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Discuss SUCKIT Brigade Underground and Information Booth [M-LVS]


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[color=darkorange][CENTER][B]SUCKIT Brigade ~Evil Enterprising~[/B][/CENTER]

[B]SUCKIT Brigade Information[/B]:

[B]Secret Lair[/B]: The SUCKIT hideout is in a top secret location that no one knows about. It?s totally classified, so don?t go telling people where it is, or we?ll have to melt your brain with a death ray or something. Our base is underground beneath a volcano on an island off the coast of Fiji. The island is uncharted and out of the range of military satellites - plus it?s underground where they can?t see. The only way in or out of the facility is either through the mouth of the active volcano or through underwater passages. Naturally, the base is incredibly large and is staffed by hundreds of lackeys captured from the tribes of local islands and forced to work without pay.

[B]Weaponry[/B]: Every ranking henchman of the SUCKIT brigade is equipped with regulation standard weaponry. Each is given a laser pistol used to stun enemies as well as a beat-stick to clobber any intruders. Our resident mad scientist has created all sorts of devastating devices to ensnare the populations of the world such as giant robots and lasers to be manned by the highest ranked henchmen.

[B]The SUCopter[/B]: Naturally, it is important for evildoers to get around in style and deploy evil wherever they go. The SUCopter is a giant flying apparatus powered by 5 large rotating blades. The SUCopter can hold up to 20 henchmen at a time as well as whatever devices of evil are needed for the mission (that is, depending on weight of said evil devices.)

[B]The SUCKITrain[/B]: This 3-car train is used for transporting the larger evil devises and for importing and exporting resources to the base via vast underground circuits. When it is time for communication between other evil principalities, the train system is used.

[B]SUCKIT Enemies[/B]:

[B]The Umlaut Crime Syndicate[/B]: the Umlaut Syndicate that is highly present throughout Germany and the Netherlands has caused problems for the SUCKIT Brigade in the past. Competition for resources and enterprising has arisen between the two, and there have been some territorial battles between the factions. The Umlaut Syndicate does not have many allies anywhere in the world, so they don?t tend to arise as a problem too often.

[B]Dr. Vonstaughtenburgermeister[/B]: Dr. V is the leader of the Umlaut Syndicate and is a super genius said to have an IQ well over 300. He is an expert in weapons design and harbors a personal hatred towards pretty much everyone on earth. It is said he has an affinity for animals, though, and is married to a gorilla.

[B]Captain Righteous[/B]: A rather annoying superhero resident of the United States who has made an effort in stopping the SUCKIT Brigade many times when they operate in America, especially in big cities. The Captain was nearly destroyed once by one of SUCKIT?s ingenious plots, but he was saved in the nick of time by his sidekick Righteous Boy.

[B]SUCKIT Allies[/B]:

[B]The Great Samba[/B]: The Great Samba is the evil ruler of Mexico and has control over most black-market trading as well as much evil enterprising. He is an incredibly wise man with eyes everywhere.

[B]The Pelican[/B]: One of the most brutally inclined super villains in the world, the Pelican and his troupe have worked with the SUCKIT Brigade on numerous occasions in bringing down superheroes or when involved in government struggles. [/color]
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[COLOR="DarkOrange"]Just a few more things I'd like to add:

The SUCKIT Brigade, when you first join, is just getting things into swing. Our secret base, for example, wasn't some diabolical bit of ingenuity dreamed up by a resident evil architect; we found it accidentally when we had to travel to Fiji to pick up lost luggage. It was abandoned, so we enslaved the Natives and had them fix it up... which means it's not exactly in tip-top shape. Hah. We're a minor evil empire as of now, with a few contacts and some enemies, but things will grow quickly.

The way this RPG'll work is that it won't be particularily based on character development, but action almost constantly. Me and DB will assign you're characters various missions - sometimes in teams or solo, but always with a bunch of nameless underlings - and you're free to go about it any way you like. Make sure you provide as much opportunity for absurdist combat as possible.

Hopefully this lasts a long time - as the RP progresses me may introduce new Henchmen and kill off old ones as we see fit. If you don't post enough or you lose sight of what the RP is about, never forget we reserve the right the kill you're character when we see fit :P[/COLOR]
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