they do, or even stay in this little town, but the people feel bound to it. Like a baby whose umbilical cord has yet to be cut. Like there drawing something from the very town itself.

Everyone here remembers where they lived before and what they were doing up until there very first memories of this town. Then everything around there time coming here is little more then a haze. It's as if the fog around the town itself has infected there minds.


My name is Alex Miles, I just a simple carpenter. Our story begins, as many due, with an average meeting between two friends. I was sitting in old Antonio?s tavern, where I met with my old pal Kyle almost everyday for as long as I could remember, which is quite a while. I had lost count of the years now. I sat on the same bar stool I had been sitting at all these years, sipping at the same dull brand of beer I got every day, watching whatever boring sports game, news telecast, or lame sitcom happened to be on the TV. It was just the way things were. It hadn't gotten me killed and I was able to work and live simply. Why mess with a working system, right?

But today something was different. I sat at that same bar stoll for hours. Till the bar closed, but Kyle never came. I was only mildly disappointed at the time, but that was all. I didn't give it much more thought and simply returned home.

However when the next day came I found that not only did Kyle never arrive, but that his bar stool had been filled by an unfamiliar face. In all my time in this place I had seen many faces come and go. As well as many new ones arrive, but for some reason this disturbed me. Who was this new person? Why was she in Kyle?s' bar stool? I was filled with not only confusion, but also a sense of outrage. [I]'Who gave her the right to take his place!'[/I] I thought. I was more then ready to cause a scene in the sleepy little tavern, but for some reason I couldn't bring myself to act on it. I simply sat in silence to the bar closed once more and returned home yet again.

When I woke the next morning I still felt both anger and confusion. I couldn't bring myself to go to work that day. Instead I went to the sea front on the west side of town and looked out into the void of white created by the fog. All I wanted was my friend back. I wanted by normality back. It was as if I expected the water to just spit him out. It was at this time that I remembered something Kyle had said once while they were doing this together many countless years ago. They were standing just like this, maybe even at this same spot and Kyle said [B]"I think I'll leave this place some day."[/B]

Turned to him a bit confused by the statement "What do you mean [I]'leave'[/I]?"

The idea of leaving had never even accured to me before. He may as had said "I'm going to live with wolves!" Kyle just smiled [B]"I think this place will eventually throw me out once I know where I'm going and what I want."[/B]

I Simply turned my head and asked [B]"Are you drunk or something?"[/B]

We both then proceeded to laugh at the whole experience and simply returned to life as normal the very next day. [I]'But why did I remember this just now?'[/I] I thought. And what did Kyle mean by it? He made it sound as though we were simply passing through. Like this place was just a rest point in the midst of a greater journey, or maybe just a transition in life.

Whatever it was I didn't like it anymore. I didn't like the idea of just going with the flow anymore. Maybe it was born from the void itself, but the idea of leaving leaped into my head. I wasn't going to wait to just disappear like Kyle. I was going to leave on my terms and that?s exactly what I want. But I couldn't do it alone. I couldn't brave the great waters or even the endless forest on nothing but a dream. Was this all I could do, dream. Simply wish I was able. No, there had to be others. Others who wanted to take back there lives from this town. Take back the truth and go forth to a world they weren't even sure existed.


You now have a story to work with. We'll be venturing into an unknown world where anything is possible, so let your imagination guide you on this one. Your character can be from anywhere and anytime in the last hundred years (trying to not get to far out of hand). Remember, No cops and the closest thing to a doctor here is a pharmacist. Since there are no cops, there is also no serious crimes here, so gang members either. The worst you get are pick pockets. Remember, this place is suppose to be like a seudo utopia.

Sign Up:

Name: Again, you can be of any origin or nationality you choose.


Age: Whatever age your character recalls before coming to the town.

Appearance: Again, any age or nationality is acceptable, whether it be a child or a senior citizen, but be prepared to take any limitations a character of young or advanced age will face.[ both pics and descriptions are acceptable]


Bio: You can talk about your characters life up until they arrived in the town. Remember though, don't know how or why they came, they were just kinda there one day. But this is a modern time frame it's set in, this isn't set in the past, though your characters maybe from the early 1900's.

My Sign Up:

[B]Name:[/B] Alex Miles

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Age:[/B] 23

[B]Appearance:[/B][URL=http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c384/GeneOutlaw/AlexMiles.jpg][U]Alex[/U].[/URL] He's about 5'9 and weights in at about 155 lbs. His appearance is often scraggily at best. He neglects to shave fairly regularly. It's a small miracle he remembers to wash himself daily. If it looks like he's slept in his clothes, it's probably because he has. Despite this, he does work rather hard so his hands are thick and calous and he actually his pretty fit, but most people have a hard seeing that beyond his rather raggity appearance.

[B]Personality:[/B] A simple man. Care free and happy. He enjoys routine and not having to worry about anything. Most would just call him lazy. Despite the fact of being a carpenter, he hates working with his hands. He loves to play chess and other games of strategy. He'd rather think than do, but it's not impossible to drive him to action.

Bio: Alex can't remember when he was born, but he does remember what kind of place it was. He remembers long golden fields of wheat for what seemed like miles. He remembers him, his mother, and three sisters working the fields all the time. His father had left. He said he was going to go be a hero and protect the innocent like Superman. This made Alex feel very proud to know his father was doing something so great. Alot of the children at his school also had there fathers going off to fight the "Great Evil".

Even though he was only a child at the time, the youngest in his family, he still felt as though he should step forward and be the man with his father gone. He had a big name to live up to. To bad he was to lazy to do it. He spent most of his time ducking out of work and hiding away in the barn to read his comics in peace.

One day when Alex was 10 a man in a green suit came to the door. He had a funny looking hat on and a lot of colorful ribbons on his chest. He had a letter in his hand and asked if he could see Alex's mother. He looked a bit sad. Alex ran to the kitchen to get his mother who was still cleaning up from breakfast. Alex took her by the hand and lead her to the door. As soon as she saw the man standing on the other side of the screen door, she fell to her knees and began crying. The man then set the letter just in front of the door and left without a further word. He looked as if he might start crying to.

Later that day Alex found out why they were crying. A week later he watched as more men dressed in green carried the large box that held his father. Everything else of his childhood seemed as though a haze, but that was one memory he couldn't shake. Those men in green.

When Alex was 20 his mother passed away from cancer. He and his sisters still lived and worked on the farm that belonged to their family. It was a simple life, but it felt like he was suppose to be there. But he couldn't help but dream about the worlds he had seen in those comic books he read as a child. Then one day he just woke up in an unfamiliar bed, in a town he had never known.
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