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Art Banners and a Set [Showcase]


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[COLOR="Navy"]I'm in the midst of making an RP, and I've made two banners for the RPG, and a set modeled after the RP. all of these images were made in MS paint, and I'm also not a graphics wiz.

For the images of my new set, I just want your opinion's on them.

As for the RP banners tell me which one is better. Thank you all for your thoughts.



[b]RPG Pic 1[/b]

[b]RPG Pic 2[/b]
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Those are pretty cool for MS paint. You say your not a graphics wiz but if you want to be you should look into getting Photoshop CS2 or something. I like the RP pic 1 better then RP pic 2 it seems to just hold my attention more I guess.
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[color=#db2007]These are actually great. I love the gritty feel you get from MSpaint. You really took that and ran with it, which is fantastic. I would lose the text on your avatar though?after all, the top of your post already has your name in it, so it seems redundant. It's also hard to read, and I think it takes away from the image you've got.

If you want to keep the text on the banner, I would make it either a lighter grey or a darker grey than the spray can stuff around it. It blends in and looks like an accident. You can make it a different color and still have it be subtle.

I like the first RP banner better. The off-kilter red splatter works really well, and I prefer the red/white text to the grey. I think you chose a great font for NIGHTMARE, and the Dreamscape font looks okay, too. I [i]am[/i] going to have to protest your use of Parchment, or Papyrus, or whatever the heck that other font is called, though. Couple reasons: You've already got two unique fonts going on. Having [i]three[/i] fonts in such a small space (where all of them are so different) seems disorganised. Also, I really hate Papyrus. It's the new Comic Sans. Steer clear of it. =p (Also, for the record, I like the tagline "nothing is real anymore" better than "Life's no longer real.")

Two other thoughts: I'd get rid of the red splatter on "dreamscape." It's bright white?if it's going to pop, have it pop all the way.

Also, I don't know what your RPG is about, but your banner indicates "slasher film," except for the little red tagline at the bottom, which indicates a sort of spooky, surreal vibe. If you want to balance those two things a bit more, I would change the Dreamscape font to something smaller and smoother, knock the word into lowercase letters, and do something like this:

[center][b][font=courier][spoiler]... ..[color=white]d[/color] .[color=white] r[/color] .[color=white] e[/color] .[color=white] a[/color] .[color=white] m[/color] .[color=white] s[/color] .[color=white] c[/color] .[color=white] a[/color] .[color=white] p[/color] .[color=white] e[/color].....[/spoiler][/font][/b][/center]

...to contrast the splatters and NIGHTMARE text. 'Course I don't know if that's what you're going for. (Can everyone read that, by the way? It looks fine in my browser, but I feel like different ones handle spoiler tags differently...)[/color]
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[COLOR="Navy"][B]Thank you both for your replies.[/B]

The hand is just a simple image from Google, that's all. I'd say it only took me a minute to feel right with it.

[B]Flagg[/B]: I really don't want Photoshop to hep me because MS Paint is simple to use.

[B]Sara[/B]: Thanks for the advice! The banner for my set really wouldn't cooperate for some reason. When I tried to use a different color it just came out that color. As for the avi, I'm going to re-do it and leave out the text.

[quote name='Sara']Also, I don't know what your RPG is about, but your banner indicates "slasher film," except for the little red tagline at the bottom, which indicates a sort of spooky, surreal vibe.[/quote]

The PG itself is mixing realism with fantasy. I really want it to have a gritty feel. So is the RP I'm spending most time on. In fact I'm going to write a few back stories and decide which one is better.

And I plan on posting more pic's as I make them, once the RP's banner is "complete" in my eyes, then well, that's it!>_<[/COLOR]
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