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  1. Flagg

    Top Guitarists

    [SIZE="1"][B]Michael Angelo Batio [/B] The video speaks for itself [url]http://youtube.com/watch?v=hb5QaCfm7bg&mode=related&search=[/url] I mean seriously just wow Well I wouldn't say his music is the best but in terms of skill I think he is unmatched[/SIZE]
  2. Flagg

    Credit Cards

    [QUOTE]Originally posted by [B]Japan_86[/B] [SIZE="1"][I]Simple answer, and a few steps to a safe and awesome credit history: 1. Get a Credit Card 2. Buy a suitcase or safe 3. Put credit card in said suitcase or safe 4. Lock said said suitcase or safe 5. 5. Hide key And only use the card for booking flights or emergencies! Thus you can build up good credit history[/I][/SIZE][/QUOTE] I pretty much agree with Japan here. You will probably need one at one point or at least find yourself in a better position to have one, but only use it for emergencies. Don't go around using it to pay for normal things. Bottom line is don't spend money that you don't have. It's 2 bad that this world is set up so you practically need a credit card for some things cuz I really just don't like the idea of the things.
  3. Flagg

    Nicknames... how did you get them?

    My name is Nicholas so I obtained the nick name Nick early on for obvious reasons. My oldest sister calls me Chikolas cuz she is retarded. My dad called me Bubba for around 6 or 7 years for some unknown reason and has now switched to calling me Moe because he says I move like [I]Mo[/I] - lasses (hardy har har) Back in high school this kid always either called me Mulder (as in from the x-files) or Flagg (from popular stephen king books) My grandpa when he was alive always called me Charlie... Don't as me why cuz I don't really know but my guess would be Charlie Brown? And I would like to mention my friend Eric who has somehow obtained the nickname Mr. Wuggles or sometimes just Wuggs for short. I seriously didn't even know his real name for a while when I started hanging around him. All of us just call him Mr. Wuggles Wuggles or just Wuggs and sometimes ppl look at us weird when we are in public.
  4. Flagg

    Homework Help

    [QUOTE]Originally posted by [B]Darren[/B] [SIZE="1"]Do you think I should go to a junior college for a year, set up my residency, and then transfer?[/SIZE][/QUOTE] Yes I do I plan to transfer to UCR
  5. Flagg

    What Are You Proud Of?

    [B][SIZE="1"]Hmm lets see I'm proud of the fact that I have watched 40 episodes of anime straight without moving on 2 different occasions within a 3 day period I'm proud of the fact that I have played a console rpg for 19 hours straight on the third straight day of my not sleeping streak Proud of the fact that I am really good at soccer and running despite my flat feet and pigeon toes Proud of the fact that I succeed with minimal or no effort in just about anything that I do Proud of the fact that I consider myself a decent human being that is actually fit to walk the face of this planet. (I have personally spoken with 6 other people in my lifetime who I consider not a waste of a human life) Proud of the fact that I have spent [9:03:33 PM] Time Logged: 372 days, 17 hours, 47 minutes and 30 seconds worth of time connected to bnet (an online gaming community) Proud of the fact that I have 1,741 kills with the k98 and 561 deaths while using it on the game Day of Defeat: Source (also 779 kills with the spade) Proud of my guitar playing and skills at chess Proud of my pwnage computer And last of all I am proud of my conceit and the way I take pride in trivial matters (I honestly do amuse myself)[/SIZE][/B]
  6. Flagg

    American Government

    [B][SIZE="1"]What would you change about our government? why? How would it help? Is there an ideal government? Is it possible to form a government that is near flawless? Do you believe that our way of checks and balances between the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government really work as intended? If you could reform the American government any way you wanted how would you do it or do you think this is as good as it gets and we should leave it alone? Lets get some reasons for what you would do and make sure to include lots of detail.[/SIZE][/B] lol not a school assignment i graduated last year im just curious as to what ppl think
  7. Flagg

    Homosexuality 101, seriously?

    [B][SIZE="1"]I get the same response everytime this is goin nowhere fast so this is my last post on the subject. Yes I'm saying that nothing will stop them from hating except themselves and no I don't think other people will make much of a difference in the matter. Some people simply grow up and learn to accept things and others stay kids for the rest of their lives. But I don't think that should stop us from trying. I wish everyone would stop implying that I think we shouldn't even try because if you think thats what I think then you just have not been paying much attention to what I've been saying >.< this is starting to turn into a nuh uh ya hu argument i think it should stop soon [/SIZE][/B]
  8. Flagg

    Homosexuality 101, seriously?

    [QUOTE]Originally posted by [B]Rachmaninoff[/B] [I][SIZE="1"]So just as you find it hard to believe that some of us think more understanding will help, I don't understand why people think it's useless to even try. I mean, I could understand that statement if we did teach it, but we don't. And in my opinion if that education helps even just a little, to cut down on the hatred or misunderstandings, it's worth it.[/SIZE][/I][/QUOTE] [B][SIZE="1"]Sorry, I tryed to say that I agreed with teaching about it in school I hope I didnt come across as seeing it the other way. I just wanted to get in my opinion the real reason out there since I do happen to think that some people see it a different way. It really would be hard to hate because of the unknown in this case I think. Even kids have feelings of love I know this to be a fact. So if a boy has feelings of love for a girl, and he sees some other boy who has feelings of love for another boy. You cant hold it against him if the other boy just sickens him a lil bit (sry that sounded bad). Even if he doesnt hold it against the other boy at all you cant get rid of that feeling since he himself doesnt have feelings like that for other boys. Something simple like that is all it takes so really I don't see what there is for people to not understand and thus hate about homosexuals. What it comes down to is the person in question. If they want to hate then they will hate if not then they wont. That isnt just for homosexuals that goes for pretty much anything and there is nothing to "teach" to these hate proned people.[/SIZE][/B] maybe the hostile misunderstanding goes both ways eh? O_o
  9. Flagg

    Homosexuality 101, seriously?

    [SIZE="1"][B]I lost the argument to indifference and agreed that if sexual education is goin to be taught in school then homosexuality should be covered because we will never know if it will do any good unless we try. I bowed out and intended to stay out of this but I've seen some things that just made me think wow. I really can't believe that some of you think the majority of people who hate homosexuals hate them because they fear the unknown as humanity often does. I'll make it clear for you I guess. People don't like homosexuals because they personally think it is sick. You can't teach someone in school to get over that fact thus I think it would'nt make much difference to teach about it in school. Like I said before though indifference beat me with a simple statement. You never know until you try, doing nothing will get nothing done. I just don't understand how some of you can try to mask the problem though and say that it will all be solved with understanding. I look forward to the kinda responses I get from this lol :animeswea[/B][/SIZE]
  10. Flagg

    What do you look for?

    [B][SIZE="1"]What do I look for in girls? Well I do tend to be more attracted to girls with long dark hair for a start. I don't really want a girl that is taller then me it just feels odd to me. The most important part needed is she needs to have a sharp mind and somewhat witty although not necessarily packed with useless knowledge. She must at all costs tolerate my obsession with anime and teh interweb. I don't really care if she doesn't have the perfect body or anything as long as she has an alright face. If you find one like that let me know I have yet to anyway ha[/SIZE][/B]
  11. Flagg

    Homosexuality 101, seriously?

    [QUOTE] Originally Posted by [B]indifference[/B] [SIZE="1"][I] Here's the the thing though, if you never try, you'll never know. That's what the push is about, to make the education more complete. To find out if a better education would make a difference. Doing nothing to improve it... well that accomplishes nothing in the end, where making the education more complete just might.[/I][/SIZE][/QUOTE] [B][SIZE="1"]Well I think that I am correct in the long run but you are right in that if we never try we will never know. I know when I have been defeated *bows out*[/SIZE][/B]
  12. Flagg

    Homosexuality 101, seriously?

    [QUOTE] Originally Posted by [B]indifference[/B] [SIZE="1"][I]Actually that's not completely accurate. Not every state and school in the US has sex ed and many that do, have the option where their parents can choose to not have their kids attend it. I've run into cases of people who were in their early twenties and didn't even know the basics of how to have sex. [/I][/SIZE] [/QUOTE] [B][SIZE="1"]That is true but the question is will putting it in every single school to be explained in detail really do much to solve the problem? I had some decent sex ed classes where I'm from myself and I still know of plenty of people who went to those still to become teenage parents and/or end up with stds. The problem is more like people just don't care if you ask my opinion. I guess if you have sex ed in schools you might as well cover homosexuality but to be honest I don't think it would do much good to solving as many problems as people think. That is just a matter of opinion though since one can't really say for sure either way.[/SIZE][/B] [QUOTE]Originally Posted by [B]Sandy[/B] [I]I'm sorry if I sounded like I was calling you names, but that really was a genuine question: how ignorant can you be if you think that sexual education doesn't make any difference in terms of young people's sexual behaviour?[/I][/QUOTE] I was not trying to say that it makes no difference at all I am just trying to say that I don't think it is some sort of wonder solution like a lot of you seem to think.
  13. Flagg

    Homosexuality 101, seriously?

    [QUOTE]Originally Posted by [B]Sandy[/B] [SIZE="1"][I]As to do whatever the majority of the population does in terms of sexual orientation, ignoring your own feelings and how you were born... I'm just glad we gay people are slowly getting away from the opression and misery that has lasted for centuries.[/I][/SIZE][/QUOTE] [SIZE="1"][B]You misunderstand, I was saying that whatever the majority of the population decides to do in terms of teaching it in schools or not would be called fair. I was not saying to mask your feelings and try and pretend like it doesn't exist and go with the flow.[/B][/SIZE] [QUOTE]Originally Posted by [B]Sandy[/B] [SIZE="1"][I]Seriously, how ignorant can you be? If people would do just fine without any type of sexual education, we wouldn't have teenage pregnancies, HIV or other sexually transmitting diseases, or boys asking why their testicles don't fit inside the condom (true story!).[/I][/SIZE] [/QUOTE] [SIZE="1"][B]Ah but we already have sexual education in schools and would you not agree we already also have plenty of teenage pregnancies, cases of HIV or other sexually transmitted diseases, and guessing from your true story comment boys asking why their testicles don't fit inside the condom. And please don't lash out at me and start the name calling I hardly think my ignorance is the topic of discussion here.[/B][/SIZE]
  14. Flagg

    Anime Even I'd Like Some Reccommendations!

    I would go [B]Death Note[/B] for psychological if you have not seen it then it's probably the best choice for you. For emotional I would watch [B]Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu[/B] and/or [B]Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora[/B] both are only 6 episodes and I think worth seeing at least once by everyone. Sorry I go out of your 12-26-episode range in all three shows >.< but if you have not seen them then they are a must see regardless.
  15. Flagg

    Homosexuality 101, seriously?

    [B][SIZE="1"]I'm against sex ed in school anyway but fine I'll say that if you must teach about homosexuality do it in a highshool freshmen behavior health class. Although by that time most if not everyone will know about it anyway. Thus creates the issue is sex ed in general really needed in the school system. Seriously as human beings we got along just fine loooooooong before we started sex ed in school. To argue the issue anymore would seem pointless to me so just do whatever the majority of the population wants to do and call it fair.[/SIZE][/B]