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Sign Up Pokemon: The Ryezuki Region [E]


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[SIZE="4"][CENTER]Pokemon: The Ryezuki Region[/CENTER][/SIZE]

The Ryezuki Region, a newly discovered place, houses all 493 pokemon but some are not as common as others. Since the Ryezuki Region was discovered 15 years ago, Trainers and Researchers have come from all over to explore and catch pokemon in this new region. People now live in specially made houses because of the Ryezuki Region’s weird and ever changing weather conditions. Little kids who have moved to the Ryezuki Region with their parents are now old enough to get their very own pokemon from a pokemon professor named Elena Maple. Professor Maple gives trainers their very first pokemon. They are the 12-starter pokemon from the original 4 regions: Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh. Although The Ryezuki Region is attracting many trainers from around the globe, many are both excited yet fearful of the unknown journey ahead. In some parts of the Ryezuki Region, strange things are happening to the pokemon. They get sick all of a sudden then without warning die. Many Professors are trying to unravel the mystery, but so far they are helpless against the sickness, now called, the DOPD (death of pokemon disease). Trainers now flee to their hometowns, away from the Ryezuki Region. But it does not stop some Trainers from doing their best to follow their dreams.

During this RP Trainers will get to participate in: Gym battles, Contests, and a new league to battle in called a Battle Tournament. In a battle tournament, you use 1 of your own pokemon and 2-rental pokemon. You battle against 8 foes during the whole tournament. If you win, you get a poke ball shaped trophy made of a certain mineral (Depending on which Battle tournament it is). In the Ryezuki Region, there are 8 badges. There are also 8 contest ribbons you have to have to get into the Ryezuki grand festival. Trainers are traveling the Ryezuki Region hoping to become better trainers, Professors, and coordinators. These trainers did not know it but they were destined to save the Ryezuki Region. But as they travel along, an ominous thing follows them all through their journeys. During these adventures, 6 trainers will team up to conquer the Ryezuki Region together.

Also during this time, a man called Professor Vax, who started working for team galactic about 45 years before the world discovered the Ryezuki Region, continued his lifelong research in DNA study and experimentation. Making Professor Vax the world’s foremost pokemon DNA specialist. Professor Vax was interested in trying to make his own pokemon by mixing their DNA together. One day, long before the Ryezuki Region was discovered, he was mixing some pokemon DNA and accidentally mixed 2 different bottles of DNA. One from an Absol he found in the wild. The other was DNA from a Charmander. Thus creating a terrible monster. The monster ran out of his lab into the wild before he could even touch it. From that day on, he devoted himself to learning more about creating more of the creature he created by accident. After many days of endless tests, he created another monstrous creature. This time he had mixed the DNA of a wild Blastoisen with the DNA of his own Solrock. This time before the creature could run or hide he put a large metal container over it. After some tests, he discovered that it was starting to melt into a liquid even more powerful than acid. It would have almost burnt down his lab if he had not made a chemical to counter it. From then on, he added this special chemical to the mix of DNA to counter the effect of the melting. He created 1 more creature with DNA from a Golbat and an Absol. This time, he tested out in the field. It could defeat any pokemon in the area. It began stalking the other pokemon, hunting them than pouncing and then destroying. It left nothing alive. When he showed the creature to team galactic it slaughtered all of their pokemon. Surprisingly after a while it began to weaken and disappear. He thought for sure it was because he did not put enough DNA.

He now called these new creatures, Xpokemon. Xpokemon were stronger, faster, smarter, and could camouflage to look like anything. They amazed Professor Vax so much that he mixed all of the pokemon DNA he had to create a massive Xpokemon. But this mixture was different from the others, the creature grew extremely slow. The previous xpokemon had fully grown in a matter of hours. This new one was taking month’s maybe years to grow. So when Professor Vax could not take the wait any longer and subsequently team galactic had cut his funding (for no results), he froze himself so he could not age. He would one day wake and return just as he was when he had been frozen to see the birth of the ultimate XPOKEMON. As the Professor walked into the freezing chamber he named the Xpokemon, XOmnimus.

What is your role in this? It is to have fun meet, new people, explore new land and maybe fight back against the forces of evil. Also join in Gym battles, Contest or the new thing, Tournaments.

Sections, Towns and Cities:

Water Section:
Torrent City: Tournament Crystal
Current Town: Contest
Tsunami City: Gym Badge: Draft

Poison section:
Smog Town: Contest
Venom City: Gym Badge:Carnage
Toxic Town: Tournament sapphire

Rock Section:
Boulder City: Tournament Onyx
Onyx Isle: Contest
Geode City: Gym Badge: Geo Badge

Normal Section:
Casual city: Tournament Topaz
Regular City: Gym Badge: Simple
Plain Town: Contest

Fire Section:
Heaton Town: Contest
Blazer City: Gym Badge: Steam
Meltdown Town: Tournament Gold

Ice Section:
Glacier City: Gym Badge: Tundra
Iceberg Reach: Tournament Silver
Blizzard cove: Contest

Psychic section:
Psi Town: Contest
Psychos City: Tournament cobalt
Kinetic Underpass: Gym Badge: Esper

Flying Section:
Ariel Kingdom: Contest
AirAce castle: Gym Badge: Gust
Zyphrera Palace: Tournament emerald

1. In Ryezuki you can catch at least 1 more starter.
2. The battle tournaments have 8poke ball shaped badges made of different crystals. They are Topaz, Crystal, Gold, Silver, cobalt, and emerald, sapphire and Onyx.
3.Ryezuki is split into 8 sections.
Name: [first and last]
Age: [Simple]
Appearance: [simple]
Bio: [history]
Type Specialization:
Specialization: [Gyms Contests or Tournaments. Only 1 please.]
Starter: [no evolutions] [It does not have to be an original starter but no legendaries]
Starter history: [did you get it in a lab or in the wild]

Name: Daisuke Dyem
Age: 11
Appearance: Daisuke Always wears blue Jeans, A Green T-shirt With a vest, and always has a hat atop his head; he has Brown spiky hair and Blue eyes. He has little scars over his body from his long wild trips he took into the forest buy his house.
Personality: Daisuke is very rude, but can be polite at times. He loves to fight and is very sure of himself. He will be nice to people he knows and trusts but always wants a challenge from somebody who just ticks him off.
Bio: Daisuke was born in Hoenn. In Hoenn Daisuke learned to love pokemon and he always would touch one when the came near the little cottage his parents and he lived in. His father, Dyem died at the age of 47 when Daisuke was only 3.
When Daisuke was 5 he moved to Ryezuki with his mom. There he found new love for pokemon as well as the wildlife around him. To him Ryezuki was the place he loved. When Daisuke was 8, he vowed to protect Ryezuki wit his life until he died.
Daisuke lived 5 years with his mom in Ryezuki. When he turned 10 he was about to leave to get his pokemon, but his mother stopped him. Finally, when he turned 11 he was able to get his pokemon.
Type Specialization: Fire
Specialization: Coordinator
Starter: Torchic
Starter history: Daisuke got Torchic from Professor Maple when he turned 11.
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Name: Marcus Marth
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Apperence: [URL="http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/58116467/?qo=35&q=yasutora+sado&qh=boost%3Apopular+age_sigma%3A24h+age_scale%3A5"]His appearence is right here[/URL]
Personality: He is sort of Shy in a way because he naver talks to anyone. He is so big that people make fun of him. The only freind he has are his pokemon so he is real nice to his pokemon. He would probably not even talk to his freinds, if he does it rarely happens. He treasures freinds so he would want to keep them for ever.
Type Specialization: Water
Specailization: Gym Battles
Starter: Cyndaquil
Starter History: I caught my starter Cyndaquil on my way to the lab when i saw him in the forest and caught him with a pokeball. he escaped from the lab with his pokeball. The Prof. said i could have it since i was going to get it any way.
Nickname: M-E
Bio: Marcus was born in the region of sinnoh, but because of his parrents moving around he barely had any freinds. Even if he could stay in his house for a year he still wouldn't get any freinds because he was made fun of. His parrents aren't super big, although he is. Even people in his family made fun of him. Besides his appearence he is very small inside. When his parents weren't home he would play in the garden with the pokemon. He hated to see pokemon battle, because he didn't want them to get hurt. So he would try to stop pokemon battle, but when he got a pokemon of his own he found out that it was fun for them to battle. That is why he chose gym battles, because he wanted his pokemon to have a fun time. The reason he didn't pick tournaments is because he knows that pokemon don't like to lose.
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Name: Craig Alitime
Age: 13
Appearance: Craig has jet black hair that comes down into his eyes which are brown. He's of a muscular build and a little on the heavy side for his age, he has matured faster than most early teens with wider and brawder shoulders than most. He wears a black hooded long sleeve top, very baggy gray jeans, and gray sneakers.

Personality: Craig normally keeps to himself and his pokemon with the dream of becoming both a pokemon master and coordinater. The only thing he cares about more than his pokemon is his dad which he hopes to one day beat in a pokemon battle.

Bio: Craig was born in Goldenrod City in the Johto region, where he was raised by his father for his mother died giving birth. He and his dad formed a strong bond in one an other and never wanted to separate, and thankfully that didn't happen for the first 10 years of his life. When Craig was only 10 years old his father an archeologist had to leave for an expodition in the Hoenn Region leaving Craig with his uncle Joey a coordinator. 2 years past while his father was gone Craig grew at an amazing rate in both physically and mental maturity, he soon became fascinated with pokemon and would spend hours in the forest drawing everyone he could find. And for a while that suited him, but he soon became restless and wanted an adventure sneaking out by night and living a normal life during his days this is how he met his companion Murkrow. One night as Craig snuck into Goldenrod park he was confronted by 2 Spinarak and an Ariodos, the spun him up with string shot bringing him down to the ground before he had a chance to throw a pokeball. As the pokemon came closer to him he heard a loud shreik and a black flash went threw the air knocking the 3 bug pokemon into a tree, the 2 smaller spinarak fled but Ariodos stayed for the fight. A Murkrow came down from the trees next to Craig it's eyes a glistening yellow, the Ariodos attacked with a string shot but the Murkrow easly evaded it with a faint attack knocking the Ariodos out with ease. The small bird pokemon hopped over to Craig and cut the webs off of him with his beak, ever since that faitful night the 2 have been inseperable. Now 13 Craig's father finnally returned but not to stay to take Craig with his to a new mysterious region that was just recently discovered.

Type Specialization: Dark Pokemon
Specialization: Gym battles, and contests
Starter: Murkrow
Starter history: In the wild
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[COLOR="Green"][size=1][B]Blazerman[/B], I've notified you before on this, so I hope you get it this time: posting a few words only to say somebody's accepted to your game is both pointless and spammy. You should do a list of everyone who's accepted once you've gotten enough sign-ups. It's much more player-friendly and doesn't clutter up the thread.

Also, if you say someone "barely" made the cut, it would be friendly to give reasons for that as well, so the person could improve in the future.

Oh, and don't rush with your typing, your posts are riddled with typing errors and bad grammar, which makes them a chore to read. It also repels people from your games, did you know that? Many people think that bad writing equals bad RPG, so they won't join no matter how good the story you'd want to play out would be. Hope you understand this!

That's all, for now.

- Sandy[/size][/COLOR]
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Name: Dane Lariot

Age: 16

Appearance: This is [URL="http://i136.photobucket.com/albums/q196/griff189/09.jpg"]Dane[/URL]

Personality:Dane may look like a pretty boy but don't let that fool you. He is smart, and uses strategy to do everything. The only thing that he isn't good at is talking to certian people. As in girls. Yeah, it seems typical right, but he gets alot of looks just because of hs appearance, but he can never quite think of the right things to say to a girl.

When in a battle, he tries to make the most out of it. He knows that its hard on the pokemon, and that he can only do so much, but he feels that if he can get a good enough bond with the pokemon, he could care less about winning a bage, but that doesn't mean he doesn't like them.

Bio: There isn't much special about him. He had grown up in a very well to do house, and has had his pokemon, Bagon since he was ten. He did start young, but his father wanted him to start that way. So, at the age of ten, he was given an egg. His task, if he was to be a breeder like his father, he would have to hatch the egg himself ang grow with the pokemon inside of it.

His father did not tell him about the egg. Dane didn't even know what kind of egg it was. Then, the day it had hatched, Dane became setatic. It was his first pokemon, and it was one of his favorites.

He had always been close to dragon pokemon, ever since his fathers Salamence saved him from falling off of a cliff when he was mearly four. Since that day, he had always dreemed of having his own dragon pokemon.

When he reached the age of thirteen, his father gave him a ticket the Ryezuki Region so that he could further his training to become a great breeder. Dane agreed, and took Bagon with him to the unknown area that he had never been to before. Since then, he has been traveling all over the region to learn more about pokemon, and to become a better trainer, breeder, and friend to pokemon.

Type Specialization: Dragon

Specialization: Tournaments

Starter: Bagon

Starter history: Bagon was given to him by his father, a world reknown breeder, Dr. Phil Lariot.
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