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RPG Naruto: A New Generation


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All was quiet. In Konoha, the Village Hidden in the Leaves, the morning sun was just rising. Birds had yet to start chirping, and most people were still sleeping. The small apartment that Toru Uragashi called home was no different. Suddenly, an alarm sounded; it?s purpose to wake the new sensei. Instead, it just broke his mental concentration, causing the water he had been controlling in the air over his kitchen to spill over the floor. Cursing, he went to shut off the alarm.

When the alarm was off, Toru ran his hands through his unkempt hair. He hadn?t been able to sleep; nightmares of his past had kept him awake. With a quick glance out the window at the mist-laden city, Toru returned to his kitchen to clean up. Today was the big day; he would be receiving his own genin students, in hopes of training them for the future. He desperately wanted to do the best he could, not just for the students? sake, but for himself as well. To him, this was a mission he had to succeed at, and also one he had never done before. This was just one of life?s many learning experiences, thought Toru, smiling to himself as he finished mopping up the water.

Changing out of his night clothes, he jumped into his bathtub for a quick soak. Not less than 10 minutes later, he was standing in front of his mirror, combing his hair into his trademark spikes. He donned his black ninja suit, his green commander vest, and his twin short swords around his waist. He checked some papers lying on the table; he wanted to be ready for the kids he was handling. The last thing he did before leaving his house was to tie his hitai-ate leaf headband to his forehead. Then, POOF! He was gone.


Waking up was the farthest thing from Ichigo?s mind. He was having one of the best dreams of his life, when he was ripped from his thoughts by the incessant buzzing of his alarm clock. He got up slowly, and turned off the alarm, promising to buy one that knew when not to wake him up. He got up and made his way slowly to the kitchen, having already showered the night before. He ate breakfast with a sour taste in his mouth from the missed dream. Ichigo finished his meal, and dressed himself in his usual attire; his favorite white robe, with a blue belt around it to hold it up. On top of that, he also equipped his giant weapon scroll, along with his weapon bag and his magic sandals. After all, today he would be getting his squad, and he had to test their abilities.

Smiling at this, ?pleasant thought,? he locked the door to his house, and walked off towards the academy. He noticed as he walked, that the morning sun had still not quite penetrated the mist, leaving the village hidden, for the moment. He didn?t know why, but he found this amusing, and started whistling to himself. This wasn?t his first time getting genins to train, but he still felt the slightest bit uneasy. There was always the uncertainty that you?d get someone you didn?t like, and that was no fun. He arrived at the Ninja Academy, and found the doors unlocked. Not thinking too much of it, he walked in.

He wandered down the halls, finding his way to the jounin assignment room. Inside, he was surprised to find another jounin already there, as well as the current Hokage! Ichigo announced his arrival with a cheery, ?Hiya!? The two men turned, and the jounin with spiked hair replied, ?Good morning.? The Hokage glanced at Ichigo, and back at the other man. ?Ichigo, this is a good friend of mine, Toru Uragashi. This is his first time being a commander of genins?, so I trust you?ll help him?? Ichigo nodded, and said, ?Yeah, sure; I?ll hold his hand! Hahha, joking guy, but seriously, nice to meetcha!?

They shook hands, and Toru smiled, ?I can?t wait to get my team!? The Hokage spoke, ?Don?t get too excited. Remember what I said?? ?And what would that be?? asked Ichigo, who was curious. ?This year, there has been a strange turn of events, that has forced us to shorten team rosters. Basically; this year?s graduating class was too small. So in order to fix this problem, we?ve only assigned one or two genin to each jounin. This will give them ample opportunity to learn and grow, as each jounin can concentrate more on fewer students. Do you see?? explained the Hokage.

While Toru nodded his head, he added, ?Maybe this will be better for me, this being my first group and all.? Ichigo couldn?t help but feel a little cheated. He wanted a full team to be under him! It wasn?t as fun playing tricks on just one or two kids. ?Of course,? said the Hokage, ?the teams will get together for training missions. This will help with the teamwork element we seem to be leaving out this year.? Not caring for all the talking, Ichigo asked, ?So when are the kids going to show up? I?m kind of wondering just who?s on my team.?

Stepping to a nearby wall, the Hokage pointed to a piece of paper. ?Here are the team listings. Toru, I gave you two students, so you could get more of a feel for the job. I also think that you can handle them.? While the Hokage went on, Ichigo looked over his team, as well as the others. This is what he saw:

Jounin Teams:

Team 1: Ichigo Byacu
Student(s): Soku Airameke

Team 2: Soma Arumaru
Student(s): Dyuu Uchiha

Team 3: Toru Uragashi
Students: Tetra, Uchiha Kenji

?Wow, that?s interesting. Two Uchiha?s. And one of them?s mine. Plus, I?m team 1. Great! My lucky number! Heheh?? Ichigo tapped Toru on the shoulder, saying, ?Good luck with your team. At least they SOUND like a capable lot,? then he turned toward the Hokage, ?and when will the students get here? I wanna start already!? The Hokage laughed, replying, ?They?ll be arriving shortly. I sent messages to them to arrive around sunrise. They should be here within the hour. I have other business to attend to, so I?ll leave until then. You two stay here and welcome anyone who comes early.?

The Hokage then left the two jounin, fully trusting them to handle their, somewhat slackened duties. While it was true that not many students DID graduate, it could also be said that he had never seen a more determined bunch of kids. Things were off to a good start, he thought. This year, will be just like the others; full of adventure and discovery, not to mention triumph and failure. Yes, the year?s had passed, but Konoha was still the same. As proud and unchanging as the roots of the greatest tree. Good luck to you all, he thought, as he arrived at his office, and began to sort through his papers.

(OoC: Alright, this is the first post, so everyone can start posting now! This post count?s as Toru?s and Ichigo?s post, so both of their team members can post. Hope you all liked it, and let?s have fun with this! :D )
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It was yet another peaceful morning in the leaf village. The years seemed to go by so quickly in this place. It seemed like only just the other day that he woke up in that hospital bed with ANBU black ops on guard around him. not the happiest memory, but it was his first memory of this place, so that made it worth having. Soma hadn't slept much last night. He had spent much of the night and early morning concentrating and building his chakra for the day ahead.

Today he was to be assigned his first genin student. According to the message that lord Hokage sent out he was to recieve one of the Uchiha clan. This was quite an interestng turn of events. There were two of them who graduated this year. Because so few actually graduated, this one, Uchiha Dyuu, was his only student. This was proabaly for the best since he had never taken on a student before and this would be just enough.

Soma had planned to start training this one immediately. He had already decided what they were going to practice first. With his plans set, Soma saw no need to simply sit around at home anymore and he made his way to the balcany. His house was a small, third floor, one bedroom apartment, but it suited his needs well. He looked out into the vast morning mist of the Konoha and without a moments hesitation he disappeared into it.

His first order of business for today was to go to the Jounin assingment room at the hokages estate and officially except his orders. He was surprised to see a familar face in Toru Uragashi. They had worked on a mission about a year ago when Soma was still a chunin. And another in Ichigo Byacu, who was one of the senior jounin around. Soma smirked a bit and walked in [B]"Good morning my friends. Good morning lord Hokage."[/B]

The hokage looked over to Soma [B]Ah, yes, good morning. I assume you recieved my summons.[/B]

Soma nodded [B]"Yes, my lord. I have come to officially accept these orders as a new sensei. I'm looking quite forward to it, lord hokage."[/B]

The hokage nodded back [B]"Very good. You students should be arriving soon. Be prepared to meet them. And gods speed, you'll need it."[/B]

Soma smiled, nodded and left the room. He could still hear the other two in the room behind him, but Soma was a little to anxious to get to his new student before the student got to the school. He thought this a good chance to make a good first impression on this young genin.
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“Concentrate, concentrate” Dyuu thought hard in his head. But then “Your up early” said a female voice from the doorway, breaking Dyuu’s concentration.[I]"This resengen isn't easy he thought"[/I], frowning “I’m sorry,” she said, as she realized she walked in on him practicing the resengen she had showed him. Dyuu got up, left the room and headed for the bathtub. Today, Dyuu was going to get his first sensei. A couple days earlier he was scared of this, but eventually came to accept it. He thought about what his sensei would train him in and what he himself would be able to accomplish under his sensei. After his soak he put on his red shirt, shorts, and sandals. He combed his brown hair a finally put the leaf headed on marking him as a genin.

He started to walk out the door but before opening the door, which led from the little 3-bedroom house of Mrs. Renn to the outside world, he called to Mrs. Renn: “ I’m leaving now, I hope you won’t be lonely” He did not receive an answer because the woman had already fallen asleep due to her fragile body. He walked out the door into this misty morning of Konoha.

The sun was just starting to be visible beyond the horizon. The Hokage had sent word to him and all the other graduating Genin yesterday morning, to be at the academy at sunrise. There had been a mist when he had first left Mrs. Renn’s house. But now it seemed to be all blown away by the cold morning air. He kept walking. He had taken the long way to clear his head of the thoughts that haunted him so the he could perform his best. Up ahead he could see a dark figure walking towards him. As it got closer he could see the form of a man with large scars over his body. The man started to smile, then spoke “ Are you Dyuu Uchiha?”

(OOC: Starwind i wasnt sure what you wanted to do so i left it open for you.)
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Kenji hadn't sleep that night. It wasn't because of being anxious, he just didn't feel up to it. He just lied in bed and slung his last kunai at the target on the ceiling above his mattress. He turned his head to the clock and sighed.

"Great...That time already."

Even though he acknowledged it, he still stayed in bed. He groaned and got up slowly. Moving his feet across the tatami mats he went to the bath tub and refreshed himself in the bath. Getting out he combed his short black hair down over his blackish brown eyes and moved onto the next task before he could leave.

He threw his shirt and pants on and started to walk out the door. Before he could, he remembered the head band and tied it around his neck. Now, he moved out of the door.


He sighed turning around seeing his mother and father in the doorway. He walked back into the house and ate the meal as quickly as he could.

"I'll be back sometime today."He mentioned and moved towards the Academy.

He didn't have many interruptions on his way there so he made up for the time he lost and entered the Academy building.
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As Soma walked through the mist he could see the young Uchiha boy come into sight. The boy stopped and so did Soma. Soma smiled to him [B]"Are you Dyuu Uchiha?"[/B]

The boy looked him over once [B]"It's considerd common courtesy to give your name first."[/B]

The boy had some spirit in him. Soma liked that in the boy. He was gonna need it for what he was gonna do to him [B]"I am Soma Arumasu. I am the instructor sent for the newly appointed genin Dyuu Uchiha. I assume that's you."[/B]

The boy smirked back to him [B]"Yes, sir. I'm ready for my training."[/B]

Soma was pleased to see the boy was so eager, but he wouldn't be quite as happy with this in an hour. Soma replied [B]"Well, if you don't have any questions then I suppose we'll be going. Keep up now."[/B]

And with that said and quick flash, the two disappeared off into what was left of the morning fog. Soma was impressed the boy was doing so well to keep up. Once well beyond the gates of the village, at a river to the north he finally came to a stop. The boy had managed to keep pace with him, and seemed only mildly stressed by it. Soma looked to him again [B]"Good, you managed to actually make it here with me. I must say I'm happy to see that you did. I won't feel as bad now for doing what I'm about to do to you. It's hard to punish weaklings, but your obviously not weak."[/B]

The boy seemed almost as excited as Soma about the training ahead. Soma decided that there was no real need to build up suspense for this kid any longer [B]"Alright, if your ready, then let us get this show on the road. Our first exercise will be a game of tag."[/B]

The boy looked both confused and disappointed by this [B]"What the hell are you talking about? I thought this was training, not kids games."[/B]

Soma only wished this kid knew, but then again he would soon enough [B]"Now, now. The name of the game is tag. If you can catch me before noon, you pass my first exam."[/B]

The boy raised an eye brow [B]"you first..."[/B]

Soma smiled [B]"That's right. There will be three different tests. You need to pass all three in order to recieve my approval."[/B]

[B]"Why do I need your approval? I'm already a genin. I don't have to prove anything to you."[/B]

This was gonna be the fun part [B]"Nobody told you then, huh? Well then, let me fill you in. As your instructor, if I feel your unfit, I can have you sent back to the academy for another year of training."[/B]

The boys expression quickly became a bit more worried [B]"I see that got your attention. Anyway, you must be able to land at least on solid blow on my torso in order to pass. If you don't give it everything you've got you'll never succeed and you'll be faced with the embarassment of having to return to the academy."[/B]

The boy tensed up and looked as though he was ready to pounce. As he seemed ready to make his move, Soma made his. Soma jumped quickly behind him and grabbed him by the collar of his shirt. Soma laughed [B]"I should let you know that a frontal assault would be a waste of time. Remember, this is a test of your skills as a ninja, so come at me like a ninja. Save your codes of honor for the samurai. Do whatever you feel you must in order to pass. Otherwise you'll never make it. Now, ready.... GO!"[/B]

And in a flash, they both disappeared into the forest.
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Dyuu?s heart was racing, he had just been pulled by his collar into a forest he had never been to. ? Just my luck.? He thought as his sensei threw him down to the ground.
?You?re going to need to put up a better fight if you want to pass.? The man said looking a little disappointed about how the kid did not break free before he threw him to the ground. Dyuu got up, took a couple shuriken out of his pouch at his side and thrust them at his sensei, which he immediately dodged. Dyuu then started to punch and kick wildly, his sensei holding his own very well. His sensei then lashed out wit ha fist that struck Dyuu in the nose.

?At this rate you aren?t going to past this simple game of tag? Smiling his sensei ran off somewhere into the forest. Dyuu got up, touched his nose and felt the hot wet red ooze dripping from it. ?That?s it!? ?He?s going down? With that he ran of into the forest after his sensei.

As he ran, he became more and more excited about his new sensei. At first he was scared at the fact that he would get sent back to the academy if he did not pass his sensei?s standards, but now he couldn?t care less. All he wanted to do was show everybody that he was capable of anything.

?Come on, find me? called a mocking voice from somewhere to Dyuu?s right.

?There, I?ve got you? He started to moves his hands in to hand signs, then ?Fire Style, Fireball Jutsu? A white hot jet of ret flame short out of his mouth hitting a nearby tree knocking it down. His sensei came falling to the ground from the tree. ? Haaaa? Dyuu yelled as he punched his sensei in the nose.
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"THATS NO FAIR!" Exclamed the impaciant jounin.
"Settle down, Ichigo,"
"Well i just don't get it why Soma got to go first."
"His genin gto here first."
"I Know that, but ..... You know what I mean."
"Well I've done all i need to here, so i'm going back to my office"
The hokage Got up and walked out of the door.
"When will they get here!"
"Please be patient, Ichigo."
"Shut up Toru, I get mad when i have to wait."
Ichigo slowly Stood up out of his seat, grab the chair that he was sitting in, walked towards the door, set the chair in front of the loose sliding door, got the chalk board earaser, and closed the door on it while at the top. After the series of events Ichigo said " I read this in sakura's dirary, it said naruto did this to kakashi after making him wait along time."
" I don't think you should do that, how would they feel."
" Not nearly as bad as making me wait here along time."
" It's only been an hour, and we got here early."
" But they also made me wake up from a good dream. So..."

Half an hour later.....


It was the sound of the earaser hitting someone in the head.
Both jounin looked at the person standing at the door.
It was the hokage.
The face of the hokage was sorta astonished/ surprised/ freaked out.
Not from the earaser hitting him in the head, but because of the mess and the destruction on the floor.
Ichigo was the first to explane, and in his inicent vioce too "I bet you're wandering what happened, well..... he hit me first and." Then both the jounin were talking at the same time.
The hokage just said not yelling or anything " I just wanted to tell you that this is a secret room only jounin are allowed to enter, so they don't come to you you go to them." The hokage left the room.

Ichigo wandered the whole village in search of his genin.
Then he found his genin.
" Are you my sensai."
" Are you my genin."
" Well you look like a genin so we will start training today."

(ooc:Sorry about it being so short, but like i said i'm at my moms and a don't have alot of time. And if you don't post for 5 days, unless you have an explanation you can degroup from that person.)
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That was quite a little surprise from this little genin. Soma had come to expect nothing less from one of the Uchiha bloodline. It's said that their main proficency is fire jutsu's. At the moment he felt his students knuckles meet his face he rolled back with the punch and threw the genin back to the ground. As young Dyuu Uchiha came to a thud Soma took his spot alongside him [B]"Good work. You've passed my first test. That was quite a blow. And a rather impressive display of jutsu. But there will be no time to rest."[/B]

Soma reached down and picked up the boy by the collar of his shirt once again and placed him on his feet [B]"It's time for test two."[/B]

Soma crouched down, reached into his pouch, pulled out two tags and grabbed hold of the boys ankles. Keeping his hands tightly clenched around his ankles and looked up to him [B]"These tags are a unique form of paper bomb I developed specifically for this test."[/B]

The mention of PAPER BOMB seemed to alarm the boy quite a bit [B]"If at anytime during the next test you should stop moving for more then 5 seconds they will detonate and you won't be moving anywhere ever again."[/B]

The expression on the boys face was becoming more and more dire [B]"Once I let go of your ankles they will become active and the test will begin. The only way to disarm them without blowing off both your legs is to catch me and keep hold of me and keep me from moving for longer then the 5 seconds needed for the tags to go boom."[/B]

The boys eyes began to focus Soma, as if he was planning to stop him the second he let go. Soma looked up to the boy one more time [B]"Oh yes, it does still count against you if lay on the ground for too long after a hit, so I would advice you to keep your reflexes sharp if you don't think you can take any blows without needing time to recoup. Alright, ready..."[/B] Soma loosend his grip slightly, the boy leaned forward a bit [B]"... GO!"[/B]

The genin lunged and Soma vanished once again. The boy wasted no time and was quickly off to find his sensei, never stopping for fear of the bombs tied to his legs.
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Dyuu sped off into the forest after his sensei. He could not find him anywhere or stop to search better, or even rest, for fear of the bomb around his ankles blowing up.

1 hour?2 hours?Dyuu was beginning to tire, he could barely keep his head straight.
He was heading to a clearing in the forest to search there, but as he made it into the clearing 2 shuriken whizzed past his head hitting a nearby tree. Attached to these shuriken were to paper tags exact copies of the ones around his ankle. The paper tags blew up and destroyed the tree. Come from nowhere a punch hit Dyuu right in the stomach.

Laughing his sensei spoke; ? You?re not as fast as a thought you were. I guess I was mistaken when I though you would be the first one to pass my 3 tests. But I guess I was wrong?

This angered Dyuu enough to say: ? Cut the crap!? And lunged at the man he now had to call sensei. The man jumped out of the way just as Dyuu threw his punch. ? Stop being a coward!? yelled Dyuu, finding his sensei a few feet away from him. Dyuu ran to the nearest tree and climbed to a high branch. Dyuu started to do a complex number of hand signs, and then started to move his had over his other in a circular motion. This seemed to stun his sensei for a moment not knowing how to take a genin doing that many hand signs after this much work. ? Are you scared sensei, I hope you are!? It was beautiful bluff on Dyuu?s part; his sensei did not know Mrs. Renn so he could not have know he could not build chakra for the resengen.

Dyuu jumped of the branch and yelled ?Resengen!?

Dyuu?s hand hit the ground with a thud then the rest of his body came down into a handstand?nothing, ?it had all been a bluff from the start, I can?t believe I thought a genin could perform a resengen? Out of nowhere Dyuu lunged.
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The young genin certainly was full of tricks. Even though it was a just a bluff, that seemed quite intimidating for a moment. The young genin was now flying toward Soma. He grabbed Soma by the ankels and pulled his feet out from under him. It was at this time that Soma implemented the substitution jutsu and slipped free.

This little genin certainly seemed to have an awful lot of stamina. He just might pass the second test if he could keep this up. It was nearly 4 O'clock. Day light was starting to run down. If he were to push the boy to his limits, maybe he could get something interesting out of him. He was an Uchiha after all.

It only took the boy a few minutes to find Soma hiding in the tree line. The boy was streaked in sweat and seeming completely exhausted. Who could blame him? He'd been at it consistently for almost 3 and a half hours now. The boy lunged and Soma side stepped him. The exhaustion was starting to make his moves sloppy. Soma felt a sudden thud on his right side. IT WAS THE BOY! He had created a clone to ambush him. He then felt a thump from behind as yet another clone hit him. To think the boy could still create two solid clones in his state.

Each clone grabed an ankel and racked him on the tree branch he had been standing on. The seconds ticked by and the tags floated off the boys ankels, just as Soma had promised. With a swift kick and quick movement, he was free and on the ground, holding his new pupil by the collar of his shirt again. This trend was starting to annoy the young genin. Soma smirked [B]"Well done. That's 2 for 3. One more test and you'll be a full fledged genin in active service of the hidden leaf village. Are you ready?"[/B]

The boy nodded back to Soma. It seemed he was no longer interested in anything other then proving himself [B]"Alright. The next test will be a test of your chakra." [/B] Soma drew a kunai from his leg pouch and threw it up into the side of a tree. He sewed 2 kunai through a steel thread, then sent a third nailed to an opposing tree about 50 yards away from the first. He looked back to the young genin [B]"The name of the game is concentration."[/B] Soma jumped up on to the thread and turned up the kunai and balanced on the razor tip of the kunai [B]"By using your chakra and intense concentration you can balance yourslef on the point of a kunai with stability equal to that of solid ground." [/B] The kunai then began to move along the steel thread [B]"By shifting the distribution of your chakra you can even move the kunai along this thread. Your mission is to not only maintain your balance on your kunai, but me and you will be exchanging blows. If you can knock me off, or at least hold out til sunset, you will have passed the thrid test."[/B]

The young genin nodded to Soma. Soma waved him up and the boy slowly made his way up to the thread and balanced on the kunai. Soma smiled ot the boy [B]"Alright. Let's begin the third test."[/B]
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Balancing on a kunai using chakra was the hardest thing Dyuu had ever done in his life.
But he pushed himself to go on even though his body was still trying to rest after the 2nd test.

Sweating, Dyuu distributed his chakra to the kunai making it wobble on the wire a little bit. After a few try Dyuu got the hang of moving the kunai forwards and backwards on the wire.

Staying completely calm the man Dyuu now called sensei yelled ? Go! And do try to stay on? In a split second his sensei had moved his kunai right next to Dyuu?s. ?Could you at least try Dyuu!? This angered Dyuu he, felt his rage become his second wind and threw a punch at soma. The man however just moved his kunai backwards on the wire to avoid Dyuu?s punch. Out of breath Dyuu sputtered, ?I?will?get. You!? Dyuu move his kunai a little forwards and threw another punch at his sensei. The man just dodged again, which made Dyuu wobble on his kunai.

Sunset was coming fast now; Dyuu had been at the same thing over and over again. He would throw a punch or kick at his sensei and his sensei would dodge or hit him in the head or stomach almost knocking unconscious every time. As the sun disappeared over the trees and was gone, Dyuu fell from the kunai and landed with a "thud!" on the ground below.
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Ichigo was tired from the test that he had givin his genin. He was stronger than he expected, but then again Ichigo realy wasn't tring. The test had only taken hours to complete, it may not sound like just a little bit, but for other ninja tests it was like watchig a show. The challenge was to crush the bells that was attatched to his nose. The kid had passed that test, but what kid that was paired with Ichigo hadn't. Soku lie their on the ground, exausted. It was hard for him. He couldn't help but think that Ichigo let him win. He couldn't think of why he won, after all soku was exausted after chasing Ichigo so when he got the chance to hit him how would he have the stregth to crush the bells on his nose.

Both of the shinobi were thinking when a sound came for across the court "I just checking on how y'all were doing. It was the hokage, he said he came to check on them, but Ichigo knew that he was their to tell them some news. "Also i have something to tell you. The reason that all of those people failed to become a genin is because someone cheated and made some people fail. We have a few names of people that failed because of the cheater, but not the person who cheated." As the hokage was saying this ichigo thought that was the reason that his daughter failed in becoming a genin. The hokage continued "So we are going to put one of those people to be on your squad. COME IN!" A Yell came screeching from the the hallway "I'm coming." Then running from the direction of the sound came Ichigo's daughter.

(OOC: I'm creating another character to be on my team, and since their is only one konouchi ( girl ninja. ) i'll make another one.

Name: Orihime Byacu

Nick Name: Her dad calls her Shorty, every else calls her Hiy.

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Ninja Rank: Genin

Important Items: A sword only used in real combat, and a bunch of scrolls around her waste that summon difernt range items.

Appearance: [URL="http://www.bleachexile.com/images/wallpapers/wallpaper-ellene_orihime.jpg"] This Pic is just for looks [/URL][URL="http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/2/23/Orihime.jpg"] This is what she dresses in[/URL]

Personallity: Her personallity is the same as her dad's.

History: Orihime was born in the leaf village, and didn't realy grow up knowing her clan. She lived with her dad ichigo in an appartment. Their is no real history to her , exepct because of her father being a ninja prodagy she inherited the same skills as her father when he was her age.

Bloodline limit: Byacu / Byacu is a famous and biggest clan with the most luxuries. It' Moves are based on fusing different things, and is a master at genjutsu.

Other: Her father is Ichigo.

Paper Chain Jutsu: Orihime shapes paper into chains that ae harder than real chains and she can control them, their movements, and make them sharper at the ends .
Paper Origami Technque: This technque allowys the user to form a peice of paper into anything, nothing made by this technque are made alive.
Paper Fusion Technque: Fuses anyting made of paper together.
Paper Needle Spit: The user eats paper then if needed spits it up combines chakra with it and spits at the foe. Realeses piosion into the target that activates one of Orihime genjutsus.
Genjutsu Fusion: Fuses to types of gen jutsu to make a new one.

1000 Paper Cuts: This attack makes the foe feel 1000 papercuts.
Paper People: All foe's allies start to look like paper and turn against him.
No Chakra: The foe thinks that everytime he uses a technque involving chakra It isn't used.
Copy paper: The user's picure is put on people sizes of paper.

Future Skills: None

Kagen: Orihime charges some of her chakara into a ball on top of her palm. Then is shot at an opponant. After the explosion she can control the visible chakara and move it. For this technque to work she has to use both hands to gather small amounts of chakra through the chakra points by touching all of them with her fingers. Every time she touches the chakra points chakra appears in the palm of her hand. )

"Daddy!"The little girl screamed and jumped on her dad. "Well we have to get training right away," Said Ichigo. "Why?" Orihime said puzzeled. Ichigo replied with, "Because we have 2 people on our team now, so we are going to have to do 3 tests." Then nobody saw it, but they were in the forest. The test was to get out of the forest. Orihime just sat down and concitrated, and she was gone.
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Soma jumped down and grabbed up the little genin from the ground. Soma then looked toward the fading twilight on the far horizon. The boy had done well to hold out for so long. It took immense amounts of chakra control to hold yourself on that kunai. It was immpresive that this young rookie could already focus it so well. It was obvious he had a long way to go, but this was a hell of a good start.

It was late and the boy was unconsious, so Soma took it upon himself to bring the boy home himself. He quickly made his way back to the village where he brought the boy back home. Soma brought the boy back to a rather worried woman. She seemed kind of on edge at first but calmed down as soon as she was sure he was okay. She thanked him and Soma quickly left for his own home.

Soma decided he didn't want to go home for the night and decided he would rough it in the woods. The forest of death was always so inviting to him. Something about that untamed world seemed to appeal to him. He wanted to go out and have a good night tonight. Starting tomorrow he and his new recruit would start there activities as a full fledged ninja squad.

It had been awhile since the last time Soma had been sent on an actual mission. He had spent too much time preparing for his role as sensei to this young genin. Soma had heard tell that they would be working closely with the other rookie teams since all were smaller then normal. This was going to be a very interesting year for Soma.
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"Aaaaah..." Tetra said as she lazily laid back against a tree stump. "Wonder who my sensei shall be. Maybe he'll be smarter than the rest, or maybe he'll be strong..." She rambled on for hours about how she was going to be teamed up. She finally got up and walked to Konoha. She sat and read her new book, "Gods and Godesses" . She was there for five hours, until she was told her new sensei would be at the ramen shop. She ran there and waited patiently, never moving a muscle. Finally, she figured out she was pranked.
" Pranksters... ", she said, her voice full of anger. She was late to get to her sensei.
" Sorry I'm late! what did I miss? "
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