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Sign Up Card Capers [PG - Slight V, Possible L]


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[size=1]Thanks to Disenchanted for the Graphic ^^[/size][/center]

[color=navy][b][i]~In Japan~[/i][/b]

[size=1]A young girl with long, flowing chocolate brown hair sat at her desk, poised over a number of papers, notebooks and textbooks. She sighed and put down her mechanical pencil, rubbing her emerald eyes briefly. It was a Saturday afternoon and she was studying for a big exam on the upcoming Monday. The only thing was that her mind was preoccupied with other thoughts. Sakura sighed and leaned back, her head tilting backward. The matter that she had been deliberating was whether to get rid of the Clow/Sakura Cards. Her main reason to do so is because there wasn’t a need for them, and hadn’t been for 6 years, and she didn’t want someone to unknowingly release them again as she had so long ago.

She opened the drawer of her desk and removed the items in there. Sakura paused for a moment and picked up her phone, dialling Yukito. When he picked up she requested his presence at her house. He said he was leaving his house before she had even finished the phone call. The connection closed and Sakura pulled the false bottom out of the drawer to reveal a compartment with a lock. She reached into her shirt and removed the Star Key, hanging off a string of leather. She unlocked the compartment and pulled out the pink book, setting it on top of her desk. As she released the seal, Kero rose out of the cover.

[b]“Sakura? What’s going on? You didn’t release the Cards again did you?”[/b] the bear creature yawned.

[b]“Iie. I want to have a serious discussion with you and Yue about the Cards.”[/b]

The doorbell rang and Sakura ran downstairs to answer the door, letting Yukito in. The three of them were in her room together; Sakura sitting on the bed beside her desk, Yukito turned Yue sitting on the chair, and Kero on the desk.

[b]“What is it you wanted to discuss, Sakura?”[/b] Yue questioned.

She took a deep breath, [b]“I’m...thinking of getting rid of the Cards and the Book for good.”[/b]

Several hours passed of them discussing the matter at hand before the doorbell rang a second time. Sakura looked at them and nodded, signalling for them to hide somehow. She ran down and opened the door to see Himiko, her neighbour that she was close friends with.

[b]“Hey Himiko, what do yo-”[/b] she was abruptly interrupted by the phone ringing.

[b]“Sorry, go on up to my room, I just have to grab the phone.”[/b]

Himiko nodded and took the route to Sakura’s bedroom. She took a seat on the bed and looked around the room, seeing the mess of work on her desk, along with a curiously pink book.

She stood and stared at it, looking at the circular symbol on it along with Sakura’s name. There was a thought that it could be her diary since it had a lock type thing on it too. But the lock didn’t have a keyhole. She glanced around to see if Sakura was coming, and when she was sure she wasn’t Himiko put two fingers on the latch, surprised when it glowed lightly and jumped open to her touch. Still glancing around, she opened the book and was in awe of the well of tarot cards in the book. She was the type to be interested in tarot cards and such, but as she flipped through the cards, she realised that she’d never heard of any of them before.

[b]“The...Windy...?”[/b] she whispered, reading the top card.

Sakura entered the room to hear her mutter the name and realised what was about to happen.

[b]“NO!”[/b] she shouted, but it was too late. The same tornado started up, sending her work flying around the room as the Cards flickered, changing back to their original Clow form and disappearing through the walls, floor and ceiling.

When it died down, Himiko stood there, still holding The Windy.

[b]“I’m sorry...”[/b] her eyes were wide, not registering what had happened.

Kero and Yue flew in through the open window and Himiko jumped back in surprise.

[b]“I need to call, Syaoran.”[/b] Sakura rubbed her forehead. [b]“See? This is exactly why I wanted to get rid of them.”[/b]

[b]“Syaoran, Sakura desu...Sorry, not a social call...Hai, bad news...Uh huh...Aa...My neighbour...Mhm...I’ll send Kero over...Hai...Hai...Aa...Ja ne.” [/b]

The occupants of the room only heard Sakura’s half of the conversation and she didn’t bother explaining it to them.

[b]“Yue-san, I need you to fly to China and meet up with Syaoran.”[/b]

[b]“Aa, I’ll leave as soon as we’re done.”[/b] Yue nodded.

[b]“I’m going to be gathering a team of Card Captors here in Japan, and Syaoran will be doing the same in China. Kero-chan, you will act as the Guardian for my team, and Yue will aid the China team.”[/b] She turned to face the younger girl. [b]“Himiko, you’ll be leading the team here because you opened the book. Here.”[/b]

She pulled the leather string from her neck, the Star Key had reverted to its original Clow Key form. She pressed it into Himiko’s palm and curled her fingers around it tightly. A white glow emitted from her hand and when she uncurled her hands it had changed forms, looking like a small scythe with the key part at the bottom.[/color][/size]

[color=darkred][b][i]~In China~[/i][/b]

[size=1]Syaoran hung up the phone and sighed, running a hand through messy, chocolate brown locks, walking back into the room he had been in before the phone call. Meiling was still in her same position on the couch.

[b]“What is it?”[/b] she asked, noting his frown.

[b]“It was Sakura. Someone released the Clow Cards again.”[/b]

[b]“You’re not...-”[/b]

[b]“No, we’ll both be gathering teams to hunt. I need to go find Xing Yuan.”[/b]

[b]“Xing Yuan?”[/b]

[b]“I think she’ll be the best person to lead the team.”[/b] was the last thing he said, leaving.

After about half an hour of searching and talking to Yuan they were ready to move on.

As Syaoran was about to pass something to Yuan when he felt a tingle in his senses and he pushed Yuan out of the way as a bolt of lightning struck the exact spot she had been in. His eyes narrowed and with a flick of his right hand, his sword appeared. He swiftly fought the lightning and sealed the Card, revealing The Thunder. His sword disappeared as he turned to Yuan.

[b]“Here. I entrust you with this.”[/b] he told her, presenting his bauble charm that housed his sword during his Card Captoring days. A light shone from her hand and it had changed form. [b]“And this, you’ll need it.”[/b] He told her, handing over The Thunder.

[b]“...The Thunder...?”[/b] she whispered, not believing what had happened.[/color]

[center][b]“The Hunt begins...”[/b] Sakura and Syaoran spoke in unison.[/center]

I’m aware the story is quite long, but all of it is quite necessary in my opinion, but I may have gotten carried away ^^;; Anyway. This is my latest RP with some help from Disenchanted. In case you didn’t get it, this is a [b]Card Captor Sakura[/b] RP. It’s not really necessary to know a lot about the original anime, but you can contact me for info if you need help, though there’s plenty of stuff online.

The main things you need to know is that there are 4 spots available, not including Disenchanted and I. 2 from Japan with Himiko, and 2 from China with Yuan. If we don’t get a lot of sign ups then we’ll probably have to reduce the number.

I will be playing as Himiko, and Disenchanted’s character is Yuan.

In this RP, [b]Sakura, and Syaoran are 19 in their first year of University[/b], but they won’t be playing large roles in this, maybe only sometimes for advice. And another note is that Touya and Yukito are 26, important because the China group will mostly be hanging around with Yukito unless his Yue form is needed, and even so it doesn’t last long because he’s not at full power.

[u]Sign Up Info[/u]

[b]Name:[/b] It has to sound like where you come from, whether it be Japanese or Chinese. Use Family Name, Given Name format.
[b]Gender:[/b] Male/Female
[b]Age:[/b] We should all be 18 or turning 18, in our final year of High School.
[b]Origin:[/b] Japan/China
[b]Sealing Weapon:[/b] Practically a good conventional weapon that you can use to fight and impale things on, so no projectiles. If I don’t think your weapon is good then I’ll let you know. You also have to mention what form your weapon takes when you’re not using it because you can’t just go around wielding a weapon, and they don’t have to look like keys.
[b]Appearance:[/b] Physical description; picture, written, or both.
[b]Personality:[/b] You can either make your personality here, or describe it in actions through the Biography.
[b]Biography:[/b] How you met Sakura/Syaoran, and when you meet them Himiko or Yuan would be with them, so make sure to remember that, so first impressions, etc. How/Why they asked you to be part of the team. Your character’s personality, skills. How you took the idea of hunting for Clow Cards. I’ll be judging a lot from this section, so make it good, ne? ^^ [B]NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT REVEAL CLOW CARDS[/B]

I think that should be all, so here’s my character.

[color=navy][b]Name:[/b] Kiyoshi, Himiko “Miko(-chan)” [i][Key-Oh-She, He-Me-Koh][/i]
(‘Oh’ like in [b]O[/b]ctopus and ‘Koh’ in [b]Co[/b]-operate. The ‘ey’ in Kiyoshi isn’t emphasised so it sounds more like [i]Kyoshi[/i] and Himiko is pronounced quickly.)

[b]Gender:[/b] Female

[b]Age:[/b] 18

[b]Origin:[/b] Japan

[b]Sealing Weapon:[/b] [url=http://img411.imageshack.us/img411/9408/scytheyl8.jpg]Scythe[/url]. Himiko’s key looks like a miniature form of the top part of her scythe. When she releases it then it grows to its full size, with a sweeping blade with a deadly sharp edge.

[b]Appearance:[/b] [url=http://img300.imageshack.us/img300/9393/lhgbk3.jpg]Here[/url] – Copyright bonnietw@deviantArt
Himiko is a young woman with a lithe figure, standing at a moderate 5’6”. She has long flowing hair and stormy bluish-grey eyes which change shades depending on her mood. Often when she releases her scythe or is using/capturing a card then her eyes turn more silver which is an unexplained phenomenon but thought of as her own magical ability inside her reacting with the Clow magic. She’s a simple girl and often wears these sort of [url=http://img528.imageshack.us/img528/331/fashiongirlgothfq4.jpg ]Pants[/url] (Copyright lcibos@deviantArt) [in more of a dark blue and lighter blue for the purplish areas], comfortable, stylish looking joggers, and a grungy black tank top with tears and messy art designs covering it with her small scythe pendant on leather around her neck.

[b]Biography:[/b] Himiko’s breath huffed as she swung herself around a pair of uneven bars. Her hair was pulled up into a bun so it wouldn’t get messy while she exercised. Doing gymnastics was her favourite form of exercise, but she also enjoyed running. Her brows furrowed as she continued to dwell on what had happened earlier with Sakura. She couldn’t believe that magic really existed, and that she was part of it.

Himiko tensed her arms and gave a strong swing, kicking her legs up high so she could jump to the higher bar, catching onto it behind her knees and swinging before she grabbed it with her hands. She knew she didn’t have too long because Sakura said she’d call soon after making calls and talking to some people. She sighed and swung around the bar several times, dismounting after another revolution. Miko wiped the sweat from her body and sat on a bench just stopping and remembering.

[i]Himiko looked at the key-like scythe pendant in her hand. Was this really real? It definitely seemed like genuine reality. Kero fluttered beside her, looking like a cute teddy bear with wings.

[b]“So....you’re Kero-chan? You look like a bear with wings....”[/b] she said, looking at him.

[b]“I’m not a bear! I’m a guardian. My true form is of a lion.”[/b] He growled, a stress mark appearing on his forehead as he tried to keep his temper.

[b]“O-Okay...”[/b] Himiko gripped the key tightly in her palm.

Kero looked down and saw her clenched fist with the leather string hanging from her hand. He rubbed his chin and looked at Sakura who had a slightly grim expression on her face. Their eyes met and she nodded to him.

[b]“Ok, Himiko. You have your weapon, now you have to learn how to use it.”[/b]

[b]“What weapon?”[/b] she questioned in confusion.

[b]“The key. It is your weapon. Now concentrate on the key in your hand and unite your power with it. Just say the first thing that comes to mind.”[/b] Kero directed, fluttering close to Sakura now.

Himiko blinked and took a deep breath, concentrating, and the words seemed to flow from her mouth...[/i]

[center][b]“Power of two commune,
Radiant Sun and Glowing Moon,
Dispell the Darkness to Reveal the Light,
Surrender the scythe, Clow’s force ignite,

[i]Wind whipped up around her as the key glowed and rose from her hand, swirling around and growing to reveal a large scythe. Himiko boldly reached out and grasped the staff tightly, the wind disappearing as she twirled it around her body fluidly.

[b]“Wow...this is awesome!”[/b] she cheered, grinning as she slung the weapon up to rest it across her shoulder (see the picture).[/i]

Himiko was snapped out of her reminiscing by the sound of her cellphone tune, “Glamorous Sky” by NANA ringing through the gym. She picked up her phone and nodded, hanging up. Sakura was ready to search for other members of her team. She changed into her regular clothes and took down her hair before running back towards Sakura’s house.[/color]

The chant I used in my Biography will be the one we all use, just putting in the name of your weapon in place of ‘scythe’. I’m quite proud of it too, since I kinda made it up with help from Disenchanted. ^^

Ok, that’s all from me for now. This isn’t first come first serve so try your best in your sign ups, k? And most importantly have fun![/size]
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[FONT="Tahoma"][SIZE="1"][COLOR="DarkSlateBlue"]Ohmigawd, a Cardcaptor Sakura RP!! The world is spinning the right way once again~! :D

Imma sign up later, if that's okay, Sakura. I really, really want to join this. I mean, I absolutely love CS and Sayoran, out of all people. :3[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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[COLOR="Purple"][INDENT][SIZE="1"]//My sign up as promised ^ ^ hope its ok, I?ll probably edit it here and there?

[b]Name:[/b] Xing, Yuan [Last name pronounced Sing, first name pronounced Ewu-ann, as in Ewan McGregor] Called Yu for short
[b]Gender:[/b] Female
[b]Age:[/b] Eighteen
[b]Origin:[/b] China
[b]Sealing Weapon:[/b] [URL="http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e70/Illusion87/spear.jpg"][COLOR="royalblue"][Spear][/COLOR][/URL] -©2004-2007 ~ghostofachance Yuan?s weapon takes the form of a ring when she is not using it, the ring is a simple silver band with a Chinese Dragon engraved into its surface. The dragon?s eye has a very small shiny blue-green stone set into its eye. She wears the ring at all times and never takes it off, if she is ever forced to take it off then she may attack it to a bracelet around her right wrist.

[b]Appearance:[/b] [URL="http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e70/Illusion87/CG_Girl_32_by_iDNAR.jpg"][COLOR="RoyalBlue"][Here][/COLOR][/URL] -©2005-2007 ~iDNAR

Yuan is quite tall for her age standing at 5?9?. She has a medium-ish complexion, not considerably pale but not extremely tanned either, despite the fact that she likes to spend a lot of time outside. She likes to wear comfortable clothes and can usually be found wearing long sleeve shirts with hoods and jeans or pants. Her clothing style is considerably more feminine than masculine. She likes to interchange her hooded jumpers with shirts and t-shirts at times. When wearing a skirt Yuan likes to wear boots to slip on shoes, when she is wearing jeans she likes to wear sneakers or slip on shoes. Her hair is dead straight with a slight flick at the ends, it sits just on top of her shoulders and she hardly ever wears it back, preferring to keep it out. Her eyes are a dark, dark brown in colour, so dark they almost appear black as if they are one large pupil.

Her favourite jacket is the one seen in the picture above and she wears it the most out of all her clothes. Her short-ish pitch black hair constantly falls into her face due to her fringe being different lengths; she doesn?t make any effort to move the hair usually, unless it is significantly obstructing her vision.


Yuan bit her lip as she looked from her canvas to the scene in front of her, every so often she would strike the canvas with her loosely held pencil leaving a faint mark. Yuan enjoyed art, it was her favorite subject at school, she never did possess much athletic ability. Yes she could run if needed without loosing her breath but she lacked that certain ? grace that other girls had. Yuan made the last final touches to the pencil out line of her landscape before standing back and taking a look. She still hadn?t decided what medium to use yet, perhaps water color? She lightly chewed the back end of the pencil with her front teeth before sticking it behind her ear.

[b]?hmm,?[/b] She said out loud to herself, [b]?the tree is a little off?? [/b]

Suddenly, almost startling her, Yuan?s mobile vibrated in her pocket telling her that she had received a text message.

[CENTER][b][i]Hello Xing,

I need to meet with you, its important,
Meet me in the park by the fountain.

Syaoran[/i][/b] [/CENTER]

Yuan?s eye brows rose higher and higher as she read the message and a slight smile crossed her lips. She had first met Syaoran at school. Being her usually clumsy self she had bumped into him and spilt a good deal of her art supplies across the ground, he had kindly helped her pick them up. Her first real conversation with him was at a birthday party for one of their mutual friends Meiling. She had found him to be quite pleasant and could very much understand why all the girls swooned over him in the younger and older years alike, over time they had become average friends.

Approximately half an hour later she met him in the park just as he had requested. Yuan was quite unsure what to think of the sudden meeting, she was quite concerned that Meiling might be sick or something; much to her relief it was nothing of the sort. After they exchanged greetings he went on to explain to her that he had chosen her for something to do with magical cards. She didn?t believe what she was hearing at first but had agreed not to ask questions until he was finished talking. She had always believed in magic, but in the mythical sense, not as an actual force, how could all that he was saying be true?

Yuan felt rather funny as he was talking to her, like something or someone was watching them, watching her. She turned around but nothing was there, it was in the moment of her turning back around to face Syaoran who was about to pass something to her that he pushed her out of the way and a bolt of lightening struck the ground where she was standing with a loud ?crack-boom?. She stifled a scream out of more nervousness than surprise; she tended to have confidence issues at the best of times. She watched in amazement as Syaoran made a sword appear from thin air, he pushed her back even further with his hand and did battle with a strange yellow dog-like thing, it was the only way she could describe it and it seemed that this dog had control over thunder.

Eventually he gained the upper hand against the creature and miraculously sealed it into a card of some sort. Yuan till couldn?t believe her eyes, quite awe struck. He walked over to her and said something, she want quite listening and pressed something into her hand. The bauble charm glowed with a light before changing form into some sort of silver ring.

[B]??and this, you?ll need it.?[/B]

[b]??The Thunder???[/b] she replied still very much in disbelief. He nodded and smiled, pointing to her hand he spoke again.

[b]?Hold your key in front of you and say the first thing that comes to mind.?[/b]

Yuan did as she was told although a little apprehensively, sometimes she could be too untrusting of those around her, no matter how long she had known them for. She cleared her throat and swallowed, looking nervously at her hand.

[CENTER][b]?Power of two commune,
Radiant Sun and Glowing Moon,
Dispell the Darkness to Reveal the Light,
Surrender the spear, Clow?s force ignite,

Her hand glowed once more only this time the newly formed ring grew and formed into a large spear, with a black shaft and cream bindings over the black. The metal tips of the spear were dark and glinted in the sunlight of late afternoon.

Yuan let a [b]?Woah??[/b] escape her lips as she stared at her weapon, was she in some kind of weird dream or what?![/SIZE][/INDENT][/COLOR]
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*If there are any problems with anything please don't hesitate to tell me. ^^

[FONT="Palatino Linotype"][COLOR="Green"][center][U]Name[/U]: [b]Akiyama, Shiori[/b] [A-key-yama, She-ori]
[U]Gender[/U]: Female
[U]Age[/U]: 18
[U]Origin[/U]: Japan

[U]Sealing Weapon[/U]:[URL="http://i146.photobucket.com/albums/r249/strwpoptart/chakram.jpg"][HERE][/URL]
Shiori uses two chakram exactly like the picture. In regular form she wears them as earings, but when she releases them they become two huge chakram weapons at first, then she must cross them together in front of her and slowly pull them apart horizontally creating a long staff with the two chakrams on each end of the staff. The chakrams are red, black, and silver and the staff that grows is red with a picture of a vine wrapped all around the staff. Her grandmother gave her those earings when she was 7yrs old and told her that they were really important and to always have them on her.

Green eyes, long brown hair(usually up), 5'3. She's usually seen in her school uniform, but when she's not she usually dresses casually and comfortably. She likes wearing cute t-shirts (that are kind of tight on her) or tank tops and either jeans or loose fitted skirts.

[U]Personality[/U]: Shiori is kind of a loner and puts on the tuff act in class. She's incredible in athletics and gym, but her regular school grades are just barely passing. She doesn't usually approach people to talk to them (especially if she finds them annoying or lacking in interest), but will talk to people if they approach her first. Acts tuff, but really wants close friends and people around her that she can count on. Her home life is crappy~Divorced parents, lives with dad. Has a younger sister that lives with mom. Her dad isn't home much and when he is, he usually pays no attention to her. Shiori takes care of all the house chores and shopping.

[U]Biography[/U]: Shiori was sitting in her seat all the way in the last row by the window. She didn't mind her seat so much because then she wasn't surrounded by people and during class when she got bored she could stare out the window and day dream about a better life like she often did. She briefly looked down at her watch on her right wrist and figured there was about 5 minutes left until the end of class. [i]Gym class is next[/i], she thought to herself. Shiori loved gym and any athletics because they seemed to be the only things she was really good at and enjoyed at the same time. Today's class was track or for most of the girls any way it was just to jog around the track. She liked to run and run as fast as she could. The teacher would time her every time and each time she would get a little better.

In the middle of her thoughts the bell rang and class was dismissed. She grabbed her bag and headed towards the girls locker room. She walked in and found two girls standing a couple of lockers down from hers having an intense conversation. As soon as they realized she was there they stopped talking. She recognized one of them from her class, but not the other girl. The one she recognized from class was Himiko Kiyoshi. She knew Himiko was part of the gymnastics team and that she was pretty good at it too. Shiori often thought about joining the team herself, but always decided against joining any teams because she didn't get along with people very well and she knew that she wasn't always a team player. She liked and preferred working out alone. Shiori paid them no mind and finished changing into her gym clothes. She then headed out towards the field, the other girls in her class following not too far behind.

After warm ups they each did their sprint while the teacher timed all of them. Of course Shiori always had the fastest time, even over the boys, but she was extremely excited today because she broke last weeks record by 3 minutes. She ran over to the side of the fence where she kept her bottle of water and took a long gulp of it. She looked through the fence and saw the same two girls from the locker room walking this way. She assumed they were leaving school for the day and heading home. As they were walking by she could hear some of their conversation. They were discussing something about another partner and the girl that she didn't recognize said that they needed to find the next team member soon or a lot of bad things will happen. Shiori had no idea what they were talking about and really couldn't care less either so she started to walk back over to the track.

[color=blue][b]"Shiori look out!"[/b][/color] Someone screamed.

Shiori looked up and saw pieces of brick falling fast towards her. Her instinct and judo kicked in immediately. She jumped backwards and did hand over hand flips until she was at a safe distance away. The pieces of brick fell to the floor with a huge bang, cracking and spreading all over the floor. Classmates and the teacher ran up to her asking of she was ok. Sakura and Himiko were leaning up against the fence now. They had witnessed the entire thing. Himiko said, [color=blue][b]"Wow, she's good. I wonder why she never joined the gymnastics team with the skills that she has."[/b][/color] Kero-chan appeared next to Sakura. [color=orange][b]"I sense a strong magical presence coming from that girl over there."[/b][/color] Sakura put Kero-chan back into her pocket quickly before anyone else saw him. [color=pink][b]"How many times do I have to tell you to stay out of sight when we're outside."[/b][/color] Sakura said. [color=blue][b]"Anyway Kero-chan said that he sensed magic around her. Maybe she's our next member. We should definitely check it out."[/b][/color]

Shiori closed her locker and headed out of the girls locker room. [i]That was close. I almost got hit by those bricks. Damn old school! They should have fixed this place up ages ago.[/i] She thought to herself. She walked out of the school and almost bumped right into two girls. [b]"Sorry about that."[/b]

[color=blue][b]"Don't worry about it Shiori. Actually we were looking for you."[/b][/color] Himiko said.

[b]"Me? If it's about earlier, I'm fine I swear it. They should have fixed this school up a long time ago."[/b]

[color=blue][b]"I'm really glad your ok, but that's actually not why we want to talk to you."[/b][/color]

[color=pink][b]"You have magical abilities and we need your help to capture the Clow Cards."[/b][/color] Sakura said bluntly.

Shiori stared at her with a blank face. [b]"Ummm...who are you again?"[/b]

[color=pink][b]"My name is Sakura Kinomoto. I was the master of the Clow Cards, a deck of magical taro cards that can be used in battle, until my friend Miko-chan here accidentally set them scattering again and now I'm trying to get a team together to collect the cards before they create chaos throughout the world. We were told that you have magical abilities and today we also saw first hand the kind of natural skill you have. You could be a real asset to the team."[/b][/color]

[b]"Wait a minute here. Magical Cards? You expect me to believe that? And how told you I had magical abilities?"[/b]

[color=orange][b]"I did."[/b][/color] Said Kero-chan, flying out of Sakura's pocket.

[b]"It's a flying talking stuffed animal!"[/b] Shiori said pointing at Kero in shock.

[color=orange][b]"I am NOT a stuffed animal! I am Keroberos, the guardian if the Clow Cards"[/b][/color]

[b]"That's so cool. How are you doing that guys? Come on."[/b]

Sakura said, [color=pink][b]"You don't believe us. That's ok. Try this...close your eyes, feel your power run through your body, and say the first thing that comes to mind."[/b][/color]

[b]"What![/b] When Sakura and Himiko gave her the 'seriously try it' look, she felt like she had no choice. Shiori closed her eyes and concentrated like Sakura told her to. She felt energized and powerful all of a sudden and felt herself taking her earrings off. Words filled her head and she repeated them:

[center][b]"Power of two commune,
Radiant Sun and Glowing Moon,
Dispell the Darkness to Reveal the Light,
Surrender the chakrams, Clow?s force ignite,

Her earrings grew into two sharp gigantic chakrams. Then she felt herself crossing them in front of herself and slowly pulling them apart horizontally and watched as it magically changed into a staff with both chakrams attached to the ends of it. She made a revolution and spinned her staff as if she had been expertly using it all her life. She ended in a pose similar to Sakura's.

[b]"This is so freakin awesome! Ok I'm starting to believe you guys a little."[/b] She looked down at the new staff in her hands. [b]"Thanks Grammy. Somehow I think you knew about this all along."[/b]
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[COLOR="Purple"][B]Name:[/B] Watanuki Kimihiro [Watt-on-oh-key. Key-me-hero]

[B]Gender:[/B] female

[B]Age:[/B] 18

[B]Origin:[/B] Japan

[B]Sealing Weapon:[/B] Kimihiro uses a cross to seal the cards. When it's activated, it has Lycorises around the center surrounding a emerald jem. When it's not needed, it looks like a golden cross with a small emerald jem in the center and single Lycoris. She had got the cross while looking for a present for someone. She had entered a shop by accidental but shopped there anyways. When she went to pay for the present she found, the shopowner gave her the cross necklace and told her,[I]"In the future you will need this to save the world"[/I].

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL="http://i100.photobucket.com/albums/m5/key_of_darkness/everyday%20anime/Gothic%20Lolita/staybackbitches.jpg"]Kimihiro[/URL] stands at 5'4" and weighs around 119lbs. In town and out of school, she is seen wearing black dresses or anything with the color black. At school, she is the only one in the entire class to have a skirt that reaches the ground.

[B]Personality:[/B] Kimihiro has a strange personality. She is serious when it comes to important matters or anything of the like but she can be a party animal whnen anything involves snacks or anything that she finds fun. At school, she is best known as the gothic yanki. She got the gothic part due to how she never talks to anyone that isn't like her [which no one is] and she got the yanki due to the fact that she always picks fights with the guys and ends up in the principle's office. She is very quiet and often mistaken as cold and mean. She is very smart and talented and athletic. She never joins any clubs accept for the "go home early" club. Her personality is also due to the fact that she has no family. She was born an only child and her parents died when she was 4 due to car crash that took both their lives. She lives in an apartment that she got for free from the landlady. It's a good size for her and she likes it. She goes shopping on a daily to weekly basis depending on what she wants to eat. No one would ever think that she lived alone since she always keeps her clothes and other things nice and clean.

[B]Bio:[/B] Kimihiro was walking home after school after she had a lecture from the principle. She had gotten into a fight with some guys and was given the blame. The principle was angery and yelled at her saying, [I]"Why are you always picking fights with the boys?! I don't understand it! You're the top of the class and very talented yet you go and get into a fight! Maybe I should schedule a parent/principle meeting to put you back in order."[/I] What the principle and everyone else didn't know, was that she had no parents or family. She walked by a school which she always passes when she comes home and saw two no three girls. They were standing in the courtyard of their school and were conversing. Kimihiro could tell that one of the girls was at least a year or two older than the others and the other girls seemed to belong to the same school.

While the girls were talking, two boys came out of the school and seemed to start harassing the girls.
"What are pretty girls like you doing out here so late," said one boy.
"It's none of your business so get lost!" shouted one of the girls,
"Oh, come on. We just want to walk you girls home," said the second boy.
"We already told you in class that we don't need you to escort us," said the other girl.
The first boy came up to the first girl who shouted and whispered," Who's the other older girl with you? She seems kind of cute and my type."
"My name is Kinomoto Sakura and I'm not interested," said Sakura-Senpai.
"You know you can't resist us," said the second boy circling the girls like a hawk.
"You alread--," started the second girl.
"Yeah we know but we want to walk you home whether you like it or not," said the first boy grabbing the second girl's arm.
Kimihiro couldn't stand watching those boys harass the girls any longer and decided to step in.
"Hey, you!" she said as she walked through the school's gate.
"What do you want," said the first boy.
"You guys are a bunch of idiots. Harassing girls like that is a serious crime in my book. Now if you can't take rejection, then go buy yourself a cat or a hamster," she said.
"Who the heck are you?" said the second boy.
"The name's Watanuki Kimihiro. Also known at my school as the gothic yanki. Now, if you know what's good for you, you'll go home and never talk to these girls again," she spatted.
"Oh yeah, not if we have something to say about," the boys both said as they ran toward Kimihiro.
They were running toward her with great amount of speed and when they were at least a few centimeters away, she jumped up in the sky and kicked both guys in the head and landed on the other side of them.
"How the heck did she do that?!" yelled the first boy.
"I don't know," said the second.
After a few more hits and kicks, the boys finally gave up and ran away shouting," She's scary! No wonder she got that name!"
"She's good," said the first girl.
"Yeah, she is," said the second.
"Do you think that she could be one?" asked Sakura-Senpai who seemed to be whispering to her shoulder.
"She has a lot of magical powers and I can sense it very well," came a fourth voice out of nowhere.
"You guys alright?" asked Kimihiro as she walked up to them while they were whispering.
"Yeah, we're alright," said the first girl.
"You're amazing," said the second.
"I second that thought," said Sakura-Senpai.
"Oh, we forgot to introduce ourselves. I'm Akiyama Shiori," said Shiori-chan.
"I'm Kiyoshi Himiko but you can call me Miko-chan," said Miko-chan.
"And I'm Kinomoto Sakura," said Sakura-Senpai.
"Well, you must have heard me shout my name but I'll say it anyways. The name's Watanuki Kimihiro," she said.
"And I'm Keroberos, Guardian of the Seal," came a fourth voice that came from a stuffed lion-bear thing.
"Did that thing just talk?" asked Kimihiro.
"Indeed I did. You have lots of magical powers that can help us recapture the Clow Cards which Miko-chan accidentally released," said Keroberos.
"I have what and I can help recapture the what cards now?" said Kimihiro all confused.
"They are magical cards that were created by a powerful magician named Clow Reed. A few years ago, I had set the seal loose and released the cards. They can cause destruction to the entire world and we need to get them back," said Sakura-Senpai.
"What does this have to do with me?" asked Kimihiro.
"Just close your eyes," started Miko-chan.
"And say the first words that pop into your head," finished Shiori-chan.
"Come on, try it!" said the four as they stared at Kimihiro with eagar looks to see what would happen.
"Alright, I'll try it," she said.
She closed her eyes and opened all her senses. Then she could see words that flowed through her head and the words flowing out her mouth:
[CENTER][B]"Power of two commune,
Radiant Sun and Glowing Moon,
Dispell the Darkness to Reveal the Light,
Surrender the cross, Clow’s force ignite,
Release!”[/B] [/CENTER]

Her golden cross necklace started to glow and grew in size. The emerald jem was at least twice its original size and the Lycoris had become more than one surrounding the emerald jem. The cross had some intricate designs carved on it and it was amazing. She grabbed the cross and turned it so that the bottom point was touching the ground and she was holding it with both hands near the center. She picked up the staff with one hand and did a flip and landed on both her feet while holding the staff in front of her.

"This is sweet! This is probably what that shopowner meant when she gave me this. I won't let you down!" she said with excitement.

[I]~[/I]Watanuki Kimihiro is a boy's name from the new CLAMP manga XxXHolic but I decided to have it as a girl's since I like it.
[I]~[/I]"Entered a shop accidental" this means that she wasn't going there but that she had a reason to go like how Yuko's shop works in XxXHolic.
[I]~[/I]"Yanki" is a juvinille delinquet or a girl gang. To find out more check out Fruits Basket on the character Arisa Uotani or Gentelmen's Alliance Cross on Otomiya Haine.
[I]~[/I]"Lycoris" [Lie-core-es] this is also known as a spider lily which grows around in the fall and dies in the spring. It is also known as natures red carpet and grows near cemetaries. Like a flower of death.
[I]~[/I] I figured that my character would attend a different high school than the others but if you don't want that then pm me and I'll change it.[/COLOR]
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