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RPG Pokemon: Nazumi League (Group B)


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NOTE: Make sure you know you're in Group B before posting here, because Group A members aren't allowed here for now.
--[i][b]In Professor Willow's lab--[/b][/i]

Professor Willow sat in her usual spot in her small laboratory--on an office chair which faced a shelf topped with keyboards and papers, and three large computer screens on the wall. At this point, the screen in the middle showed a Pokemon box, with all sorts of Pokemon icons in it. Willow was dragging these different Pokemon about, and occasionally moving one to a box on the right screen. As she clicked on each one of the Pokemon, the left screen popped up an info chart on the Pokemon, showing the species and level and such. The screen switched off and on a few times, displaying stats of a Turtwig, Sentret, Hoothoot, Diglett... and a little pink bunny Pokemon that was native to Nazumi. Then when an Altaria showed up, Willow dragged its icon over to the right screen--meaning she was going to take it with her when she exited the lab--which would be very soon.

So soon, in fact, that a few moments later the computer screens were switched off, and Professor Willow was putting Pokeballs in her pocket as she walked out the door. It would be a matter of time before the small group of trainers she got together online would meet here in person...

* * * * * * *

[color=indigo][i]Why am I in a pink Drifloon blimp anyway?[/i] Tiffany wondered as she sat in the blimp. [i]Drifloon are normally purple... and shiny ones are yellow.[/i]

The blimp, which was indeed in the shape of a pink Drifloon, was flying over the ocean. Breezy Island could be seen in the distance--which meant it was nearing its destination. About an hour ago, Tiffany had headed over to the Valley Windworks, where the blimps took off and landed. While she was waiting for the blimp, she saw a little girl with short blue hair that she had seen a few times before in Jubilife City. For some strange reason, the girl had stuck in Tiffany's mind--not that she would care about her anyways. She had found younger kids hard to trust ever since her unfair treatment by her parents. Little kids always seemed to get more attention than their older counterparts, more love, more luxuries... whereas the older ones got ignored. Perhaps this was because the older kids were seen as being "tougher" and "better off by themselves"... Well, this was exactly what Tiffany had become over the years, or at least compared to her own younger siblings. Anyways, another group of people she had come to not trust easily were young men. This had probably come from her older brother Ty, who also seemed to get a lot of attention from his parents. Perhaps this was because one's first child is the most special to a parent because he or she is seen as an accomplishment. True, the oldest child also had the most responsibilities, but his or her efforts were rewarded with attention and love. So there we have it. The oldest child, the younger children... and then there's the child that's a few years older than the young ones, and a few months younger than the oldest one. With all the attenion on the extremes, there's no time left for the middle child, who thus gets neglected and ignored. This was the setup Tiffany lived with, and this is what she saw most families as.

Yes, there were lots of things going through Tiffany's mind during the blimp trip. She occasionally wondered what Ty was up to at the moment--but this she quickly pushed out of her mind. Then she thought about what the other trainers in her group would be like, and hoped she would be able to deal with any young kids or older boys in the group. For a brief moment, she imagined a group of five, consisting of herself, two younger girls, one younger girl, and one older guy. The two girls had Meowth and Eevee as starters, the little boy had Bulbasaur, the older guy had Murkrow, and Tiffany had Magikarp. That would be a total nightmare if that happened... Anyways, then Tiffany got to thinking about what starter she would receive.

[i]It's got to be Murkrow,[/i] Tiffany hoped. [i]Murkrow is my favourite Pokemon of all time--or at least the pre-evolved form of my favourite Pokemon of all time. And even if I don't get Murkrow as a starter, I certainly hope I'll catch a Murkrow early on, and that my starter won't be something like a Magikarp, or Grimer, or Caterpie, or Rattata, or Pichu, or... any Pokemon I just don't like. But I sincerely hope I get a Murkrow. I've been thinking about it every night, and every time I see or hear of a Murkrow. (And I have seen quite a few Murkrow while walking through Eterna Forest that one night... if only I had the means to capture one of them.) I've told about my favourite Pokemon many times on Pokemon Virtual, and even have it in my signature there. So I'm [/i]positive[i] Professor Willow knows about it. Oh please, fulfill my wish and give me a Murkrow... and perhaps a Dusk Stone to go with it...[/i]

Finally, the blimp landed on the beach next to Seaport City. When it did, Tiffany sprange from her seat and skipped out the door.

"Bye-bye," she said to the pilot as she left.

The beach was a beautiful and relaxing place. There were people soaking up the sun while lying on cuddly beach towels... kids of all ages splashing around in the water, occasionally with a water Pokemon... a few Pokemon trainers playing catch with their Pokemon on the beach... Poochyena, Shinx, Beautifly... Yet, Tiffany hardly took the time to notice this as she headed into the city.
[i]I will have plenty of time to sightsee after I get my Murkrow. I'll show it all over the place, treat it with the best care possible... Heh, all the love I've had bottled up all these years. Wheee![/i]

The streets of Seaport City were a little crowded, bu this also made them more lively. Shops selling everything from merchandise to Pokeballs to electronics to Pokemon eggs (one vendor had shelves of eggs painted white with question marks on them--"Mystery Eggs! You just never know what you'll get!"). More people walking about with Pokemon--including a little pink rabbit Pokemon that was unheard of outside of Nazumi. Kiosks on the sidewalks which sponsored all sort of games and contests. Yet still, Tiffany didn't spend much time admiring all this--all she looked at was the little piece of paper that showed a small map of Seaport City. On the map was an arrow that led through the streets to Professor Willow's lab.

Finally, Tiffany turned a corner onto a street that was less crowded than the others. On the right side of the street were a bunch of office buildings, and there was a building on the left that looked empty. Between that building and the one past which she turned was a smaller building that as partially hidden by an overgrowth of trees. It was rather appropriate that one of those trees was a willow tree--this was because of the sign in front of the building (which was the exact same colour of the blimp Orbie arrived in) that said "Pokemon Laboratory" on it. Behind it, partially hidden by the eaves, was a smaller sign that read "Vi Willow: Pokemon Professor". This sign was next to a door--on the other side of the door was Professor Willow herself, sitting on a box.

"Hello, Professor," Tiffany greeted as she walked toward the lab.

"Why hello there," Willow replied. "You sound rather enthusiastic."

"Indeed. I'm Tiffany Elderwood--from that group on Pokemon Virtual."

"Ah yes... Tiffany, the Honchkrow lover."

"Heh heh heh... yes, you saw that in my siggy, didn't you?" Tiffany giggled.

"Indeed I did. I'm sure you will be very pleased with your first Pokemon. Please make yourself as comfortable as possible while we wait for the other three trainers to arrive."

"Wait--we're technically not trainers yet," Tiffany contested. "We don't even have any Pokemon or Pokedexes yet."

"Perhaps I look too far into the future sometimes," Willow casually noted. "Now, at this point I cannot tell you which Pokemon you'll be starting with, but you may ask me any questions you may have about the journey, or about Pokemon in general."

"...Just one question." Tiffany did think of one last thing to say before daydreaming about her new Murkrow. "I glimpsed a Pokemon on the way here--one I never saw before. It looked like a little pink rabbit."

"Beep! Hopsie, the Little Bunny Pokemon." Willow tried to imitate Professor Oak's voice as much as possible. "Hopsie do not often act as clever as they can be, and frequently get so careless as to bump into trees while walking. Its specialty attacks are Tickle and Amnesia."

Now that the question was answered in that creative way, all there was left to do was wait...[/color]

OOC: [url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v460/qingrila/pokems/hopsie.gif][color=blue]A picture of Hopsie[/color][/url], just for the heck of it. Besides, those Pokemon appear all over the place in Nazumi--just like Bidoof does in Sinnoh. (It is very rare that I mention a new Pokemon to appear in Nazumi--most of the time we'll encounter existing ones.)

*OK, the first thing you need to do is get to Professor Willow's lab in Seaport City, Okawa. It doesn't matter how you get there--you don't have to go in a Drifloon blimp like my character did. Just make sure that your character doesn't have any Pokemon yet. If you have time left over, you may look around Seaport City for a while. Seaport City is a popular and lively place, so there's lots to do...

*(You don't have to make your posts as long as mine was--I just got a little carried away this time...)
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[COLOR="RoyalBlue"]So as Brendan and Thomas were walking towards Pallet Town they started talking, like two brothers should.
"So, if you had to pick from a Pikachu or a Gible, what would you choose?" Thomas asked.
"Well, that's easy, Pikachu." Brendan answered without hesitation.
"Hahah, well, why Pikachu Mr. Comfortable?" once again asked Thomas.
"Pikachu can beat any water Pokemon including Gible, but not Mudkip and Corsola." Brendan stated. Since Thomas studied at Viridian Tech., Brendan helped him study all the time and he knew just about any Pokemon Trivia.

Brendan and Thomas were walking towards Pallet Town so that they could take a ferry to Cinnabar Island, and then take a 24-hour plane to the mysterious land of Nazumi.

A few months ago, Brendan was searching for Pokemon websites to study at his brother's house, and he came accross a forum in which many Pokemon Trainers, Breeders, Coordinators, and Observators would talk, discuss, and debate their favorite Pokemon theories.

A few weeks ago he started to talk to a Pokemon Researcher, Professor Willow, who lived in the Continent of Nazumi, in which neither Brendan or Thomas heard of. She had said that the two islands of Nazumi were inhabited with all the Pokemon from all the lands, and even a few that were only kept to the Nazumi area.

Willow had asked Brendan to head for Nazumi, so that he could start his very own journey, with a few other trainers, and she said that Brendan and his knowledge could be very useful to the other trainers.

Brendan wasn't very sure, but Thomas cheered him on, so that he could prove to their parents that Pokemon were not evil creatures, or his mom anyways, his dad was never home and Brendan had thought to only seen him about 20 times in his life.

They were almost now in Pallet Town, about to take the ferry.

"So have you been thinking about what Pokemon you might get." asked Thomas.
"Well, I'm kinda pulling for a Nazumi Pokemon, that would be interesting, but I really want any type of Traditional Starter from Kanto, Johtto, or Hoenn." said Brendan.
"But, you do know that it's hard to find Traditional Starters anywhere but Breeding Centers."
"Yes, which is even why i want a Charmander, a Totodile, or a Treecko. Any starter would be good."

As they were walking they didn't realize that there was no ships in the port. When they realized, they panicked, and when Thomas looked at his Poketch, he almost fainted because they were 30 minutes late.

"Well, I guess it's over now." said Brendan dissapointedly.
"No it's not, Lapras! Standby!" yelled Thomas as he threw one of his six red and white balls.

A blue and yellow marine-dinosaur-looking-monster with a grey shell came out of the small ball and greeted Brendan.

"Hey Lapras, what's up?"

"So are we riding to Nazumi??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!" asked Brendan excitedly.
"What's this "we" stuff, [I]you're[/I] riding to nazumi, alone with Lapras." said Thomas.
"But how do I get back Lapras to you?" asked Brendan.
"Just tell Professor Willow to send it to Box 6012910, it'll appear on my computer and i can get it back, don't worry." said Thomas.

"I don't know how to thank you, for everything i mean," said Brendan.
"No problem, just catch a lot of Pokemon, but don't plan on beating me, if you make it to the finals of any league or contest, i'll be watching you, and remember to prove mom wrong." said Thomas.
"Hahahaha, okay. I'll be seeing you."

Brendan had ran away from home when he was 12, because his Mom was too overprotective and wouldn't let him do anything whenever he saw her, which was not often. He had never seen his dad at his house, so when he got the chance, he ran from Mossdeep City in Hoenn, and made it with the help of the city gymleaders, to Viridian City in Kanto, to live with his brother. And he was so grateful towards him for accepting him and letting him do whatever he wanted for 4 happy years.

Brendan jumped on Lapras and on he went down south on the rough, hard, blue ocean for about 24 long hours. To pass time, he observed and drew many Pokemon, with the help of his Poke-pad that was in his backpack. In the collection of Pokemon that he drew and observed were Magikarp, Azurill, Wingull, and Qwillfish. He also talked to Lapras, knowing that they were highly capable of understanding human language.

So as soon as he saw Nazumi, Brendan got excited and decided to swim with Lapras along to the Nazumi shore. When he got there, he put Lapras back in his Pokeball, and started walking in the city.

He saw many shops, restaurants, shops, parks, and even more shops. They sold anything from T-shirts, to books, and fake Poketch's and pokemon disguised as rarer pokemon.

He decided that after all that site-seeing it was time to get to Willow's lab and meet his partners, including is precious pokemon that was waiting for him. As he was walking on a less crowded street, he saw a bunch of trees hiding a house in between a bunch of bulidings.

As he started to walk towards the house he saw who he thought was professor Willow and another girl.

"Hello Brendan, we've been waiting for you!"[/COLOR]
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[FONT=Tahoma][COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1][B]?Brother, I?m going now!?

?Yeah, take care. And good luck!?[/B]

Mizuki waved at her brother for the last time before going to Seaport City. From where she lives, Seaport City is not that far; just a thirty minutes boat ride from Fuschia City. She took her time walking to the port to take a ship. The ship is going to leave her current city at 10 a.m and the time now is just 9.30 a.m.

She knows that she will miss her house, her brother, her brother?s pokemon and her homeland. But she knows, she will make her own destiny in becoming a pokemon trainer. Mizuki continued walked for another ten more minutes and she arrived at the port.

Fuschia City?s port is the busiest place in the city. Everyday, about thirty-five boats depart from here. There is five minutes left for Seaport City. Mizuki decided to check out the food stall that had been set up there. She bought five packets of peanuts for the journey. Then, the loud speakers in the area made an announcement.

[B]?The ship leaving for Seaport City will have to be delayed for two hours. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.?[/B]

Half of the passengers eager to go to Seaport City sighed including. She thought, [I]?What could have caused the delay??[/I] Curious, she went over to ask the driver.

[B]?Engine failure, young one. The ship won?t start with an engine failure. Something is wrong with the engines.?

?Where is the port?s mechanic??

??Currently in Pallet Town, visiting his family.?

?You need a mechanic??

?If we don?t fix it, don?t expect me to bring you to Seaport.?

?Where is the engine??

?Why do you need to know??

?I?m a mechanic.?

??Very well then, follow me.?[/B]

Mizuki followed the driver to the ship?s engine. She took out a mini toolbox from her bag pack and placed in on the floor. She inspected every single detail of the engine. The engine is an old model, but has been customized to fulfill its needs. Then, she saw the root of the problem, a worn-down wire in the engine. She took out a new set of wires from her tool box and carefully fixed the problem.

[B]?The engine should be fixed by now. Go test it.?

?Very well.?[/B]

The driver did as what Mizuki has requested and on the first try, the engine showed no problems. She took a glimpse at her watch; 10.15 a.m it says. Slowly, she placed her tool box back into her bag pack and walked outside. Fixing a broken engine is easy for her as she has seen her brother doing it so many times already.

[B]?I would like to show my gratitude to a young female mechanic who fixed the ride to Seaport City. The ship for Seaport will depart in another ten minutes, all passengers please board the boat. Thank you.?[/B]

Mizuki hurried to board the ship for Seaport. She arrived at Seaport City at noon. Remembering that she has to meet up with the other pokemon trainers to-be at Professor Willow?s lab. Wait, she doesn?t even know where the lab is? She went asking for the directions to the lab and a young man told her where it is. She thanked the man and followed the directions he gave her.

When she arrived at the lab, she saw a lady in a lab coat, a boy and another girl talking to each other. She assumed that the lady in the lab coat has to be Professor Willow and the other two are the pokemon trainers to be.

[B]?Hello there,?[/B] Professor Willow greeted her, [B]?We?ve been expecting you.?[/B][/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE]
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OOC: Very good posts, both of you! We certainly have an interesting bunch of trainers in this group!

~It's been over a week since I last posted, so I think we should just continue this RPG. 2007 Digital Boy still has time to catch up though. For now, I will just assume that Eri somehow showed up at the lab.
After a little while, which mostly consisted of chat amongst the trainers-to-be and with Professor Willow, there were four people plus the professor gathered around the front of the lab. First was a shy-looking teenage boy with white hair, who was currently talking with Willow about a Lapras he needed to deposit for his brother. The second was a red-haired girl who seemed to be in a very good mood and not nervous at all. The third was a determined-looking girl who had purple hair and a matching purple and black outfit. The fourth was a young woman who was clearly the oldest in the group, dressed mostly in black, and had a backpack that looked like a Honchkrow.

A few moments after Eri arrived and Brendan got his brother's Lapras safely deposited, Professor Willow made an announcement to the four trainers-to-be.

"Hello, the four of you who are about to become Pokemon Trainers."

Before long, all four trainers-to-be focused their attention on what Willow had to say.

"Well, I know you probably know it already, but I am Professor Willow."
Willow nearly blushed when she said the word "professor".
"...And as you can probably tell, I spend far more time working on a computer than talking to people in person."

By that time, there was silence. Even the noise from the people on the main street seemed far away.

"Well, let's get started, then," Willow continued, sounding a little more confident this time. "Now, as you all know, I have invited you to go on a journey--a Pokemon journey. I must say this would be a great opportunity to see all sorts of places and Pokemon as well. Nazumi has been a home of almost every kind of Pokemon in existence, plus a few that are not even known in other regions yet. You may think of this as a sort of vacation as well as an adventure. And, it gives you an opportunity to experience what it truly means to be a Pokemon Trainer. You will get to keep Pokemon, catch Pokemon, battle Pokemon... and make your way up to the newly restarted Nazumi League! ...But I suppose I already said that on Pokemon Virtual...?"

Willow was beginning to get nervous and ran out of things to say about the journey. So, rather than looking dumb and blanking out, she simply changed the subject.

"Well, I'm sure whatever else I should say will come to me in due time," Willow continued, sounding a little more confident this time. "In the meantime, I think it's time for the moment you have all been waiting for."

Willow winked, then turned around to pick up a small box. Soon enough, the group of trainers-to-be saw it: a black box with a Pokeball design on it. Willow opened this box and took a Pokeball out of it. This she handed to the boy she had just talked to a while before.

"Oh look, there goes Mr. Special," Tiffany muttered under her breath.

"So we start with Brendan Stone," Willow declared. "Brendan, I know I've said this before, but you could be of great value to the group with what you know of Pokemon already. Still, that does not mean I favour you--or any of you--above everyone else here. Now, about your first Pokemon... I think you'll be very happy with it. This Pokemon's easy to raise--or at least that's what a certain other professor told me."

Brendan put on a brief smile as he received the Pokeball.

"Who will be next..." Willow muttered as she scanned the row of trainers-to-be. She stopped at the girl with the purple hair.
"Ah, and here is Eri Nanasawa--from Lavender Town, quite appropriately. I'll have you know that my family lived very close to Lavender Town. ...But anyway, you seem to have such a good heart and fighting spirit that I just have to give you this little Pokemon. Well, on the other hand, 'little' isn't exactly the word to describe it. In fact, you'll find that this Pokemon will become especially big when it evolves."

Eri giggled as she accepted the Pokeball--what sort of "big Pokemon" could Willow have meant?

"Next up is Mizuki Tsujimoto, a mechanic from Fuchsia City."
Willow gestured to the red-haired girl.

"...Actually, it is my brother who is the mechanic," Mizuki clarified.

Willow merely shrugged as she handed Mizuki a Pokeball.
"Ah, based on my experience, this Pokemon I am giving you is a really fun one to be around. Not the easiest to tame, but not the hardest either. And most certainly one of the most enjoyable."

"Well, that's good to know!"
Mizuki grinned as she took the Pokeball. She couldn't wait to find out what was inside.

"And lastly, we have Tiffany Elderwood, from Jubilife City. So, how does it feel to be the oldest in the group? Most beginning trainers I see are in their early teens--yet in one more year you will cease to be a teenager."

"I would have been a trainer for a year now had my parents not thought I was some sort of ghost," Tiffany remarked. "Which is a rather interesting idea..."

"...And I see you are a Honchkrow fan. Well then, I think you'd like this Pokemon I'm giving you. There is no more perfect master of the darkness that this Pokemon can become. And I think a Dusk Stone will help you a lot on your journey."

[i]A Dusk Stone![/i] Tiffany thought as she jumped up and down, taking the last Pokeball from Professor Willow. [i]That's exactly how Murkrow becomes Honchkrow! Now I'm certain of it--I'm certain of it! Hehheh...[/i]

"All right, now before you open your Pokeballs..." Professor Willow announced, staring for a moment at Mizuki who was just about to toss her Pokeball into the air. "...if you open them now, you won't hear a thing I say afterward. Besides, I have more things to give you and more things to say about the Nazumi League."

Willow reached into the box once more and took out a few more Pokeballs. She handed two of them to everyone.

"Whoa, we get more than one Pokemon...?" Eri wondered.

"No, these are empty," Willow corrected. "These are for you to capture other Pokemon with. Speaking of which, for those of you who don't know already, you have to weaken a Pokemon before capturing it. I will not go into all the boring details at this point... but anyways."

The next things Willow handed out were a bunch of square devices. They looked sort of like Pokedexes, except they were all different colours. They had a small Pokeball design on the front and seemed to be able to fold out and reveal other things.

"Heh, I'm sorry if there's a colour bias..." Willow apologised. "I made them different colours so they don't all look the same, so they can be told apart... Now, I suppose you're all wondering what these devices are. I know some of you may think they're Pokedexes. If you thought that, you're correct, but not completely. These devices are simply called Pokevices. ...Didn't know what else to call them. Anyways, a Pokevice can identify any Pokemon you see, but it also contains special information on any Pokemon you catch, keeps a record of which badges you earn, has a map of the region, and can even be used to contact other people, like a telephone. But enough about the Pokevices. Now a word--or rather several--about the Nazumi League. I suppose most of you are aware of Pokemon gyms in your home regions. There are eight gyms each in Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh. But Nazumi is a bigger region--so big that it is divided into the subregions of Okawa--that's the one we're in now--and Mire. Okawa has eight gyms while Mire has four--so Nazumi has twelve gyms in all.

Some of the group members' jaws dropped when Willow said this.

"Now don't worry... you don't have to earn all twelve badges in order to get into the Nazumi League. First of all, chances are that you won't be entering Mire until much later on in your journey. After all, another Pokemon professor--Professor Maple--sort of presides over that region. Secondly, you are in a group of four, so it doesn't make any sense for all of you to earn twelve badges. So I have officially lowered the badge requirement for the League down to four. You may earn more than four badges, of course, if you want--but four is the minimum requirement. However, for this group's purposes... as a group, you have to earn badges from at least eight different gyms. This means that if all four of you earn badges from the same four gyms, you are not yet ready to enter the League until somebody earns badges from another four gyms. So you get to choose at which level of training your Pokemon skills will be tested--to a certain extent."

"Well," Professor Willow concluded, "I don't want to drone on and on here. If you have questions at all about your Pokemon, the Pokevices, or the Nazumi League, you all have me registered in the phone feature of your Pokevices. Or, you may ask me now. But one last thing: a hint. There is a Pokemon gym in Pollen Village, which is due east of here. The route there is pretty easy--it consists of mostly grassland and a few tree clusters. The gym itself is run by a woman named Mary Elle, who specializes in baby Pokemon--and runs the local daycare. Other than that, that is all, and I will bid you farewell on your Pokemon Journey. This means that you are all officially Pokemon Trainers."

~ ~ ~

[color=indigo]Tiffany did take a curious glance at her little black Pokevice, but not for long. For she was eager to see her new Murkrow. So for quite a while, she stared at the Pokeball in her hands, brimming with excitement...

[i]Oh, how exciting... Gee, I wonder if I should give it a nickname? Let's see, Icarus if male, Persephone if female... Yesss, Icarus or Persephone. That's perfect! Those are very good Honchkrow names, especially.[/i]

Finally, Tiffany took a deep breath and prepared to release the Pokemon.
"All right, Icarus or Persephone, come on out!"

Tiffany released the Pokemon in such a way that a Murkrow that came out of it would land gracefully on her shoulder. Then she closed her eyes, heard the sound of a Pokeball opening, and waited for a pair of little crow feet to grasp her shoulder...

...But five seconds after opening the ball, Tiffany neither felt anything on her shoulder nor heard the flapping of wings next to her. What was this? Was the Pokeball empty? Out of suspicion of this, Tiffany opened her eyes and looked over her left shoulder...

Tiffany quickly turned her head around, looking as if she had just seen a ghost. And actually, she did see a ghost--for the Pokemon she had released from the Pokeball was not a Murkrow as she had anticipated all those months... it was a Misdreavus.

"Miss..." the little floating head said to Tiffany, as if to greet her. But Tiffany didn't answer--she looked the other way, her gaze falling halfway on Professor Willow and halfway on the street beyond.

"I...I...I... take that back..." Tiffany stammered, this time bowing her head. "Persephone and Icarus are... reserved for when I get a Murkrow... which I'll have to... catch myself. In... stead... I'll name you... Mystrica... yess, nice Mis... dreavus name..."

"Not what you expected, eh?" Willow asked Tiffany, sounding a bit amused with herself. "But you do know that Murkrow isn't the only Pokemon that can evolve with a Dusk Stone, correct? Mind you, I was very tempted to give you a Murkrow as a starter. However, something compelled me not to. Besides, I think you'll come to really like that Misdreavus of yours--especially when she reaches her advanced form."

For a while, Tiffany stared at the other objects Willow gave her, two of which were empty Pokeballs. Upon seeing these, she calmed down quite a bit--perhaps Tiffany was suppsed to prove herself worthy of having a Murkrow instead of just being given one for free. So at that point she made a small wish that she would catch a Murkrow during this journey she was about to embark on.

After that wish was done, Tiffany finally thought about the starting Pokemon she did receive. She didn't get Murkrow, but Misdreavus wasn't bad at all. If anything, she was really thankful she didn't get something boring like Rattata or any of the starters the other professors gave out.
[i]Besides, I must admit Willow was right about that last thing she mentioned. I must admit, Mismagius is a really cool Pokemon too. It bewitches my soul to a most enchanting extreme![/i]

And with that, Tiffany straightened up and turned to face her new Misdreavus. Then she gave her a wink.
"Sorry about that," Tiffany apologised, unable to stop herself from smiling. "I think our journey will be simply extraordinary, Mystrica."

Tiffany then looked at her Pokevice.
"Let's see what this might have to say about you."

When Tiffany pressed on the centre of the Pokeball design, the top part flipped up to reveal a screen, and the bottom part flipped sideways to reveal another screen. Underneath the design was a tiny screen that looked as if it could only display text, and a bunch of buttons. Anyways, while Tiffany was looking at the Pokevice, Mystrica flew around to the other side to check out what she was doing. When she flew close enough to it, a picture of her showed up on the top screen of the Pokevice. The tiny screen in the centre read "Misdreavus", and soon the Pokevice itself spoke...

[i]"Misdreavus, the screech Pokemon. Misdreavus is a ghostly prankster that specializes in scaring people at night. After doing so, it converts the victim's fear into energy using the orbs on its neck."[/i]

After that was done, the screen on the left displayed a bunch of stats:

Species: Misdreavus
Gender: Female
Type: Ghost
Level: 5
Location: Party
Ability: Levitate
Attacks: Psywave"

As time went by, Tiffany 's grief over not getting Murkrow faded--perhaps she was even grateful that she got Misdreavus as a starter instead.[/color]
OOC: All right, now is the time to get to know your Pokemon, check out your Pokevice... By the way, you can be a little creative on how exactly your Pokevice works--they don't have to all look the same as Tiffany's.

...I am hoping to post again within the next few days in order to start traveling. I also hope 2007 Digital Boy will get a post in before I do, but no pressure.
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[FONT=Tahoma][COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1]She was finally able to follow her brother footsteps of becoming a Pokemon Trainer. She looked around and saw the other trainers? expressions; happiness was scribbled all over their faces. Mizuki stared at the Pokeball that Professor Willow just gave her. She was thinking about the statement that Professor Willow said about her Pokemon; she told her that her Pokemon is really a fun one to be around and certainly one of the most enjoyable.

She was anxious; anxious to know what her first Pokemon will turn out to be. Mizuki took a deep breath and threw her Pokeball into the air. Her dark red eyes were focused on the Pokeball. Then, the Pokeball opened and a red figure which seemed transparent followed after that. She waited eagerly for her Pokemon to show up but just after the Pokeball closed itself and dropped onto the ground, she was somewhat disappointed.

Mizuki bent over to pick up the closed Pokeball. Just before she was about to ask Professor Willow what is wrong with her Pokeball, she heard a thumping noise behind her. The noise seemed to get louder and louder in her opinion. Slowly, she calmly turned around and from the corner of her right eye, she saw it; her very first Pokemon: a Growlithe, and it?s running towards her!

The running Growlithe jumped and landed in Mizuki?s arms but despite all of it happening so suddenly, both Mizuki and her Growlithe fell down on the floor. All the other trainers were busy with their starter, so they do not know what was going on around them. The fall gave a sudden jolt to Mizuki. A soft ?Ouch!? came out from her mouth, which only her Growlithe can hear. Her Growlthe licked her face as a sign of saying ?Hello!?.

[B]?Well, hello there. I guess I know why Professor Willow says that you are certainly a fun Pokemon to be with.?

?Grrooww~~?[/B] he said with a smile.

[B]?Yeah, we?re gonna have a great time,?[/B] she patted the dog-like Pokemon on its head, [B]?The first thing I want to do with you is to give you a name?lemme see?ummm?how about?Tyke??[/B]

Tyke applied pressure on its paws and pushed Mizuki who was already sitting on the ground to make her lie on the ground instead. It was not as sudden as their first meeting so Mizuki landed softly on the ground. Tyke gave a big lick on her face after that. Thinking that her Growlithe wanted to be called as Tyke, she turned it over and rubbed its belly, intending to tickle it. While she was doing this, the dark red color Pokevice that Professor Willow gave her dropped out from one of her pockets. She went over and picked it up.

With curiosity engulfing her, she opened the device. The first thing she noticed about the device was the screen. The words ?Hello!? and a chibi version of Professor Willow?s face and her waving hand flashed over the screen twice. Then, there were several menus? on the screen: ?Badge Info?, ?Address Book?, ?Email?, ?Pokemon Stats?, ?Camera?, ?Map?, and ?Help?. The tiny camera fitted on the surface of the Pokevice transferred the image of the real world into the Pokevice, which means whatever you see with your eyes, you can also see them with your Pokevice. The bottom part of the screen has the buttons labeled as numbers 0 to 9 and a touchpad.

[B]?It works just like a digital camera, a phone and a laptop as well! Cool!?[/B]

Just when she was busy examining the other features the Pokevice has in stored for her, Tyke went over to take a look as well. Then, a picture of a Growlithe appeared in front, side and top view. Later, the Pokevice spoke to them, revealing some information about the Pokemon.[/COLOR]

[I]Growlithe, the puppy Pokemon. Growlithe is a hyperactive pooch that always seems to have a bundle of energy with it. Although Growlithe can be a little mischievous sometimes, they are, however, very loyal to their trainers and will do whatever to ensure they?re well being.[/I]

[COLOR=DarkSlateGray]Then, the picture of Growlithe faded and it showed a conclusion of the Pokemon statistics:[/COLOR]

Species: Growlithe
Gender: Male
Type: Fire
Level: 5
Location: Party
Ability: Intimidate/Flash Fire
Attacks: Roar, bite

[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][B]?Well?I have to admit, being a Pokemon Trainer can be very exciting indeed. Do you agree with me, Tyke??

?Grrrooww~~?[/B] he said nodding his head.[/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[COLOR="RoyalBlue"]Brendan could not believe that he is now an official trainer. His mom would flip if she found out. But he didn't care. Just like his father wouldn't care.

"Enough of that junk. Pokeball, Go!"

As he threw his new Pokeball, a cerulean mudfish with 4 legs, orange gills, and a foot tall tail came out.

"Mudkip!", the creature said as he sprinted to Brendan, tackled him, and as they started rolling, Mudkip started licking him.

"Whoa! You're pretty strong for a level 5 Pokemon, wait, you are level 5 right?" Brendan said as he took out his brand new Pokevice.

His was mostly navy colored with a little bit of lightblue, it opened horizontally. As he turned it on, it said Welcome.

"Hmmm...where is it, where is it? Badge info, no. Region Map, interesting, but no. Pokeblock holder, nope. Ribbons, nada. Ahh, there it is, Pokemon Info."

"Mudkip, the mudfish Pokemon. Mudkip breathes water through his gills, and uses his tail as a major part of his swimming. His fin on top of his head is used as a radar, Mudkip can see without his eyes open, which gives it an advantage when he is sleeping. In the wild, they sleep burying themselves in soil at the water's edge, where they leave their eggs to hatch. Many Mudkip don't know their parents because of it, which makes it a great starter Pokemon, because they aren't attached to their home. Some parts of his body have no fur, while other parts do. Despite his size, Mudkip is very strong, and can crush boulders bigger than himself and his fin can propel him through water very fast. Click Advanced to see individual stats."

"Species: Mudkip
National Number: 258
Gender: Male
Type: Water
Level: 5
Location: Party
Ability: Torrent
Attacks: Tackle, Growl"

"Well, that's a lot of information!" Brendan exclaimed. Mudkip was settling himself in Brendan's lap and falling asleep. As Brendan smiled, he looked at his Pokeball and saw that it was very boring. He took out his Poke-pad that he used to draw Pokemon as he traveled with Lapras, and pushed the paint button on it. A few seconds later, mini paint bottles came out and a brush to go along with it, and started painting his pokeball to look like a Diveball.

A Dive ball was a special pokeball that could be found in Mossdeep city, Brendan's Home town. When he was finished, he tied his cerulean and white pokeball to a jetblack string, and then tied it around his neck.

"So what Pokemon did you get?" asked the girl whose name was Tiffany.

"I got a Mudkip." Brendan said.
"Oh. That's a little boring. I'm glad i didn't get a starter." Tiffany said back.
"Boring, a starter Pokemon is anything but boring." Brendan stated.
"How? Everyone has a starter Pokemon." Tiffany said.
"Well, have you ever noticed that all of the starter Pokemon are grass, fire, and water, and how they all start out at level 5, and how they all evolve at level 16, and then again at 36? Haven't you ever wondered all of those question surrounding starter Pokemon? If you ask me, Starter Pokemon are anything BUT boring." said Brendan offended.
"Oh well if you put it that way..."
"Yeah, well i have to go inside anyways." said Brendan thinking about calling his brother to tell him the news and to see if Lapras got home okay.

OOC: Sorry if that's not something that Tiffany would say. Just tell me, and i'll change anything.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR="DarkOrange"]Being only a small child, Munchlax wasn?t sure to make of his location or the people around him as he was released from his Pokeball. Almost immediately, though, a girl with purple hair had bent down and wrapped her arms around him in a big hug. Munchlax didn?t recognize her, but the attention made him happy.

[B]?Munch!?[/B] Munchlax smiled and hugged the girl back with his stubby little arms. Even though he was a small Munchlax, his weight was still enormous; it ranged around 200-300 pounds. Despite this, the girl lifted him right off the ground and into her arms. Munchlax, unaware of it?s own ridiculous weight, was simply delighted to be cared for in such a way.

[B]?Hey there, little Munch! My name?s Eri, and I?m going to be taking care of you, okay? You can think of me as your big sister!?[/B]

[B]?Munch!?[/B] Eri giggled and cuddled her new friend.

[B]?I bet you?re hungry, right??[/B] If there was one word Munchlax knew, it was ?hungry?. The small yet heavy Pokemon nodded in affirmation. [B]?I?ll find you some Pokemon food right away!?[/B] Still with the creature in her arms, Eri began dashing about the facility searching for a place to find food. Finally she found a dish and a box of Pokechow. Setting Munchlax in a booster chair at the table, she poured some food into the bowl and watched Munchlax wolf it down like it was nothing. While the little guy enjoyed his food, Eri retrieved her Pokevice to find out her new friend?s statistics?

[B]Species[/B]: Munchlax
[B]Gender[/B]: Male
[B]Type[/B]: Normal
[B]Level[/B]: 5
[B]Location[/B]: Party
[B]Ability[/B]: Mass Consumption
[B]Attacks[/B]: Pound, Growl[/COLOR]
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OOC: Alright, I'm glad people posted in this group!

*Note: There will be one more person appearing in the group--someone else who PM'd me for a position. Since we're only a group of four while Group A has five... Anyways, Garmeil's character will be joining us at some point along our journey--I'll try to make that place be Pollen Village or some Pokemon Centre along the way.

[b]BeatlesFan53:[/b] ...You posted the same thing twice. You might want to delete one of those before a mod yells at you... And what Tiffany said in your post was not perfect, but it was fine anyways.

[color=indigo]Mizuki and Tyke. Eri and Munch. Brendan and Mudkip. Tiffany and Mystrica. This group of trainers and Pokemon was now heading east along a slightly curvy path through bunches of trees and grass. Their ultimate destination was Pollen Village, where the first gym would be. It seemed weird, especially to Tiffany and Brendan, that a gym leader would be using baby Pokemon.

[i]After all,[/i] Tiffany thought, [i]baby Pokemon are too often not the strongest Pokemon around--though I do admit that they are often obnoxiously cute. Too cute for me, if I may say... though I suspect the other two girls here might not mind them. In fact, I think I might pass on this first gym... if possible, I'd rather not waste time on a bunch of babies. And I'm beginning to think Mystrica would agree.[/i]

Tiffany glanced at the Misdreavus resting on her shoulder. The first thing she saw was one of Mystrica's neck orbs, whose brilliant crimson colour glistened in the light of the sun. The little bodiless ghost huddled very close to Tiffany--it looked like she was trying to bury her face in Tiffany's hair. After a while, it got mildly irritating...

"Whatcha trying to do, Mystrica?" Tiffany asked her new Pokemon.

"Miss miss..." Mystrica pointed a lock of her hair towards the sky, then shook her head more deeply into Tiffany's hair.

Tiffany looked up to see what Mystrica was talking about--then she saw that the sky was cloudless and the sun was shining brightly. It was nearly noon.

"I think I know what you mean," Tiffany commented. "Sometimes I get a little crabby myself on hot and sunny days like this. If that's me, I can't imagine how [i]you[/i] must feel..."

Tiffany looked about to see if there were any shady trees to wals under. There were a few here and there along the path to the right, but those trees were not in a straight line that would have been easy to walk under, and a few of the trees had Spinarak webs or bug Pokemon hanging from them. One tree had a hole in it, through which the back of a sleeping Hoothoot could be seen.

"...It's a good thing it's not [i]overwhelmingly[/i] hot," Tiffany groaned, "but it's a little warm... and this sun is just beating on us. Whaddaya say, Mystrica? Wanna go back in your Pokeball?"

Mystrica just muttered a short reply and tapped the Pokeball that was still in Tiffany's left hand--then she went inside.

[i]I kind of wish I had a Pokeball to go inside...[/i] Tiffany thought as she looked around at the group and the trees. [i]Hmm... I wonder if anyone is going to try and catch some of these Pokemon? What do we have here? Weedle... eww... Pidgey... boring... Rattata... even boring-er... What's that? A sleeping Hoothoot? I kind of wish it had been a Murkrow... I dunno... should I... nah, I'm sure there'll be plenty more Hoothoot at night if and when I want one.[/i]

Just then, something ran across the path in front of the group, startling most of its occupants (except Brendan, who was talking to his brother via his Pokevice). It looked like a round pink rabbit, with big pointy ears and huge feet.

"Hop-see. Hop hop hop..."

The Pokemon stopped in front of the tree the sleeping Hoothoot was in. Mizuki, Tiffany and Eri stopped to get a good look at it.

"What in the world is that?" Eri asked.

"Hmm!" Mizuki asked, sounding mildly excited. "Is this one of those Pokemon that can only be found in Nazumi?"

"It sure is," Tiffany answered. "Professor Willow told me about it just before you got to the lab. It's a Hopsie. She said it's kind of careless--I almost expected it to bump into that tree over there."

"Shhh!" Eri whispered while looking at the Hopsie. "It might have heard you!"

The Hopsie didn't seem to become angry, but it did notice the group at the point, and turned around to stare at them for a while.[/color]
OOC: Yaay, we're finally on the way to Pollen Village! I'll leave it up to the next few posters to decide what to do with the Hopsie or the sleeping Hoothoot. You can catch them if you want (or any other wild Pokemon you think might appear here, for that matter)--just remember you only have two Pokeballs. Obviously Tiffany's not interested in either of those two Pokemon...
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[COLOR="RoyalBlue"]OOC: hahah, okay, sry.

Brendan looked at the Hopsie and felt sorry for it. It was obviously a small one, from what the Pokevice told him.

He was obvioulsy not interested in catching that Hopsie even theough they have never been seen in Kanto, Hoenn, or Sinnoh. There were legends that one had been seen in Johtto, but the guy who said it probably made it up.

Brendan had been thinking this whole journey, even though it hasn't lasted it for very long. Brendan wanted a Pokemon team with every type of Pokemon that he could get. He wanted a figting, a grass, a fire, a flying, an electric, a psychic, and a dragon. He of course would have to buy more pokeballs along the way, and have his eyes extremely open for pokemon if he planned on having all of those different types of Pokemon.

He was thinking that raising a Charmander would be fun, would get him a fire, a flying, and a dragont type pokemon, and he would get to do research on Starter Pokemon. After that, he didn't know what else he wanted.

He looked at the Hopsie, and turned away for his fellow teammates to try to catch it.[/COLOR]
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[FONT=Tahoma][COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1]Both Mizuki and Tyke are finally at the first steps of becoming a Pokemon Trainer. The road to Pollen Village is surrounded by greenery. The sound of leaves can be heard rustling among each other and several Pidgeys? playing among them. Tyke finds it easy to follow beside Mizuki, except sometimes he tends to walk faster than her.

When they saw the little Hopsie and the sleeping Hoothoot, Mizuki doesn?t really seem to have any interest in those Pokemon. Maybe it?s because she doesn?t really know their characteristics yet. And besides, she is sure to see and perhaps catch them another day. After all, she has only two pokeballs to start with.

She reached in her pockets and took out some Pokemon treats that her brother gave her before leaving. Tyke knew what she was going to do; so he quicken his pace and walk in front of her, almost hopping at the same time. Mizuki tossed a Pokemon treat towards Tyke and he got it immediately.

Mizuki grinned at her Pokemon, [B]?You are really one cute Pokemon??[/B][/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE]
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