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THE Musical Experience


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[size=1]I guess we should just get it out of the way that I'm totally in love with music. Well, better make that good music. Or perhaps music that I like. Anyway, I'm straying from my point.

I've been listening to Metallica since early '98 and they've been my favourite band ever sense, bar none. Listening to their music has helped me through my life and definately had a huge impact on me as a person and my life as a whole.

Yesterday was the first time since listening to them that I got to go see them live. And by God what an experience it was. After those stupid support bands were out of the way I loved every minute of the show! It was definately one of those long-lasting life experiences that only come along once in a while that you just can't describe.

So I ask you all this question: Has your life been shaped by music and have you ever had such a breath-taking experience as a result of music that you just don't know what the hell to say?[/size]
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[FONT="Arial"]Of course. I'm a musician, so music is at least half of my life, if not more. I can think of plenty of moments where music "took my breath away."

Both times I've seen Trans-Siberian Orchestra, for instance. I think I've ranted about them enough times. Their live concerts are outstanding. Everyone should find them on YouTube and see, even though the videos are a billion times less amazing than the actual live show.

Also, AFI knocked the wind out of me. I adore pretty much anything having to do with them. You know someone really loves a band when they're too sick to go to school, but still goes to the concert, stays standing for well over six hours, and sings and screams along to every single song. I'm STILL depressed that February 1, 2007, is long gone. :[

It's not just band music that amazes me. I'm an actress, and I've been in a couple of musicals, so of course I love Broadway and whatnot. The two musicals I've been in, Into the Woods and Annie, have been some of the best experiences of my life. Seeing musicals also gives me some kind of natural high--my friends were in Beauty and the Beast this past weekend and I'm still happy from seeing it twice. The music from that play is so good, and I teared up several times (whenever I think about the song Beauty and the Beast, I want to cry).

But what really takes the cake is when I saw Wicked. For months prior to seeing the show, I was obsessed with the soundtrack and knew all the words to every song. My favorite was always Defying Gravity. So, I was expecting to cry a little when they performed that one. However, the very moment [spoiler]Elphaba began to fly,[/spoiler] I started sobbing uncontrollably, and I didn't stop til' the intermission. <333 [/FONT]
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[size=1]As much as I love my music, I must say I really do loathe and despise musicals. They just don't sit well with me for whatever reason.

And like yourself, I'm a musician too. Again, I started playing drums thanks to listening to Metallica and I absolutely love it. My only problem is that I'm constantly having trouble forming a band/keeping it together for any extensive period of time. But the first time I actually played drums together with one of my friends playing guitar was also one of those experiances that just made me feel indescribable!

When I went to see Rammstein this time last year was also an incredible experience, not in the league that Metallica did but Rammstein sure do put on one hell of an awesome show!

All I can say is that after 9 years or so of waiting to see them, I realise that that was the thing missing in my life. I'd give anything to go back and see them again. No question about when they tour next year. And despite the general consensus that St. Anger was crap, I still can't wait for the new album![/size]
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[COLOR="Navy"]Music to me is like breathing. Without it, your as good as dead! i used to like rap with a capital L, but now I just want t strangle whoever made this genre of music. A lot of teens like it, but I don't. In fact all of my friends are really the only people in our grade who like rock music.

music influenced my clothing choice. I dress the rocker way, no way else. Besides who wants their pants to fall down and everyone see their underwear? Not me that's for sure.

I've already said this, but I [B]love[/b] Breaking Benjamin.They're to me what AFI is to Clurr. I had ironically bought their latest CD "Phobia" when about a week later I find out that the band is having the opening of their latest tour near me. I was mad because I found out my brother was going. But he came to my house about 11 P.M. (I was on OB at the time too) He told me if I had permission I could go. Well I woke up the next mroenign and my parents said I could go.

And I did! The first band was Selflyfe a band formed in Rochester NY. I got their autographs. But now I want to go to another concert and see Breaking Benjamin. It's my new life goal. [/COLOR]

[COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]plus the shirt that I got is badass! XD[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Music is half of what keeps me alive and sane. I can't go for too long without listening to something, otherwise I get the bends.

I don't think I've ever had any terribly profoun musc experiences, though there are times when I heard a song or album for the first time and it blew me away.

When I was in university, one of my favorite CDs to play on car trips home/back to school was [I]Operation: Mindcrime[/I] by [B]Queensryche[/B]. It was the perfect length for the hour-long ride. It was always better on the trip home, and driving at night. Something about listening to that CD at the end of a long week, driving in the dark... it just purged all that had built up on me from the previous 5 days. It was a release.

Recently I purchased [B]Queensryche[/B]'s "Mindcrime At The Moore", which is the full concert/stage performance of both Mindcrime I & II albums. Seeing it done that way added a new layer to the expreience and helped me understand the story even more than I had previously. Plus their encores were killer.
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