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Sign Up The Last Comic Posting: Auditions [PG-M for M/L/S]


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[center]:laugh:[FONT=Palatino Linotype][SIZE=4][COLOR=navy][FONT=shaun_of_the_dead][B][I][U] L a s t C o m i c P o s t i n g:laugh:[/U][/I][/B][/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Palatino Linotype][SIZE=1][COLOR=#000080]Produced, hosted and judged by [B]Premonition[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/center]

[COLOR=navy]Welcome to the last Comic Posting! This is an RPG based on the hit show "Last Comic Standing." The member who survives the challenges ahead will be crowned OB's Best Comedian. but in order to become one of the final 8, you must pass these auditions.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=navy]I won't be putting you through any excruciating obstacles in order to pass on. The sign-up is easy and simple, so there's no need to worry. now by the end of these sign-ups, there will be 20 people joining. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=navy]But in order to give this title to the OtakuBoards funniest member, we have to get through these auditions. good luck to everyone who signs up. [/COLOR]

[center][SIZE=1][COLOR=navy]Before you sign up here are a few guidelines and rules.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/center]

[center][COLOR=#000080]- The 5 judges will decide who foes to the finals. 3/5 judges must say yes in order for a member to go on to the next round.[/COLOR][/center]

[center][COLOR=#000080]- The 5 judges may change their mind before the final decision. If 3 of the judges says yes but one decides to chance his answer to a 'no' that will be his answer.[/COLOR][/center]

[center][COLOR=#000080]- If any of the judges can't fulfill his/her duties he/she may get a friend to decide for theme. these guest judges will only be able to vote once for the original judge.[/COLOR][/center]

[center][COLOR=#000080]- After the final members have been chosen the judges will vote on a scale of 1-5. here are the meanings of each number[/COLOR][/center]

[center][COLOR=#000080][B]1[/B] - You totally lacked any comedic skill or you didn't execute your jokes properly.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#000080][B]2[/B] - You didn't completely lack your skills, but you didn't do your best either.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#000080][B]3[/B] - You were fairly good. But you were average.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#000080][B]4[/B] - Almost perfect! But you need a little more oomph![/COLOR]
[COLOR=#000080][B]5[/B] - You did the best you could this round. Your performance was perfect.[/COLOR][/center]

[center][COLOR=#000080]Now because there is 5 judges the maximum number of points is 25. If someone gets 13 points they must joke for their lives. After that is done the judges will go back to the yes/no process. You must get 3 yeses to proceed.[/COLOR][/center]

[center][COLOR=#000080]- You may drop out at any moment of the game.[/COLOR][/center]

[center][COLOR=#000080]- When a member has lost the game he/she can show off his skills before going his way. Sort of like when an American Idol contestant loses he/she preforms one last time.[/COLOR][/center]

[center][COLOR=#000080]- The contestant with the highest score can not be voted off in the next round.[/COLOR][/center]

[center][COLOR=#000080]- The second highest score gives that person 2 extra points for the next round.[/COLOR][/center]

[center][COLOR=#000080]-The person with the second lowest score gets 2 points deducted automatically in the next round.[/COLOR][/center]


[COLOR=#000080]This is the sign-up you need to fill. It's not the traditional style, instead I just want you guys to answer these questions[/COLOR]

[center][COLOR=#000080][B]1:. Do you think you're funny? [/B][/COLOR]
[COLOR=#000080][B]2:. Do others think you're funny? [/B][/COLOR]
[COLOR=#000080][B]3:. What kind of jokes do you tell? Dirty or clean jokes?[/B][/COLOR]
[B][COLOR=#000080]4:. Tell everyone your favorite joke![/COLOR][/B][/center]


[SIZE=1][COLOR=navy][B]NOTES: Want to see the list of current judges or want to ask questions? Check out the underground thread! (link in signature)[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[b]1:. Do you think you're funny? [/b]

Freaking hilarious.

[b]2:. Do others think you're funny?[/b]

Of course.

[b]3:. What kind of jokes do you tell? Dirty or clean jokes?[/b]

Both, but almost always dirty.

[b]4:. Tell everyone your favorite joke?[/b]

(That's a command, not a question, should end with a period.)

Clean example-

Two cannibals are eating a clown, one cannibal looks to the other and says "Hey, does this guy taste funny to you?"

Dirty example-

(to come later... I don't want to offend anyone, so I'll see what else comes up.)

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[size=1]Ah, why not?

[b]1:. Do you think you're funny? [/b]
I would think so.
[b]2:. Do others think you're funny? [/b]
[b]3:. What kind of jokes do you tell? Dirty or clean jokes?[/b]
[b]4:. Tell everyone your favorite joke![/b]
Let?s start corny.

A panda walks into a restaurant. He orders his food, and waits around for it.

(I know what you?re thinking ? why would a panda be in a restaurant? I have no bloody clue.)

His food arrives and he eats. He pays the tab, stands up and, right as he gets to the door he takes out a pistol and fires one shot into the air. Then he walks out the door.

The restaurant owner is staring after him. ?[b]What was all that about?[/b]?

A man farther down gets up, walks over to him, and shows him a book with a picture of a panda in it. Next to it, it says:

[b]Eats shoots and leaves.[/b]

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[B][FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode]1. Do you think you're funny?
[/FONT][/B][FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode]Sometimes I am. Sometimes I listen to myself and think "what the hell was that? What am I talking about?," but a lot of the time I think I'm a total riot.

[B]2. Do others think you're funny?
[/B]I think they do when inebriated. The rest of the time I'd say not.

[B]3. What kind of jokes do you tell? Dirty or clean jokes?
[/B]Oh, I like to mix it up. I can go from being so clean everyone thinks I'm totally straight-edge, to being so dirty I can offend everyone in the room with a single foul comment. So, as you can imagine, I have a great time at parties.

[B]4. Tell everyone your favourite joke:
[/B]Alright, I have a couple of examples. Firstly:
Why did the scarecrow win a Nobel Prize?
[B]Because he was outstanding in his field. [/B](see if you can get that one)

I may have to follow Mike's lead on the dirty example - I can really offend a lot of people quite quickly.
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[FONT="Georgia"][SIZE="2"]I'll give this a whirl...why not.

1. Do you think you're funny
Yes. I can make a lot of people laugh

2. Do others think you're funny?
You bet. I can light up a whole room with my jokes.

3. Dirty or Clean Jokes?

I can tell both....but it really depends on how easily you're offended

4.Favorite Joke?

I have a few....

1.[I]If a quiz makes you quizzical, what does a test make you?[/I]

2.[I]A guy gets sent to prison, he's really upset and worried about how he's going to adjust. His cell mate walks up to and asks

What's the matter?

"I'm not sure I can get used to this....I'm really worried"

His cellmate laughs and says

"Well don't worry about it... Life's not so bad here. Hey, do you like italian food?"

The guy nods

"Well mondays are Italian food buffet. Eat all you want! Do you like movies?

"I love movies!"

"Tuesday is movie day. We watch movies for 8 hours. Do you like sports, like football?"

"Yeah, I used to work out before I got here."

"Well Wednesday is sports day. We do whatever we want, football, soccer, basketball...etc. Are you homosexual?"


The cellmate shakes his head and says..."Well, you're gonna hate Thursdays."[/I]

3.[I] (Disclaimer, no offense to asian people) What did the father name his one legged daughter? Ileen

What did the asian father name his one legged daughter? I-reen[/I][/SIZE][/FONT]
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