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[I]Intercepting Transmission.....

This is Optimus Prime... All Autobots....this is a distress call.... we are desperately outnumbered against the Decepticons, we need assistance.. the fall of Megatron has not stopped them... and the Allapark has again resurfaced....The possibility of our home renewed is again with us....

End of Transmision[/I]

Cybertron... a ruined planet...

Earth.. A planet teeming with life...

Hope is a feeling not many of us get to feel, especially not after losing their whole world to chaos and death. The Autobots have been given this hope, even though the Decepticons would seek to destroy Earth and the human species, thus making it their own.

The all spark has reappeared on earth, and the Decepticons have resurfaced, this time lead by an unknown entity. But there is hope as well, new Autobot allies have come to earth as well, to aid in recovering the Allspark for a second time. But still it is a losing battle. The only hope is to get the Allspark, before all is too late.

Humans have allied themselves with the Autobots, and some have allied themselves with the Decepticons, each with their own personalities and dreams, and their own desires. Some are driven by hate and greed, some by passion and their own heart. As such, each pair is well suited for finding the Allspark by their own means, but it is only by team work will the Autobots..... or Decepticons win.

Okay.. this is set as a sequel to the movie that just came out..... so let's be real. You are playing two characters, a human and an Autobot or Decepticon. From your human's perspective, you're after the Allspark for you're own reasons. From the robot's, you are after it for good or evil purposes.

okay.. the profile you'll be doing will start out with the human, and then his or her robot partner. It shall be as thus.....



Gender: Male or Female




Specialty Skills: what unique kills does your character have??? list and describe them here



Gender: Male or Female

Allegience: Autobot or Decepticon


Vehicle form: please include a link to the car, truck or plane your character takes the shape of


Specialty weapons:

here is mine:

Name: Xander

Age: 18

Gender: male

Personality: He's a bright youth, but usually docile, until provoked. Then, he's hell on wheels, as the saying goes. He's smart, and his hobbies include computer hacking and reading. He's always had the feeling he never belonged, which is why he never stays in one place for long, as he is constantly on the move. Despite his not being in school, he feels it is his duty to learn as much as he can. Much of his time is spent in books. He's an odd one, he's a goth, usually in the whole black onsomble. he's kind, and freindly wnough, and he never tires of the shock people get when they see him.

Appearence: He's never seen without his black lip stick and mp3 player. He wears only a black spandex shirt with billowy pants, his outer shirt comprised of belts. he has put together himself.

History: Orphaned at a young age, he was shipped around until he was able to take care of himself, and by that, he was able to manipulate ATM machines with little gizmos he'd made himself.For three years he was considered just a runaway, with no home. Not much is known about him other than the few files that exist. Then he was found on his sixteenth birthday, and given a massive inheritance. Since, he has accuired a driver's licence, and had sought out to buy a car fitting his personality, and secondary job as a bounty hunter.

Specialty skills: tracking, technology, hand to hand combat


Name: Jam

Gender: male

Allegiance: Autobot

Appearence: A classic cadillac hearse


Personality: He may be a hearse, but he certainly doesn't act like one. More so a happy bot, he's in love with the music of Earth. Indeed, he loves to dance with his own radio. Truthfully, while he and Xander are different, they are alike in one fact, that they don't come across as they appear.

History: On Cybertron, he was a whiz at audio signals, he was a great communications jammer. He was a valueable asset to he Autobots, until he was thought to have died in a battle against the Decepticons. Since, he has escaped Cybertron to come to Earth, crash landing in a cemetary, which is why he has assumed the form he has, and has seen no reason to change it.

Specialty Weapons: Jamming functions, laser cannon, and a specialty missile laucher
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